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OFFICE FUN – CHAPTER 3: THE MANAGERSdeletedOFFICE FUN – CHAPTER 3: THE MANAGERSBob and I did talk about the office fun concept and how it might effectively be implemented with control. His idea and rational, in all honesty, was growing on me. The idea that using readily available sexual encounters inside the workplace could improve the workplace setting and dynamics among those in the office had a certain appeal. Sex, me, could become the common bond between everyone, management, and workers, striving for improvement and productivity gains by putting my availability to those measurements. The initial thought was a measurement system by individuals, but I reject that. My ‘rejection’ caught Bob by surprise but I was really getting into the whole idea and the flaw of that measurement I saw was it would create jealousy and bickering and conflict between individuals. By measuring the larger groups, individuals could compensate for each other with their specific, unique talents and strengths. That was where the true improvement of the enterprise would come into play.We were sitting in his office discussing what we thought might come down to the final policy, which was very much along my idea of group measurements. I was already naked except for stocking and heels. Over the week, my work attire had slowly changed to include some of the clothes he had purchased Monday night. At first, it was my regular blouse and skirts, but with an extra button or two opened. Then, I added the sexy underwear and allowed the bra to show when the blouse gape open. I added a semi-sheer blouse and finally a short skirt. By that time, I was attracting a lot of attention and interest from everyone in the office, which was, of course, the whole idea.On the following Monday, Bob called a meeting with his top managers: Stan Jacobs, Marty Adams, and Bill Clancy. They were meeting in Bob’s office and I knew the topic of the meeting was his idea of implementing Bob’s idea for bringing the company together like never before. But, before that could move to the next step, he needed to know what his managers thought and get their input on how it would be received. Most importantly, he needed to understand any negatives that could become insurmountable.* * * * *“Are you serious, Bob?” Stan Jacobs, Marketing. “Aren’t you walking right into a sexual harassment suit? How can you even think you can propose something like this to a woman like Patty?”“Let me get to Patty in a minute. For now, just react to the idea. Take away any sexual harassment issues for the moment, just think about the idea of motivation and bringing the entire office into a common reason for striving to the same goal. We do a great job right now for such a small, quick moving group. But, think, just for a moment … if sales and operations and development and design were all dropping their age-old biases and conflicts to achieve goal after goal. And what is the motivation to totally change those inborn behaviors? Sex. They get laid. They get sucked. They get it however they want it.”He looked over the three men that managed the people and functions of the company. He waited for reactions, objections, approval, anything. They remained quiet. He knew it wasn’t that they were afraid to express dissension, they didn’t work that way.“The studies are there. The problem with the studies for modern companies in our liberated society is … so what? If employees who receive great sex regularly are more highly productive and happy in their work, how is a company supposed to influence that? Hire hookers to pay their employee’s visits at night? What about the female employees? Companies can’t go around spending money on sex for their employees. What would that make them, pimps?”“Okay … listen, Bob, it’s not that I disagree with you.” Marty, Development and Design. “I’ve read the same things. It has something to do with stress and allowing them to focus, to free their minds to more creative approaches.” He shook his head. “Okay, let me ask this … if we all agreed and could figure out how to present it and manage it … Patty? You’re going to approach Patty with this? She’s too sweet.”Bob smiled and they saw something coming. “What have you noticed about Patty this week?”“Yeah … something is happening, for sure.” Bill Clancy, Plant Manager. “I’m not in the office as much as you guys, but it seems every time I am, she’s gotten hotter looking.”Stan, “So, what aren’t you telling us, Bob?”“Are you guys in wholeheartedly to make this work?” They all nodded. “Your concern is Patty?” They all nodded. He smiled and walked to the door. “Patty, we need you in here to help settle an issue.”* * * * *“Patty, we need you in here to help settle an issue.”I turned to Bob’s voice as he stood in the doorway of his office. I knew who was in there. I knew what they had been talking about. For a week, my mind had spun with the thoughts of what they were talking about. For a week, Bob and I had been meeting and … coming together. Repeatedly. This was what it was coming down to.“Yes, sir.” I stood and moved purposefully to his office door he was holding for me. I smiled at him and he winked at me. This was the first day I was wearing the full outfit and it had caused quite a stir in the office.I followed Bob into the office and stood at the side of his desk as he took his seat behind his desk opposite the three managers who were watching me intently. My outfit, if not me, had their attention and made them wonder what was happening.