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One nightIt was the mid 60’s, I was about four and ten at the time and we lived in a cottage in Sussex. My dad worked away a lot and this particular night it was bitterly cold. I slept in a small bedroom next to my m*m and d*ds room. So I went up to bed at about 9.30 and found that my bed was wet. Looking up I could see a drip hanging on the ceiling. I called my m*m and it seems the tank in the loft was leaking slightly. Not enough to cause a flood but it made my sheets and mattress damp to touch.So with no other bed available I had to sleep in my m*m’s bed. No problem really seeing as my d*d was away. I got in and drifted off to a half sleep.My m*m came up later and got undressed for bed. I heard her come in even though she was trying to be quiet.My m*m was 32 and she was quite pretty with a good figure but not a pin up or anything like that. The room would usually be pretty dark but moonlight was shining in quite brightly and so I watched her through half closed eyes and she took off her top and blouse, then her bra.I had seen her tits before and always had been facinated by them. It was the mid 1960’s and naked flesh and tits were not common.She pulled a long nighty over her head and as it dropped down she reached up and slid off her knickers and slip so I didn’t get the chance to see any more of her even though I was hoping I would.She got in next to me and slid down, she said something about the sheets being cold but I pretended to be fast asleep. I know she leaned over and looked at me before turning her back on me and settling down.I was so aware of her next to me. I lay there for 10mins or so feeling the warmth from her back against my side. I must have dropped off because I remember waking in the night and hearing her breathing quite heavily, not snoring as such but it was quite loud. I knew she was fast asleep and she worked long hard hours so when she was asleep that was it.I really had no intention of doing anything with her but I turned slightly and my wrist came in contact with her bottom. I froze because I realised I could feel bare skin. In spite of it being my m*m I got a raging hard on. I wondered if I could get a look at her in the moonlight which by now was shining across the bed.Oh so slowly I turned towards her and once I was facing her I slowly lifted the covers to have a peek.Her nighty had slipped right up her body as she had slid down and it was bunched up around her waist. Looking down I could see her bottom, round and soft, and so inviting. My cock was bursting by now and because it was something I definitely shouldn’t be doing it was even more exciting.M*m was still breathing in a srot of soft snore so I shifted a little and held the bed clothes up with one hand and with the other I reached down and carefully placed my hand on one of her cheeks. She didn’t stir at all so I ran my hand over her bottom loving the feel of the way it felt as her crack slipped under my palm and fingers. I did this for a bit until I felt her stir and shift position. I very slowly laid the covers back down and was still.Her breathing never changed even though she squirmed around in the bed a bit.I was so horny, never having ever touched a girl or a woman before. I knew it was wrong being my m*m and everything but I was past caring.She shifted a bit in bed again and I waited and waited. Her semi snoring began to get deeper and slower so I tried again.Leaning on my left side and turned towards her, I pulled up the covers again and held them with my left hand. I could see she had turned half onto her front and had one leg pulled right up and the other was straight down the bed, it gave me a great view of her bum but also her crack because she was laying almost away from me.I just couldn’t resist letting my right hand creep down and over her bum cheeks again and I was electrified to feel my fingertips brush across her bush. I never imagined I would be doing more than looking.Unable to stop myself I let my fingers explore and while I couldn’t really get much further under her without moving myself and risk waking her I could trace the outline of her pussy lips. All completely new to kocaeli escort me then. I didn’t even know what a pussy looked like for sure. All I had seen were a few b/w pics of hairy women.I pressed softly and slid my hand backwards and felt where her pussy ended and her arse began. I pressed slightly and could definitely feel her pussy opening. I ran my fingers around there for a short while but I somehow resisted pushing a finger into her. I don’t know how.I moved back along her hairy slit and I felt my fingers move more easily and realised they were slick with her pussy juice.As boys we talked of pussy juice but I’m sure none of us knew what it was like, I certainly didn’t. M*m stirred slightly and I froze. She didn’t alter her breathing pattern or shift her arms or head so I decided I had better stop in case she woke up. I gently removed my hand and let the covers down. Still facing her on my side with my cock hard and uncomfortable caught up in my pyjamas. I lay there unable to sleep and shifted my right hand up and put my fingers to my nose.Boys boasted about ‘stink finger’ and I sniffed my the two fingers that had been feeling around her. FUCK it was a switch turning on, literally.Her smell was strong and it was over-powering. My senses reeled and I sniffed and sniffed at my fingers. I tasted them and while I could detect her taste it wasn’t as intense as her smell. This also went right to my cock which if It