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Subject: ‘OFfiCe JOckS FoR DOmiNaTiOn’ o3 % This work of fiction is set in the format of real-world situations. Identifying details to real people, alive or dead, is entirely coincidental in nature. If a character from this story happens you have the same first name, use it to your advantage and put yourself in his place. The author is not responsible for leakage. % Countries have various rules regarding reading or viewing `adult material’. It is up to you, the reader, to research this subject, abiding by laws and conscience. The pages of this story contain `adult material’, intended for an `adult audience.’ Bypass this warning at your own risk! % If sexual scenes involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then why are you here? Seriously, if dude-to-dude sex & related stuff makes you wanna barf or is gonna screw up your mind, you should not read this story. % Sexual safety matters. Guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection and I don’t mean going out and hiring a security guard…unless he gives your nuts and bolt a jolt! % Hey dudes, if you have enjoyed reading NiFTy stories as much as I have over the years, consider adding some $upport for `internet $pace’ or else I will have to start cutting handsome, hairy or steamy characters out of my stories. Do you dare imagine a story without any fty/donate.html % Give till it hurts…and if that’s not enough, get with some s&m! ‘OFfiCe JOckS FoR DOmiNaTiOn’ o3 WriTten by T. Chase McPhee % Rick forgot about buttered popcorn and as he allowed Callum to slip through the door to the cafe restaurant, focused on a half hour ago. He would’ve meandered back to the shower, but on his mind was business, that he would have to eventually get back to earning a paycheck. He had to stop Callum, “uh, hold on a minute?” Callum’s cute eyes did that frowny look, “what’s up?” Even though wearing shorts, the dress shirt and tie was a beginning of Callum’s formal attire, the ‘V’ of his shirt unbuttoned and tie lying limber around his neck, “well, if you’re going to be in the mentorship program, you’re going to have to look the part?” “Interesting,” Callum says, looking down upon the hands buttoning up his shirt for him, “that you don’t know hardly anything about me, but you know me.” Rather than dwell on what he knew or didn’t know about Callum, Rick ties the necktie, “I think you’ll discover one of the strengths of my nature, is that even thought some of my ways of doing things might be unorthodox, they work,” he pats the tie against Callum’s chest, as if making a statement. Callum’s whole nature of things feels balanced at the moment, “thanks.” He meant thanks for buttoning up his shirt, which he wasn’t oblivious to Ricky’s knuckles feeling the soft fur of his chest, signifying maybe he did like hairy men, “I meant for tying my tie.” “Yeah,” Rick says, sending Callum on in front of him, “but those shorts,” he had to think a minute, how they clung to the collegiate’s ass, “I don’t think they’re going to go over big.” “What do you mean?” “Oh,” Rick grabs Callum by the tie and as if to whisper in one ear, “about what happened at the gym, particularly in the shower.” Callum cuts in, “I’m not a little kid. I know when to keep my mouth shut!” Once again, tracks set on headed inside, Rick changes tactics, “hmm, now that could become a problem!” Soon to become apparent, the guy at the podium to greet customers, giving Callum to once over, from head to toe, then lingering at his lower half, “um?” Like he said, on top of things, Rick is quick to fill in the blanks, “I know, but we were at the gym and even though my new associate is half-dressed?” “Oh. You’re new associate. Okay. I can work with that.” Instead of straight ahead to the seating, both are veered off to the right side of the restaurant, past the counter and through double doors. It wasn’t the first time Rick brought a client or guy there for another purpose, without the dress code, shirt, tie, dress slacks, dress jacket and the worst case scenario for proper attire, “sneakers?” Rick explains, “coming from the gym, all we could come up with is the ‘top half’.” Passing by the counter, a guy interrupts, “Rick?” A vendor rep, “Josh?” who is probably more than half of Rick’s business, has caught him at the most troubling time, when he’s about to view how Antonio is about to refit Callum with proper attire, which could get steamy, as with past men he’s brought there, unfit to sit at a table, has become. “Come join me for a drink.” Rick is so torn, between Callum and his business associate, but he knows how sensitive Josh can get, like it could be a slow down in shipments, if a person didn’t respond to the snapping