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Numbers had always been important to Jasmine. Her name has seven letters because her mother knew that to be a lucky number and she wanted her daughter to be lucky. Now, as she approached the age of eighteen Jasmine was filled with foreboding. Eighteen is three times six. Three sixes are the number of the beast. 666 is eighteen just put another way. One is a holy number, three is auspicious and seven is lucky, but six is a bad number and the triple six is a serious problem.

As her birthday got closer, Jasmine determined that she must make preparations to prevent it being the disaster that she feared. She went to see the numerologist who had advised her mother for many years. She didn’t want her mum to worry and what she had in mind was not something you could talk to your mother about, but she really didn’t have any choice. She told Astorius that this was absolutely confidential. She made him swear that he would say absolutely nothing to her mother or anybody else. Astorius was quite happy about this. He was used to people who confided in him and who didn’t want anybody else to know about their needs. After all he had tended to Jasmine’s mother for many years in ways that Jasmine was completely unaware.

Jasmine and Astorius spoke for about four hours over three separate meetings before it was agreed what needed to be done on the eighteenth anniversary of her birth. Jasmine remembered that on her twelfth birthday, she had her first period. She had been told a little bit about menstruation without really paying attention and when it happened on the day of the double six she had thought she was cursed and going to bleed to death. She knew better now of course, but still she was sure that the bleeding on that particular day was a warning to her. On her sixth birthday she had fallen down stairs when excitedly chasing at her party and knocked out her two front teeth. There was a lot of blood then and she still lived with that event. Sixes were pain and blood. The triple six would be much worse unless she could protect against it.

Astorius was astonished when he first heard what Jasmine thought she needed to do on her birthday. He had listened in silence as she went through her fears and explained why she was so sure of terrible consequences of the power of the beast on that day. After he had satisfied himself that she knew what she was doing and was determined to go through with it, whether he helped her or not, he accepted the role of advisor and set about planning the day. His first point of contact was his golf club. There were really quite a lot of elderly members and, of course, many of the others had elderly relatives. Well, getting together seven, eighty one year old men was not going to be the easiest thing in the world and even then it was going to be a delicate issue dealing with what they would be expected to do.

Inverting the number of the beast was the most effective way of neutralising his malign power. 999 is the number of help. When assistance is required, the triple nine is the way to get it. The great beast of the apocalypse, 666, brings terror and pain. The triple nine is the way to overcome the sickening six and be gathered into the arms of saviours.

Seven is lucky and reversing eighteen cancels out its negative so seven eighty one year olds was the best possible insurance against the dangers of the dreadful day. It was one day, she had three holes and as many sevens must be worked into three by the eighty ones as could be achieved during that one day.

Jasmine never got up until 2pm on her birthday. As arranged she went immediately to the room Astorius had set aside for the purpose. She had already made careful preparations with her parents and friends that she had important college commitments on her birthday so she would not be celebrating until the following weekend. When she arrived, Astorius greeted her and sent her to carry out the ritual bath that they had agreed upon. As he did so he confirmed that her seven elderly helpers were all on their way and would be in place at precisely 3pm when she had completed her ablutions. In one intriguing surprise, Astorius informed Jasmine that he was aged fifty four himself. Three times eighteen. Very significant, but she was unsure quite what it might mean.

Jasmine attended to her internal and external cleansing with great care. When she was finished and presented herself she knew that she was going to have the most extraordinary experiences until seven-o-clock in the evening. This was going to be very difficult and she was nervous.

Finally the moment arrived. Jasmine emerged naked into the room. Astorius led her into the centre of a ring of chairs occupied by the old men. Either side of Jasmine were a whipping bench and a large St Andrew’s cross. Laid out on the bench were a cane, a riding crop and a seven tailed, leather flogger. Jasmine shuddered and Astorius said:

“Today Jasmine enters adulthood. She thanks you all for assisting her in her auspicious passage to a successful and fulfilled life.”