was hard before it was straining now.M*m had shifted again but was still deeply asleep and I was desperate to get another feel. Once again I pulled up the covers and gazed down on her bare bottom. She had now shifted so as to be leaning away from me with her top leg pulled right up. The view was the best I had so far and in the silvery moon light I could clearly see her bushy pussy and the hint of her slit.I took it very very slowly and got my hand down again and resting on her bottom. Listening carefully in case she should wake I pressed into her springy curls and I was rewarded with the tips of my fingers getting engulfed in a warm moist close fitting opening. Fuck me I thought Im fingering my m*m. I played a bit but was trying desperately to not disturb her. It came to me all it once. Could I? Should I? My cock was only inches away from her and all it would take to touch her pussy with my cock was for me to roll towards her. I knew it was so risky and so wrong but just had to find out what it was like to feel a pussy with my cock. I took my hand from her and slipped my bulging cock out of my pyjama flys. Rubbed the tip with my m*ms pussy juice still coating my fingers, held my cock and rolled in towards her. How I found the right place first time I don’t know but my cock came slowly against her bush and with hardly any pressure it slipped through her hair and I found out for the first time what it was like to have a warm wet pussy close around your cock end. It was heaven.My heart was racing away, and I was rigid with fear and lust. I began to make almost involuntary movements and found the sensations of slipping my cock end in and out through her hair and in her pussy was amazing. I so wanted to push more into her, I wanted to feel her close all around my cock but I knew I couldn’t. Could I ? Christ I was desperate to just fuck her, i leaned over a bit more and couldn’t believe how good it felt. I had no more than half my cock in her but already I could feel that familiar tingle. I pulled back a bit and nature took over and I found I was pressing back into her. My body seemed to have a mind of it’s own. I pulled out again and suddenly my climax was coming on like an express train. I knew I should pull out and grab my cock to catch the spunk but I simply couldn’t.I held my self tight and desperately controlled the urge to push right into her. My semen rushed up and out in several long, strong spurts. I think I grunted a bit and almost passed out it was so intense. I was breathing very heavily and then suddenly the realisation came upon me as to what I had just done.My cock, still pretty hard was resting across her bum cheek and was izmit escort just inside her now very wet pussy.Oh Fuck I thought and tried to stay still and quiet to see if she was still asleep. OH FUCK.Her breathing had lost it’s soft regular pattern of a gentle snore. She wasn’t moving but neither did she seem to be as still and relaxed as she was. Was she awake ? Did she know I had my cock in here? I was in so much trouble.Instantly I thought …I know I’ll pretend I was asleep and she had somehow impailed herself on me and I had come off. Stupid twat I thought she wont buy that for one minute. I lay as still as I could, listening hard and concentrating so as to see what her body was doing.I didn’t know what to do. Moving might just wake her up if she was still asleep and leaving my cock poking in her was not an option.I waited another minute or two with my still hard cock poking into her.I thought I heard her breathing become soft and regular again. I had to move and decided it was now or never and I rolled myself oh so slowly away from her. and felt my cock slide wetly out of her. I was still able to look down and could see my wet cock tip and her wet hairy pussy glistening in the moonlight.I turned over very very carefully and eventually drifting off to sleep wondering if she knew or not.Morning came and I awoke to an empty bed and the realisation that I had, during the night, fucked my m*m. I knew I was fucking toast.I imagine all sorts would be happening and was almost in tears. I certainly didn’t want to get up and go to school.Then I heard m*m call out to me that it was time to get up as I was going to be late for school. My mood changed from despair to elation in a half second. She hadn’t woken up, she didn’t notice. I still felt bad but at least I was off the hook. I went to school as per usual and while I felt bad at what I had done I felt great knowing what it was like to get my end away. So that night d*d was home and mum had dried my bed and had someone in to patch up the tank. Back to normal then. I lay there in bed and could hear them next door. I had heard them before and had a crafty wank as they tried to be quiet while having sex. I was hard listening to them and was remembering how it felt slipping into her warm, wet, slippery pussy. I came before I heard her muffled cries of orgasm.The following day came and went and that night I discovered my dad had gone off again up north somewhere for the next few days. Bedtime came and I went up as usual before my m*m and after reading I turned the light off and went to sleep. I woke as I heard my m*m call me from the door. I looked around and she was leaning in. She said in a low voice that had heard noises a while before and she felt scared, would I stay with her for the night. I got out and went into her room and wondered straightaway if she really had heard noises. I got in bed and she came in after me and slipped in.The same as a couple of nights earlier she