One night stand

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One night standI went out saturday night, I was bored and wanted to see if I could score. So I went into the dance club and tried four or five times to get up with one girl or another, nothing. I got the door slammed in my face who knows how many times, so after an hour of rejection I walked outside thinking “screw it” and went to have a smoke, as I stood outside by the curb I happened to look to my side and saw the most beautiful girl I’d ever seenHer skin was tanned, her eye’s were deep green and her hair was a fiery red, she had on jean short shorts, and a button up shirt that was tied in the middle, she had on cowgirl boots and a hat, she looked sorta angry so I decided to go talk to her,“excuse me ma’am” he said “you look a little mad.”“yeah,” she said “I came here with a few friends but they left me here,”“well that isn’t right” I said “you need a ride anywhere,”“no” she said “they at least left me my car,” she sighed “well…my name is Roxanne” she said holding out her handI shook her hand “I’m jamal” I said shaking it and smiling “how about we go inside, dance a little and I’ll buy you something to eat”She smiled “well looks like I ran into a gentleman” she said ‘lets go in then,” I took her by the hand and led her inside, for two hours we danced together, sang a little karaoke cause she wanted to and ate dinner, when we left the dance club it was 1 in the morning, “this was fun” she said “but I should really get goin’ I’m supposed to go meet my auntie in the morning to discuss easter plans”“oh come on” I said esenyurt escort “the nights still young.”she looked at me and smiled “how about you come with me. I’ll show you how a real cowgirl rides,”I smiled “I would appreciate that” I said, and walked with her to her car, we hopped in and drove to her house, once we got there, we made a scramble up her stairs we flung the door open kissing each other, she used her foot to close the door shut and we fell on the couch, kissing each other, our hands wandering up and down each others bodies, we held a passionate kiss and my hand went to her tied up shirt, I undid the not and pulled the shirt open, exposing her perfect breasts, I kissed her neck and down her collar bone, then I kissed her left breast playing with the other, as I played with her breasts, my left hand went down to her shorts, I unbuttoned and unzipped them.I looked up and smiled at her, she grabbed the edges of my shirt, slightly out of breath, and pulled it off for me“I want to go all the way with you” she whispered and we kissed again, my hand slowly reached under her panties, and rubbed her wet hot clit, “oh…” she said giving a small gasp, I kissed her under her chin, still slowly rubbing her slit, after a few seconds I slipped in a finger and she gave a sharp gasp as I slipped in a second and third finger, my hand started going slowly, in and out, then it picked up speed going in and out until Roxanne was screaming and climaxed. As she came down from her avrupa yakası escort climax she pushed me down onto my back “time for me to pay the favor,” she said and took off her shorts all the way and took her panties off and flung them to the side, she undid my pants and pulled them and my underwear down, exposing my nine inch rock hard dick “wow, big fella aren’t ya?” she asked kissing the head, then putting it in her mouth,she started sucking with practiced ease, soon engulfing my entire nine inches in her mouth, I groaned and put my hands on the back of her head making her bob down quicker and quicker until I couldn’t take it anymore and my balls tightened and shot a load down her throat, drank every last drop, she sat up and wiped a little bit of cum off her chin, she smiled and said “oh limp already?” she asked and started playing with my deflated cock, it was a matter of minutes before it was full length again, ‘what do you say about taking this party to the bed?” she asked“I think it’s a good idea” I said and picked her up and took her to the bed, I layed her down and was about to get on top of her before she reversed it and had me lying on my back looking up at her, “now I told you I was going to show you how cowgirls ride,” she said “and I am a lady of my word,” she hovered over my erect cock, and slowly lowered herself onto it, she impaled herself on it, and slowly started gyrating her hips and bouncing up anadolu yakası escort and down, she still had on her hat and she took it off and threw it to the side, it landed on an outstretched pole in the corner of the room, she kept going bouncing up and down on my cock, I put my hands on her waist and brought her down more quickly, my hips going up to meet hers, after a few minutes I rolled to the side and layed her on her back, my cock still in her pussy, and started thrusting into her, “Oh my…” she gasped, her hands going up and holding the headboard of the bed, as I went quicker and quicker, pulling my dick all the way out and plunging it back in,I leaned in and put my arms around her still thrusting into her, she put her arms and legs around me, her nails digging into my back, “OH…MY….GOD!!!!!” she screamed as she climaxed, then collapsed on the bed, I pulled out of her but I was still ready to go, she smiled up at me and said “time for another position,she turned her body around and got on her hands and knee’s her butt sticking up in the air “you ready to go doggie?” she askedI smiled and went over to her stuck up butt, and held her waist, I guided my cock over to her opening and entered again, and started doing her doggie style,She smiled as we went, shaking the entire bed and making it bang against the wall, she again held onto the headboard and moved with my hips, “OH YES JAMAL YES DON’T STOP!” she shouted I started grunting, getting close to the end, I said “turn around,” and pulled out of her, not wanting to get her pregnant, she got on her knee’s in front of me and started jerking me off until I couldn’t take it and shot load after load onto her face and then collapsed on the bed she sc****d it off and ate it then layed down beside me equally tired, “well wasn’t that an adventure?” she said smiling and fell asleep against me, I smiled and said “yeah…adventure” and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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