Office Holiday Party Ch. 04

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Her white Manolo Blahnik stiletto heels clacked against the hardwood floor as Jill left the conference room, having concluded the final meeting on her Friday afternoon schedule. Though she kept her head straight ahead, Jill smirked to herself, as she could feel the stares from the other male VPs fixated on her pert ass jiggling with each step as she exited. It was only understandable, as the normally conservative-dressing executive had chosen to wear a stunning, tight-fitting white dress for the evening’s special occasion.

The dress she’d chosen matched the frosty snowflakes that had been coming down all afternoon. Although Jill was no longer in her twenties, she was still in fairly good shape, and the dress hugged her curves in all the right places. While it didn’t show too much cleavage, the outline of her large mounds was clearly visible under the fabric, and the mid-thigh length showed off her long, toned legs. Her pale arms were adorned with a few simple gold bracelets and a white Cartier watch to complete the theme. Jill had even visited a hair salon early that morning to style her blonde hair into a gorgeous braided updo.

Outside, and it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas, as light snow flurries gently swirled against the windows. She wrapped up a few last-minute emails and freshened up in the bathroom before meeting up with a few others in the lobby downstairs.

They hailed a luxury ride-share to bring them to the hotel where the holiday party was being held. En route, Jill crossed her legs under her fur coat, feeling the leather seat cling to the underside of her smooth thighs. Carl, the CEO, was droning on about some trip he had planned to the Caribbean with his family, but she tuned him out. The white thong she had on under her dress was already damp, as she’d been leaking all afternoon while daydreaming about her planned post-party activities.

Once they arrived at the luxurious hotel where the holiday party was being held, the group checked their coats and purses before taking the elevator up to the ballroom. Jill could hear the faint thumping of the music even as they got off the elevator, and it grew louder as they approached the ballroom. Each of them grabbed a glass of champagne from the attendant standing outside the double doors before entering and joining the party.

A cacophony of conversations and music greeted them, hundreds of employees mingling, clumped around little cocktail tables draped in long red tablecloths. Jill took care of business first, sipping on her champagne as she schmoozed with some other senior executives. She dutifully asked follow-up questions about Carl’s lavish vacation plans, flashing a brilliant smile as he bragged about the private house he’d rented on an island. When Pat told another of his lame dirty jokes about elves, she laughed heartily and leaned forward, showcasing her cleavage for him and feeling his eyes drop down to her chest.

After a couple more glasses of champagne and some small plates of hors d’oeuvres, Jill had exhausted her patience for small talk and sucking up. She excused herself from the current conversation about tuition rates for ivy league schools and decided that it was time to start the fun part of the evening.

Jill surveyed the low-lit ballroom until she found her sluts. Brittany and Christina were at a table in the corner, chatting with a couple of other women from their department. Jill walked over to their table.

“Hi ladies,” Jill smiled.


“Hi Jill!”

The rest of the table greeted her, and she got dragged into another boring conversation that Peggy and Martha were having about baking. Though Jill nodded along and smiled as they spoke, she took the chance to inspect her two sluts.

The tall brunette, Brittany, was in a bodycon gray sweater dress that came midway down her smooth, pale legs. Her nude heels propped up her tight ass in the tight gray wool. The petite blonde, Christina, wore a short-sleeved sheer black sweater that hinted at the outline of her black bra underneath. Her tight little charcoal plaid skirt covered her black stockings, and small gray heeled boots made the tiny girl seems taller than she was. A black silk ribbon choker with a gold pendant dangling down completed her outfit.

Unbeknownst to Martha, who was droning on about how she would put a batch of brownies into the oven before a quick run around the block, both Brittany and Christina wore one thing in common. Underneath their dresses, both sluts wore a special black thong that Jill had gifted to them for this special occasion. Each thong contained a small but powerful vibrator that rested against each girl’s clit.

As Peggy talked about how cute her granddaughter’s singing was, Jill discreetly reached into her purse and activated both pairs of vibrating underwear. Cristina had been reaching for her drink, and her hand jerked as the vibrations began assaulting her clit, shaking the cocktail glass and spilling a little onto the table.

“Ooh, careful dear.” Peggy wiped up bursa escort the spilled contents with a cocktail napkin.

