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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 59 IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: There are references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the owner. ———————————————————————- `I am glad you’re the head master and not me: a special cuddles linen cupboard, what are you going to do about that one?’ He laughed again. `I am going to have the linen put somewhere else and have the light bulb removed, what do you think? Archie nodded `You should have asked them when its busy’ Archie stood up and lifted the front of his kilt showing off his hard cock. `well, I will just pop along and take the bulb out for you, won’t take long; if I see those two cuties, I will let them know, it’s now the special cuddles cupboard, I may even mention I am lonely’ ***************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 59 Davy continues the story God, my bum was sore, I lay in the bed, shuffling my bum about, oh, that’s better a cool bit, I felt down; nope a damp bit. I rubbed my fingers in it and sniffed, definitely cum. What a night, come to think of it, what a day, we had followed Athol’s advice and spent the afternoon horse riding, that climaxed with some acrobatic and amazing love making in the hay loft. Then a night spent with him hammering me into the mattress, my bum was sore and throbbing. I looked over at Forts, his face now illuminated in the morning light, he was watching me, those beautiful green eyes never leaving me, he blew me a kiss. `Morning sexy, are you ready for round two’ I leant over and kissed him; he pushed his tongue into my mouth, his body easing itself over me, his knees eased my legs apart, it felt so amazing his weight on my chest, our mouths only just apart, he nuzzled into my neck, his nibbles moving to my ear lobe. `I love you so much’ I felt his hard cock, rubbing alongside mine, his hands slid down my flanks to the tops of my thighs. `Fort’s, my bum is smarting, can I fuck you instead? He chuckled and his face dissolved into that beautiful smile of his, those piercing green eyes, never leaving mine. `I told you horse riding was a bad idea’ He laughed out loud, I reached down and gripped his throbbing cock. `I know which horse, cause this’ He groaned and fucked my hand for a few strokes; his eyes sparkling. I nibbled his ear. `Come on stud, lets see if you can take it, as well as hammer it out? He grinned and lifted first one knee and then the other, positioning them, either side of me, he shuffled up my torso, till his furry bum was resting on my own hard cock and balls, he reached back adjusting my shaft so it lay between his butt cheeks. I cupped his arse cheeks, kneading them gently, he leant down to kiss me again. `Forts, do you want me to rim you first? Get you ready? He nodded, sticking his tongue out like an excited puppy, with his hard cock flopping against my stomach, he spun round, his face peering back at me as he reversed his furry bum back towards my face. I took hold of his butt cheeks again, easing apart the furry globes, exposing his pucker, it winked at me in anticipation, he looked back one last time, his face just a smile, he winked and sat back. His man scent filled my nose; exciting areas of my brain, I didn’t even know the name of, I breathed deeply, inhaling my man. My eyes watching the taught, yet wrinkly shiny skin, of his hole, course black hairs, circled it, leading the way; I blew gently watching his pucker contract. He lifted up and peering back at me, he looked worried. `Is everything okay, I am clean, aren’t I? I slapped his butt, `Yes. Don’t be silly, I am just taking my time, enjoying looking at the promised land’ `Phew, well stop looking and get tasting heaven, get your tongue in there’ He laughed and plonked his arse down on my face, I slapped his butt again. `Hey, I need to breathe, just sit there and let me enjoy myself’ He lifted forward again, giving me just enough room to purse my lips and kiss his hole, he moaned, my tongue, slipped between my lips and lapped at the winking hole, with each kiss, each lick, it twitched and spasmed, his taste was strong; but far from unpleasant, more ripe sweat, from all the fucking last night, than anything else. I savoured every atom on my tongue, something deep in my brain igniting, driving me faster and deeper, with my fingers holding his arse cheeks apart, my tongue dug for gold, battering his sphincter till it submitted to my probing tongue and eased into his hole, he was moaning and grinding against me, his hands reaching back and easing his furry butt cheeks further apart, I heard him moan. `Davy, deeper please, please’ With his hands now holding him open, I sucked on one of my Çeşme Escort fingers and circled his hole; with its tip, I toyed with the coarse hairs, working them so they all faced the same way, teasing him, he moaned again. `Davy