of a finger. Antonio pipes up, “I’ve got this, Mr. Oakly.” Callum, unsure of the situation, nor of anyone’s intentions, assures, “I guess I’ll see you later,” he slips, “Rick. I mean, Mr. Oakly?” “Yeah,” Rick is terribly disappointed, “later.” Callum was unsure of this. Being an introvert most of his life, that ‘coming out’ at college was also intended for making friends. So far he hasn’t done much of either. To break the ice, “um, what’s your name?” Stopping and turning around their paths almost collide, “oh, I thought I did. Already. I mean, I thought Rick might’ve already said it.” “Uh. No,” Callum responds. Enunciating his little brass plated nametag, holding it away from the lapel of his jacket, “Antonio. But you can call me Tony if you want?” “I’m Callum,” he holds out a hand, like his father taught him to do when meeting a person for the first time. In his job, Tony did the same, but being they were behind the scenes, makes an effort to take Callums five digits, “good to meet you.” It seemed Tony’s hand was bigger, more forceful, which had him saying, “firm grip.” It’s stuff like that, after saying it, Callum got himself into trouble, thinking weird thoughts. Tony did, right away, shift his thinking, if Callum had something worth ‘gripping’, but shakes off his nervousness, “oh. That. I work out at the gym. Y’know, a guy, he’s gotta hold on tight to a bar full of weights, before lifting it overhead?” “I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been to a gym.” Tony shares the story of how, when younger, he was a chubby kid, but between high school and college, he found his way to the gym, via his room mate. Callum says to that, “I tried buffing up a little before college, but that was only for two days.” Tony chuckles, then says, “looks like you’re doing good for yourself,” but was thinking his assessment could be more accurate with Callum stripped down! “I did okay on my own, but I was hoping, when I got to college I could find a personal trainer.” Even without seeing the full portrait of Callum, shirtless, it seemed like a good lead in to find out, “well, if you want, I can give you my opinion?” They both stood there, staring each other in the face, until Callum thinks, “what would that entail?” No doubt, Tony was thirsty to find out, which had him lying, “well, first off, that shirt won’t match any of the pants I have in the closet.” “Closet?” “Yeah,” Tony walks over to one of four sliding wooden doors and pushes it open, “but I’m sure we can find one for you.” Mostly a tee shirt and shorts kind of guy, Callum opinions, “I wouldn’t know the difference,” he giggles. Clasping hands together with an audible clap, Tony says, “well…that’s what I’m here for,” he turns to the closet. It made Callum smile, thinking a wicked thought, that maybe they were here together in this place in time for a totally different reason, “whatever you think, Tony.” He further adds, “should I take my shirt off now, or wait till you find me one?” With his back turned to Callum, no way did Tony want to miss this, grabbing the first shirt off the hanger he laid eyes on, “sure,” he turns back around. Pays to watch porno vids, Callum first slowly removing the tie from being around the collar of the shirt. Then, what he picked up from one or another of the short movies, he tries hard not to be able to unbutton the top button, snagged at his neckline, “I think it’s stuck. Could you help?” ‘Oh man,’ Tony thought, his balls churning already, that if provoked with anymore eye candy, it could wet his briefs! “Uh. Sure,” he approaches Callum. It didn’t seem fair to Callum, that Tony was about to get a bird’s eye view of his bod, so he ventures to say, “by the way Tony, I don’t think your shirt matches your suit at all.” After unbuttoning Callum’s top button, Tony steps back and looking down upon himself, says, “really?” First reaction, was that something was in disarray, but how could a white shirt not fit with a black jacket, black pants and a black bowtie? Realizing something amiss here, he could have confronted Callum with the typical formal, black-white attire, but instead plays along, “well then, I guess I better find another shirt in the closet for me!” Callum without a jacket, unbuttoning his shirt down to his navel, it was already draped over his shorts. With Tony, he just set aside his tie, casting it over his shoulder and went for the buttons. Perhaps starved for viewing another man stripping, live, Callum is caught up in what he’s thinking, out loud, “oh man, Tony, you’re so beautiful!” Upon paying atteniton to what he was doing, Tony looks up to get his first glimpse of Callum, “your are too. I mean.” For lack of any catchy phrase coming to mind, from those damned porno