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Whenever I travel I know I am going to be horny, and I may get to “stretch my arms” a little… explore my “darker side” that must stay hidden whenever I am home. I generally like the “usual porn”. Occasionally, though, I may veer off the main stream a little and open my mind for more interesting attractions. One of the first things I do when I get settled into the hotel (as “settled in” as you can get at a hotel) I open the phone book and browse the local entertainment venues. Bars, nah. Night Clubs, nah. Adult book stores, maybe. Adult theaters, maybe. Strip clubs, maybe. This particular trip was about 2,500 miles from home, so I had plenty of room to stretch. I did find a great little strip club. The girls were real, and they were HOT! You know, none of those plastic surgery junkies. These girls were like the girls you wanted to fuck in school, and some you actually did fuck. The hotel I was staying at had a “hospitality hour” where they untapped the keg in the lobby for guests. I made the most of the hour, while flirting with the girl at the front desk. When the hour was up they unscrewed the lever (handle) off the tap, but I was more familiar, and more mischievous than they bargained for. I just went ahead and kept filling my cup. Nobody seemed to mind. Before the hour was up I had noticed this guy also hanging around the front desk. He had said he was waiting for his laundry. He had been Side escort at the hotel a while (hence having to do laundry) and had struck up a friendship with the target of my flirting. I was sure I would not get anywhere with the girl, but it was fun to flirt. During phone calls and interruptions the front desk girl had, this guy and I had talked. I was sure he was gay. I have a very keen sense (“gay-dar”) which may be considered VERY unusual for a straight guy. I am NOT homophobic, but generally score about 90% on determining a guys orientation just from casual interaction. I found myself having many thoughts about this guy. “If he is gay, will he give me a blowjob?” “If he is gay, what would he do with a straight guy?” or “what would he let a straight guy do with him?” After plenty of beer and useless flirting with Miss Front Desk, I was going to head back to my room. I thought I’d throw caution to the wind (where my “3 sheets” were) and ask him if he wanted to continue our conversation in my room. Don’t ask me what we had been talking about, I was not paying much attention to the talk. He accepted my invitation. On the way to my room, the talk did get personal. I asked him if he was gay, and he said, “Yes”. He seemed surprised I figured it out. He also seemed surprised that if I had figured it out, why would I ask him back to my room? I told him I had been having a lot manavgat escort bayan of thoughts about same sex encounters. I decided I was “Bi-Curious”. He was satisfied, maybe even pleased, to hear that. We entered my room and sat and talked for a bit. He and I discussed what I was curious about. I wanted to know what a man’s hand felt like on my hard cock. I wanted to know if a man REALLY does know how to give a blowjob better than a woman. And I wanted to know how a hard cock felt in my hand. I wasn’t too sure about tasting a cock, but was not ruling that out. We chatted for a few more minutes and he asked if I would be comfortable taking my clothes off. I was nervous, but wanted to experience what I had been reading about and thinking about for years. He said how nice my body is, which surprised me. I could stand to work out, but he liked my looks. Once I was naked, exposed, nervous he did whatever he could to calm me. He asked if I would like him to touch me, and I said “Yes, I would like it very much”. He suggested I lie down on the bed, to be more comfortable. He touched me and I jumped. Then I relaxed and enjoyed him lightly exploring my body. Not just going for my cock, but really getting to know my body. He stroked my legs, my thighs, lightly and quickly brushed my erection,then stroked my stomach. He continued up to my chest, and my nipples. Escort alanya When he did that I had to moan. It felt so wonderful to be the focus of someone’s attention like that. He was there to please me. He did not seem to have any expectations, or hidden agendas. After a few minutes of getting familiar with the rest of my body his hand headed back down to the main attraction. You could see my cock throb as my heart beat so hard with anticipation. When he finally wrapped his warm hand around it, I nearly shouted out loud! He stroked me a few times, then I asked him to take his clothes off. He asked if I was sure, and I nodded. I watched him undress and was very eagerly anticipating seeing his cock. I had only been in the same room with another guy andhis hard cock once before, about 20 years earlier. When I saw it, I was very excited and wondering how far I would go with it. He got on the bed next to me and we just looked at each other’s body for a couple minutes. He was letting me get used to being naked, in a sexual situation with a man. When he touched me again I did not jump. I moaned and he liked that. I lay there and let him touch me for a bit, then I could not hold back any more. I had to touch his cock. When I touched it, he moaned. I was very impressed at how warm and soft it was, yet how powerful it felt in my hand. It was similar in shape and size to mine, but felt so very different than my own. My head was really spinning now. It was not the alcohol, but it was the excitement. The pure sexual lust and desire that comes with an anonymous sexual encounter. We stroked each other for a while. I did not really look at his face much, just concentrated on his body.

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