On The Prowl

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On The ProwlI was leaving school one evening and decided to walk down a well known avenue for sex. I figured that if I got picked up it would at least be an experience in learning what not to do.I had not walked a block when a car pulled up and the window went down. The driver asked ‘you looking for some fun.’ I bent down and looked into a face that was in it’s late twenties or early thirties.I inquired ‘what’s on your mind?’ and he answered ‘hop in and we can go to my place and see if you are up to it.’ ‘Thanks,’ I said, ‘but I have yo get to work or loose my place on the schedule.’The driver wasn’t taking that as an excuse, ‘if you are good as you look I promise you want need to work any more this year.’ ‘That’s easy for you to say,’ I countered, you don’t have a Mother and two brothers hoping you will make enough to keep things going.’The driver reached in his pocket and pulled out a huge knot of bills and said ‘I’m going to put this on the seat, you get in and don’t touch it. We go to my place and you make me really happy I want ask what happen to it.’As he placed the knot of money on the seat he reached back to his crotch and released his man hood. His cock popped out like a spring, it was cut and huge, thick as a wrist with a slender head that mushroomed out to fit the penile shaft.My mouth started to wat5ered and my butt hole begin to tingle, grandbetting yeni giriş I had to have that piece of man hood in me or go crazy wondering if I could handle it. I hoped in the car and quickly examined the knot of bills, there wasn’t no bill smaller than five nor larger than twenty.The driver pulled off very smoothly and maneuvered through the streets with great skill. we ended up at an out of the way motel, I stayed in the car while the stranger went in and secured a room. We went to the room and as I entered he finally introduced himself, ‘I’m, Timothy, you can call me Tim, baby, honey or anything else that is endearing. I’ll answer to it all.I looked at Tim as he stood erect and tall, he must to have been at least five foot six and close to one hundred eighty pounds. He started to remove his shoes and socks along with his pants. His cock was standing out strong and rigid like a limb from a tree.I told him ‘I am David and I don’t know what you want me to do.’ He smiled at me and said get undress and come suck this dick.’ I started to move really slow and he countered ‘The money you have in your hand is all you get, try and run, you want do it again. Refuse any request I make and I’ll take every penny back and still fuck you.’I tucked the bills in my pocket and removed my clothes, after I was stark naked, grandbetting giriş I knelt down before his magnificently rigid cock and stroked it slowly. Hearing Tim moan turned me on so I parted m,y lips and sucked gently on his massive cock head.Tim gently caressed my head and held me close as he slowly fucked my eager mouth. Just when his huge cock head started to twitch, he pulled from my lips. ‘I want you to get on the bed on your back and spread your legs. I went to the bed and laid down on my back I spread my legs and waited for Tim to mount me.Slowly Tim moved up between my legs and kissed my stomach and sucked gently on my nipples. As he laid his solid body on mine I whispered ‘Tim we need some lube,’ to which he replied ‘I’ll go slow, but we ain’t gonna use no lube.’His huge cock head stroked across my anus and caused me to shiver, Tim took his time and allowed his pre-cum to spread across my anal opening. I was squeezing and massaging Tim’s shoulder’s and upper body as he took his time to place me at ease.With a words of warning, Tim plunged his cock into my anus. I squealed in surprised at the quickness that his cock sunk into my butt hole. His shaft was so thick, not very long, but very solid. Tim had half of his cock in my butt before I could react.Tim slowly worked his huge cock deeper and deeper into my rectum. grandbetting güvenilirmi I was moaning and groaning as Tim skillfully worked his cock in and out of my butt. Tim held me close and I bit gently on his shoulder as he fucked deep into my butt.It wasn’t long before Tim was plunging deep into my anus, I held him tight as he plowed into me. After about twenty minutes Tim flooded my butt with his baby making juice. ‘Damn, that’s some good boy pussy,’ Tim said as his cock twitched and jerked in my butt.Tim whispered in my ear ‘I ain’t gonna pull out, I’m staying in you tight ass till I get had again. than I’m gonna give you the fucking you deserve. I smiled and kissed his lips as he lowered his head into the hallow of my neck. Tim sexually sucked and kissed my neck and ear lobe till I felt his cock harden again.Tim reached down and pulled my legs up and slammed into my butt like a man gone mad.. I cried out in pain and gripped Tim shoulders for dear life. For at l;east thirty minute Tim plowed my butt, by this time I was sobbing and begging for him to take it easy or hurry up an come. Tim Said nothing but continued to plow my butt in rapid succession.Finally Tim flooded my behind again with his seed, some of it escaping around his huge penile shaft causing a slurping sound. After grinding deep into my butt, Tim pulled out and told me what else he wanted of me.’I’ve got three friends that are gonna call me, when they call, they are gonna want to fuck. You are gonna service them and make them very happy or we both gonna be in trouble. I’ve paid you enough, but if you can talk them out of any more it’s all yours.TO BE CONTINUED…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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