flicks, Callum says, “I love your hair.” He could’ve meant those slicked Erzincan Escort down locks of Tony, which when he was out surfing and not at the cafe, was all scraggily and caught up in the wind, or in a man-bun, “oh. You mean, this?” he holds his shirt open. “Would you mind, um, if I touched it?” It made Tony smile, thinking how ‘green’ this kid must be. But to show him the obvious, that he was gay too, “only if I get to touch this,” he rubs knuckles down Callum’s fuzzy abs trail. Callum shy, Tony had to literally place his hands on the sides of his bod, but not reluctant to do the same. His hands explored, from the sides of Tony’s bod up to his fuzzy pecs, “this is awesome, Tony.” But Tony, he wasn’t at all reluctant to fan his hands out over Callum’s pecs then slide down to the shorts button. It was a first for Callum, but not that he hadn’t witnessed, in a porno, a guy’s hands making light work out of unbuttoning and unzipping pants, “are you going to strip me Tony?” “Yeah, but first things first,” he steps over to the double doors, makes sure they are tightly brought together and snaps a lock. On the return Tony pulls off his jacket, strips the shirt from his shoulders and then tackles the bowtie. Callum had to swallow. Never had he seen a man strip live, except at the gym, but in his mind, that didn’t count as much as seeing such a hairy man unveil the beauty of his bod, “wow Tony!” Now that they were both on the same page, Tony says, “feel free to touch, lick or suck!” It’s then Tony stopped in his tracks, thinking he’s moving too fast, and rather than lift the shirt off the collegiate’s shoulders, “if you feel inclined?” Callum wanted to, with all his might, but was nervous, “what if someone comes?” “I locked the door, besides, sometimes it takes a while to fit a man with the proper attire.” “Oh,” Callum had to wet his lips, gazing on all that beautiful fur. Thinking he better act quick or lose the moment, “well, are you going to help me off with my shirt?” “Of course,” Tony says and reflecting on fifteen minutes prior, “I told Rick I was going to take care of you.” “I don’t think he meant on these terms.” However, right now Callum didn’t give two hoots, feeling Tony lift the shirt off his shoulders and tossing it aside. Tony stare into Callum’s eyes with intention as he removed the necktie, “you ready to have a good time?” Like he ate something sour, Callum’s throat tightens up, “I think.” “Is this your first time?” It was, but Callun asks, “is it yours?” Smiling as his fingers dip under Callum’s belt line and go for the button on his shorts, “nah. I’ve been with dozens of guys.” “Really?” But foremost always on Tony’s mind was a particular question, which could get his balls really going, “are you a top or bottom?” It comes to Callum’s mind, lying in bed, “I like to lay on top or bottom, sometimes on my side.” It made Tony grin, “you ever get a blowjob?” “Nope. Are you going to give me one?” Like Callum was playing right into his jackpot, Tony says, “I’d love to and more.” “More?” Callum asks as his eyes follow Tony, sinking to his knees. “Yeah. There’s so much more that I’d like to do for you, but being we’re short on time, I’ll have to settle for swallowing your load.” It didn’t take much for Tony to work Callum up into a frenzy. He couldn’t even recall that his hands were all over Tony’s sweaty bod, but he did feel really sensitive, when Tony’s hands reached up and tweaked both his nips! So engrossed in moving his lips up and down Callum’s engourged shaft, Tony didn’t stop to think, until the goo was going down his throat and he had to heave from so much of it at once, coughing! “You okay Tony?” Wiping his lips off with the back of a hand, “oh, I’m more than okay.” Callum hadn’t realized Tony had backed him up to the wall and soon he had slid down, his empty balls hitting the floor, “oh man, that was so good.” “Good?” Tony says with more exuberance, “that was fantastic, Callum!” “Really? I came okay for you?” Tony knelt there to Callum’s wide open legs, “you came great. I never tasted so much semen at once!” “Really? I came that good for you?” Tony was hiding the fact he had come and all that collected semen had congregated in his briefs, “yeah. Really. And you know what?” “What?” “I’d like to get with you again and do it properly.” “Oh? Like, what’s improper about the way we did it?” “Well, for one thing,” Tony gets up, “not in a closet, but in a bed.” He watches Tony unbuckle his belt, undo the zipper, grab a bunch of tissues from box of Kleenex and stuff it down his briefs, moving it around, guessing, “you came too?” “Yeah,” Tony says. Then, getting an evil thought, “want to help mop it up?” “Okay?” Callum asks with a question, not sure. “Cool,” Tony