Jasmine bowed and Astorius led her to the first man who was in a wheelchair. She knelt before him. Astorius undid Kadıköy Escort his trousers and Jasmine leant forward to take the soft wrinkly prick in her mouth. It took some vigorous sucking and hard tongue work, but in a few minutes he produced a rigid hard that filled her mouth. A few more minutes of attentive work and Jasmine’s mouth was filled with runny cum while the old man groaned. She opened her mouth and put our her coated tongue for the audience to see before swallowing.

Her next gentleman was much more physically able and what he had just seen filled him with enthusiasm. At a nod from Astorius he rose from his chair while Jasmine was moving on her knees towards him. He took out his erect member which was of more than average size and very obviously ready for some attention. He took the pretty teenager by the hair and pulled her face onto him greedily. Years of pent up energy and dreams must have felt their release in the warm, soft mouth engulfing his prick and he thrust enthusiastically. Surprised by the vigour, Jasmine gagged and he pulled her head away to give her a breath before face fucking her again. A few thrusts later he drew her in tightly again and probed her young throat. This time Jasmine had regained her composure and concentrated hard to relax and allow the throbbing knob to enter her throat.

Overcome with pleasure he could last no longer and gave Jasmine her second mouthful. This time it was a larger quantity and thicker. In accordance with the routine she had agreed with Astorius beforehand, Jasmine displayed the mouthful and then swallowed.

While this was going on Astorius had suggested to the other men that they might like to remove all of their clothes. The ywere keen to comply.

The remaining men came to the kneeling girl as she stayed in position in the centre of their circle and she fellated them all to completion. After the example of the second man, they all took her very firmly and she got repeated face and throat fucking that might have been expected from a gang bang by young men although all of these could have been her great grandfather.

When the round was complete Jasmine was allowed a drink of water and Astorius congratulated the men on their successful opening of the proceedings for Jasmine’s propitious entry into adulthood.

Now had come the time for scourging in which the beast would be driven away from threatening her tender and vulnerable places. Astorius explained to the men that just as they would protect Jasmine by gracing her three holes with their seven pricks, they would also scourge her at three points on her body with three instruments. Each of the seven men would deliver three strokes. He instructed Jasmine to get onto the whipping bench and he strapped her in position. Taking up the cane Astorius called over the first man. He was the last to have shot his load into Jasmine’s sweet mouth and he was still savouring the pleasure as Astorius explained to him that he was going to give her one firm stroke of the cane across her buttocks.

Jasmine was shaking in her bonds. She had never been caned and at this moment she felt more exposed than she had ever been in her life. Astorius called all the men round the bench. Spreading the cheeks of her ass he invited them to admire the tight sphincter which was just a little darker than the surrounding pink flesh. He explained that after she had received her seven strokes they were going to fuck that ass and when they had warmed the ass up well they were going to have an even more special experience.

With that, Astorius leant over and pushed his tongue deep into Jasmine’s asshole. She groaned with shock and pleasure as the warm, wet tongue penetrated her. When he withdrew the men could see that the hole was just a little more relaxed than it had been before. Astorius whispered into the cane holder’s ear that he should bring down the cane with all the force that he could muster and not hold back at all. If he would like to take a lick before he did so he might find that her buttocks would relax just a little more and ripple even more beautifully when she got her stroke.

The whispered instructions were gratefully received. The bearded old man plunged his face into the lovely young ass and applied some vigorous licking before standing back to bring the cane down hard across both buttocks. Jasmine yelped and bounced up from the bench to the limit of her bonds. A livid red welt immediately appeared right across the centre of her ass.

The cane was passed immediately to the second man who took it enthusiastically. He was smiling broadly when he ran his tongue over the cane mark before having a further probe deep into her asshole with his tongue. He licked her for rather longer than the first man before standing back and taking aim. Jasmine was still reeling with her stinging flesh and delightful new experience of having a tongue enter her in such a strange and intimate way when the cane whistled through the air. It struck just above the first stroke and left a mark which was even brighter than the first. Jasmine screamed and jerked, but could not move more than a fraction Ataşehir Escort in her wriggling.

