Oh Fuck! Wtf just happened?

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Oh Fuck! Wtf just happened?Watching the Hangover, I always dreamed of having a once in a lifetime adventure that I will regret or even laugh at later in life. Although this is not exactly what I had in mind, it will definitely was above and beyond what I could ever imagine. It was the my birthday weekend and my cousins and friends all planned a night out of town. One of my cousin who worked as a club promoter got us a table and a VIP section. The club was packed so having our little section was more than welcomed. As part of being the birthday guy, my friends and family created a rule that anytime I am given a drink I cannot refuse it. The night started off fairly slow as I walked around looking for some girls to dance with. Along the way I was given a long island iced t and some mixed fruity drink from my little cousin (Becky). She wasn’t much of a drinker so I fairly surprise she had something alcoholic. As I made my way to the dance floor, a cute little blond caught my eye. I walked behind her and let her come to me. She kept grinding her thick ass on me and I was happy to oblige. While we were dancing a friend of mine took my cup and switched it with another cup. Monica (the blond) asked me what that was about. I told her we were celebrating my birthday and as a rule I agreed to drink anything they give me. She smiled and said is there a rule about sharing? I told her no but after taking a sip I told her she wouldnt like it, it is straight vodka. She looked me in the eye grabbed my cup and just took it all in one shot. She then leaned over and gave me a kiss blowing nothing but fumes in my mouth. She then smiled almanbahis giriş and told me that this is going to be a fun night. We continued to dance and an the drinks never seemed to stop. By now I am not sure what was drinking and I’m sure my new friend is in the same boat. At this point we were totally hammered and I invited her and her friends to my house. We went to the basement and played some card games and drank some more. After a couple of hours, one of my cousins (Mira) called everyone over. She had an idea for the birthday boy. She took a chair and placed it in the middle of the room. The game is for me to sit and I was supposed to get a lapdance from all the girls in the room. The catch is that I will be blindfolded and I am supposed to guess who is giving me a lapdance. If I guessed wrong I would lose a piece of clothing, but if I get it right the girl loses a piece of clothing. The game stops once I guessed everyone or my clothes are all gone. Another rule, ANYTHING GOES!The first girl was very subdued. She sat on my lap and gave me a little grind but nothing that would get me excited. Also based on her body type I knew right away it was Becky. I shouted her name and I can ear her giggle and since a piece of my clothing was not removed I assumed I was right. The next one was much more into it she was literally fucking me with my clothes on. She grabbed my hand and placed it on top of her pussy and just let me rub it from the outside. Monica! I screamed. The next 4 girls were a lot tougher as I got everyone of them wrong. My cousin Mira, her friend Tina, my friend Michelle, and almanbahis güvenilirmi Monica’s friend Angie. By this time I had lost my shirt, my pants, and my two socks. I was down to my boxers. The next round started and by this time I knew their perfumes and better yet their body type. I was squeezing tits ass and anything else I can grab. After a few perfect round I noticed Monica had removed everything but her skirt. Her tits were exposed for me to suck and her pussy was as well. As soon as the round started i felt her pussy lips grinding on my cock with my boxers between her pussy and my dick. Before her time was up she unbuttoned my boxers and she pulled my cock out and began teasing me. She took my tip and slowly took it in and out. Not wanting this game to end I screamed out monica’s name! The next one came up and it was my little cousin Becky. She was somewhat subdued earlier but she is stepping up in the final round. She took my hand and put it on her tits. I gave em a good squeeze but that was not enough for her. She took one of her tits and placed it in my mouth. I could not help it but suck on her small but perky tits. Then she pulled her tit out and we began to make out and I can hear other cousin cheering her on. As we continued to kiss her pussy covered by a thin layer of her panty was grinding on my already exposed cock. She continued to grind until she got off and began to convulse. Somewhat embarrassed by what others might think I purposely threw the game and yelled out Angie’s name. In case this game comes up in a family conversation I will say I thought it was Angie not almanbahis yeni giriş my little cousin Becky. After the blindfold I could not imagine all the tits ass for me to look at. My cousin Mira asked me if I enjoyed her game? I could not help but smile. At this point I was ready for bed and was just so fuckin drunk. Monica and I went to my room and for the most part I had blacked out. I was asleep until I had this crazy urge to pee. I got up and noticed a whole bunch of people on my floor passed out. When I got back I noticed monica decided to lie in my bed. I will take that as a hint that she wanted a little more action. I decided to just spoon with her at first and wanted her to know I was there. Then I decided to take my cock out and just place it between her legs. It sat there for a few minutes before I noticed her grinding slowly. Then before I knew it she lifter her leg up and guided my cock on her pussy. I slowly pushed and and pulled back. I didn’t notice it at first but her pussy was tight. Much tighter than earlier.I kept the motion going until I was all the way in. I was in heaven as I felt every inch I entered. She on the other hand began to whimper and moan. We slowly fucked as each of us wanted to enjoy this moment. She took my hand and began sucking on my finger as I slowly moved in and out of her. We continued to fuck this way until I could not hold it any longer and just came deep inside her. I grabbed her from behind and gave her a big hug. I woke up the next morning with this naked girl lying infront of me. The first thing I though about was who is she and I really want to fuck her again. I decided to get up and walk over her and to my surprise it was my cousin Becky!Oh fuck! I could not believe I fucked my cousin. Even worse I fucked her raw and came deep inside her. I quickly got up and hoped that she does not remember this or anything that happened that night!

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