says. He was going to just stuff the tissues in his briefs, move the wad around and then toss it in the trash, but being he was about to be assisted, hands Callum the tissues, “here you go.” Callum watches as Tony, with his pants at his ankles, lowers his briefs from over his butt, and peels them down till they join his pants, “wow. Are you normally that big?” Tony laughs, “not as big as you!” Granted they had both unloaded, Callum, soft, still had an edge on Tony. In the restroom there were vanity sinks, but unfortunately no tub, nor shower. Still, Tony and Callum had a fun time cleaning each other up. Tony had to mention, “if we were at my place I would have licked every inch of your bod off of cum and sweat.” “I don’t know if I could do the same for you, Tony. I mean, I’ve never done it for a guy?” Their bods still moist, but relatively clean, Tony embraces Callum, hugging him, “and that’s the way I would like it to be. Oh man, I’d worship you with my tongue, from head to toe. Well, maybe to your knees,” he giggles. Callum had never heard a dude in a porno say that, so didn’t know how to react, other than a gut feeling that it could be immeasurably pleasant, “when do I get to test you out?” Right in the middle of embracing each other, naked, a dude shows up, complaining, “what do I have to do, your job and mine both, Tony?” Callum was like an aphrodesiac to him, Tony forgetting all about his job and when he came back from la la land, “oh, sorry Mario. I’ll get right on it.” Mario smiles, saying, “well, don’t forget to get dressed!” Tony takes Callum by the hand and leads him out of the loo and back to the closet. Following, Mario badgers them, “you guys into threesomes?” Mario could’ve very easily got caught up with two naked guys, but then there were the burgers on the grill! % Rick and Josh were the same age, grew up in the same town, attended the same Catholic school and by the time they graduated, had turned the tables on the priests a number of times. Their drinks at the bar had them reminscing of days gone by, telling how they got the better of one or two of the church men. Mainly they did it by a bribe, saying, ‘if it ever got out’… “Remember when Father Paul called us to his office?” Because he didn’t wish to pop a boner right there at the bar, Rick says, “good thing we got to him before he got to us!” Having a couple of belts of whiskey, they weren’t reluctant to share, “yeah, Papa Paul had quite a monster between his legs.” “I felt sorry for the guys that came before us who were afraid to do something about it!” They got their jollies talking about old times, until the owner comes over, “uh, gentlemen, you’re causing quite a disturbance over here and if you’re going to be talking about,” Sandro clears his throat, “a certain subject, I wish you’d take your thinking elsewhere?” Josh suggests, “like the dungeon?” Rick kicks his buddy, “you idiot!” “What’d I say?” “Darkroom, you idiot, remember?” “Oh yeah. Forgot.” Sandro says in a nasty voice, “you forgot? Next time you forget, Josh, it’ll be you and me, one on one in the darkroom?” It was Sandro’s cafe-restaurant, his darkroom, aka dungeon playroom, so when he took you downstairs to play, whether you were a dominant or submissive, you would be on your knees with your mouth open, or ass available for filling! “Forgot, Josh?” Rick says. “At the risk of not being able to sit down for a week?” So as to disguise their playful dressup, Callum and Tony slipped through the backway, out through the kitchen and into the dining area. After winding up their business meeting, Rick asks, “uh, Sandro, your man is taking an awful long time dressing my associate?” Mario had informed Sandro of another one of Tony’s escapade’s fitting a client with the proper dresscode, so the owner could lie and say, “while you and Josh were here talking over old times, your man has been sitting at the table dining on breadsticks!” Truth be told, if Josh never caught Rick’s ear and convinced him to drink, Callum and Tony might never have been such good friends by now. “Breadsticks?!” It did stir up Josh’s recollection, “remember the baseball bat incident, Rick?” “Not now, Josh,” Rick slips his credit card on the bar. Picking it up, Josh says, “oh no. This one’s on me.” “Oh no,” Rick says, placing Josh’s credit card in his jacket pocket, “next thing you’ll having me come back to your hotel room.” “Oh really?” Josh retrieves the card and pings Rick’s out of the way, “I thought maybe you would be inviting me back to your place?” Letting Josh win, Rick picks up his card, mulls it over, “hmm, might want to talk a little more about that baseball bat. Erzincan Escort Bayan I’ve got one just like it in the closet!” “Wood? Metal?” Josh