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Subject: One hot Day(Westlife) Disclaimer: I don’t know Westlife in any way, and I’m not saying that they are gay, and all of that, so don’t sue or diss me! If you find this offending, I don’t think you should read this story! Or else, you can comment my story on, and read more of my stories on And I do hope you enjoy the story as much as I liked writing it ;). One hot Day BRYAN was lying on the sun bed, feeling the sun burning to his skin, enjoying the heat spreading on his body. He slowly opened his eyes, and looked at the sky. He was really enjoying this day off, enjoying being totally alone. Kian and Shane were out shopping, but Bryan had a feeling that wasn’t all they were doing. Shane had gotten a lot more interested in going shopping with Kian the last months, which was weird, since Shane couldn’t care less before. So it was strange how he always just had to get something, whenever Kian asked if he’d come along. Sometimes Shane even suggested it. Weird… Bryan looked down at his bare chest. It seemed to be getting some colour. He wondered where Nicky and Mark were. He hadn’t seen them since breakfast. Well, he didn’t really care, anyway… KIAN looked at some shirts, then glared at Shane. He was standing by the clothes booths, and sent Kian a flirty look. Kian smiled, and looked around. No one seemed to have noticed them under their caps. Shane grabbed a pair of jeans, and went into the cubicle the furthest in. Kian took a shirt, and followed after. BRYAN’S eyes continued down to his shorts. “That one could use a shag…” he said, when his eyes lay on the bulge there. His right hand landed on it, and slowly caressed himself on the outside of his shorts, and the bulge got bigger. He closed his eyes, as he felt a surge through his body. ankara rus escort He suddenly felt a shadow lay over him, and he opened his eyes, to see none other than Nicky and Mark smiling down at him. “Well, we can’t leave you alone with that one, can we?” Nicky said, and looked at Mark. “Surely not!” he answered. “ARE you sure there aren’t any cameras here? I’m still a little worried since last time…” Shane said. “Shane, there are no sign saying so, and I don’t see any. Do you? Anyways, even if there were, they don’t look at the tapes, unless there is something special. If they did, then how come we haven’t been on the front cover on the Sun with the headline: ‘Westlife-boys get it on – together in the wardrobe’?” “I guess you’re right,” Shane shrugged, and started taking of Kian’s shirt. Nicky sat down in Bryan’s lap, and helped him sit up. Nicky sent Mark a glance, who sat down on the sun bed behind Bryan. “Well, first of all, these should be of…” Nicky said, and took a hold of the elastic of the shorts. Bryan moved his hips, making it easier for Nicky to drag them of. “Turn around!” Shane whispered in Kian’s ear when they were undressed. Kian did as Shane told him, and looked straight in the mirror in the wardrobe. He met Shane’s eyes in the mirror, as his lips met Kian’s neck. His arms reached around, and started caressing his chest, his nipples, his abs, his crotch. Kian saw Shane’s head disappear behind his back, and felt the tongue following his spine. Nicky took the both of his hands and gripped around Bryan’s cock, and slowly moved them up and down on his shaft. Mark moved a finger on Bryan’s back, and stroked down, sick sacking down, all the way to the separate between the cheeks. Kian felt a shudder through his body when Shane licked his hole, çankaya escort a very nice shudder. Then Shane separated the cheeks further apart, so it was easier to get his tongue inside. Kian moaned lightly and carefully leaned to the mirror, backing his ass more to Shane, making it easier for him to poke his tongue in. Nicky leaned down, and Bryan felt his mouth surround him, as Mark managed to ease a finger inside him. Bryan didn’t seem to be able to shut up during the act, but there was no one around anyway. Mark slid another finger in, sliding them in and out. Bryan started to rock his hips to meet the movements half ways. Mark felt Bryan tightened as he came and thrusted deep into Nicky’s mouth. Shane stopped rimming, and rose up. He turned Kian around to kiss him. Kian welcomed the kiss, and bit Shane’s lip. He then went down, kissing a nipple, sucking on another nipple, kissed his belly, poked his bellybutton. He kneeled in front of Shane, and looked up at him. Shane had his eyes closed, waiting for Kian to do his thing. Kian lapped the precum that was pippling through, before he let his whole cock enjoy his mouth. He heard Shane moan softly, and felt his hands through his hair. Nicky leaned over Bryan and kissed Mark, letting him taste Bryan’s juice. Then Mark started to kiss Bryan’s neck, and Nicky kissed Bryan, playing their tongues together. Nicky stepped of the sun bed. Mark turned Bryan’s head and kissed him. Nicky watched as Bryan turned around, and then sucked Mark. Nicky saw Bryan’s crack, and decided to get some more action. He kneeled behind Bryan on the sun bed. Bryan didn’t notice at first, until Nicky slid a finger inside of him. Shane thrusted hard to Kian, as he came, and Kian tasted the juice coming to his mouth. He rose up to Shane, ankara escort and kissed him. Shane took a hand behind Kian’s head, letting his tongue explore his mouth (as if he hadn’t done that enough before…). Then he broke the kiss, turned Kian around, letting him face the mirror. Nicky decided that Bryan was loose enough, after Mark’s fingering. He slid his finger out, took a grip of Bryan’s waist with a hand and led his cock to the hole with the other. If it weren’t for that Bryan had his mouth full, Bryan would probably have screamed of the pain shooting through his body as Nicky entered him, but that was soon forgotten when Nicky started to move in and out again. Bryan felt something he had never felt before, and a pleasure he hadn’t ever gotten from any girl. Shane let a finger inside of Kian, and guessed he liked it, as he moaned softly, and threw his head backwards. Shane kissed Kian’s beautiful neck, and let another finger join the first one, before he slid them both in and out. Bryan couldn’t hold it much longer when Mark shot his load deep into his mouth, and he let go of his cock, and yelled out in the open as Nicky thrusted deep and hard inside of him. Mark sprayed all over his chest. As Bryan’s hole tightened around Nicky, he wasn’t late to spray his come into Bryan’s arse either, and with one last, hard thrust, he came too. After a little too much moaning from Kian, they suddenly heard a knock one the door. “I don’t know what kind of place you think this is, but let me tell you one thing: It aint that kind of place!” they heard a voice from the outside, and then the footsteps of someone going. Kian and Shane giggled as two teenage-girls, and began to get dressed again. As Shane hided his face behind the cap again, and went out, Kian stopped him. “Let’s go and continue in the men’s room…” Shane smiled, and they didn’t waste much time to find the way to the men’s room… Bryan opened his eyes again. ‘Damn…’ he thought to himself, as he realized that Mark and Nicky weren’t there, and it had all been a dream, fooling him one hot day… -*-The End-*-

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