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Dezzy had no idea what had become of her other than possible nymphomania mixed with a sanguine freedom from her existence up until now. She was finally done with high school and had very little money, direction, or desire to do anything but fuck, or more specifically, get fucked. Her immaculate little pussy (she knew it was immaculate, she had seen enough porn to know what guys thought was a pretty pussy) hadn’t stopped tingling since she first imagined hooking up with the sexy lady at the pool. Destiny was a spitting image of Megan Fox, Dez’s girl crush ever since she was young. She still thought it may very well be her using an alias. She knew she herself was also a stunner, she couldn’t go anywhere without getting gawked at, even by herself in her grandma’s full-length mirror. When Destiny finally put her hands on and in her at the pool, her heart started beating so hard she thought she was going to faint. She had the sensation of wanting to be nothing but this gorgeous woman’s fuck doll, to exist to give her pleasure, to resign to her purpose as a sex object. She had never felt that way for a boy. “So, doll, anything? You said?” “Yes ma’am. I mean, I don’t… umm…” Her heart started working overtime once again. God, this was her chance, how ever shall she proceed? “Absolutely anything you want, ma’am, your wish is my command, I’m here for your pleasure and you’re pleasure only,” Dez retorted with a smile. She caught the cute smile, curt yet giddy, not well hidden, joy mixed with excitement, exposed butterflies. “When your done eating, I want you to present your pristine little ass to me, on that hassock Çankaya Escort over there. You are being decidedly naughty and I’m going to molest you senseless.” Dezzy literally dropped her fork. Accidentally, but took advantage of the moment to stand up, like she had been hypnotized. She sauntered toward the hassock with her dress pulled up to her waist, and bent over it, legs spread. She was gushing already again and could feel it. “You have the nicest ass I think I’ve ever seen, little girl. Prop it up higher for me.” Dezzy arched her back and swallowed, shut her eyes, and whined. Destiny was taking full control, it was excruciatingly perfect, exactly what she had wished for from the moment she got naked in front of her before she even knew her name. How did she know she was craving for her ass to be used? The thumbing she had received at the pool felt a lot better than anticipated, what all was going to happen now? She felt her hands run up the back of her bare thighs, spread her ass, then was startled by a tongue. It was just short of ticklish, but sensational. Des firmly gripped the girl’s round tan cheeks, spreading them gently, and mouthed her little asshole like it was dessert. She licked it a few times then penetrated her with her tongue. She felt her drool a large string of saliva onto her before a hand rubbed the crack of her ass. She spanked her, not a cheek but right on the prize. “Be right back, don’t move.” After a few minutes in suspense, she felt oil being spread on her ass. She thought a faint hint of vegetable Keçiören Escort or canola. Her butt was being massaged with it, with more and more emphasis on the hole as the wonderful seconds slipped by. “Just relax, little girl.” She felt a single digit enter her, possibly a pinkie. Then what she imagined to be a middle finger. ‘Fuck you’ she thought, and smiled to herself. She made soft moans of pleasure and acceptance as the finger slid in and out, followed by two. “Feel good?” “Mmm hmmm.” Dezzy slowly began rocking slightly forward and back while getting anally fucked, and it felt wonderful, with the slippery oil both on the fingers and being rubbed all over her bum with the other hand. “Here, suck on this for me for a minute, pretend it’s a cock, I wanna watch how you do it.” Destiny handed her a fairly well-hung cucumber, thankfully smooth, not one of those spiny garden ones. As she started to give a blow job to the veggie, she started moaning like she liked to do when she had sucked cock. She made sure she had drooled all over it before reaching behind herself with it and maneuvering it toward her hungry hole. Des took it from her and told her to relax again. As she started to penetrate her ripe ass with it slowly, she also began rubbing her soaking and engorged flower, lightly, almost tickling it. “Oh my, feels so…” Destiny twisted and plunged, twisted and plunged, while rubbing the young woman’s whole oily pubis and occasionally fingering it. She bit her supple ass cheek at one point, startling a delighted Dezzie enough to elicit Etimesgut Escort a yelp. “Oh my god, you’re driving me wild! Bite me again!” The ravenous blonde rapidly, rabidly flipped over, laying on her back on the hassock with her legs open and head dangling upside down. She ripped her dress up to expose her belly and tits and just let it cover her head. ‘Hmm, ok!” Des slipped both oiled hands under her ass and lifted her bud to her mouth, and bit down on her outer lip. Dezzie said, ”Again, harder, in the middle.”“Slap it. Keep fucking my ass!” “Say please.” “Please, Destiny, hurt me!” The older woman clamped her teeth down on the girl’s swollen pussy and held it firmly, and slipped three fingers into her slippery asshole. “I’M GONNA COME!” Dezzy also had no clue where this pain kink was coming from, only that it was exhilarating and thrilling. She felt safe with Des and free to explore. She had never opened up like this with the boys she had been with, perhaps with an older man she would have. She could tell being dominant was new to Destiny as well, she seemed very mild-mannered outside of the bedroom. Except for maybe on a public pool deck sometimes. “Get back on your stomach, Destiny.” She rolled onto her stomach and automatically reached behind her and spread her little ass open. Des spit on her then slowly pushed and twisted her whole hand into her asshole, while pouring more oil on the top of her crack and coating her hand with it. She twisted and pushed until it slid in. “Oh my god.” Dezzy bucked a little and started to make squeaky sobbing sounds, like she was trying to lift something heavy. “Fuck me!” Des fucked her ass with her slim hand, telling her she was a good girl and that this was her reward for being so beautiful.                                                                                                                                                                               (1 hour later)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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