Next to Christina, Brittany’s knuckles whitened as she gripped the edge of the table. She could feel a growing wet spot in her crotch as her juices began leaking out from the sensations. Jill smirked as she observed her sluts struggling to maintain their composure as their pussies received stimulation. She took a sip of her champagne and resisted the urge to rub her own crotch through her dress.

Across the table, Christina tried her best to keep her eyes focused, as her pussy was on fire from the vibrations. The sounds around her seemed dull and far away as she squeezed her legs together in an effort to maintain control over her body. She felt a hand on her arm.

Martha was looking at her expectantly.

“S-sorry, what?” the sweet young intern asked breathily.

“Maybe you should slow down on that drink,” Martha laughed. “I said, so are you excited to work with us full time after you graduate? I heard you accepted the offer.”

“O-oh, yes. Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it.” Christina managed a smile as her thighs trembled under the table.

“Do you have any plans after graduation? Any trips?” Peggy chimed in.

Jill took the opportunity to reach down and crank up the setting on her remote. Christina closed her eyes briefly as the intensity of the waves of pleasure pulsating through her pussy increased.

“Mmm y-yes,” she replied to Peggy with a hint of a moan. “Yes…I’m going to…mmph…Europe with my p-parents for a week.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful.” Peggy said. “Where in Europe?”

Coming close to climax, Christina pressed her legs together as tightly as she could to stave off the impending orgasm. She forced herself to keep her voice level. “P-Paris, Barcelona, Fuuu…”

Christina nearly uttered the word “Fuck” as she did her best to stop herself from cumming. Mercifully, her panties turned off, as Jill didn’t want her slut to raise any suspicions with the other co-workers.

“Florence?” Peggy asked as Christina had trailed off her sentence.

She took a deep breath, sucking in some cool air as her cunt began to calm down. “Yeah, Florence” Christina managed a small smile. “I’ve never been, so I’m really excited for it.”

“Oh it’s beautiful there,” Martha assured her. “I went with my husband last summer, and there’s so much history there.”

Jill glanced over at Brittany while Christina continued her Europe conversation with Martha and Peggy. The brunette’s eyes were wide and fixated down at her drink. Though Jill hadn’t increased the sensitivity on Brittany’s underwear, it had been continuously buzzing on her clit throughout this entire time. Jill decided it was time to test her other slut’s resolve.

“Brittany, didn’t you go on a trip to Italy a couple of years ago?” Jill initiated.

Both Peggy and Martha turned. Simultaneously, Jill reached down and turned up the setting on Brittany’s vibrating panties.

“Mmmm…” Brittany uttered a soft groan. Her legs quivered like jello beneath the table with the delightful vibrator rumbling against her clit. “Yes, it was an ah-ah-amazing trip.”

“What was an amazing trip?”

Everyone turned at the sound of a new voice, and Brittany gasped at the sigh of Phoebe walking up to the table.

“Oh my goodness, Phoebe! It’s been so long!” Peggy uttered and gave her a little hug.

As the group greeted her, Jill observed her former slut who had transferred to another office earlier in the year. She’d always had a soft spot for Phoebe. Brittany was a good little slut, and her new addition, Christina, was coming along nicely. But Phoebe had been her favorite, embracing her role as slut the quickest and always eager to please.

The raven-haired beauty looked ravishing as always, her dark hair done up but a few stray strands having fallen down over her eyes, which glinted with a hint of mischief. Phoebe wore a bright red plaid blouse that was unbuttoned low enough to make heads turn but not too low to the point of requiring a visit with HR. Her blouse was tucked neatly into her short black skirt, which matched her shiny patent black stiletto heels.

Phoebe eventually made her way over to Jill, and the two hugged.

“It’s great to see you again,” Jill told the girl.

“Same! So great to see you too!” Phoebe smiled.

“How is everything going at your new office?”

“Oh, just great! I’ve made so many new friends, and I love the warmer weather. But it’s good to be back to see everyone.”

The table shook as Brittany’s leg bumped against it, and her face turned a bright crimson. “S-Sorry,” she uttered.

Jill had forgotten about the vibrator and quickly reached into her purse, turning it off before Brittany caused a scene. As conversation resumed, Jill felt Phoebe’s fingers brush up lightly against her thigh, causing her pussy to automatically flood with desire.

Martha was asking Christina about her family, and Peggy bursa escort bayan and Brittany discussed some New Year’s plans. Phoebe took the opportunity and leaned in close, brushing away a strand of Jill’s light blonde hair.