“Patty, I have been discussing with the managers the idea we have been working on. They seem to have some concerns.”I smiled at him, then turned my attention to the managers. “What seems to be the concern, gentlemen?”“Wait a minute.” It was as if they all were speaking as one. “The idea you both have been working on?”I moved to stand alongside our boss, his hand moving familiarly around my waist and sliding up and down my hip. I smiled at them. “Yes. I am as much involved in this as he is. It was my expression of need that caused him to consider such a bold idea. We talked about how it should be handled. I think we worked it out. What do you guys think?”They were quiet. Bob stepped into the quiet. “Patty, will you show them?”“Of course. That’s what this is all about, right?” He smiled knowingly. He didn’t know it would come down to this, but he wasn’t surprised, after all we had put into it together that I would step up.Standing alongside Bob, the men watched with disbelief as my finger rose to the button between my breasts and slipped it through the hole and my blouse gaped open a little more. The guys were now understanding even if they were still not quite comprehending how or why.I slipped my semi-sheer blouse off my arms and held it out to Bob, “Will you hold this for me, boss?” I was playing him in the process of this and he loved the confidence I was displaying. He smiled up at me.Quickly, I unzipped the skirt and shimmied it down over my hips and legs, dropping it into his lap, too. I was standing in my semi-sheer bra, panties, and thigh-high stockings and heels. I came out from behind the desk and around the back of the guys, my fingers sliding across the shoulders of each. I stopped at one and turned my back to him and pulled my hair up. He turned around to watch me. “Would you undo my bra, please, Stan?” His fingers were shaking as he worked the hooks on the little bra. I slid it off and dropped it into the lap of Bill. I returned to my place next to Bob, my hands cupping my bare breasts, my lower lip sucked into my mouth. Bob turned in his chair and I turned away from him. His hands went to my sides and he inched my panties down and until they dropped to my feet. I moved them with my feet away from the desk, turned my back to the men and bent over with straight legs and feet parted to pick them up. I heard their gasps as my now clean-shaven pussy and asshole came into view.“We’re not complaining, Patty, but … how … why …”“God … you’re even more beautiful than I imagined.”“You two really think this can konak escort be managed? Because right now you sure have our attention.”I smiled at Bob, then at them. “We’re glad to hear that. As to ‘how’, ‘why’ … well, the boss was attentive enough to recognize a desire of mine and together we saw a way to take advantage of it. That might still be mysterious, but a girl deserves some mystery, right?” They nodded. I had the sense they would nod no matter what I said at this point.There was a little more discussion and this time the other men were far more active in the positive effort of working out managing the boss’s idea. All the while, I stood next to Bob’s chair and his hand was caressing my nearly naked body. When I felt his hand slip to the inside of my legs and up my thigh to my wet pussy, I watched as all three men froze, all conversation stopping, and their eyes flashing from the fingers playing on my pussy to my eyes looking for any negative reaction. When they only found me reacting as a willing recipient and my legs opened further, they all relaxed and smiled.Bob, unabashedly, slid a finger into my pussy, then added another, sawing his fingers in and out. Each downward motion exposed the juices coating his fingers. The men gasped and sighed at the site and the obvious enjoyment I took while they watched, though I blushed deeply.“Gentlemen, does this resolve any concerns you had about her willingness?” They all nodded. “Good.” He looked up at me, his fingers still inside me. I couldn’t believe how I felt at the moment being obscenely handled in front of the other men, but he had talked to me about this part of it. I had imagined, unrealistically, if/when I sexually interacted with someone in the office that I would be in a closed office or the conference room. He insisted that wouldn’t be the case. Part of the sharing and bonding of experience would be the openness of experience. If an office or conference room was used, it would be with an open door, but that it would also occur in the open, at my workstation or in the open-office area of the designers.I was brought out of my musing by Bob’s fingers jamming up into my pussy, his thumb thrust against my clit. I moaned and my hazy eyes returned to Bob. I knew what the look referred to and I nodded.He smiled at me, then turned to them, “I don’t think it would be fair to end the meeting for now without some relief for them, do you, Patty?”