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Subject: Nude Dudze Chapter 2 THE ROMA ORGY NIGHT. The next day arrived and not so much sex happened during the day. Swen said they were saving themselves for the party in the evening which made sense. Dinner tonight would be part of the Roman party and we started just after sunset at about 6.15. The staff had decorated the ER area well using a lot of props we had from the conference centre. The roman columns looked good even if they were only polystyrene. My staff had even managed to make a small pool with a fountain in the middle, not deep enough for swimming but good for a quick splash, and the cooks had done a really special meal. Dress for the night was of course to be naked but people wore laurel wreaths on their heads and fancy decoration’s and jewellery on their arms and legs and of course their cocks. We had 9 of our working boys from the club willing to come over and provide entertainment and one of them had recruited another 5 boys from the boarding school who needed money. The deal for the boys who were being well paid was to provide entertainment during the meal and if they wanted to hang around and play afterwards that was OK and we would pay them more. This involved initially dancing naked and helping serve the food. The first job was the meal which the boys served it was basically Italian with a large mezza plate on each table with cheese, meats, pickled vegetable etc. We thought about serving a hummus dip on the horny cocks of the boys and as sexy as this sounds in reality it was not really practicable. The next was a pasta course followed by the main of seafood which the Scandinavians love. Dessert was a very nice cassata. This was all served by the boys naked and they got used to their young cocks being tickled and most had an erection at some time during the serving. They then provided a floor show of stripping and nude dancing and then a couple of the boys wanked off and shooting, their cum this was followed by erotic acts of them having sex with each other. We had worked out things for them to do there was initially 2 acts with only 2 boys wanking and then another 2 sucking each other this was followed by groups of 3 and 4. The boys were all in the 13 to 15 age group and very good looking. I was surprised by the enthusiasm of the 5 new boys who looked to be really enjoying performing. One of the other boys said they had done it at the school for the teachers and prefects and were more than happy to be paid for it for a change. Needless to say I made enquiries and recruited them later for future club work. The head master at the school was surprised at this and said he would be having words with a couple of his teachers at first scaring the shit out of them and then saying they could continue only if he could join in which pleasantly surprised them. I was sitting with my boy and Swen and his 2 sons and the American and Jake we were watching 4 very sexy boys performing all in a group sucking each other’s young horny sexy cocks. One boy was sitting and sucking another boy who was standing in front of him, he in turn was being sucked by a boy on his knees whilst the forth was on his back and sucking that boy through his legs, and they were sucking with relish and the whole room was enthralled with the performance. zonguldak escort Pretty soon the boys began to cum and each boy in turn took his mouth back far enough for us to see a boy shoot his lovely fresh boy spunk into the mouth of the other. It’s such a turn on to see boys taking each other fresh sperm and then going back to suck the boys cock again to get the last drop of the precious fluid. I looked around the room and every cock both man and boy was hard and erect. The boys stood up in a line and bowed and the crowd applauded wildly as they walked off. Swen stood up and thanked us for the food and entertainment and said the free action and party could begin. Again they all applauded and men and boys started to get up and walk around to pick out their favourite partners. Pretty soon there was action everywhere in pairs but also in bigger groups as both men and boys needed to pleasure their horny dicks. One man approached me with his 2 boys who were 14 and 12 and very good looking and very hard. He looked at my boy companion and asked if we would like to swap, I looked at my companion he agreed and we all got down onto the couch together. He was soon sucking my boys cock and soon it turned into a 69. His 2 boys started on me with the younger one stroking my cock and soon sucking me whilst the older one offered me his rampant boy meat which I eagerly took and began to eagerly suck with relish I have always enjoyed the feel and taste of a young horny cock in my mouth. I took a quick look around the room and everywhere there were men and boys engaged in every sort sexual position you could imagine and then concentrated on this Scandinavian 5 inches of uncut boy cock in my mouth. We were all so horny after the show it did not take long and the young boy’s mouth on my cock was expert. I soon shot my load into his eager mouth and he swallowed it all, and then his older brother shot his load of fresh spunk in to me and I savoured every drop of his precious warm salty boy cream. We separated and kissed then both of us sucked the younger ones stiff cocklet and I was lucky enough to be rewarded with a taste of his young watery sperm. We then looked over to see the father and my boy wiping the remains of each other’s spunk from their faces. We then sat back satisfied and had a drink and observed the others all around the room by this time there was quite a lot of sperm shooting all over the place into eager mouths and bums. In all my years and experience of man boy sex in Europe, Latin America and Asia, including some very good group sessions I have never seen so many men and boys all going for it with such relish all together in front of each other. The stamina of the Scandinavians was amazing I struggled to get my cock to orgasm 3 times which was enough for me. As I sat back and watched as soon as boys finished with one man they moved on quickly to another some taking many loads of man spunk. After about 2 hours most of the men were well and truly spent and we sat back and watched the remaining randy teens enjoy each other’s bodies, one group of about 10 was in a circle fuck and there were 3 other groups of boys in daisy chain circle sucks. I must say I have never seen so much boy spunk in the one place tunalı escort in my life I was in heaven. I was pleased to see out working boys joining in including the 5 new boys. I called