“Mistress,” Phoebe whispered breathily into Jill’s ear. “I’ve missed you. I have a surprise for you after the party. Come up to room 2208. You can bring Brittany and the new slut if you’d like.”

“How did you know?” Jill asked, mildly surprised.

Phoebe glanced over at the cute young thing and grinned. “Please, she’s totally your type. Innocent and easily manipulated.”

“You do know me well.”

Jill felt Phoebe’s fingers inching up her thigh closer to her hot snatch, and her breathing grew heavier.

“Plus,” Phoebe whispered. “I saw her ass wriggling around from your toy as I was walking over. I can practically smell her pussy from here. Remember, room 2208.”

With that, Phoebe withdrew her hand from Jill’s leg and turned to the group. “Sorry, I’ve got to go say hi to a few more people. It was great to see you all!”

A few hugs later, Phoebe left the group and wandered off to another corner of the party. Jill couldn’t help it as her eyes followed the young dark-haired girl’s figure as she walked away, her tight ass bouncing around under her skirt with each step. She felt her damp underwear clinging to her mound.

Room 2208, she reminded herself silently in her head.

* * *

Jill strode up to the white door with the letters 2208 marked in gold metal, Brittany and Christina trailing behind her. She rapped her knuckles sharply against the wood three times. After a few seconds, the knob turned, and the door swung inward, revealing Phoebe in a long white bathrobe and tall white stiletto heels.

“Welcome,” Phoebe smiled and gestured for them to enter.

The three women entered, and Jill glanced around as they walked into the suite. A large round table adorned the first room, and behind that was a large living area with a TV and a long gray sofa in the shape of an “L”. The balcony outside the plate glass windows was covered in bright white snow, and a door led to the master bedroom from the living area.

Not bad, Jill thought to herself. She’d also booked a suite in anticipation of a fun romp after the holiday party with her two sluts, but clearly Phoebe was doing well for herself.

Once Brittany and Christina had arrived as instructed to Jill’s suite after the party, she had informed them about the change in plans. All three had changed into more…festive outfits before donning their coats and taking the elevator up to the 22nd floor.

Phoebe turned around as she reached the table just inside the entrance. “May I take your coats, Mistress?”

Jill turned and offered her back, and Phoebe slid the lavish fur coat off. Beneath it, Jill wore a tight black leather corset that exposed her ample cleavage. A small red thong with white lace frill and tall red heels completed her outfit.

“You look simply amazing, Mistress.” Phoebe curtsied, and Jill smiled.

Placing Jill’s coat over one arm, Phoebe went to the next girl. Brittany removed her long peacoat and gave it Phoebe, revealing her bare, topless torso. Her sizable porcelain tits were exposed to the air, and Brittany’s little pink nipples immediately stood at attention. A tiny black G-string covered virtually nothing of the brunette’s thick, pasty ass cheeks, and she stood in tall black stiletto heels.

“May I?” Phoebe glanced back at Mistress Jill.

Jill nodded her approval.

Phoebe grabbed the black leather collar clasped tightly around Brittany’s neck and pulled the taller girl forward. Their lips met, both women’s red lipstick smearing together as their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

When they drew apart after a few seconds, both sluts were short of breath. “I’ve missed you,” Phoebe told her.

“I’ve missed you too,” Brittany grinned.

Phoebe turned and went up to the other slut. Christina blushed as Phoebe’s face was mere inches from hers. Her little cunt was already leaking from watching Phoebe’s kiss with Brittany. She wordlessly removed her own coat and placed it on top of Brittany and Jill’s in Phoebe’s arms.

The petite blonde was wearing a fishnet bodysuit that extended from her shoulders down to her crotch. Her tanned, toned body was striking next to Brittany and Jill’s relatively pale bodies, and Christina’s perky little breasts barely stretched the tight fishnet top. A pair of crotchless, black leather panties exposed her bald, pink pussy, and she too wore a black leather collar and tall black stiletto heels that matched Brittany’s.

Instead of addressing her directly, Phoebe again turned her head toward Jill. “And who is this pretty little thing?”

“Her name is Christina.” Jill answered. “Why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself?”

Phoebe leaned in and clamped her lips over the young blonde’s, probing deep into her mouth with her tongue. As she did so, she slid all escort bursa three coats to her left arm. With her right hand now free, Phoebe slid a finger up through the crotchless panties, invading Christina’s tight wet hole. The young slut moaned from the digit wriggling around inside her cunt, and Christina could taste Brittany’s saliva as she sucked on Phoebe’s tongue.