“I certainly don’t. Gentlemen, if you’ll push your chairs back a bit …”I moved around the desk, Bob’s fingers slipping out as I turned. I moved to Marty, the first in line, my fingers working his belt as I knelt in front of him. He gasped as I lowered his zipper, reached inside, and exposed his already hard cock. I peripherally noticed the other men loosening their pants and lowering them, stroking their cocks in anticipation.As I moved down the line, sucking their cocks and taking their seed into my mouth and swallowing, the men came to accept the reality more and more until their hands were all over my body while I sucked the last man, Stan, into my throat. Hands and fingers were on my breasts, back, stomach, hips, and on and in my pussy. I was moaning with a muffled effect as the last cock erupted in my mouth.As the men gathered themselves to leave the office, I returned to Bob’s side but I was far from relaxed or content. My body was now on fire. I was flushed with sexual energy and need. I stood with my thighs squeezed tightly together to feel pressure on my oozing pussy and clit.Bob’s voice pulled me out of my trance, “Bill, could you hold back for a moment?” I realized the men were about to exit. I moved quickly to the door and kissed Stan and Marty deeply before they did, thanking each for the gift of their cum. They both looked at me with smiles.I moved up behind Bill, my arm around his shoulders as he stood in front of our boss. “Bill, we have a different situation with your people.” He glanced at Bob, then at me and his eyes couldn’t be stopped from dropping to my bare breasts pressing into his arm. “The office provides a more casual encounter situation to act this effort out. The plant is … well … not that at all. You have 20 guys out there and it is not somewhere Patty just hangs out.”Bill was nodding his head, “I still can’t get my head around this happening; yes, we have to worry about safety, too. You’re right, this isn’t going to happen out on the floor.” Then, he looked up at us as if the implication of the comments sunk in and looked into my eyes, “You mean you’re going to include them in all this?” I think he was surprised.I responded before Bob could. “We can’t not, Bill. Even if any of us thought we didn’t need to, which none of us do, it wouldn’t be right. They have as much to do with the company’s success or struggle as anyone in the office. They need to feel as much a part of the same team as anyone else. What applies to the office has to apply to the shop.” I saw him looking at my breasts and I hadn’t realized the talk had caused me to start fondling my own breasts. I pulled my hands away, a little embarrassed. “Sorry, this is just so damn exciting.”Bob chuckled but picked up on what I was saying. “The point is, Bill, we’ve got nine guys in the office and they will probably be staggered. We have to keep in mind that Patty really does have a real job here.” He had joined us and was stroking my bare back and ass. “Meeting and exceeding our goals will take everyone’s complete effort and that also includes the work she does around here.” In front of Bill, he pinched an already erect nipple. “Even if she was of the mind to just fuck all of us all day, we need her doing her job, too.” I gave them a pouty face at that and they both laughed. Bob left it with Bill that he should think about how the shop personnel might be managed. He agreed and slipped out the door so it wouldn’t expose me.I turned to Bob and there was lust in my eyes. My nipples were erect nubs standing out on the tips of my breasts and I could feel the wetness between my thighs. Bob took both of my nipples between his fingers and pinched them, then pulled them away from my breasts as he leaned in to kiss me. I gasped and moaned into his mouth.“Is our plaything feeling like she desperately needs to cum?”“Please! Please, just fuck me … right here, right now.”He chuckled and squeezed my nipples more. “No … not now. And, I don’t want you getting yourself off, either. Don’t touch yourself the rest of the day, okay?”“Why? That’s cruel. I sucked them. I need something now.”“I’m going to notify them that we are having an after-hours meeting in the office tonight.”“Tonight … the five of us?”He nodded. “After everyone is gone we’ll give you your relief out in the office, throughout the office.” It hit me what he was saying. This wouldn’t be in one of the offices or the conference room. This would be out in the open. That’s how he wanted this done, out in the open, not hidden. He wanted everyone to know it was happening, see each other as they shared in the rewards as they shared in the effort to succeed. I shivered.* * * * *The rest of the day couldn’t have gone any slower. I went about my work squirming in my chair with wet panties plastered to my pussy. Several times I went to the ladies’ room to pull my panties from between my lips. I used paper towels and tissues in vain attempts to dry myself.I was busy sorting through a file when I heard an increasing commotion in the office. I glanced at the computer monitor to see it was the end of the day. The one sales guy who was in the office passed by and said goodnight. Several of the guys from the front area came back to say they were leaving.That was all it took for me to feel my nerves were taking over, again.