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Olivia’s new MasterOn one side of the room the wall was covered with different types of toys from small and large dildos to different types of restraints all of which would be used on Olivia at some point. Her Master walked over to the wall and chose a couple of dildos that he was going to use on her tight ass, he then grabbed some lube and walked back over to Olivia and he started to tease her tight little hole with one of the smaller dildos and letting an inch ease inside her before he turned it on sending vibrations through her hole and this sensation sent Olivia over the top making her cum hard in a screaming orgasm and started squirting cum out of her slutty pussy. This pleased her Master and he eased more of the 6inch dildo inside her and he started to fuck her with it making her juices flow from her pussy making a nice puddle below her, he then pulled out the small dildo and replaced it with a much larger 9inch dildo and this made her moan out loud with pleasure. He left the dildo deep inside her and he walked round to her head and he took all his clothes of in front of her and he watched as her eyes widened as she saw how big his cock was, he moved closer to her and he started to rub the head of his cock over her lips before ordering her to open her mouth, she did as he ordered and she opened her mouth letting his cock slide deep down inside her throat making her gag as he started to fuck her face with his big black cock. After a few minutes of this he pulled out of her mouth and moved back round behind her and un taped the Vibrator from her pussy and lowered it to the floor before forcing his big black cock into her tight young pussy and he fucked her hard and fast making her cum again but he was not finished with her yet. As he continued to fuck her pussy he picked up the Vibrator and placed it against her clit and her moans got louder and louder until he decided she needed to have a ball gag placed into he mouth so he pulled his cock out of her pussy and walked over to the wall of toys and grabbed a large ball gag and walked back asyabahis yeni giriş over to her, she opened her mouth and he placed the ball gag into her mouth and fastened it behind her head, this gag was very large and it forced her mouth open wide making her dribble slightly and he then went back to pound her pussy forcing his full length inside her and again pressing the vibrator against her clit and as the muffled moans got louder he increased the power to the vibrator and pressed it even harder against her clit and her started to rub it back and forth against it and again juices started flowing from her pussy and it was not long before she was Cumming again but again he did not stop, he just kept pounding her pussy harder and harder until just as she was Cumming again he started to pump her pussy full of cum and her body just kept shaking as she continued to cum. He grabbed the camera again and started taking more photos of her especially ones of his cum dripping from her used pussy.He then untied her and took her into another room where there was a thin padded table in the middle of the room and he laid her face down on the table and he tied her arms and legs to each corner of the table and then placed the vibrator against her pussy again and he just left the room leaving her there by herself too just keep Cumming until he was ready to use her again. When he finally came back into the room she had fallen u*********s as the pleasure was just too much for her. He removed the vibrator from her pussy and he got up on to the table and he started rubbing his cock against her tight little ass hole and then he forced the head of his cock into her and kept working more and more of it inside her until he finally managed to get his full length inside her tight little hole and he pounded her hard and fast until he started Cumming inside her. He then untied her and took her up stairs and into one of the spare rooms where he left her to rest ready for tomorrow’s fun. Olivia woke about 9:30 the next morning and she could hardly asyabahis giriş move her body, every muscle ached and both her holes were a little sore and as she ran her hand down her body to her panties she found them to be soaked with cum but it was not all hers she noticed and then she remembered that her Master had cum inside her pussy but she did not know that he had also cum in her ass as well. After a while she managed to get up and she headed into the shower and got herself cleaned up for her Master and maybe the warm water might help her aches a bit. The warm water felt great against her body and as she rubbed the soap over her body she could not help herself and she started rubbing her pussy as she remembered what had happened yesterday and soon she was making herself cum and she nearly collapsed on the shower floor as her orgasm shot through her body. After a short while she managed to gain control and she got out of the shower and dried herself off and put on some clean panties and then she went down stairs to start cleaning and when she got down there she saw her Master in the living room watching some sort of porn film so she went round and said good morning to him and he replied good morning slut. She watched as he wanked his huge black cock in front of her and she asked if she could suck on it and he just smiled so Olivia got down on her knees between her masters legs and she looked round at the tv and she was shocked to see herself in the shower playing with herself and she quickly looked round at her Master and he laughed and told her that there were cameras in every room and he also told her that she had been watched by many men on the net as he had the cameras hooked up to his computer so that guys and girls could pay to watch him training his new slut. Olivia was shocked but also very turned on so she started to lick the head of her Masters huge cock getting it nice and wet before she slowly rapped her lips round it and she started to suck on it letting more and more of its length inside her mouth, she asyabahis güvenilirmi managed to take about 8inches of it inside her before she started to gag and that is when her Master placed his hand on the back of her head and he started to push her head down on his cock making her take even more of his cock and making her gag even more but luckily for her he started to cum when his got 10inches inside her and she could do nothing but swallow every last drop of his cum as it shot deep down her throat. He released her head so she could let his cock ease out of her mouth and she was gasping her air back after a few second she was ready to clean his cock and suck out any last drops of cum. Once finished she got up and went into the kitchen to start cleaning up.Once she had finished it was time for more training and again she was tied to the padded table and was forced to orgasm with the vibrator again and again. After her 5th orgasm he untied her and walked her over to one of the walls that had some restraints on and he tied her up so her arms were stretched out above her head and her legs were spread wide and he then went over to the wall with toys on and grabbed the ball gag which he put on Olivia and he then grabbed one of the leather whips, this one was about 16 inches long and had loads of leather strands and he was going to use this on Olivia’s pussy and breasts. He started by gently flicking it over he pussy making Olivia twitch and jerk as she felt every hit. He then moved on to her breast and as he flicked it across her nipple they started to harden and point out so he clipped on a couple of clamps that were attached to each other by a chain and he continued to whip her breasts and pussy and as her moans started to get louder he started to add weights to the chain pulling it down making her nipples stretch brining one or two tears to Olivia’s eyes. He then grabbed the vibrator and placed it hard against her pussy and again continued to whip he breasts making them glow red and as she started to cum he pulled the vibrator away from her pussy and he stood up and eased his cock into her pussy and he fucked her hard until he pumped her pussy full of cum. He untied her and they both headed up stair to get something to eat and so Olivia could get cleaned up ready to please her Masters guest later.To be conitnued

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