Once she’d had her fill of tasting the new slut, Phoebe broke their kiss and hung up their coats in the closet. She then walked back over and addressed Jill.

“Please follow me, Mistress.” Phoebe began walking further into the suite toward the living area.

Before following, Jill went up to her other two sluts, clasping a long, leather leash onto each of their collars. She pointed down toward the ground with her index finger, and both sluts silently dropped down to the ground on all fours. Only then did Jill go over toward Phoebe, her two sluts in tow behind her. Phoebe licked her lips as she watched Brittany and Christina approach on their hands and knees, both of their delicious round asses sashaying from side to side as they crawled over.

Once all three reached the living area, Phoebe gestured for Jill to sit on the couch. Jill complied, lying back on the plush sofa and crossing her legs. She snapped her fingers at Brittany and Christina, and the two sluts moved from all fours to sitting down in the kneeling position on the ground.

“May I offer you some champagne?” Phoebe asked.

“I’d like that very much,” Jill responded.

Phoebe removed the bottle of Cristal from the silver bucket of ice in the center of the coffee table and poured a glass, handing it to Jill.

“Mmm…” Jill sipped on her champagne. “I’m enjoying my present very much.”

“That’s not your present,” Phoebe smiled slyly.

She picked up a small remote from the table and pressed a button. A slow, sexy mix of “All I Want for Christmas is You” began playing over the speakers in the ceiling.

Tossing the remote aside onto the sofa, Phoebe said, “This is your present.”

I don’t want a lot for Christmas…There is just one thing I need…

Phoebe climbed onto the wooden coffee table. She removed a pin from her updo and slowly shook her head left and right, allowing her long, jet-black hair to disperse and cascade down around her shoulders.

I don’t care about the presents…Underneath the Christmas tree…

Jill was entranced by this dark-haired beauty dancing slowly in front of her as she slowly took another sip of champagne. Her nipples ached with desire, hard and visibly pressing against her corset.

I just want you for my own…More than you could ever know…

Phoebe gyrated her hips and bobbed her head all around as she gradually loosened her robe, freeing first one bare shoulder, and then the other.

Make my wish come true…All I want for Christmas is you…

The older blonde on the couch felt her juices leaking everywhere. Her thong was soaked, and a wet spot was growing on the cushion under her crotch.

I don’t care about the presents…Underneath the Christmas tree…

Brittany stared at what was happening in front of her, unable to look away from the sight of her sexy friend’s erotic dance. Likewise, Christina was captivated by Phoebe’s sensual striptease, so fixated in fact, that a small strand of drool was sliding down one corner of her luscious lips.

I don’t need to hang my stocking…There upon the fireplace…

Phoebe let her white bathrobe slip casually from her fingers, allowing it to fall down to the floor in a heap behind the table. The raven-haired girl was slightly tanner than Jill and Brittany but not quite as sunned as Christina. A strappy white bra covered her pert breasts, but there were slots at the front that allowed her dark brown nipples to pop out through the bra. The scanty white G-string Phoebe wore was barely enough material to cover her snatch, and Jill could see the sides of Phoebe’s pussy lips peeking out on each side.

And then there was the finishing touch, strands of ruby satin ribbon were wrapped all over her succulent body and shapely legs. The light from the ceiling reflected off the strips of red ribbon as Phoebe danced and spun around slowly, making her into a giant sexy disco ball. Her white stiletto heels clacked on the table’s surface as she slowly spun around for her audience. Phoebe continued her entracing dance, gently swaying her hips back and forth as she lightly pinched at her own nipples.

Santa Claus won’t make me happy…With a toy on Christmas Day…

Jill held her half-empty champagne glass loosely in her left hand. Never once taking her eyes off Phoebe, Jill began rubbing her slit through her underwear with her free hand, her pussy on fire with desire like never before.

I just want you for my own…More than you could ever know…

Phoebe climbed down from the table and climbed onto Jill’s lap, straddling her with authority. She ground her hips in a circular motion in time with the music and then leaned back, thrusting her crotch up and rubbing it against Jill’s abdomen. The mature blonde couldn’t resist and leaned forward, taking Phoebe’s left nipple into her mouth and suckling at her teat like a newborn.

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