questions, feeling his asslips automatically pulse. Getting ready to leave, Rick says, “get real, Josh. You know metal lubes up better than wood.” “What time should I meet you at your place?” “Key is under the mat. Have my bath ready.” Rick didn’t really have to inform Josh of the key under the mat. In fact, being they go way, way back, Josh can let himself into Rick’s place anytime and when Rick is out to visit him, the same cordiality is extended. They had tried a live-in arrangement, but business never seemed to fit in with pleasure equation. Leaving Josh, Rick offers him a cocky smile, more of a smirk. Thinking on it, sipping the last of his drink, melancholy comes over him, thinking of how life could have been so different if they had tied the knot. Then what immediately hits him is the ‘D’ word, divorce! When he spots Callum at the back of the cafe, Rick’s suddenly stricken with guilt, thinking of taking the lad back to his place, only to picture Josh in the tub, a memory loss of the sophomore, “oh shit!” However, he sees a way out, Callum walking towards him, arm in arm, over Tony’s shoulder, the two coupled up in a friendly gesture of new buds. “Uh, Callum, a word?” Tony could tell the signals, Mr. Oakly wanting Callum in private, “uh, I think I better tidy up the cloak room.” Callum wasn’t too eager to have Tony out of his sight, “no. Stay.” Then to Rick, “Tony can hear what you have to say, right?” It wasn’t anything major, Rick saying, “sure.” He remembers first time he came to the cafe-restaurant and how cordial Tony was to him, having him strip half-naked in order to fit him with proper dinner attire. Male clients who have met him there never complained about having to change into ‘dress up’ attire. “So, what’s up, Ricky?” Rick cautions, “did you forget?” “Oh. Right,” Callum remembers, “Uncle Rick. Ricky?” Tony interjects, with putting a hand to a hip, “you never let me call you ‘Ricky’, Mr. Oakly?” “Hush, Tony,” Rick puts his index finger to his lips. “This is not about you.” Even though Rick was being civil in his response, Callum says, “well, you don’t have to get nasty about it, Uncle Ricky.” It’s then Rick gets the idea, “uh, nothing went on between you two in the cloak closet, did it?” “Oh no, no, no, no, no, no,” Tony says, wringing his sweaty palms. “Why do you ask?” Why? Because right now Rick was feeling a little jealous, that Callum seemed to be standing with Tony. However, Callum is quick to judge, “even if it did, and I’m trying to be nice about this Ricky, I mean Uncle Ricky, but don’t you think it’s our business?” Rick was mulling that one over, thinking how resourceful Callum could become to him, a man who spoke his mind, not worrying about where his next paycheck might be coming from. Though, Tony is anxious to keep his job, “it’s no biggie.” Callum could tell Tony was about to volunteer more, nudging him in the ribs, creating a diversion, “so, you prefer I call you Mr. Oakly, and not just Ricky?” “Exactly.” Rick doesn’t wait, “I’m glad you’re understanding.” Tony, intending to smooth things over, “so, Mr. Oakly, how does Callum look? Think he’ll fit in at the board meeting?” Callum’s look perks up, “board meeting?” “Yeah,” Rick says, “instead of back at the office, I’ve arranged for the board to meet here at Sandro’s, and,” he looks at his fitwatch, “they should be arriving any minute.” Callum looks around, saying, “well, then don’t you think they should be pushing some tables together?” Tony looks to Rick, “oh, no need. We’ve got a special room for board meetings.” “Cool,” Callum says. In order to get to the ‘board room’, a person has to pass through Sandro’s office, on account of only certain patrons could gain access, based on special needs. “C’mon, I’ll show you,” Tony says, putting his arm over Callum’s shoulders and walking away. Rick wrinkled up his nose at this, the camaraderie Callum was feeling with Tony, but could only exhale, thinking at least he was getting a good man to work for him and if his dick never got farther than sliding down a soapy ass crack, at least the cum flow was good. Then, to add cheer to his dismal discovery, Josh comes up from behind, placing hands on shoulders, adding a light massge, “boy trouble, Rick?” “Of course not Josh. Uh, why aren’t you on your way over to my place?” But Josh was not one to fool, “I was getting some vibes about you and junior, but about your place,” he jingles his key chain, “left my keys on the bar.” Turning his head, Rick sends a message, “forgetting thinks like that will get you into trouble, Josh, if you catch my meaning?” “Oh, I certainly do and that’s why I cleared my schedule this evening, so you can take me home and boss me around?” A versatile couple when they got together