one over during the night and asked how he was. He said he was fine and really enjoying himself much better than the forced sex at the school. He said he would have to tell his dad about it. I replied that would not be a good idea. He then shocked me by saying it would be OK with it who do you think taught me to suck cock in the first place. He then leaned over gave me a deep tongue kiss and scampered back to a boy group. I later learned that the 5 boys consisted of 2 sets of brothers and one cousin. It seem that the boy’s fathers living in the remote area with no females satisfied themselves with a lot of boy sex. When time for high school came around the dads and uncle could not afford a boarding school but knew one of the teachers so a deal was struck for the boys tuition to be paid in return for having sex with the teacher and his friends. They were regularly swapped by their fathers and it seems most started at about 8 so they were quite experienced. They were very enthusiastic at the thought of making money doing what they enjoyed. These 5 boys proved to be very willing and able workers in our club in the future. Brian then rolled up he had to have some urgent work done on his yacht and it took longer than expected. He was disappointed to miss the start of the party. He bought his 2 regular boys with him and over the last week had been taking groups of men and boys on half day cruises which the Scandinavians loved. He had also been getting his cock regularly serviced by the willing boys. He and his 2 boys stared around the room soaking up the bacchanalian scene of naked boys and men. Then a group of boys spotted him one shouted fresh meat and they rushed over to great them. Brian’s 2 boys one 15 the other 14 were quickly pounced upon by the oversexed and lusty Swedish boys 2 of which were eagerly sucking their now very hard boy erections, two other boys quickly started feeding their rampart boy cocks into the mouths of the boys while me and Brian and some others looked on with glee. Then another 2 boys came over one of which looked about 12 the other about 14 and they grabbed Brian with the younger one soon eagerly sucking his now very hard man cock and the older one feeding his into Brian’s willing mouth. Me and Carl and a couple of others sat back and enjoyed the scene in front of us and the boy I had been cuddling started to play with my cock again and in spite of cumming 3 times already that night it started to respond. Brian’s 2 boys were in seventh heaven and obviously enjoying themselves. After about 10 minutes we were treated to another explosion of fresh boy spunk as the boy’s cocks shot out their juice shortly followed by the Swedes. I looked over to Brian just in time to see his cock explode into the 12 year old mouth and the little sex mad slut took as much of it as he could. He then looked up at Brian with a pleading look and Brian lay the young boy down and started sucking his rampant young cock. The other boys circled around and looked on and cheered when the boy had his orgasm. I learnt later tunceli escort on that this young boy sucked off over15 men that night and swallowed them all, he is my kind of 12 year old. Apparently his goal was to suck every cock in the group, which I was told at the end of the stay he had achieved. Things quietened down shortly after that most of the boys and men totally spent and some started to drift off back to their rooms. A number of them thanked us for the night and a couple said it was their best orgy ever and mentioned about returning next year as they enjoyed the camp so much. Swen told me that they had all had orgies before but never with so many participants and with suck freedom, and the Americans and their boys adding extra spice. The American s had never experienced group sex of more than about 6 so was new to them and they enjoyed. Some small groups settled in on the couches and stayed there the night but most ended up back in their rooms. Quite a few of the Scandinavian were of course very drunk by now having consumed a lot of their favourite drink vodka. The guys in our club were ecstatic at the scenes they had seen there was only about 45 of them as it was a week night but they told me later that they all just had to wank off watching the scene of the wildest dreams acted out in front of them. Needless to say it was also well recorded for later viewing. The next morning things started off slowly with a late breakfast and some nursing their hangovers and not much sex as everyone had to build up the sperm supplies which had been drained the previous evening. After lunch I had a pleasant surprise whilst wandering around the camp enjoying being naked which I was not normally during the boy’s camps. I walked over to the palm trees on the beach just in time to see the cute 12 year old who I now know as Stefan finishing polishing the knob of a cute 15 year old and swallowing his freshly made spunk. When he finished he saw me and noticed I was getting an erection. He wandered over and said it was my turn, I replied his father would have to approve first. Just then his dad came out of the trees and said it was OK. The boy went down on knees in front of me and while his dad proudly looked on gave me a magnificent blow job, even though my supplies of man spunk had not built back up to normal I still gave him some man juice to swallow and it is such a turn on to be sucked by a boy while his dad looks on approvingly. The last week of the camp went on much as before with a couple of other theme nights, Cowboys, and a surfer night but nothing was as wile as the Roman night. Carl said that the group were more than keen to come back the same time next year so we made a booking. He said there probable would be more of them so I worked out the maximum number we could take. Carl and his American’s wanted to come back as well and this was agreed and Carl and Swen would negotiate with each other, they were also due to visit each other in the next year as well. In the last five days the afternoon adult free period was stopped and in those days I loved to walk around and see men and boys openly pleasuring each other’s cocks on the beach and around the pool. Needless to say I was invited to join some of them witch I eagerly agreed to. The day they left was tearful with promises to keep in touch and I waved the coaches off to the airport. I must admit that my cock needed a rest for a few days as did Brian and our boys. Brian Yacht organiser Swen son Carl David partner American org son Jake

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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