One, Two and Four Cafe Pt. 04

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The Café was my first stop. I did not know if Sylvia would be there or at home. The girls made me an espresso. Katie informed me that Sylvia had been there and left me a note. Katie’s hand lingered on mine as it was handed to me. The smile she wore was devilish.

Katie went back to work. I sat with my coffee and read Sylvia’s note.

“Mark, I am waiting for you. I want you. Sylvia”

I folded the note closed and looked at Katie. She smiled and nodded her head towards the door. Briskly I walked out and to my car. I tried to slow my breathing, but it was difficult. The level of excitement I felt overwhelmed me. The shopping bag sat in the passenger seat. I was eager to play with Sylvia. The car parked, the bag picked up, and I made myself walk slow. The impulse had been to run. Sylvia greeted me at the door. She had been watching.

The door shut behind me. The bag dropped and replaced with Sylvia in my hands and arms. She tasted divine. Red lips passionately sought my own. Red painted fingernails raked my body in heated moments. The red sheer robe Sylvia had worn before, graced her body again. I parted the robe with both hands to embrace her naked flesh. Her perfumed body filled my senses. The kisses were deep and enthusiastic. Hands wandered and explored.

Sylvia spoke.

“What is in the bag Mark? Did you bring me something?”

I responded.

“Yes, I did. Things for both of us. Can we go to the bedroom?”

Sylvia whisked me away. The boxes opened and then the toys cleaned. Sylvia’s excitement evidenced as she endeavored to undress me. We would try the wand first. Sylvia reclined on the bed. I wandered her body at the lowest setting, careful not to touch erotic zones. Sylvia enjoyed this but wanted more. Considerable time spent on her breasts and nipples aroused Sylvia. Those raspberry sized nipples stood hard and proud. Breasts jiggled to the vibrations. But she had had enough of that. Sylvia pushed the wand down and between her legs.

I lightly touched the outer lips at a low setting. It gave her time to become accustomed to it. Sylvia’s hips already moved in delight. Her juices began to flow and lubricate her opening and the toy. The wide foam end began a slow insertion. Sylvia’s inner lips now in contact.

She spoke.

“Turn it up Mark, faster.”

I did and it was thirty seconds before orgasm overtook her.

“Give me that!!!” Sylvia ordered. “Lay back.!!!”

The tables turned. But Sylvia applied it directly to my cock and balls. I went from flaccid to erect in seconds. I found that impressive for my age. Sylvia was quite pleased with the results. The wand shut off and tossed aside. Sylvia road “cowgirl.” The sensation of wet pussy glided up and down my shaft was exquisite. Sylvia would periodically lean forward and offer her breasts and nipples to my searching mouth. Then to bursa escort sit straight up and grind her body down around my cock.

Sometimes gentle back and forth movements of her pussy on my pelvic bone.

Sylvia retrieved the wand and put it behind her back. She applied it to my ball sack. I squirmed in extasy. The sensations of her body and the wand had me cum. Never had I cum so hard or so much. Sylvia collapsed on top of me. We kissed, hugged, and kissed more. Her body plastered atop mine.

The physical relationship we had developed was growing. This as we learned more about the others tastes and desires. I enjoyed doing things to her. So many times, it was rough and aggressive. The few sessions that she wanted abused and degraded. But also, the times when we did things slowly and tenderly.

My cock fell out of Sylvia, and she slid off me. A puddle of cum and her juices on me and the bed. Sylvia lay beside me and fingerpainted my stomach with the puddle of liquid. Now and again, she raised a finger to her mouth to taste us.

A voice spoke.

“That is a big mess mom. You want some help cleaning Mark up?”

It was Katie and she scared the crap out of me. A naked and younger version of Sylvia stood in the bedroom door. She had watched us and masturbated. Sylvia rolled to look at her daughter and spoke.

“Yes, I could use some help.”

Sylvia looked at me and spoke.

“You okay with this Mark?”

I nodded yes. At some level, I knew this was going to happen. Katie strode in the room to lay on the bed with us. Sylvia on the left, Katie on the right. Together they licked and sucked my cock and torso clean. I had placed on hand on each of them. Things had just changed in my life again. Mother and daughter licking and sucking me.

Katie became more aggressive with my cock. Taking it in her mouth and sucking hard. I responded. I noticed Sylvia move behind Katie and heard the wand come to life again. Katie moaned and I knew Sylvia was pleasuring her daughter. My cock was growing in Katie’s mouth. If Katie imitated her mother, she would cum soon by what I saw and heard.

Sylvia spoke.

“Katie. Stop that and get on all fours. Mark. Get behind her and take her.”

We moved and changed positions to Sylvia’s expectation. My renewed cock began to penetrate Katie’s pussy. She was tighter than her mom. Katie had not shaved either. No matter. Sylvia positioned herself to place the wand on Katie’s pussy and my cock. The vibrations shook us both. It was a tight fit to have my cock in Katie and Sylvia moving the wand around us. I pumped Katie hard and as fast as I was able. The slap flesh was loud. Sylvia held the wand in place and raised her body. Our lips met in a furious kiss, sucking tongues and lips. All this while Katie moaned under us.