at Rick’s place for some fun, Rick claims, “oh really? I thought it was your turn to be the boss?” “Oh, you know,” Josh swats air with his hand, “how much I need to feel your hot sucker punches,” he flicks eyebrows, “and other ways to keep me amused?” Rick couldn’t deny to himself that Josh had a hot mouth and ass, which is why ninety-nine percent of the time he gave in, “I am kind of feeling on edge and feel like beating you to a pulp?” “Like I always say, bring it on,” Josh laughs his ass off! In doing so, Rick plunges his fist into Josh’s midsection. Reacting to the deep fist, “ugh! Oh shit, Rick!” he falls to one knee. Hands on hips and looking down at Josh, “like I always say, Josh, you really need to get some acting lessons.” Even though he didn’t need the help up, Josh takes Rick’s hand, “you always knew when I was faking it.” “And that’s why,” Rick lifts Josh to his feet, staring him in the face, “we get along so well, right?” Wanting to kiss Rick so bad, Josh says, “yeah. Right, buddy.” Josh probably would have stole a kiss, but the rowdy crowd from the office started piling in, talking their favorite subject, sports. Not about any particular team, but some revelation, of how a certain soccer, baseball or football player stripped off on the field, or bared almost all in the locker room. When they saw Rick, the chatter ceased to where they could hear a pin drop. One of them saying, “the usual, Mr. Oakly?” “Yes, but oh,” he dwells on Tony showing Callum the board room, turns to his lifetime friend, “Josh, would you mind awfully, showing the board to the cloak room?” Josh was about to say something about drawing a warm bath at Rick’s house, but follows orders. Wouldn’t be the first time Josh was in town on business and mixed with the board while preparing for a meeting, “of couse not,” he winks at Rick, “but it’ll cost you?” Rick smiles wickedly, and in turning his lips to Josh’s ear, “did I mention the new whip I ordered arrived yesterday?” Smiling back, Josh says, “I can’t wait. Bring it to the board meeting?” “It’s at home,” Rick says, “besides I’m saving it’s first use for someone special.” % Meanwhile, Tony has been down in the basement and after having taken a different route than the wine cellar, has opened a door to a while new world for Callum. “I feel like I’m in a dream. Is this a real dungeon?” Tony says, “we call it a darkroom. It sends the same message, but more in a code, if you know what I mean?” Approaching a long table with chairs, “I guess this is where the board meets?” Upon saying it, they hear chatter coming from where they had been. “Yup and here they come.” “What should I do?” Callum asks. “Just be yourself and don’t worry. I’ll be here if you have any questions.” First question, which was very obvious, “what kind of a board meeting is this?” “Wait,” Tony cues him, “you’ll see.” “Apparently!” Tony, who had just properly dressed himself, pulls the loop of his black bow tie. “What are you doing?” He knew of Callum’s confusion, “I know, we just dressed ourselves, but that was for the dining room. In the board room we wear different attire.” “Apparently,” Callum stands there, watching ties, jackets come off, followed by unbuttoning of shirts. Tony laughs at Callum, standing there in disbelief, he jokes, “they all look the same naked. See if you can tell the straight guys from the gay ones.” “Straight guys with gay?” Callum is puzzled, “like, they’re okay with that?” Tony lays it down like a ritual, “let me just put it to you this way, if they intend on keeping their job with the company, they do what our supreme leader tells them to do.” “Ricky?” Callum questions. “Nah. He’s not that type of person.” Tony, once having the same conceived notion, “that’s what I thought too. Like me, you’re in for a shock.” Still talking half-naked sportsmen, the board finds a place at the long table. Ritually, they never took the same seat twice. The supreme leader’s rules! Rick and Josh walk in and it gets quiet. Getting right down to business, Rick stands at one head of the table, his friend next to him. Last time they met, two weeks ago, the usual interval of time, Rick had come up with something most of the board voiced opposition to. A rare occurance, when it came to the CEO handing out demerits left and right, the one with the most was faced with a dear price to pay. Two weeks ago, the board member with the most demerits had their name circled in red. It had come to Rick in a dream. He dreamt he was standing at Escort Erzincan a long wooden table, all participants naked, and true to his dominant nature, a selection was made. Not by himself, but by a gathering of peers. It is from this Rick came up with a scheme of things. He found that paying five bucks