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Subject: Office Sex Part 2 (Lesbian / Adult Friends, oral, anal, F/Fff) Adult Friends, oral, anal, F/Fff This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between consenting adult females. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Copyright 2021 Wolf, all rights reserved. You may contact me at janmay6969@ if you like. All flames will be ignored. Office sex Part 2 By Jan When Candice went back to school I kept in touch with her mother. Candice was busy with her high school and college studies. She was in a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mechanics (STEM) class as well as taking college classes at the university. When she graduated high school, she entered university. She excelled in her studies and earned her Bachelor’s by 20, her Master by 22, and her Ph.D. by 24. She was so occupied with studies that her mother and I only had her company during breaks in class schedule and holidays. When Candice entered college there was another girl from her high school that was also in the fast-track program. When they entered college, they had to live in the freshman dorm the first year, so they asked to room together. It didn’t take long before they learned to appreciate each other’s ability to satisfy their sexual desires. When the academic year was coming to an end Candice was rushed by a sorority that bragged that most of the cheerleaders, homecoming queens were from their sorority, but when Candice found out that they wouldn’t rush her roommate because her roommate was black, she refused to join their sorority. Candice and her roommate looked for a room off campus together. Their guidance counselor recommended a home that belonged to a friend of hers. When Candice and Autumn went to her home thar was just off campus the woman adored the prospect of having a mixed couple living in her home. Who could resist an attractive strawberry- blonde and a black girl with the body and the looks of a young Holly Berry? While Candice was completing her education, I visited her mother on occasion, but I was working long hours. One day one of our engineers submitted his written two weeks’ notice. I was told to advertise and find a replacement. As soon as I posted for the replacement, I received more resumes that I cared for. I quickly discarded most of the unqualified and badly writers. When I got it down to two, I called them in for their first interview. They were both very qualified. The first one I talked to was a nice man in his mid-thirties. The second one was a Japanese woman also in her early forties and she had been working for the same kind of company as ours. I asked my boss if he would like to interview them before making a decision. He asked me which one I liked and I told him that I liked the woman because she had ten years’ experience on the same field. He gave me permission to hire her. I called her and told her that she had the job if she wanted it. She was excited and accepted right away. She said she would be there in two weeks. Then I called the man and assured him that his resume was brilliant, but we chose someone with more experience. The office was abuzz about the new employee. When she arrived, I introduced her to our boss and the staff. Her name was Wendy Nakamura. Then I showed her the office that was going to be hers. I invited her to lunch. I told her that she would learn quickly enough bursa escort that behind my back, I was known as “The Dragon Lady,” don’t worry about that. As long as you prove that I made the right selection. While getting to know her I learned that she was a single parent with a 16-year-old daughter. I found her to be interesting. She had been working for us about a month before she came into my office and invited me for drinks after work. I accepted and wondered what was on her mind. She had learned quickly and fit into the office nicely. I wondered if there was a problem I had not clued in on. I normally got wind of a problem before the boss and settled it before he knew what was going on. He preferred it that way. After office hours we walked to a local cocktail lounge. We selected a booth and we ordered drinks and sat back to talk. Wendy asked: “Can I ask you a very personal question?” “I guess so.” “The rumor round the office is that you were sleeping with a high school girl that was interning at the office last summer.” “I’m not ashamed to admit that the rumor is true.” “I asked because I was forced to leave my last job because the word got around that I was fucking my daughter and her girlfriend. Is that going to be a problem?” I took her hand: “Wendy, what you do on your own time is nobody’s business but your own. As long as you do your job, no one is going to mess with you. If I get wind of anyone causing a problem, I will settle it quickly.” “The other reason I wanted to tell you about myself is that I need a friend I can trust to confide in about my desires.” I said: “I’m honored that you trust me enough to confide your feelings and desires to me.” We had a few more drinks before I Invited her to drop by for a visit. We went back to the office parking lot and retrieved our cars. She followed me home. As soon as we were inside, I told her to make herself comfortable, so I took my pumps off and rubbed my feet. Wendy removed her coat and also took off her pumps. I took her coat and hung it in the hall closet along with my own. I offered her coffee or tea. She accepted the offer of coffee. I ushered her into the living room and while she was seated, I went into the kitchenette and started brewing a pot of coffee. I added a teaspoon of cinnamon to the coffee grounds. When the urn was full, I put it on a tray along with two cups, saucers, tea spoons, a bowl of sugar and artificial creamer. I rejoined Wendy in the living room and placed the tray on the coffee table. I told her that I had added cinnamon to the pot as I filled the cups and that it might be sweet enough that she might not desire sugar or creamer. I came around the table and joined her on the couch. We tasted the coffee and Wendy smiled: “I like the taste of your coffee. I don’t need to add anything. I sat back, clutching the cup with both hands as I took another sip. “Why don’t you tell me about how you came to enjoy sex with your daughter and her friend?” Wendy took a long sip of her coffee before starting to tell me her story. “I guess my story is pretty common. I have an older brother and sister. I witnessed my brother fucking our sister. I was about ten-years-old at the time. To keep me quiet, my sister sat on my face while my brother fucked me. Anytime the three of us were alone the two of them used me. It was strange that I resented my brother forcing me to suck his cock and fucking me. My sister and I shared a bedroom and when we were retired for the night, she would approach me and we would suck each other’s pussy. I escort bayan began too really enjoy having sex with my sister. I found that I was attracted to older girls and women as I matured. I asked: “How about the creation of your