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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 107f IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, castles and aristocratic titled personages around England, Scotland or Russia are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titled personages are true. None of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site, then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. fty/donate.html Copyright and content notice. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission of the publisher, nor be otherwise circulated without the publisher’s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition, including this condition being imposed on the subsequent publisher. The rights of the author have been applied hereon. ******************** I watched as Davy hugged Forts, stroking his head, telling him how much he loved him. A tear rolled down Davy’s cheek, quickly followed by one down mine. Davy saw it. He swallowed. `Drew, come and sit next to us. Thank you for all you did. I am sure Forts will want to tell you himself once he recovers,’ I moved next to them; Forts glanced at me. `Drew,’ He turned to Davy, `Davy, nothing happened,’ ******************* Operation Pied Piper � Part 107f – Morning Sickness Davy continues the story Forts wrapped his arm round me, pulling me tightly. He beamed, or was it grinned at me, slurring? `This is Dreeew, he got me home,’ `Yes, I know, now I had better get you to bed,’ Drew continued. `I had better be getting back, my boss will want to see me,’ `Boss, God, how old are you? You don’t look old enough to have a job,’ Drew looked away. `I had better go,’ `Drew, please hang on, help me get this lump into bed and we can chat. You can stay here tonight. Forts obviously thinks you are worth getting to know better,’ He gave another shy smile. `I don’t want to cause any problems,’ Shaking my head, I stood and took hold of one of Fort’s arms. `You’re not, now grab hold of him.’ `How did you manage alone with him in the club to get him dressed? he is a bit of a lump compared to you,’ `Oh, the barman guessed what was going to happen and helped me.’ `Sounds like your boss is a bit of an arse,’ Drew looked away. I gave him a little wink. `It’s okay, come on, give me a hand,’ Together, we got a rather tiddly pissed and playful Forts down to my room. I wasn’t sure if it was the booze or the pills. or the combination of them both. `Now, how are we going to do this?’ Over the next ten minutes, Drew and I stripped off Forts clothing; the silly sod, giggling like a ticklish school girl and acting all coy when I finally got his trousers off him and he was naked. Drew was deliberately trying not to look. `Drew, it is okay to look, he must have let you see and touch it in the Baths?’ Drew looked flustered. `You know?’ `Well, I know Forts,’ The colour of his face confirmed what I had suspected. `Davy, I am really sorry,’ `Don’t be silly. You’re a sexy, good-looking chap. I would have done the same myself,’ `So, you don’t mind?’ `No, as long as it is nothing serious, and he always comes home,’ With Forts finally in bed, we went back through to the sitting room. `Drew, can you give me a minute? I have to let Athol know what’s happening and tell them to come tomorrow now, instead,’ * After I returned, Drew and I sat for some time talking. I really didn’t want to speak to Leith; how could he have been so irresponsible? He went off to bed, when it was obvious, I was ignoring him. Drew told me all about his life as the whisky loosened his tongue; the poor kid had had it rough and after the death of his father; a fisherman, had left school to get a job and help his mum. So far, this was the only job on offer. He was expected to have sex with the clients if they wished it. He sobbed as he told me; I felt my stomach churn. `Drew, Forts didn’t force you to have sex with him, did he?’ `No, no, no, he didn’t. Once he realised my age, he would not touch me, then the drugs kicked in and he got all horny,’ He stopped and looked at me `Go on, it’s okay,’ `Well, he kissed me and forced me to suck him, but he got all rough, forcing it deep into my mouth. I had to fight him off,’ `Oh shit, Drew, sorry,’ He grabbed my hand, looking into my eyes. `No, no, he suddenly came out of it and could see what he was doing. He became upset, he didn’t hurt me honestly.’ I glanced at my watch. Athol would be here tomorrow at lunchtime; it was time to get some sleep. I looked at Drew. `Come on, you had better come through with me. The three of us can share my bed. I wouldn’t trust Leith to leave you alone.’ `Davy, please, I will be fine on the couch,’ `Don’t be silly, come through,’ And he did ** Forts continues the story `I love you,’ I felt a light kiss on my cheek; I moved my face closer; my eyes still closed, expecting another, but none was forthcoming. I snuggled forward, finding a space. `Davy, come on, kiss me,’ I felt an arm stroke my back and recognised the moan as Davy’s. `Come here then, where are you off to?’ I half peered through one eye as I heard the front door closing. Christ, who just kissed me? And, oh God, my fucking head. I felt a hand stroke my cheek. `Are you okay darling?’ `OH Davy, my head hurts,’ `You’re lucky it is just your head. If Drew hadn’t rescued you, your arse would have been sore too,’ Davy sat up `Hang on, where is Drew?’ ** Athol continues the story `Davy, calm down and tell me again what’s happened. Who is Drew?’ We had arrived about ten minutes ago, originally intending to do a quick turn round and head back to the castle. I had come up to the flat, leaving Dexy with the truck’s engine running. Davy had immediately started in to some story. I sat open-mouthed, as he mentioned Leith, drugs and a Turkish bath, and someone called Drew. And as usual, Fort’s name was woven throughout the tale. He sat with his head in his hands; I would speak to him later. In the meantime, who was Drew? alsancak escort And why was Davy so worried about him? `Athol, please, we have to make sure he is okay. He was sure his boss would sack him or worse for getting Forts away,’ `Forts, what did this guy do to you?’ `Well, nothing, but I understand that was because Drew got me away. Dad, I wasn’t thinking straight. I think it was the pills I had taken; Leith forgot to mention not to drink with them.’ `Pills you had taken?’ I glared at him. `We will talk about this later,’ I turned to Leith, `Don’t think you’re getting away Scot free either. What were you thinking? First giving him drugs and then not warning him about the effects of alcohol if he was stupid enough to take them. Which he clearly was,’ Fort looked away. `Okay, then the three of you had better get your arses down to the truck. We had better make sure this boy is okay,’ We were soon in the lorry and, after a quick explanation, on our way to number six Crombie Road, Torry. Forts led the way to the door, Davy Archie and I following up, the others all close behind. Forts knocked, and a face appeared `I am here to see Maggie,’ The door opened, and we found ourselves in a small reception area. `Are you Gentlemen members?’ We didn’t have time for this. `Look, just open up, I want to make sure a boy called Drew is okay,’ The reception guy looked surprised `Sorry, I can’t let you in Sir, not unless you’re a member,’ I reached for his collar `Just open the door you job’s worth,’ `Dad,’ Forts stepped forward, producing a card from his trouser pocket. `I am a member, open the door and now,’ `Err certainly, young Sir,’ He moved to the door and opened it. Archie leapt at the door, pulling it open. `No stop Sir, I can’t let you all in,’ Davy and Forts pushed through the open door into the next room, closely followed by me and Archie. I glanced round at what was obviously a bar area. A man was coming towards us; pulling on his coat, he stopped, suddenly recognising Forts. Davy spoke. `Have you seen Drew?’ The man nodded, his eyes filling with tears `He just arrived a few moments ago. Mr Brodskoy has just dragged him off to one of the private rooms. You have got to help him. I tried, and he just fired me, quick he is going to make him pay for yesterday,’ I looked at the guy. `Don’t leave, wait here,’ Forts and Davy had broken into a run, Archie and myself and now McPhee all in hot pursuit. We ran down a short dark corridor; Forts stopped, his fists hammering on a door. `Open up, open up,’ There was a shout from inside the room. `Fuck off, I told you I didn’t want to be disturbed,’ I heard Archie yell, `Out of the way chaps,’ There was a crash of splintering wood as Archie’s shoulders collision with the door ripped it from its hinges, sending splinters and door fittings into the air. I heard a struggle and him shouting. `You bastard,’ I hurried through the door. Archie had a short, hairy, naked guy by the throat against the wall. The man was clutching at Archie’s hands, his eyes wild. Restrained to a wooden table by wide leather straps was a naked teenager; his legs wide apart, the position showing off his pucker and each vertebrate of his spine. Davy and Forts were scrambling to undo the leather straps. The boy was soon standing; he was gripping on to Forts, sobbing into his chest while Davy tried to reassure him. Archie turned the naked older man to me, his body bent forward as he held him in a hammerlock and bar. `Just what’s going on here?’ `None of your business. Who the hell are you, anyway? Let me go, this doesn’t concern any of you,’ `On the contrary, as you intended to do this to my son yesterday, it has everything to do with me,’ The mans eyes looked at Forts. He smirked, his tongue moistening his lips. `The boy was begging for it yesterday,’ He gave a dirty chuckle. `Wrong answer,’ Forts shook his head. `Dad, that’s not true,’ `Fine, Davy, you and Forts take the boy out. I take it that is Drew?’ Davy nodded; he led the two of them out, Forts glaring back at Brodskoy. `Is that what you had planned for me? You bastard,’ Brodskoy mouthed “fuck you” as he struggled against Archie’s hold. `Davy, make sure he is okay. Archie, McPhee; how about we strap this arsehole into his own contraption?’ With Brodskoy strapped down, I patted him on his large arse. `So, what exactly were you going to be doing to that boy?’ Brodskoy struggled against his bindings, `Fuck you! He knew what the job involved, let me go,’ McPhee grabbed his hanging balls and twisted them `You don’t do that to kids, you bastard,’ `Fuck you! He knew what the job required. Fucking let me go.’ He pulled at each of his bindings, more in frustration than in a belief they would give. `Is that why you had to restrain him, is it? You bastard, because he wanted it?’ McPhee twisted his balls again and glanced round at me. He was furious, `Is it okay if I teach him a lesson?’ Before Archie or I could say anything, McPhee spat a load of phlegm on to Brodskoy’s pucker, hitched up his kilt, and lined up his rock-hard nine inch cut cock. Archie put a hand up to McPhee, then got down by the prone man’s head. `One minute, McPhee… You, you bastard, had better bite on this,’ He shoved a piece of leather strap in between his teeth as McPhee thrust his nine thick inches in balls deep. Brodskoy writhed against his bindings, his head arched back, eyes wide open in pain. His scream absorbed by the leather. McPhee leant to his ear. `I hope you enjoyed that? After all, that’s what you were going to do to that boy, you bastard.’ McPhee thrust forward once more, to another strangled groan from Brodskoy. I glanced at Archie; his cock was on the rise like mine. He gave me a wink, and a slight wave of his hand towards the white arse. `After you.’ `Hang on, Dad, do you mind if I go next?’ `Forts, be our guest.’ ** Davy continues the story Drew clung on to Forts as we got him out of the room. `Are you okay,? He didn’t hurt you, did he?’ Drew shook his head. `No, you arrived just in time. Phil, the barman, tried to help me; Brodskoy sacked him on the spot, poor chap. He needs that job to, he has a young family and is blind in one eye so can’t fight,’ Drew was getting more distressed. Forts hugged aliağa escort him closer. `Is there somewhere we can go?’ He headed to one of the black doors. I pushed it and we were in another room, this one with a large double bed in its centre. Forts led him over to the bed. `Come on, sit down, why did you come back on your own?’ `I needed the job,’ `No job’s worth that; not being restrained and fucked over a table,’ `That was because I got you out yesterday,’ Forts looked at me and stroked Drew’s head. `Well, you are safe now,’ The muffled scream from next door had Forts and I exchanging glances. `Davy, I will be back in a moment. There is something I have to do,’ Fort’s left us squeezing his cock through his trousers. Drew cuddled up to me. `I am always going to be a virgin now,’ `Don’t be silly, you will meet a nice guy someday and it will be special,’ `Is that what happened to you?’ I nodded. Another muffled cry from next door and what sounded like a grunt from Forts. I kissed Drew once more. `Sounds like someone is getting there’s taken next door.’ We both chuckled. `So, it was someone nice who took yours?’ He watched me, his eyes not leaving mine. `Yes, I was very lucky. Forts took my virginity,’ Drew thought for a moment; he gave a little smile; I was regretting saying what I had. `Davy, will you take mine?’ `Me?’ `Why me?’ `Because I want you too, I want it to be you,’ He kissed my cheek. `Please, here, now.’ He reached for my kilt broach and started fumbling with it, finally releasing it. Next he moved onto my kilt, belt and Sporran and then stopped, frustratedly pulling at the material. `How does all this come off?’ I gave him a kiss, `Hey, don’t be so impatient, let’s enjoy this, are you ready for a sexy striptease?’ Drew blushed as I stood up and let gravity take over; twenty yards of Kilt material, slid to the floor, leaving me in my shirt, socks and shoes; which were quickly removed, and then I joined him on the bed. We lay back together; I kissed and stroked his face. `Are you sure you want this?’ He blushed again, nodding his head. I moved over between his legs; blimey, it was usually me on my back with a guy between mine. I eased his legs apart and back, using his hands to hold them back and open. `Sorry I am not very big,’ He moaned as I took hold of his hard cock. It was rock hard, just over five inches; it looked uncut although the head was fully exposed; the skin stretching tightly back. His balls had only recently dropped. They were small and hung only a short way from his body in their smooth sack. The smallest clump of fair hairs above his cock completing the picture. `Don’t be silly, you’re perfect,’ I held his cock to the side and pushing my nose and tongue into the crease between his thigh and ball sack. The slightest hint of sweat was being overpowered by the coal tar soap he obviously used. The slightly antiseptic smell of the Cold tar gave me a warm feeling. I loved to smell Fort’s hairy chest, pubes and taste his cock when he had showered using it. My cock throbbed; enough Davy, concentrate on the boy. I licked his balls, sucking each in to my mouth in turn and then taking his whole sac into my mouth, he writhed about on the bed moaning. A hand stroked my arse cheek. I quickly glanced back; Forts was behind me, stripping off. He got onto the bed and raised my arse so I was on all fours between Drew’s legs, not sitting back on my calves. Two hands pulled apart my arse cheeks and a familiar tongue licked at my crack, pushing itself between my cheeks. A hand slid up my back and pushed my head down into Drews crutch. I took hold of his cock, now dribbling precum down its shaft. I licked from his balls up the shaft, curling my tongue round it, up to the dark maroon glans. I took it into my mouth and licked and sucked at the precum he was producing. My cock was gripped and pulled back between my legs. Firm fingers wanked it hard and pulled it back to a warm mouth. Fort’s broad tongue engulfed my expose head, sucking on it, a slow steady hand milking my shaft, pumping more of my pre into his mouth. His mouth slipped off my cock and with his fingers holding me firm, he licked from my cockhead up my shaft to my balls. I groaned on to Drew’s cock as each of my balls was kissed and then sucked into Fort’s warm mouth; he stretched each back before sucking one into his mouth and then, with his fingers, eased the other in to, alongside its brother. I pulled Drew’s cock from my mouth and glanced back. `Fuck yes,’ I pulled forts head harder on to me, my mind racing as his tongue juggled my balls. His forward pressure forcing me back into Drew’s groin. I took hold of his young thighs and pushed them back further, rolling his hips, exposing his taint to more of my tongue. His body froze as I licked across his spider’s web of taut, darker skin. I worked my tongue into the centre, constant pressure, causing him to open up, accepting my tongue’s probing. I smiled up at him as he stroked my head. `Are you sure you’re ready and want this?’ He nodded and moaned as I eased a finger into the pilot hole my tongue had created. My turn to moan as Forts spat and pushed his bellend against my pucker. I pushed my finger deeper, feeling the soft inside of Drew’s arse. He pushed against me, his sphincter spasming around my finger as I pushed in another alongside the first. His hips began twisting on my probing digits, as I spread and stretched his muscle open. I felt a nibble on my ear and a whispered `Come on stud, I can’t wait much longer to drive this into you,’ Forts bellend flared inside my hole as he pumped extra blood into it. His hand came round my side, gripped my shaft and squeezed it, giving it a pump, another nibble of my ear, and whisper. `I think he is ready,’ I smiled down at Drew and mouthed “ready?” he bit his lip and nodded. I shuffled closer and pushed my cockhead against his slightly open hole. I leant forward, my weight on his body, increasing the pressure on my cock, pushing me slowly into him. He gasped and gripped my sides as my cockhead popped inside him. I waited till his sphincter relaxed, before easing in more. Forts had started little forward thrusts of his hips, pushing his thick eight inches into me, but more importantly, pushing me tire escort forward, deeper into Drew. He leant across my back, his mouth and teeth seizing my shoulder. He bit and sucked; the horny fucker. I reared my head backwards, struggling to get free from his teeth. `Hey, I am trying to give Drew a good time here,’ Forts chuckled, `I wish you would hurry. I am next,’ With each thrust from Forts, my cock went deeper into Drews tight arse, the warm velvety skin, gripping me like a glove, the spasms from his arse muscles, dancing along my cock: Christ, now I knew why guys wanted to take virgins, this was amazing. I started with Fort’s help, a steady coordinated thrusting, my cockhead screaming with the pleasure it was receiving. Our tongues caressed each other, our lips taking the chances of fleeting kisses, our moans and groans, the musical accompaniment. I felt Forts ease his dick out of me until just his bellend was over my