please, please, just push it in me, this is torture’ I felt his hand grip my cock and his tongue dig into my cock lips. `Two can play at this game’ He moaned, as he, began stoking my cock up to meet his tongue. `Forts, no, I am so close, I want to fuck you, just lay forward and enjoy it, please’ I struggled to suppress the tingling feelings in my balls, I had to stop him, I licked my finger again and thrust it deep into him, second knuckle deep. `Fuck’ His back tensed and his head came up `You bastard, god, I love you, work me’ His warm velvety hole, felt amazing, his sphincter, gripped my finger tightly, I began to explore inside him; ah, there it is, I gave a delicate, gentle stroke over his boy nut. `Jesus’ He moaned as he ground himself back against my finger. `Fuck, Davy this is amazing’ `You ready for more fingers? `Go for it, finger fuck me’ That was all I needed, one finger became two and then three, his hole relaxing more and more as my three fingers, alternated between fucking him across the spectrum of hard and fast to sensual and slow, I kept him well lubricated, spitting my saliva on and into him; Forts wasn’t as used to being fucked as me, I didn’t want to hurt him, even with my smaller cock. I tapped him on the side, he lifted forward, he grinned back at me, his eyes, glazed in pleasure. `I think your ready’ He smiled, nodding; well it was more a silly grin, I must be good at this. `Do you want to try riding me first? He winked, and manoeuvred himself back over my throbbing cock, he spat in his hand and rubbed it all over my shaft and bellend, he leant forward and positioned my cockhead against his hole, he leant over my chest, his lips millimetres from mine. `I love you so much, I am so sor…’ I pressed my lips to his; absorbing his words, I wanted to forget the previous twenty-four hours; well some of them. He understood, he blinked and gave me a smile, as he sat back up and on to my cock, now remember, I am just a regular six inches, not thin, but not a fat monster either, he gasped still though, which made me feel warm and fuzzy, with his monster bobbing up and down smearing his precum all over my abs he lowered himself down my shaft, soon, my pubes were pushing against his hole, he gave a last waggle of his arse as he took all of me as deep as he could. With his hands now planted on my chest he began to raise and lower himself on my cock, his eyes closed his head back, the tip of his tongue just visible between his lips, as he ground his boy nut against my hard shaft. I took hold of his waving cock with one hand, with the other I reached up for his nipples; tweaking them both alternately and pushing my fingers through his hairy chest; fuck I love this guy. He rocked his hips, riding my cock, his face a picture of pleasure, I stroked down his legs, he looked into my eyes. `Do you want me to fuck you now? He nodded, like so many couples before us, we tried to remain joined as, we manoeuvred him on to his back, me between his legs, we just about managed it, my cockhead popping out just at the last minute; damn, I took hold of my shaft, positioning my cockhead at his gaping hole and thrust myself forward, balls deep. His eyes opened wide `Oh, fuck yes, do me Davy’ I gripped his hairy thighs and pushed his legs back so his knees were back alongside his head. Amazingly; all this time his eyes, were making love to me as much as my cock was to his hole. He mouthed again and again “I love you”. I was over whelmed with emotions, he gripped my hips, stopping my thrusts as his smiling face changed to a concerned frown, he reached up to wipe away a stray tear; one, I had been unable to control or stop from rolling down my cheek. `Are you okay? What have I done? I slapped his chest. `Nothing, I am just being soppy, I love you so much’ His smile returned, his grip on my hips tightened as he began to control the speed of my thrusts, which got faster and faster. As I got into my stride one of his hands moved to his hard shaft, he began to wank it hard and fast, the familiar click of, precum against his hand, mixing with his and my moans and grunts. I felt myself building to my climax, my balls tightened against my shaft, he felt and recognised that last few faster strokes; wrapping his legs tightly round my waist, he beat his cock harder, he threw his head back into the pillow `Fuck, I am cumming Davy’ So was I, I leant forward his neck straining as it lifted his head to get our lips together; we just made it, each thrusting his tongue deep into the others mouth; as pleasure engulfed us. I began pulsing my cum into him; his, hit my chest with some force, hanging in great gloopy drips, before gravity won and it fell into his chest hair, I felt my buttocks clenching, squeezing out the last drips from my shaft, his arse gripped me tightly. I finally opened my eyes and found myself staring into his once more. With his legs still locked tight round my