The pattern continued as Jasmine cried and screamed while her ass became a brilliant red striped with raised welts which were purple where they crossed others. It was now the turn of the final man, the guy in the wheelchair. Wheeling alongside the bench he was able to lean to the side and slip his tongue into the now gaping asshole. All possibility of tensing her buttocks had gone completely. The red hot cheeks of her ass touched his face and encouraged him to push in further. After a longer rimming than given by any of the others he finally drew back and accepted the cane being offered to him. Before Astorius could give any advice he positioned his wheelchair behind her, raised his arm and brought it down with surprising force. The stroke landed vertically and with great precision directly on the tender asshole that had become accustomed to receiving the welcome attention of exploring tongues. The scream that pierced the room was followed by loud sobbing and fierce straining against the strong leather restraints.

Astorius announced a fifteen minute break while the men might relieve themselves, get a drink or take up his offer of some little blue pills if they were required. Jasmine was left attached to the bench. As the break was nearing its end and Jasmine was less than an hour and a half into her four hour ordeal, Astorius approached her and applied an edible, warming lubricant to her abused asshole. He pushed it in with two fingers, stretching open the sore and swollen flesh. Jasmine groaned and writhed at the intrusion which hurt and stimulated at the same time.

The men began to gather round. Astorius told them that now was the time for them to fuck Jasmine’s ass. If the Viagra and the glowing ass of this beautiful teenager were not enough to get them hard for the second time they could use her mouth to help them stiffen. He also advised them that he didn’t want her ass dribbling the cum of seven men so they should also return to her mouth when they felt that they were close to completion. Today, all of their ejaculate was to find its way into Jasmine’s tummy.

The most enthusiastic of the old men approached and Astorius helped by taking Jasmine by the hair and guiding the semi hard prick into her mouth. As soon as she was sucking he returned to her ass, applied some more lube and pushed three fingers right into her. As he looked up he saw the old guy gripping her head very firmly and fucking her face enthusiastically. He withdrew his very rigid dick and came to put it in her ass. The sensation was amazing. She was so well lubed that he got in without difficulty, but she was still very tight. In a few thrusts he was in right to the hilt and he could feel the heat of her punished butt cheeks against his thighs. While this first man built up his rhythm Astorius called in the second to get an oral stimulation so that he would be ready for the asshole. After a few minutes of vigorous ass fucking, number one was ready to cum. He nodded to number two and they swapped places. Just as the new guy was plugging her asshole , the first man grunted as he shot his second load of the day into the pretty girl’s mouth. He held her face tight into his groin until she had swallowed every drop and he had returned to the small wrinkled state that he normally had these days.

All the men worked through her, keeping her mouth and ass filled continually with only the occasional short gap to top up the lube. After six had fully satisfied themselves, Astorius released Jasmine from the bench and instructed her to kneel and suck the wheelchair guy to rigidity. When he was really hard she was instructed to sit on his dick and work herself up and down until he was ready and then take his cum in her mouth. He was so excited that a doctor might have feared for his health, but he got as hard as a rock and she had to work hard for ages with his surprisingly large prick up her ass before he was ready to shoot his wad into her sweet little mouth.

It was time for another break. Everybody had a drink, including Jasmine, and Astorius moved the large cross assembly to the centre of the room. Unable to sit down, Jasmine stood to one side sipping from her glass and watching with trepidation as the next stage of her ordeal was prepared. Her mouth had been very sticky with cum and the ejaculate of seven old men had not left her mouth as fresh as it had been earlier. She was savouring the cool drink and swilling it about her mouth. Suddenly Astorius instructed her to come to him.

“Umm! Yes of course, but I must just go for a pee first.”


The response shocked her.

“Come here now.”

Jasmine obeyed. Astorius told her to place her feet on the blocks on the lower part of the St Andrews cross. He fixed the leather ankle restraints and then reached up to secure her wrists in a similar way to the top part of the cross. He then fixed in place a wide leather belt across her waist and she was secure. He moved a lever and he was then able to rotate the cross. He turned her round completely before Maltepe Escort returning her to the upright and calling the men around.

“Well gentlemen, you have been kind enough to help Jasmine safely through this important stage in her life. She and you have all done well so far, but there is more to be done. Three lots of scourging are required and now is the time for the second.”