boynut; he gave it a little rub, and then another. I groaned into Drew, thrusting harder. `Fort’s stop, you’re going to make me;… Oh shit, fuck, I’m cumming,’ My cock throbbed along its length from my balls as I spewed my load into Drew. I pressed my lips to his, forcing my tongue as deep as I could into his warm mouth. He gasped. `Oh, thank you, thank you,’ With Forts still giving my boynut a couple of quick rubs with his bellend, sending tingling pleasure throughout my body; we both rolled off of Drew. We all cuddled together, stroking each other’s now sweat shined skin. Now, to be honest, I had expected Forts to pull out of me and mount up on Drew straight away, but that didn’t happen. Forts continued to rock his cock into me as he nibbled my ear again, his breathing getting faster. `I love you Davy, I’m cumming,’ ** Dima picks up the story Niki was dragging me by the hand, down into another part of the baths. `Banya, Banya, Dima,’ It certainly looked like the steam baths back home. I tentatively opened the door; yes just like back home. `Come on you, let’s get undressed and see what it is like,’ Niki nodded. We returned to the changing room and took off our clothes. McPhee joined us, pulling off his kilt. `Apparently, there is a pool here. Do you three fancy a swim?’ Niki jumped up at him `Banya, Banya,’ McPhee looked at me. `What’s he saying?’ `Oh, it’s a steam bath, we use them back home,’ `What like a Turkish steam bath?’ `Yes, very similar, great I love them, we can swim later,’ We were just about to head through when the Barman joined us. `Mind if I join you? I may as well get cleaned up before I have to leave,’ He stripped off, adding his clothes in a pile next to ours. Naked the four of us; Niki, sitting on McPhee’s hip, his legs wrapped round him, made our way towards the steam baths. `Make way,’ We stepped aside as Leith and Dexy, also naked, dashed past, laughing. `Sorry swimming pool calls,’ We heard the shrieks and laughs as the two of them bombed into the pool. More sedately, we went into the steam room. Niki jumped down and pushed McPhee on to one of the marble benches. He then began looking around; he came to me. `No Venik,’ `What’s he saying?’ `Err, there is no Venik; it’s a bundle of bush leaves which you are supposed to whip the person with, to invigorate the skin.’ Phil, the barman, stepped forward. `Ah, we don’t use those, we use “Schmeissing”. He held up the rattan brush loaded with foam. Let me show you, Venik is a Russian thing, isn’t it?’ I nodded. As he continued to load up the brush, he continued. `That bastard Brodskoy is a white Russian, came here after the revolution, him and his partner; those are the pictures hanging in the Bar area,’ `A white Russian, you said?’ `Yes, he fought to restore the Tsar, escaping when they were beaten and came here, set up this place, eventually,’ I looked at the barman; he did not know the significance of what he had just said. `McPhee, I must speak to Athol. I will be back, keep Niki entertained for me,’ McPhee, who was fast turning into a soapy yeti, grabbed Niki, rubbing him against his soapy fur. `No problem, my pleasure,’ I quickly wrapped myself in a towel and head back to find Prince Drageon. The three of them were snuggling up kissing in one of the private rooms. `Prince, can I have a word with you? It’s important,’ Forts leapt up. `Yes certainly, what is it Dima?’ I explained and together we went back to the other room, the door still hanging off. Athol, Archie and Brodskoy were now sitting at a small table. Athol turned to me. ** Archie continues the story Athol looked at Dima and Forts, both now wrapped in towels. He could tell from their faces something was up. `Come in, what is it?’ Dima barked in Russian at Brodskoy; Brodskoys eyes went wide, he nodded and stood up, his hand trying to cover his nakedness, then something I recognised, Dima pointed to Forts and bowed his head: `Yego Vysochestvo Knyaz, Drageon Drageonivanov, Romanov, Krovi Imperatorskoy,’ (His Highness Prince Drageon Drageonivanov, Romanov, of Imperial Blood) The colour drained from Brodskoys face and he dropped to his knees, shuffling towards Forts. He took his hand and pressed it to his forehead. `Vashe Kysochestvo, ya ne znal, pozhaluysta, positite menya’ Athol stood. `Enough, in English, please,’ Forts turned to Athol. `Dad, I am pretty sure, if Dima will confirm, he just said, “Your Highness, I didn’t know, please forgive me”.’ Forts turned to Dima, who nodded, smiling. `Molodets Moy Prinz,’ I said, `Well done my Prince,’ ************************ Guys, I know it’s unusual, but this chapter will end with part “G” ************************ Folks, thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story. Please email me to let me know. 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