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Subject: Owning My Brother-in-law – Chapter 1 Owning My Brother-in-law Fiction by Greg Stevens Owning My Brother-in-law — Chapter 1 “Hey boss, what’s up” Harry, my foreman, asked, plopping his butt into the chair across from me and placing his worn work boots on the edge of my desk. I looked up at the grin on his face and knew what he was thinking. Harry and I had been friends since high school, and I brought him onto the construction site a couple of years ago to be the site foreman. Harry knew I was gay. He was the only one including my family in our small close-minded town that knew. Harry was married with 3 kids but at the same time he didn’t mind an occasional blowjob when his wife wasn’t putting out. I blew him once but then we both agreed it was too weird, so we decided over a couple of beers to not allow it to happen again. When Harry popped into my office with a grin on his face, it was his way of saying “my wife’s on the rag and I need a blowjob.” Harry was the least subtle person I ever met, but I couldn’t deny I wanted a blowjob too. Needing it and finding it were 2 different things. Harry and I found a place off the highway a couple of towns away. It looked like your run of the mill porn shops with neon lights and dark windows. Cars were scattered in a dust covered gravel parking lot. Once in the shop, they had areas with magazines, videos and all sorts of toys and lubes for every desire. Then behind some swinging bar doors they had little booths with token run videos you could watch. Harry and I also discovered that a few of the booths had glory holes that you could use to get or give a blowjob to the guy next to you. Harry and I always made sure we weren’t in adjoining booths. Harry was a great guy, but not really my type, and he only received a blowjob where I was looking to get one too. After work Harry and I packed up and left the office. We got into my pickup and headed to the shop. It had been a while since I sucked a dick, and I was hungry istanbul travesti for it. The usual clientele seemed to be a combination of random truckers passing through or some older guys from the surrounding towns, but occasionally a younger guy would wander in. I grabbed some tokens and headed to my favorite booth. Harry knew the booth I used, and he knew to avoid it. I pushed a few tokens through the slot and flipped through some of the video options. I could easily watch porn on my mobile device at home, but this gave me the opportunity to taste some dick. A few minutes passed and I heard someone step into the booth next to me. Coins clinked in the slot and the glory hole was illuminated with the glow from the screen. I waited for the signal which usually was a few fingers sliding around the hole indicating that he wanted you to slip your cock in to get sucked. I waited patiently but no signal. Was he unsure what to do? I squatted down at the hole and looked through. I could only see a pair of slacks, which looked like they were dark blue with a pinstripe. I realized this was a businessman passing through town. In the dim light his leg seemed pretty muscular even through the slacks. I twisted a bit, and I could see what looked like a great ass, thick and round like I liked it. “This may be a fun night” I thought to myself as I ran my fingers around the hole waiting to suck some dick. Success! I heard him working his belt then opening his fly. He turned to the hole and slowly pulled his cock and balls out. “Fuck” I thought looking at this cock. It was thick with a perfectly straight shaft and a big mushroom head. His balls were big and hung nicely below his cock. The guy ran his hand over the head stroking himself a couple times before sliding his dick through the hole. I placed my hand under his balls feeling the soft warm globes. I breathed in the guy’s musk then licked the head of his cock. It had been too long since I tasted cock and even longer kadıköy travesti since I had such a big beautiful one. I opened my mouth and began to take the dick slowly past my lips, savoring the warm, musky, velvety flesh. On the other side of the booth, I heard a low moan as I began to suck the guy’s dick. I took my time sucking his cock. It was too good to rush. I continued to play with his balls with one hand while I used my other hand to work up and down the shaft with my mouth. Abruptly the guy pulled his dick from my mouth. I felt disappointed because I was looking forward to taking his warm load in my mouth. Just when I thought he was going to finish himself off and leave quickly, he ran his fingers on the hole waiting to suck my dick. As quickly as I could I pulled my hard cock out of my pants and pushed it through the hole. This was my lucky night. Soft hands and fingers began to slide over my dick and balls as if the guy were exploring or examining my dick. I was filled with anticipation waiting for the guy to start sucking me. Finally, he began to slip it into his mouth. At first his technique wasn’t great. His teeth scraped my shaft causing me to flinch, but then he shielded them and began working his mouth back and forth. It definitely wasn’t the best, most skilled blowjob I had ever received, but this guy seemed hot from what I could tell and that was a big turn on. After a few more minutes of him sucking my dick, it was my turn to get a crack at his again. I pulled my dick back and waited for him to insert his through the hole. This time I wanted to take his load. Using some of my best sucking skills, it didn’t take long till I could feel his dick swelling and pulsing in my mouth. I wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock behind his balls to prevent him from pulling his dick back through the hole. I heard the muffled moan through the wall, and then he pushed hard, and I received my reward. Warm cum flooded my mouth, each squirt bakırköy travesti caused his dick to swell and shoot. When his dick finally stopped discharging, he left it in place allowing me to lick it clean as it went from rock hard to semi. I released the base allowing the guy to pull it back. Normally once a guy gets off, you hear them on the other side quickly zipping up and bolting out. I was pleasantly surprised when his fingers circled the hole. I placed my dick in and he began sucking my dick once again. It took some time but after a few more minutes I was ready to shoot my load. “I’m close” I whispered, not sure if he wanted to take it or not. He didn’t stop sucking and I let my load fill his mouth. When I was spent my dick dropped from his mouth, and I heard him finally zipping up. I pulled it back through and quickly cleaned it before putting it back into my pants. I left the booth, headed out of the shop, and went back to my pickup to wait for Harry to return. Part of me was curious to see if I could spot the guy from the next booth. The only thing I was pretty sure about was he was wearing dark pinstripe slacks. Sure enough a few minutes later a guy quickly exited the store and across the gravel lot. I immediately saw the pinstriped pants. Additionally, I saw that he was wearing a blue shirt and tie confirming my suspicion he was a businessman. “Oh, fuck no” I said aloud in the cab of my pickup as shock hit me in the face like a brick. I stared across the lot as the guy got into the car. Just as I was trying to figure out what I saw, Harry got back into the pickup. “Slow night” he said, sagging back in the seat. “Guess I will have to jerk off before I go home to my wife” he said solemnly. “What the fuck is your problem. You didn’t have any luck either?” Harry asked when I didn’t respond to his comment. “Oh no I sucked a great dick and got a decent blowjob” I said my mind racing. “Nice then what’s the problem?” He asked. “It was my fucking brother-in-law” I said, and the words left me feeling drained and confused. —————————————————————————- Please support Nifty Erotic Stories. Your donations provide great stories. You can donate at: fty/donate.html

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