“Is everyone gone?” I nearly jumped out of my chair at Bob’s voice behind me. He apologized for startling me and I said I would walk through the office to make sure. I hadn’t understood how much this was going to affect me. I needed the opportunity to walk through the office to divert gaziemir escort and calm myself. Everyone was gone and I made sure the front door was locked. As I walked back to my workstation, it sunk into me … I was about to be fucked by the four managers of the company and not in a private room. It was going to happen here, in the open office. Bob was initiating me as much as the managers. Four of them … wasn’t that a gangbang?I jumped again when there was a sharp knocking on the outside door. I turned around to find Marty carrying three bags in his arms. I walked quickly to the door, fully aware that the flimsy bras Bob had me wearing now provided much less restraint. I unlocked and opened the door, taking one of the bags from him, then relocking the door.He waited for me, “I’m still getting used to this whole thing, Patty. I hope you don’t think we’re being rude when we stare, but it has been a shock to our systems to see your transformation in dress and now to learn about the plan.”“Don’t be silly. I have a feeling Bob has intended all along that exhibitionism was going to play a major role in this for me. I’m still getting used to the reality of it. It’s one thing to intellectualize it and an entirely different thing to internalize it.”We found the other three in the lunch/conference room. The bags were carry-out from a nearby Thai restaurant and three bottles of wine. The food was spread out on the conference table, two bottles were opened and place within easy reach of anyone. The food served the purpose and we talked mostly about the company, at first, then it shifted to lighter topics. None of the topics was office sex.When we were finished with the food, it and the mess was cleared away and the wine was brought out to my workstation. It was the central point of the office. Bob took me in his arms from behind and looked at his senior managers.“This is a truly unique opportunity for us, gentlemen.” His hands moved off my shoulders, down my arms, and around my waist. “You’ve had a little example earlier of what this opportunity could provide for all us in the company.” His hands moved up my front to cup my covered breasts. “After that example, do any of you question how including everyone can bring the entire company closer together?” His fingers began unbuttoning my blouse. The men were watching his hands, my body, and my reaction. I maintained a look of temptation fueled by my own arousal.“We got together and talked among ourselves, Bob. We also feel exactly what you were talking about.” They nodded together as Stan relayed their agreed upon thoughts. “And, we agree wholehearted with your philosophy.” My blouse was now pulled out from my skirt and being removed from my arms. They watched intently as Bob’s fingers remained busy at my back and my semi-transparent, lace bra sagged as the hooks were opened. He slid the straps off my arms and I was naked from the waist up. Bob returned his hands to cup my bare breasts, his fingers taking my nipples and teasing them. “The level of intimacy that will be shared with the entire group will be a bond that will cut through petty differences and tribal bias. As outrageous as this idea is, it stands a very good chance of achieving your goals.”Bob’s fingers were working at the zipper to my skirt and it soon was pushed off my hips and pooled at my feet. I stood before them in semi-transparent, lace bikini panties, sheer black thigh-high stockings, and my 4-inch heels.My facial expression didn’t change. I never flinched during my disrobing by our boss. I corrected them matter-of-factly, “This outrageous idea, gentlemen, will only achieve the goals if the goals cease being Bob’s and become ours, all of ours. If we haven’t all bought into this, all we’re likely to achieve is all of us getting laid.”The look on their faces was incredible. At the moment I said ‘getting laid’, my panties joined my skirt at my feet. My shaved but juicy pussy was on display to them. Bob’s left hand left my left breast and nipple and slid down between my legs. I spread my feet invitingly to his touch and felt his finger slide through my lips.Bob moved to a position alongside his managers. “An incredible woman, gentlemen. She is willing to give everything she can to make this a much better and more successful company. That is exactly the commitment we will need from everyone.”I moved to refill everyone’s glass with the last of the wine. Each of them now touched me as I moved among them. “If it doesn’t happen that way, gentlemen, I’m off the table … so to speak.”They all understood and the commitment was obvious and assured. Bob shifted his full attention to me. “In that case, may I present our plaything, our toy for office fun.” I smiled and gave them a little, naked curtsy. “You, my dear, are about to become very busy around here.” I smiled lustily. I’ve been waiting all day.The men converged on me with far less uncertainty than they had shown me before. Though Bob remained just on the periphery of the small group, the other men had me encircled, their hands touching my bare skin everywhere. I turned to Marty and leaned my head toward him, hardly able to move my body with all the hands stroking me. He saw my intention to deliver a kiss and accepted eagerly. The kiss became passionate while hands fondled my breasts, stomach, butt, and thighs. When a hand wound its way between my thighs, I spread my feet wide to encourage the contact.Marty broke the kiss and Stan moved in, then Bill. My pussy was drooling with pent-up need and anticipation. My hands were on