waist, he wrapped his arms tightly round Çeşme Escort Bayan me too, mashing our lips together. `I will always love you Davy, always’ I was just about to reply, when his alarm clock, began its trill announcement; it was time to get up and feed the horses. We both chuckled, I eased off and out of him, leaving yet another wet patch on the bed, as my belled pulled out some of my load on to the covers. He got out of the bed; he pulled the covers back up over me. `Hang on, I will come and give you hand’ `You don’t have too’ `Oh, more ladies you want to be alone with? His faced changed he looked panicked, I continued `Oh, I know, you just want Morag and Daphne all to yourself’ He jumped on the bed and began tickling me through the sheets, I shrieked with laughter as he dug his fingers into me. `Don’t, that’s not even vaguely funny, Davy’ We kissed again; our passion began to rise once more; well our cocks did. I looked into those dark emerald green eyes another time; his black fringe flopped across his forehead. `Come on, I will help, if we don’t get going, the poor horses will never get fed’ He smiled and leapt off the bed, gripping his cock, he rushed into the ensuite. Archie takes up the story. I had just unscrewed the door hinges; so, I could now take off the door and rehang it so it opened outwards; yes, you know where `to the old Linen cupboard’. I thought I would do it early, before I faced to many questions. Just inside of the door was to be hung two separate curtains, providing a small area to allow your eyes to become accustomed to the dark, before entering the room proper. Athol had all the bed linen relocated to a smaller room, now all I had to do was sling a couple of old mattresses on the floor and our new `facility’ would be available. `Good morning you two, you’re up early’ `Good morning Archie, what are you up too? Davy and Forts, were studying my handy work, I tapped the side of my nose to their question. `Oh, come on, you have to tell us’ `Surely you boys have heard about the infamous `Linen Cupboard’? Davy shook his head, Forts looked away. Davy looked at him `What is it? Forts stammered `Err, someone told me, lonely boys go in there for pleasure’ `Pleasure? I thought I might be able to help. `Well, company really, in case they are getting lonely’ `Lonely? Forts shrugged his shoulders and gave Davy a playful punch `For a blow job, dopey’ `I didn’t know about that’ Davy looked at us both, I winked at him and nodded towards Forts `That’s cos your never lonely’ Forts and I laughed, Davy, appeared to be still processing the information. He turned back to Forts `Have you been in there then? Forts grinned nodding, he held up first one finger, then changed it to two `But only once…well…maybe twice’ Davy grinned and started laughing, he hugged Forts and kissed him whispering something about a `hero’; I didn’t hear it all. Forts kissed him back and slapped his bum hard. `Come on you, those horses won’t feed themselves’ Forts stopped `Are you coming Archie? `Can I leave it to the two of you? I just have to finish off here’ The two of them, walked towards the door, hand in hand, as they got to the door, Davy turned back and mouthed `Thank you for yesterday’. I gave him a wink; I loved that boy. I got back to the task in hand and soon had the room set up, I was just making sure the door worked okay, when Athol came down the corridor. `Morning Gorgeous’ He quickly looked round, checking if we were alone, he mouthed “be careful” `So, no giving you a snog then? He ignored me, `So, are you all finished here then? I nodded, he peeked behind the curtains. `I am just wondering how to introduce it at Assembly, I can hardly announce we have our own cock sucking room now, can I’ `How about, safe room, for when you’re feeling lonely’ `Good morning, Mr MacDonald, Mr Campbell’ We both looked round, it was Mr Duncan and Landers, Athol mouthed “How long have they been there? I shrugged. `Oh, good morning Gregor, Lander’s, how are you both today’ `Oh, good, good, thank you’ He lingered, Landers gave him a jab in the ribs, he shooshed him. `Is there something wrong with the Linen cupboard? You’re not locking it are you? Gregor’s, voice had gone strangely high, Athol began to grin `So, you know about our little comfort room then Gregor?’ Gregor blushed and shuffled his feet as Landers looked away. `I think Lander’s said something about it’ Landers huffed `You have been in it too’ Gregor, his eyes wide looked between us both, shaking his head. `I don’t know what he is talking about, run along, you silly boy and get the kettle on’ Landers looked put out and went to speak, but Gregor, took hold of his shoulders and turned him towards the kitchen giving him a little shove. Athol and I watched on, now both chuckling. `Well I wish you had told me about it’ Athol, burst out laughing, Gregor’s eyes finally began to crease as he joined us laughing; he stuck out his tongue and gave it a few snake flicks and gave a look of pleasure. `Can I get you both coffee? We both nodded `I will bring it down to the staff room’ He turned and vanished into the kitchen. We were just about Escort Çeşme to walk to the staffroom, when one of the dormitory doors burst open, there was a flash of white as a boy ran past us. Athol recognised him `Brookmeyer, what are the rules about running? `Oh, sorry Sir, good morning Sir, good morning Mr Campbell’ Brookmeyer was in a bit of a flap, he dropped his towel and wash bag, his dressing gown swung open, realising he was naked he made a grab for it, now totally panicked. `Sorry Sir’ `Brookmeyer, calm down, its Daniel, isn’t it? He nodded `I haven’t done anything wrong Sir…I don’t think’ Athol played him along `Are you sure? Your looking guilty’ `I don’t think so Sir’ `Daniel, are Downton and Talon, in your dormitory? `Yes Sir’ `Before you go and shower, can you ask them both to come to the staffroom now’ Brookmeyer nodded, dropping his wash bag again, he gave us a silly grin. Athol, could no longer contain himself, he began striding towards the staffroom, his chuckles clearly audible. We had barely got to the staffroom, when there was little knock. `Come in’ `Ah, Talon and Downton’ Both boys stood in their slippers, their dressing gown cords tied tightly across their waists. Athol continued `Boys, Mr Campbell, has been working very hard, about what we spoke about yesterday, he thinks the Linen Cupboard is finished now, would you go with him to check it? He has been very lonely’ The boys glanced at each other and nodded, I think my jaw hit the floor, as I watched Athol’s face and heard his words; next I had two little hands taking hold of mine and I was being led out of the room, I looked back, Athol winked and mouthed “have fun”. The boy’s pushed me into the room, through the first curtain, they were nodding to each other, Talon pulled back the second curtain, he grinned back. I was trying to keep a straight face. Downton took my hand, and in all seriousness said `You must never be lonely Mr Campbell’ I was pulled to the other side of the curtain, now in darkness, I heard some rustling, then a small hand touched my knee and began to push up my thigh, this hand was joined by a second one, although I couldn’t see anything, I think the two boys were kneeling in front of me, I felt my sporran being pushed round to my side, the hands that did that, now went back to my thigh, pushing higher, I let out a little gasp as a hand cupped one of my balls, its pair gripped my six inch soft cock and held it to my stomach; there was a giggle from one of the boys and then the first hand was joined by another, they played with my smallish balls for a while, but my cock was feeling left out, it began to swell, the little hand holding it, released it, it flopped downwards, quickly inflating to its full just over nine inches, the four little hands abandoned my balls to play with this new, much more interesting toy. More giggling, I felt hot breath on my bellend and then a little wet tongue flicked across it, I moaned, my knees juddering. Four hands now shuffled for space on my cock shaft and after a few seconds, got synchronised playing with it, so much nicer than one going one way and the other another. A second set of lips kissed my cockhead, I felt my shaft strain and throb, I couldn’t see it but knew, I was oozing precum. It didn’t take long for the little mouths to work it out and both jostled for position, two little tongues flicked at my throbbing cock, with their hands keeping up a steady jerking, I knew I wouldn’t be long. I gripped both of their heads, forcing them to open wide and let me pop my cock head into each warm welcoming hole. `I am going to cum boy’s’ I managed to gasp, a mouth clamped over my cockhead and took my first spurt, then with obvious weeks of practice, the mouths swapped round, back and forth they went, till my load was shared out equally. Their little tongues cleaning off my cockhead, had my balls tingling again, but I had to get back to work. I thanked them both and pulled my kilt back down, I bent down and kissed them each on the top of their heads. `Thank you, boy’s,’ I made my way back through the curtains and once I was ready, back out the door and back to the staffroom. Gregor was just laying out the coffee’s, Athol was doing some bizarre mime at me; what was that all about, I glanced down, seeing nothing wrong, I even wiped my mouth and I hadn’t even done anything. Gregor was trying not to laugh, he had obviously spotted Athol’s mime. `I think, he is trying to tell you to reposition your sporran, Mr Campbell’ Bollocks, I had forgotten that. Gregor winked and left. **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. 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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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