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OvulatingAround 5am this morning temp was 99.8, ready to go. I had just finished a feeding. I don’t know about you other moms but having my baby suckle makes me very horny. Woke up Ken to a fresh post of coffee and horny wife with a needy pussy.Big mug in bed and told him “I’m close to triple 9’s. Time to make your son.”.With all the ceremony of a marriage bed, I quickly stroked and licked his cock and assumed the position. Any other day and I would have been satisfied just sucking a load out of him. But 99.8 means I’m on a mission. I won’t be gobbling cum for a good week, there are better uses for it at this time moment. I was already wet in anticipation. He enters me easy, not fully hard but still enough. With his hands on my hips he works in slowly while telling me he read my love note on Hamster. He started by telling me with a laugh that 10 sons was a few too many. He tells me he is going to make love to me long and slow. Then he flips me to missionary with my legs straight up against his chest. I’m not looking at him but horizontal to watch his ebony shaft disappear. I enjoy that part so much. My black man is the forbidden fruit which always tastes so much the sweeter. Not that I did not know he was going deep in me, I just enjoy watching his ebony shaft vanish. He is lifting my butt, telling me he wants my deep pussy. We’ve been trying that for a month now. No luck this morning, no cervix penetration. Too bad. I miss that.I’m held tight, trying to wrap legs around his waist. As usual, getting close but I still can’t lock my ankles. I could once upon a time. Passionate kissing along with almost all of him touching my soul.He is withdrawing half way and slowly grinding back till be bumps me deep and causes my body to jerk up a bit. It gives me the little tit shake and shimmy he loves to watch. I’m having a good cum and biting my lip. Between all that I’m sarıoğlan escort talking dirty as a truck driver. Everything I’ve ever said in the past which gets him to pop quick plus some new phrases came out of me. He just smiles and tells me “Soon Andi, soon.”.I can’t say how long ‘soon’ was. My superman was back this morning. Multiple climaxes and a small orgasm that had me punching his sides. He smiles, he knows me. After my rib punching is over he announces “It’s my turn now.”. My orgasm is what he was waiting for.He withdraws and flips me. I go ass high, eager to receive and in no time he is sliding back inside a very puffy and swollen and needy girl. He creeps up on the bed and lays over my back, I turn my head, our mouths meet and our tongues start probing each other. Oh how passionate kissing gets me going. He is and this moment is both perfect. He should seed me right now. But he holds back. Somewhere in all this perfection, I’m not even feeling myself be stretched. Those last 3 inches are usually difficult. Somehow he has his whole 13.5 inches inside and he announced the moment he got there. An announcement was not needed as I perked up when I felt his pubic hairs pressing against my pussy and anus. A reach down under confirmed it, no space left between us. It should not fit, I’m 5’8” and his cock represents close to 20% of my body length, all up in my abdomen. Awesome! Absolutely awesome and so hot. “Do you want it now” he asks. He is not moving in or out, just hanging deep and pushing further.”Do it.” I holler. “Beg for it. Tell me how bad you want it.” He says. Nope, this girl ain’t a beggar. I did that muscle move where I squeezed him as hard as I could. After a few good squeezes I hollered back “Fill it up!!” and kept repeating the hard squeeze.Soon he just yelled “Devil Bitch” and I felt him start to spasm. I’ve never been called that before. I kind of like it. The more I dwell on it, the more I like it. His orgasm often pushed me into the same, The vaginal orgasm can’t be topped. Not this time, I just smiled and started to count out loud. Every time I felt his cock jerk, I added a number. One, two, three, four…….As the numbers grew, the time between counting grew as well, I got to nine and he grew still. I wiggled a bit and he told me “Don’t move, I’m still draining out.”. So I went right back to the big squeeze. I was going to milk every last drop of semen out of him. And I did. Eventually mister softy pulls out and with my ass held high I scampered to the other side of the bed and fell off with my face down on the floor and knees on the bed so my torso was at the perfect angle for gravity to move the pool of semen down into my uterus. And yes, I can feel it moving around. I believe I can. I sure know I can feel the pooled up puddle of semen in me. And when you no longer feel in in the vagina, there is only one other place it can be. I did my job well, as did he.The next words my husband, stud, breeder and lover heard was a simple request for a mug of coffee and a straw. After he delivered the coffee I asked him to look and see if I lost much. He said “A few dribbles on the sheets is all. There has to be a lot in there.” I just smiled as I kind of knew that and said “I thank you.”. I’m big on words, heck I write a lot. I do not have words to express the feeling of satisfaction and completeness I had washing over me while I was lying there face down to the floor. I had happy tears of joy. I do not know how I know but I believe a woman knows. I know I became pregnant this morning. Heck, the first time it was a one shot success, so why not this time too? I just hope in the coming months I have a puffy face to go with it. Puffy face is the sign of carrying a boy. So I have been told from the women in his family. It’s a new one on me. Apparently over the years they are close to a 100% on their gender prediction based on the woman’s face. Not to be too confident and arrogant, the plan is to repeat this quite a bit over the remainder of this week. I took him again around lunchtime. Well, more like he took me. No ceremony with this filling, he just bent me over a chair and basically used me to satisfy his need. He was rough and I loved every minute of it. Then earlier tonight we had a long duration love making session. No flip for the deep dump this time. I just crossed my legs, rolled away from the wet spot and fell off to sleep. This was sloppy from the start, I was oozing spent cum from earlier events. It’s like as he enters me the used up stuff is being pushed out. Squishy for sure. This is how it will be for the duration, replacing old cum with fresh cum. Just like the first conception. Now it is nearing midnight, I’ve been up for a while. I’m basking in the pleasure of the act. And having the baby suckle in me has me all horny again. He is in a deep sleep and I’m pondering if I should wake him up now for another go or just let him sleep and hope for a 5am repeat of this morning. That would make me so happy and satisfied for sure. Probably better waiting, his ball sack has to be working overtime now replacing all the lost sperm. I expect I’ll get a more potent dose by waiting 5 hours. Heaven knows, nothing could be more potent than what he gave me this morning, 9 streams!! I don’t count but 9 ropes of semen has to be a top 10 performance for him. He is as hot for it as I am. All is super, I’m on the path to number two. Which if you knew what number one did to my body, I must be out of my mind wanting this, but I absolutely do. I just love being a mother and being his wife. I just need to get back in shape after this. If I become some frumpy fat cow the chances are my man will stray. I can’t live with the thought of that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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