slid down and turned away from me but leaning against me. She said good night to me and I lay there wondering. I was excited and the warmth of her on the cold night felt so inviting but regardless, I fell asleep. I woke sometime later to the sound of rain on the window, The bedroom was pitch black, no moonlight tonight. I found I was already hard and probably had been since I fell asleep. M*m was doing her soft low snore again and I reached carefully down to be rewarded with the feel of warm, soft bare skin on my hand.I knew I was taking such a chance but nothing would have stopped me. I slowly ran my hand over her bottom, almost recklessly I explored her bum and around the tops of her thighs. I moved myself to give me better access to under her bottom. I kept listening to her breathing which, when it didn’t change or stop, made me more bold. I didnt really know if mum has asked me to come into her bed simply because she had heard noises or not. It didn’t matter, I knew what I wanted now.I relased my hard cock from my pyjamas and felt under mum to find her pussy. Again those soft hairs brushed my fingers as I gently probed bodrum escort for her slit. I felt what I now know were her labia. They were fleshy and quite moist and my fingers eased between them and prised them apart. Immediately I felt how slippery inside she was imagining that was how girls and women were all the time. I knew nothing of the stages of arousal of a woman then. My fingers swirled inbetween her lips and became slick and sticky with her juices. I lifted my hand and smelled her scent on me. the same electric jolt I felt in my groin. I listened again and m*m was still breathing with that same soft sound. As before I reached down and slipped my fingers into her soft pussy, even wetter, and oh so inviting.I knew it was madness but still I moved carefully down and broughtmyself closer to her. I pressed my hips towards her and with my slippery fingers I guided the tip of my cock between her softly welcoming lips. I was as hard as I could be and pressed in gently feeling the tip, and then the shaft get closed around by her warm flesh. Only half in but just perfect. I pressed and leaned in some more and I entered her properly for the first time. I lost my head and pressed even more against her and ever so gently my cock slid fully home into my mums pussy. I could feel her soft hairs touching my balls. I had stopped listening to her I was so intent on my own pleasure, so fixed on what was happening to my cock. I heard her, not breathing as before, I heard her taking short, shallow breaths. I realised she was no longer laying there soft and compliant. I felt her gently, oh so gently, press back into me. Oh God my cock slipped in even further, I felt it slip in and in, further than I ever thought possible. The tip of my cock pressed against something and I heard for the first time a tiny, half strangled gasp from her mouth. She eased off me, just a little,pushed back. again my cock touched bottom and again she gasped, a soft muffled sound. She eased off me yet again but further this time and I in response pulled back.Oh bloody hell I thought I’m properly fucking my m*m and she is helping me. I pushed a little harder back into her and felt her push back onto me in response. Her sound this time came from deep in her throat, still soft and quiet but she had made no effort to hide it.Once again she eased away from me and I pulled back. All pretence gone now I held her hip and as I pushed deeply into her I pulled her back onto me. This time she moaned deep in her mouth and throat and it was made with made with passion and was completely unconcious on her part.I began to push in and out of her and her hand came round and she held my wrist as I was pulling and pushing her hips in time with my thrusting.I don’t know why I didnt come off right away but whatever the reason I managed to carry on slipping in and out, long strokes right out and right in. faster and harder and m*m was beginning to sigh and moan like I had heard her do with d*d. I had one hand on her back the other on her hip and I was banging in and out like I had been doing it for years. She was moaning and sighing, she grabbed my hand and pulled it from her hip around to her front as she ground hard right back onto me, pretty much stopping from being able to thrust. she squeezed my hand onto her breasts and I could feel a nipple slip under my palm. For some reason this was just too much and I came in a great shuddering, jerking climax. She was pressed hard onto me, almost half sitting on me and I just letit all flow out of me in spurt after spurt. M*m gasped and groaned almost in time with me and she climaxed too.Both breathing heavily we lay there, arms and legs tangled, not moving. Both awkward and embarrassed but still fully satisfied.Eventually my cock softened and slipped messily out of her and she slid off me and keeping her back turned she drifted off to sleep. So did I.Morning came and I woke to an empty bed again. Fuck ……Did I dream what happened? I sat up and found my pyjamas all over the place and they were stiff and starchy with dried semen. No dream then.Downstairs I could not look at m*m. She seemed her usual self and sent me off to school as usual. I didn’t get much done that day I was unable to do anything but think about what had happened the night before. It was one thing to do something when she was asleep, different again when she not only let me but obviously invited it.I wondered what I had begun.

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