for each demerit too easy for a board member to pay up and move on. Now, not every offender suffered the consequences for his action. Instead, the one who accumulated the most was named. However, it took two weeks for Rick to think up what that punishment would entail. Possibly a second dream, or a figment of his imagination, Rick doesn’t recall which, regardless, it was a splendid idea to have each man around the write on a ballot their name. He could have very easily had his secretary print up a roster of board members, then cut out each name, but it amused Rick to see men wipe their brows as they wrote, wondering what conniving game he was up to and the outcome from which they were writing and depositing a slip into an empty fish bowl. Even though none of the board knew what they were up against, being Rick told them two weeks ago he would work the kinks out of just how the men were going to be penalized for their actions, palms became sweaty, drips of perspiration dribbled down chests and it could audibly be heard impatient inhales and exhales. “Very well,” Rick chipperly announces the end of bits of folded papers being placed in the fish bowl, “will you bring the ballots down here, Saad?” Tall, dark, handsome, were only some of the superlatives of Saad’s bod, but Rick got a kick out of when his giant slab of meat fell off the edge of the board table. If Rick was at all trying to hide watching his balls bounce back and forth with his gait, he was fooling no one. If any of the straight members of the board felt something for a sashaying cock and balls, none purposely show their feelings, keeping their eyes up and straight ahead. The gay board members felt free to follow the boss’ lead and steal a glimpse of Saad’s hefty junk. Rick also waited, after the bowl was handed him, for Saad to take his seat. That hairy ass on the return walk was ‘exquisite’! “Josh?” “Huh?” Josh is shaken out of his reverie, his mind still on Saad. “Pick a ballot.” In all respects, Josh it should be Rick to pull a folded piece of paper from the jar, but he learned ages ago, to argue would be a waste of time, “on it.” One would think Josh a sadist or something, stirring his hand round and round in the jar, churning up the eight pieces of paper, keeping each man on edge. As with Josh, the board made no attempt to question their boss on what all this meant, waiting around for Josh to choose a name, they only could wait and sweat it out. “Uh, we don’t have all day, Josh?” Right as Rick says it, Josh says, “got one!” It was like he was chasing goldfish, finally extracting a piece of paper from the school of ballots. “Give it here.” ‘Oh thank you God,’ Josh thought, thinking he would be made to read out the name, announcing the winner, or what it entailed other times, a ‘loser’! They all were on pins and needles, waiting for Josh, but add to that the thirty seconds it was taking Rick to unravel a piece of paper, “and the lucky man is…wanna read this Josh, I forgot my glasses.” “You don’t wear glasses, Rick,” Josh says, but takes the piece of paper from his friend. “Yeah, well I meant to go get examined for a pair. Just read it?” Without further ado, Josh drops the name, “JT.” With ulterior motives, Rick was making it up as he went along. If it were someone like Jerome or Saad, the sentence might be light, but JT had at one time or another pooled a good amount of demerits and it seemed he would never learn something minimal, like being on time to work. It was of no concern to Rick, that JT’s motorcycle was always breaking down. He was paid enough to buy a whole garage full, but also admired the fact he was frugal in much of his spending. Unlike Dave, who would go out to a gay bar on a Saturday night, get drunk and wind up spending almost a whole paycheck, buying guys drinks! Regardless, when JT hears the decision, his only reaction is, “again?” “Are you questioning my authority, JT? Like, you thing I picked another man’s name and just because I think you deserve it, are saying your name for the hell of it?” Rick knew how to shame a guy and by all means, JT needed some of that, but they were all getting fidgety in the un-airconditioned darkroom, some mumbling to the man next to him, good thing they weren’t clothed in their work attire. “Uh, no sir,” JT responds in a lowly tone of voice, and because he thought the hour of truth was coming, “what is it you want me to do?” “First, Tony, would you remove yourself and Callum from the room?” Most of the board were wide-eyed, when Callum speaks out, “after I was fitted with a suit, only to take it off? What the heck is with that?” For the board, they would have no clue, the wheels of Rick’s devious mind having Callum’s presence all part of the plan to