He produced the riding crop and swished it down onto the palm of his hand. Jasmine watched wide eyed as he explained that each of them would apply one firm stroke of the crop to Jasmine’s beautiful young breasts. They would be able to have the cross rotated to place her in whatever position they preferred for delivery of their stroke.

As the fear increased within her Jasmine became desperate.

“Please Sir. I know this has to be done, but I must have a pee. Please let me down to go to the bathroom. I will come back right away. Astorius smiled. He reached out to the drinks table and picked up a large glass jug. Placing it to her perfectly shaved crotch he said “Go ahead.”

Jasmine blushed. Her bladder felt full to bursting, but she couldn’t pee. Astorius smiled again and took the jug away.

“We have a strict timetable gentlemen. Who wishes to be first to take Jasmine through the next part of her birthday?”

The guy moved forward in his powered wheelchair. His head was still full of the experience of the ass fuck and he was very excited at the possibility of marking those beautiful tits. Astorius asked him how he would like the cross and he indicated that he would have her on her side with her head to his right. He placed the crop on the side of her right tit to get his aim. He raised it and brought it down as hard as he could. Her breasts jiggled wildly from the blow and a brilliant, raised mark in the shape of the leather flap on the crop appeared on her. Astorius returned the cross to the upright as tears trickled down Jasmine’s face.

The crop was passed to the second man who came forward. He decided that he want Jasmine upside down. He teasingly ran the crop down her thigh to her cunt and then on to the underside of her left tit before squaring up and firming his aim. The blow he struck was harder than the first. Jasmine screamed with pain and when she was returned to upright, her face was wet with tears and distorted with sobbing. Several of the men went forward to feel the raised welts and fondle the tits which were now getting hot like her ass had done.

The third man chose to have her upright and struck from the side so that he got both tits with the end flap marking the top of her right breast and the left carrying the line of the crop. After this stroke and the scream that followed it a trickle of pee appeared on Jasmine’s thigh. Astorius placed the jug between her legs again and said

“Go on let it go. You need to and you will be more comfortable.”

The round of laughter that happened at the suggestion that she could be comfortable while having her breasts beaten with a riding crop did not seem sadistic and it quieted immediately the stream of yellow piss started to flood into the jug.

In the remaining four strokes, Jasmine’s breasts were beaten from different angles until they were covered with crop marks, swollen, coloured and distorted in shape. When she was released from the cross her legs were so shaky that she could not stand unaided. The men took turns in supporting her while gently fondling her bruised ass and tits.

They all relaxed while Astorius explained that Jasmine’s cunt, which had so far received no attention, was going to be the focus of the following two stages of the ceremony. Each of the men had a drink while they listened, but when Jasmine indicated that she was thirsty too Astorius poured her a glass from the jug. She just stared in amazement at the glass of her own piss. Nobody commented, but after a few seconds pause a man took the glass from her hand and replaced it with his glass of wine. He raised her glass to his lips and drank it down completely to a round of applause from the others.

The leather flogger was passed around the men for them to feel its weight, test its strike against their hands or simply admire it while they imagined what they were going to do next.

Astorius placed Jasmine on her back on the whipping bench before securing her waist and then fixing a spreader bar to her ankles and securing her legs above her shoulders. Her bald, pink cunt was displayed to perfection and ready for the attention it was about to receive. Her head hung down at the end of the bench so that her mouth was accessible.

After a few words recounting the importance of the numbers and the magical significance of the seven scourging strokes which would protect the eighteen year old vulva from the ravages of the beast, Astorius noted that the worrying hour of six-o-clock was approaching. As the clock began to strike the hour the first man raised his arm and brought the flogger down onto Jasmine’s splayed pussy. He paused for a moment to look at his handiwork before approaching and kissing the reddened cunt lips. The flogger was passed to the next man who also stopped for a kiss and lick after he had whipped her. Remembering the ass he had served earlier he allowed his tongue to run down and enter the still gaping hole. The mixture of sensations for Jasmine were causing her head to swirl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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