Oh My! Such Naughty Family Ch. 3

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How could three people fit on a lawn-chair recliner?

But there we were. I was so turned on at something terribly wrong. Khalee facing me, the naked nipples of my tits coursely scraped her bra covered breast. Our legs tangled so that I felt heat and wetness from her pussy, soaking into my baby smooth skin. Chad’s bare chest was sweaty and hot against my back and his hard cock pressed his swimtrunks deep in the crevice of my butt. They were hugging one-another, with me in the middle.

“Why…why did you guys stop? I won’t tell” I urged them, clutching Khay’s tits while pushing my backside into the bulge of Chad’s shorts.

“Your Father will kill us, but we are going to tell you anyway,” Chad said.

“Tell me what?” I asked, my lips kissing another woman’s for the very first time.

“Age 21, Lovette. That’s when they tell you,” Khaylee moaned into my lips. Her delicate tongue touching my lips as she spoke.

“Tell me what?!” I moaned, hugging Khay with one arm and reaching for Chad’s cock with the other. I was so hot for their bodies now.

“Robbie just turned 21yld right? and they must of told him. That’s when they told us,” he said.

“And if I know Robbie, flirting is not all he’ll do for your Mommy,” chided Khaylee. “Tell her about your first time!”

“Well, my Mom was the first but, I was with Dad and Mom when it really started. Remember the camp grounds we all went to three years ago?” he started…

[{Late one night Mom, Dad, and I played cards in Dad’s new camper, strip poker! Mom’s tits were great looking, she having lost her bikini top. My dick was getting hard just looking. I couldn’t believe Dad allowed this. Earlier that day Mom had given me a hand job and that started me off, but I thought that it was all in secret.

She stroked my cock off all over her hand. But she said that it was only to not allow me to go to the beach with my cock sticking from my trunks. She made me promise not to tell anyone.

So I was stunned that Dad was winning our clothes from us without regards for Mom’s lusciousness bouncing above the table.

But Grandmom walked in and I scrambled for my shorts. Mom and Dad remained sitting like nothing going on, and I was left standing trying to cover my dick. Grandmom eyed my naked dick as she led in your Father, holding his long stiff dick! She had it sticking from his shorts before they even got to the door.

“My istanbul rus escort my young man, I thought you’d be out fucking one of your Aunt’s by now!” I coul’d believe my ears!

“You can stay I guess, but close your eyes” she said, going to her knees and dropping your Dad’s shorts to the floor. She was sucking his fat lumber! “Colt dear, Mother needs her holes filled right away!” she ordered, looking over her shoulder. I looked for Mom’s anger but she was the first to move, right behind Grandmom to shove her face into Granny’s plump ass. Oh shit! I thought. Mom was licking deep in the crack of Grandmom’s butt. Dad’s cock was fully extended when he came over. His dick is so fucking thick, and has lots of veins bursting out. Right Khay?

“Not there Colt!” my Mom hissed, and angled Dad’s cock at the crinkle of her Mother-in-Law’s asshole. “You know how hot and slutty your Mother gets, she want’s your hard cock stretching her shithole now!,” Mom instructed. She watched the whole time untill Dad’s meaty cock was lodged between Grandmom’s trembling buttcheeks. She then started slapping Grandmom’s ass very hard. “Fuck his cock bitch, fuck your itchy little shitter on my husband’s cock!”

My cock could cut diamonds now as I watched Dad piston his fat cock to the balls in Grandmom’s sucking butthole.

Mom had a handfull of Granny’s hair now and was shoving her face further on your Dad’s big dick.

“Choke on it slut! Make him nutt in your whorish mouth! You cum-drinking hussie”

Mom looked so hot bent over her Mother-in-Law and talking dirty like that. She hadn’t lost her shorts yet in our card came, or I would have fucked her then and there! But I didn’t know if I was permitted…still stunned by what was happening. I was brought to reality when I heard my name.

“You tramp! You couldn’t even wait ’till my dear boy Chad was gone, letting him see how sluttish your are!” Mom said, still slapping Grandmoms’ beet-red bottom. “Fuck her ass Colt! Stretch her horny bung with your cock!”

“Chad! Not on the new carpet damn-it.” I was stroking my cock, and ready to cum. I got behind Mom’s sexy round ass, shyly insisting on a fuck. But she gave me the look Moms give sons who get too frisky. I felt so small.

“Go on the other side of your whorish Grandmother. Here Ridge, fuck your cock deeper honey. Shove it down the bitch’s throat and choke kadıköy escort her with that sweet jizz of yours. Your Mom wants to be slutfucked by her sons.” She wispered that much, for the rest of the fuckfest could be heard beyond the camper walls.

