On the balcony

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On the balconyWe go to a party. You’re dressed to kill in a short skirt, stockings and garters with no panties…just the way I like you. We visit for a bit and have a few drinks. I open the doors to the balcony and take you out there to look at the night time city lights and stars. You lean against the railing, looking out over the city and I step behind you, my hand around your waist. I lean into your ear and tell you how beautiful you are tonight, and gently start kissing your ear, down your neck and across your shoulder. My hand gently strokes your stomach, up to your breasts and along the tops of your thighs. I stroke your arms, down to your wrists, and then my strong hands grip your wrists and hold your hands against the railing. You give a muffled yelp of surprise. With my other hand I quickly remove my belt and use it to tie your wrists to the balcony railing.I grip your hips and pull you backwards slightly, causing your to bend at waist and support yourself with your tied istanbul escort hands. I raise your skirt above your hips, baring your beautiful ass to the night air, then drop to my knees and start kissing and gently biting your ass. I spread the cheeks and my tongue probes and licks. I lick your ass, lick your pussy, finding your clit with my tongue and playing with it. I feel you quiver and love your moans. I probe deep with my tongue as my thumb rubs your clit. I ease a finger into your ass and slowly, gently stroke in and out with that finger. I continue to play with your pussy and ass until I feel you cum.I stand now and pull out my raging cock. I grip your hips and push my cock deep into your wet pussy. I fuck into you hard, deep and fast, gripping your hips, telling you how wonderful you feel. I feel the spasms of your orgasm wash over you again and it is too much for me as my pulsing cock shoots hot cum deep into avcılar escort you. I pump into you a few more times, milking my cock dry, then lean over you and kiss your shoulder. I whisper into your ear to enjoy your evening and pull up my pants, returning to the party and leaving you tied there.I inform the men in the room that you are tied to the rail and available for their use. One after another, some of the party goers head out to the balcony and take turns fucking you as I watch from a chair in the living room. You can’t see who is fucking you. The lights from the room make it so when you turn to look all you can see is a dark silhouette. Black, white, Hispanic, young and old, they all take their turns. They grip your hips and pull you onto their cocks and fuck you furiously, not so much thinking about you as just wanting to get their nut off, to fill a beautiful young woman with their cum. A couple of the men come back for a second turn at şirinevler escort you. But not everyone participates. Some of the men are content to watch. Others might want to, but their girlfriends/wives won’t let them. When they are done I come back out and slowly, gently fuck you one more time, gentle, deep, lovingly. I release your wrists while I am fucking you and hungrily kiss your back, your neck. I whisper into your ear again how beautiful you are and how fun that was to watch.The dirty knowledge that I was fucking your swollen pussy that was wet and lubed with the cum from 8 men was too much for me, and I filled you once again. You have no idea how many times you came this evening. You turn to me and we kiss deeply, hungrily, trying to devour one another, and hold each other tightly. I walk you back into the party, cum running down the insides of your thighs and you look at all the smiles in the room. You have no idea who is smiling because they enjoyed you, and who is smiling just because they enjoyed the show. We have another drink, but we are too wound up for casual conversation now. I take you in my arm and escort you out the door. I take you home, to our bed, where we spend the rest of the night reliving the evening and making passionate love to one another over and over until dawn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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