shoulders, which had the added effect of further making my body available to them. I hadn’t noticed anyone taking their clothes off, but I had a hand lowered and a cock placed into it. My hand automatically started stroking the cock, which was already partially hard. I broke from the encompassing hands and sank to knees in front of Stan’s cock. I smiled up at him. He had removed his shoes, pants, and shorts. He had removed his tie and was in the process of unbuttoning his white shirt as I finished licking the length of his cock and took it into my mouth. I sucked on the head, licking the first drops of precum.My peripheral view noticed that the other men were now also undressing around me, shoes being kicked to the side, with slacks and shorts being dropped onto my workstation. With Stan’s cock in my mouth growing by the moment, my hands were moved from Stan’s to cocks on either side of me. I glanced up at each side and found Bill and Marty also unbuttoning shirts. Soon they were as naked as I was. I pulled my mouth from Stan’s cock to move to the side to Marty’s. After moments more, I moved past Stan to take Bill’s cock into my mouth. While sucking the men, hands found their way back to my breasts and another between my thighs, two fingers sliding effortlessly in and out of my dripping pussy. I knew the fingers belonged to Bob since I had the others in my mouth or hands.The fingers left my pussy and I was being encouraged to stand. I was moved to the edge of my workstation from the outside of it and pressed forward until I was bent over the ledge with my hands pressed onto the work surface. I looked over my shoulder to find Bob smiling at me as Stan moved up behind me, one of his hands on my hip as the other one moved his hard cock over my open and wet pussy lips.I moaned loudly at the touch of his cock at my pussy as it slid up and down along my open lips. Bob had encouraged me to wait, to deny my need until later and this was the later. Finally, I was going to get the relief I had desired since the morning session with these same managers. Then, I gave them relief with my mouth. Now, we’ll all get relief.I found myself holding my breath as I felt his cock slide over my hole and pause there. It seemed an eternity but was only a fraction of a moment before my pussy opening was opened further by the cock press in. I sighed long and deep as it slowly entered me, stopped, pulled back slightly, and pressed in further. Several izmir escort times with the cycle it was repeated until his hips pressed against my butt. Since my husband left those years before, Bob was the only other man until now. And, there are two more who would be using me this night. Then … much more after that. I was ready to climax just from the thought of it all finally happening. After all our talk, after all the speculation, after all the intellectualizing of this, it was becoming physical. Finally.His cock was fully in my pussy. He pulled it out and thrust it back in. This was a fucking and I anticipated and wanted nothing else. I was hotter, more aroused, and stimulated than I could ever remember being. I found his rhythm and pressed back firmly as he thrust into me. I suddenly found a cock in my face. Bill had climbed onto the work surface and had his cock at my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and it was pressed inside. Soon, even this became a fucking. Both ends were being fucked but their strokes and thrusts were erratic. Sometimes they thrust in at the same time; other times, Stan thrust into me as Bill was pulling back and his next thrust crashed his pubic area into my face.While they were ravaging my two ends, hands were fondling my swinging breasts and pinching the nipples. My orgasm was rising fast and when it hit I cried out with cries muffled by the cock in my mouth. My arms sagged under the twitching of muscles and my abdomen abruptly pressed into the ledge. I righted myself with shaky legs and arms. My pussy walls were spasming around Stan’s cock that triggered him to climax, sending his seed into my pussy with loud groans and moans, his cock driven deep as his hips strained against me. Bill in my mouth moaned a moment later and I pulled my mouth back to suck on the cock head just as his seed sprayed into my mouth. I sucked him hard to drain the last of his cum as my pussy seemed to clench around Stan’s cock almost on its own.When the two cocks pulled from my opposite holes, I staggered after losing the pressure on my body that held me in place. I felt hands grab me under the arms and secure me tightly. I looked up and smiled at Bob.