And Grandmom was getting slutfucked. But she gave them as much as she had. She was gulping for your Dad’s cock and wiggling her rump for my Dad’s! She moaned, spurted, and choked, working for her sons’ cum. Her pussy was exploding around Dad’s fingers, I mean the whole camper smell like her dripping hot cunt. She may be 60yld, but she is sexy as hell.

“What are you waiting for boy, can’t you see I’m busy?!,” Mom told me. And she was, ordering Grandmom to fuck by slapping ass and pulling hair. “Jerk off your big cock now, and cover Mommy’s face in sperm!,” again wispering such shamefull acts of family fucking.

Mom looked so fucking hot waiting for my nutts. A hand job earlier that day was our first sexual contact, a secret…

And now in the company of family, she was telling me to cream her face. Her bickering at Grandmom had ceased while she lustfully eyed my dick. I could tell that she wanted it so much. I was on the way at shoving my bloated lumber down her gullet without permission…but my cock exploded inches from her face.

“Ohhh! Yes!” she cried, time suspended for her as she forgot about Granny. Never had my cock gushed more luge, sending thick wads of jism onto her face. Mom’s mouth opened and shut, like a guppie fish for air, while I unloaded over half a dozen splurts. Mom’s face was covered everywhere with my nutts, dripping from her nose and chin. Both her hands were between her legs at the drenched shorts stretching about her bum.

Mom and I both heard my and your Dads growling but we missed their cums. I opened my eyes having fell to the ground. My legs had become jelly from such a orgasm. Mom was dazed, the force of my nutts knocking her back as well. ‘Plopping’ and ‘sucking ‘ noises filled the room when our Dad’s tugged their dicks from their Mother.

Grandmom laid there exhausted, she had thick cum running down her chin. A thick puddle of cum pooled at her obscenely stretched butthole, bubbling out like farts.

Dad began to eat her dripping hot pussy. Your Dad ripped off Mom’s shorts, and ate her cunt. Grandmom told me how she liked my thick sweet juices as she licked it kartal escort from Mom’s face.

Grandmom corrected Mom…wrong about your Mother waiting for me in your tent. She told Mom that you and Robbie slept while Granddad fucked your Mom. So my Mom then told me that Aunt Monique would love a taste my nutts. My cock was already replenishing.

But when I got to Aunt Monique’s tent, she and Khalee was in the same sleeping bag. Khalee wasn’t even 21 yet!}]

Ohh shit, my body was in throes of orgasms by the end of Chad’s story. He had told it while giving me limited ministrations from hands and his thick cock.

But Khalee had tweaked me thru out the story and literally fucked me with her fingers. At the time of my Dad’s big cock fucking his Mom’s face was when Khay’s mouth sucked on my aching titties, knawing at each nipple. Hearing how Unkle Colt shoved veiny thick cock up his own mother’s wrectum is when I managed to tug free Chad’s hot pulsating cock. It was too thick to fully inbed it between the taut unyeilding cheeks of my butt. I wanted it like Grandmom, right against my pucker.

And when the vision of Chad blasting his own Mother in the mouth and face with his cockjuice, it was extra exciting because I could re-live how Robbie lava-ed my own Mother’s face with sperm.

So then I had my biggest cum, with Khalee’s mouth on my juicing snatch and Chad’s cock exploding in my milking hand.

As Khay tongued my spasming pussy, I felt hot stinging splashes of Chad’s cum at the back of my neck. Powerfull spurts had reached the back of my head, between my shoulder blade, and the small of my back. I finally angle his cock where I wanted it to begin with, and felt lighter blasts of wads burning my tiny asshole. Hot cum coated my pussy, and even Khay’s chin before she finished off my cunt.

* * * * *

The next morning I saw Unkle Colt leave for work in proffessional attire. I tried to vision his thick veiny cock thru the trousers he wore. I drifted back to sleep for a while, but not before noticing that Chad was no longer exposed, wearing his trunks and even a shirt. Khay also was cladded with her bathing suit and robe. Only I remained naked as a Jaybird.

“How can the three of you sleep on that lawn-chair together? There’s plenty of chairs in this pool house! Unnh…nevermind” decided Aunt Jane as she turned and walked out, wearing a small black nightie that exposed the bottom slopes of her meaty butt. I was lustfully studying the mature and pretty jiggle as she turn her cute face back, “Oh, your Mom said you came here last night, and wanted to know if you were alright. I told her not to worry, Chad and Khay would take care of you.”

Yes…They took real good care of me!

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