humiliate the members of board. Members of the board knew if one of them had reacted in such a way, when they got back to the office it could mean either a pink slip or time off without pay! Not one of the eschelon, Tony says, “sure. No problem, Mr. Oakly.” Soon as they take their leave, exit and close the door, Callum says, “I don’t get it Tony. What was that all about?” “I don’t rightfully know myself. Mr. Oakly comes up with all these quirky ideas and what I hear is, you don’t want to be around to find out.” At the top of the stairs Tony holds the door for Callum, and instead of a ‘thanks’, Tony gets hurled at him, “some of those guys were dam hot!” “Only some of them?” Tony laughs. “Nah,” Callum quips, “I guess they all were.” Tony says with humor, “did you see the size of Saad’s balls?” “Yeah, what of ’em?” “Mm, I could make a meal of each one!” Callum has a different plan, “what about making a meal of mine?” True to Callum’s astonishment, the dress attire Tony had so carefully crafted to fit their bods, they had only dressed to strip downstairs. Carrying them upstairs, it was a draw, whether to redress in the expensive haberdashery or revert to his shorts and tee shirt. However, when Tony takes them back to the dress closet, “come on, I’ll take you out for a bite to eat before going home.” “Home?” Callum questions, “would that be your home or my college dorm?” Little could Callum guess, Tony had it all planned out the minute he laid eyes on the college sophomore, “mine, if that’s okay?” That suited Callum fine, except one detail, “are you thinking maybe we might become boyfriends?” Tony thought it a weird question, but there were some weird things he was still trying to figure out, “could be. Maybe we should give it some time. Why do you ask?” He was mulling over the ‘sex’ question, Callum saying, “no reason.” They dressed quickly, but sex wasn’t on Callum’s mind just yet, “so, what am I missing out on down in the darkroom?” “I can’t really say, other than things that normally do not go on at a board meeting.” Callum could guess that much, “how could I not know, with all of them without clothing?” “Yeah,” Tony says, “kind of gives you a hint.” “Do they like, get wild with some sex?” “Truthfully I’ve only seen a little of what goes on, bringing some chilled beer downstairs, but once I saw something kind of whacky.” “What was that?” Callum asks, halting his progress in tying his sneakers. “Well, first of all, they had clothes on.” Callum’s voice, Tony could tell he was disappointed, “oh.” “Yeah, I know. Would’ve gotten me going too, seeing a room full of men, like we saw tonight, in a gangbang or something.” “What’s a gang bang?” Tony freezes, saying, “you really don’t know?” “Is it something every gay guy is supposed to know?” Realizing that it was obvious, himself having more exposure to the world of gay sex than some guys when they enter the college years, Tony says, “I could sit here and explain, or, if you want, we can go see for ourselves?” Tony was questionable about if it was a good idea, but had already thrown it out there. “You’re talking about this gang bang stuff? Like, you can’t show me yourself?” “Um, it takes more than two?” “Oh. How many?” Tony was getting kind of hard thinking about it, the idea of a gangbang. Not only did he know what it entailed, he had been a participant and at the time he was involved, actions spoke louder than words could ever say. “Let’s just get dressed and check it out for ourselves?” “Sure,” Callum accepts it. As they readied and left through the door of the cafe grille, the only thing Tony was silently thinking, is if Callum was mature enough and accepting. For certain he was feeling much for the college sophomore and didn’t want to blow the evening, just because his nads wanted it so. “Promise me one thing,” Tony asks, as they sit in his car. “What?” “You’ll go into this with an open mind?” “Why not?” Tony wasn’t sure of the answer, “because I don’t want you thinking that if you don’t like something that’s happening, it’s going to cause us not to be friends anymore?” If Tony was thinking of some kind of attachment, Callum was thinking more, “oh, so we’re only friends?” Tony smiles, starting the car, “well, I didn’t want to say it, but I hoped by the end of the night we could be heading in that direction?” “Cool!” % % Copyright 2022 T. Chase McPhee Developing segments of ‘OFfiCe JOckS FoR DOmiNaTiOn’ may not be amended, distributed, sold, used, quoted, paraphrased, chopped, sliced, diced, nor made part of any collection, electronic or otherwise, without prior consent from the author. Drones are prohibited from overhead viewing. _ Check here that you are not a robot.

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