“God, that was good!” I looked at Bob and Marty with a lusty gaze not diminished in the least by the two cock that ravaged me or by my orgasm. “Okay, you two …”Bob looked up at Marty and returned his gaze back to me with a determined smile. “Let’s give our toy a DP and see if that sates her.”Marty seemed unsure how that was going to happen and waited for Bob to direct it, though his eagerness to participate was clear. Bob entered my workspace and pulled out my secretarial style chair without arms. Bob rolled it out into open area in front of the area of offices, looked at me and smiled. I looked at the windows in the front wall and our parking lot and entrance beyond it. But, if it gave me pause, it seemed to affect Marty even more. It was dark outside and the entrance to the plant area did not have much night-time traffic, despite the possibility. I reached for Marty’s hand and walked us both to where Bob was already sitting in the chair, gently rotating it back and forth.I knelt down for him and sucked his cock hard. I motioned for Marty to come alongside, then alternated between the two cocks until they were again hard, the delay and indecision now forgotten. I stood in front of Bob and made my evaluation of the chair being able to support the weight of Bob and me, but that was lost as soon as his hands came up to my breasts and took the nipples in his fingers, pulling me until I was forced to spread my legs to straddle his lap. I shrugged, but more an expression to myself than intended for him. He held his rigid cock vertically and I supported myself with one hand on his shoulder and the other resting on his chest. I lowered my bottom and he directed his cock’s placement accordingly. My pussy felt his cock head and I made a minor adjustment to feel it at my opening.I smiled down at him, bent my face down and took his mouth with mine. As I kissed him, I lowered my cum-filling pussy over his larger cock. I fucked him with several strokes until I had him seated deep inside me. Bob looked around me to find Marty.“There’s a small plastic bag on my desk from the d**g store.” Without further explanation, Marty walked quickly to retrieve the item in the bag. He was already removing the cap and squeezing a generous amount of lubrication onto his cock head and smearing it down its length. He then applied a dollop to my asshole and worked it in with his fingers. I watched Bob’s eyes as this was happening and he nodded to me. He had taken my ass earlier, but it was the first time and this was going to be different. Even though Marty’s cock was smaller than Bob’s, having Bob in my pussy at the same time was going to make this very tight. But, I bravely smiled back.The touch of Marty’s hand on my waist gave me a start. His hand shifted to my butt cheek and spread me, his cock head moving in to touch my puckered hole. Bob’s hands shifted to my hips and held me steady as Marty pressed harder at my other hole. My mouth fell open, my breath was held in my lungs, and my eyes closed as the cock head pressed against my resisting opening. Bob pulled me into his body and whispered into my ear, “Relax, Patty. You are going to feel fuller than you ever have and it is going to be wonderful.”I grunted back, “Did you … before … with …”He nodded and I felt it. “Yes, and she loved it. We did some swinging …” I nodded as if it mattered.I breathed out slowly and as I did I pressed back with my muscles inside to open my tight hole. I gasped and groaned as the head spread my sphincter until the cock head was inside. I put my hand back to pause Marty. My head sank into Bob’s shoulder, my body shuddered and I pulled on Marty’s leg to continue. He pressed and stopped, pressed and stopped. Then he pulled back and pressed further. I groaned throughout the entire process.Once both were seated deep in my holes, they began smooth motions in each. Soon, they found a rhythm that worked for both of them, their cock moving in and out alongside each other separated only by a thin membrane.Bob’s voice came to me as I continued to gasp and moan at the incredible feeling of stimulation and fullness.“You’re doing so good. The key to any gangbang is relaxation. You’re doing great.”Something inside me swelled with pride and accomplishment. He had brought me to so many new experiences and released new and ever-increasing stimulation within me and this was another. He had been correct. I could never have imagined the feeling of being so full of cock and the more I let myself go with it, the more the stimulation shot my arousal to a height I also hadn’t imagined. I was going to explode soon and it was going to be hard.“Oh my god …” I gasped while they fucked me harder, sensing my approaching orgasm. Then, the hands of the other men were touching, groping, and teasing me wherever they could find the skin or breasts or nipples.Bob’s voice encouraged my arousal and ultimate release. “That’s it. Let it all out, our sexy toy, our office toy, our fuck toy … There’s no need to hold it in. Release it.”And, I did. It was shattering when it hit me. My moans turned into cries and I screamed out my release. My arms were tight around Bob’s neck and my face buried in his shoulder when my body went rigid, then seemed to sag like a rag doll with loose stuffing. Though my body collapsed as if without the strength to move, it shook and spasmed as if independently of me.My face buried in the shoulder grimaced and my eyes flashed open and closed tightly as if they couldn’t decide what they wanted to do. My pussy gushed my fluids over the cock inside it and probably onto Bob’s thighs and the chair seat.From around me, I heard the voices of the other men as the two stroking more urgently into my holes also reached climaxes. “Holy shit … that was amazing. Have you ever seen a woman orgasm like that …?”A feeling of satisfaction and new expectation settled over me as Marty pulled out of my ass, but I was held securely in Bob’s arms and his cock still inside my pussy like a secure anchor for my being. This was just one other experience. There was going to be so much more, too.* * CHAPTER 4: THE OFFICE will follow * *

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