daughter?” She smiled: “You are bold aren’t you. Well, I met a handsome man at a cocktail for a fiftieth wedding anniversary od a common friend, and instantly decided he would be the father of my children. Only I didn’t know that he felt an obligation to try and repopulate the known world single handedly. As soon as I found out I got rid of him. April became the most important thing in my life.” “When did you include April into your bed?” “I tried to keep her from finding out that I had girlfriends as long as I could. She was innocent until she was 12-years-old. I went to a New Year’s Eve Party with a friend, nd I brought her home when the party was over. I paid the babysitter and sent her home. I assumed that April was asleep. My daughter was used to my girlfriends staying overnight, so I assumed it would be safe to spend the night with her. We were on top of my bed really getting it on when April came into my room and saw me sucking my friend’s cunt. Needless to say, we were up all night explaining that just because I like sex with women, that she wasn’t necessarily destined to be just like me, and I loved her more than anything. You could have knocked me over with a feather when April told us that she wanted us to teach her about everything we could do to each other. After that morning she slept in my bed. April seduced her girlfriend and brought her home and included her into our love nest.” At the conclusion of her story, we agreed to go to her home so that I could meet her daughter. We walked in on April and her girlfriend in a naked tango on top of her bed. The girlfriend panicked when she saw the two of us. She was trying to cover her breasts with her left arm and her crotch with her right hand. April calmly sat up and looked at me and her mother. Wendy said: “Calm down girls! You’re not in trouble. Girls, this is Elizabeth the office manager from work. I brought her home to meet you honey. I didn’t expect to find you entertaining your girlfriend.” I was staring at both of the girls. April looked a lot like her mother. Both of them have flawless skin as a result of Japanese having the same melanin that produces a slight yellow pigment to their skin. Their eyes have the Asiatic characteristic epicanthic fold and they have big brown eyes. Their hair is also the typical Asian thick coarse black hair. I also noticed that April’s pubic hair on her vulva was coarse and straight. It looked like it was combed in the direction of her vagina, where my own is a chaotic tangle of fine dark brown hairs. I thought she was beautiful. Her girlfriend was a sweet looking girl that looked like a blonde California girl that would be at home on a beach. Her breasts were as large as an adult woman and her blonde pubic hair was just a little darker than the hair on her head and a tangled mess like mine. The fact that her tits were so large was probably what attracted April to her. April smiled at me, and slipped her hand under the left hand of the other girl and squeezed her right tit and said: “Mom has told me so much about you Elizabeth. I begged her to introduce us. This is Wilma, my classmate and girlfriend.” Wilma tried to move April’s hand away from her tit but April resisted. Wendy stated: “Wilma, I see that our presence here is making you nervous. Would you feel more comfortable if bursa escort Lez and I removed our clothes?” Wilma’s eyes darted back and forth nervously between April, Wendy, and me. “I don’t know.” She did calm down when April kissed her on the cheek. Wendy turned towards me and started unfastening my dress and removing it. I unfastened my bra and removed it. Wendy pulled my panties down to allow me to step out of them. I stood there in front of the girls posing with my left leg in front of the other with the right foot at a right angle. I allowed them to look at my tits for a short time before turning to face them with my legs spread, so that they could get a good look at my pussy. Wendy was feeling me up with one hand and removing her clothes with the other. Wendy eventually had to devote both hands to removing her clothes. I lent her a hand getting undressed. Once we were both naked, we approached the girls. I took April by the hand and pulled her to the foot of the bed, while Windy took Wilma by the hand and the two of them settled at the head of the bed. I adored everything about April and wanted to devour her. It was thrilling to hug her and feel her warm body contours molding against my body. Kissing her was exciting. Her breath smelled and tasted of Spearmint Chewing Gum. While I was kissing her. I placed my hands on her breasts and squeezed them. Her flesh was as smooth as butter and filled my hands nicely. I sucked on them until they were red and so sensitive that they were painful to touch for her. When she complained I turned my attention to her pubic bush. I slipped my hands under her butt and lifted it up and pressed my face into the fragrant and moist confines of her vagina. I was shaking my head up and down and side to side and I licked the valley of her cunt from asshole to her little hooded clit. She was moaning and complaining that she was about to cum but couldn’t do it. I stuck two fingers up her asshole while sucking on her clit. She let out a howl and cried out “I’M CUMMIMG!!!!” At that point I looked at what Wendy was doing to Wilma. Wendy was in the process of tongue fucking Wilma’s smokey-gray asshole. The girl was on her knees with her left cheek of her face pressing against the mattress and moaning with pleasure. Once the two girls were over their first orgasm the ice was broken. They wanted to make love to us. April latched onto my tits and did her best to suck milk from my dry tits. Wilma was sucking the tits of the mother of her best friend. April didn’t resist as I pushed her head down to my cunt. I wrapped my legs around her head to grip her face against my dripping cunt. When my orgasm subsided, I reached for Windy and kissed her. Wilma was sucking her pussy to orgasm as well. The four of us discovered just how much fun we could have with each other. We spent the night making love to each other. When the sun came up and hunger demanded that we make breakfast, I had sucked three pussies and assholes, and my own pussy and asshole had been eaten by the three of them. Wendy, April and I had many dates with each other for several years. That didn’t stop me from seeing Candice and her mother whenever they were available. I lost track of them when Wendy got a better job in another state. My reputation at the office for being a lesbian was well known by that time. The males and females may have resented my holding so much power within the office, but the general manager liked having me keeping the office running smoothly. Some of the females thought they could get away with flirting with me for advantage. Any female that thought they could get into my pants and blackmail me didn’t succeed either. If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of female sexuality, please send your outline ail

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