Sylvia spoke.

“Fuck her Mark. bursa escort bayan Fuck her hard. Let us make her cum.”

A loud Katie that screamed.

“Cumming, I’m cumming!!!!!!.”

Sylvia yelled.

“Fuck her Mark. Cum in her pussy like you did mine.”

The amount was less, but I did cum inside Katie. I had taken mother and daughter in less than a half hour. What could be next? I did not know but was sure there would be more to happen. What did follow was another cleaning session, licking and sucking my flaccid cock, by mom and daughter.

Then Sylvia announced.

“We need to strip this bed and wash the sheets. While that is going on, we


The three of us did so. The washer ran and we showered, cramped with three people, but it was fun. Four hands washed me instead of two. I washed four tits and two asses and pussies. The showers were as fun as the bed. But not quite. We only played with one toy. The vibrating butt plug would have to wait. The three of us agreed the vibrating wand was a hit and will be making return visits.

We dried and dressed. The sheets went into the drier. Sylvia would stay home to make the bed. I learned the Katie had slipped away from work on some pretense. She said it was slow anyway and Lyn told her to leave. Katie went back to work. I drove home and was tired from my playtime with two women in the afternoon and Gwendoline in the morning. I did not know I had it in me. The women had much to do with, I think.

Home was not what I had expected. The wifey did not sit in front of the TV, nor was she on her phone. Instead, it sounded as though she was upstairs in the bathroom and in the shower. She did this for two reasons in the past. First, going to bed early, or second, she wanted sex. I thought it too early for bed. You have heard we do not have sex. Yes, I know I sound terrible. Wifey had not been taking care for years. She had gained much weight in the last years. The amount of vodka she consumed daily, I found appalling. This was unsettling on one level, but I wondered what she was up to. The moment she pranced naked into the living room spelled it clearly.

Wifey Spoke.

“Mark when was the last time we had sex? You are about overdue are you not?”

I thought to myself. “If she only knew. Did she suspect?

She gilled towards me and reached for my crouch and commented.

“Oh, seems you are a little interested. We can change that.”

Wifey pulled me towards the bedroom. She began to undress me.

Then spoke further.

“We cannot have regular sex, I think. It hurts my back. But I want you to kiss me and suck my titties. I have something new for us to try. I want you to use it on me.”

She pulled out the same vibrating wand I had purchased for Sylvia. What were the odds?

Wifey spoke.

“I want escort bursa you to use this on me and make me cum. Then, I want you to fuck my tits, or I can suck you off. Your choice Mark.”

Wifey was serious about this. Not a side of her I had seen for some time. She flopped back on the bed and a hairy pussy exposed for my view. It was evident she had thought of this. Wifey was wet and pink already. I turned on the wand and made first contact.

Immediately Wifey’s back arched. Had she used this on herself? I wondered. The wand slowly moved up and down the length of her furry slit. Her own hands reached to take her breasts. Wifey squeezed and kneaded them, then took both nipples to roll in her fingers. Something I had never seen her do before. She had always been conservative in bed. And yes, it was always in bed. Never sex anywhere else.

The wand was doing a job on her. I watched in fascination as her body writhed on the bed. One of her hands travelled between a breast and her pussy. She spread herself for the wand to enter her. I was about to come unglued. Or just cum. Never had I seen her this hot and excited.

The wand was in about an inch. Wifey was tugging and pulling on her vaginal hair and spreading her pussy lips apart for me. The climax that she had was enormous. Wifey rolled side to side and shook during her orgasm. I began to remove the wand and she screamed at me to leave it in place. The climax went on and on. Wifey almost never spoke during sex. But today the room was filling with her voice.

“Fuck oh fuck that feels good.” Over and over.

Wifey shook and quivered for moments. Then she rolled up, took my cock in her hands, and began to suck me. She did not do this very often. True is, she did not do a good job. Her teeth usually scrape me raw before I cum. I would stop her just have vaginal sex. She never wanted nor tried to swallow. Which is okay, I guess.

She asks.

“Are you going to cum?”

I answered honestly.

“No, I am not close yet.”

Wifey said.

“My mouth hurts. Jack off on my tits.”

I stepped back and began to pump. Wifey held her tits together and watched me, still rolling her nipples between fingers. I felt myself draw nearer to orgasm. This was the fourth or fifth time today for me. But cum shot out of me and trickled down Wifey’s chest and between her tits. She rubbed her boobs together and my deposit into her skin. She then asked me to get her a towel. I did so and she wiped me from her chest.

Wifey spoke.

“I am going to be up early tomorrow, so I need to go to bed now. That was fun Mark. We should do it again soon.”

Then she was up and, in the bathroom, and I dismissed. Where was she going tomorrow? She never went anywhere. Ponderous indeed. I left her bedroom with a still dripping and semi-hard cock. What had brought all this on?

I showered later and donned a pair of sweatpants. The darkness surrounded me, but sleep eluded me. I had sex with four different women in one day. Exhaustion should have overtaken me. Instead, I felt exhilarated. Eagerly, I wondered about tomorrow.

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