Pakistani Asma Nasir Ch. 08

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This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, rivalries, twists and turns of Asma’s sexual journey will be found by reading the entire series.

It was shortly after Asma’s first doubles sexfight (Chp 5) and a couple days after her reunion fuck with her husband (Chp 6) and the next day sexfight to save his presidency (Chp 7). Asma was having lunch with Ai and finally steeled herself and spoke. “I’m sorry Ai but this weekend I have something to do. We won’t be able to sexfight until next week. I hope you can put the other doubles team off.”

She had been worried about bringing this up as there had been tension between the two since the doubles sexfight with Ai blaming Asma, who was competing for the first time, for their loss. However, the 45-year-old Vietnamese Ai looked relieved and said, “Coincidence, I was about to say the same thing too. It’s to do with extra Uni work.”

“The same for me, all weekend,” Asma replied.

Ai thought for a second then said, “Is it the VUX3B club?”

Asma nodded and Ai laughed. “Well, we will still be together this weekend because I got the message on my phone as you did.”

That Friday evening a blindfolded Asma and Ai, along with two busloads of other similarly blindfolded new students and employees, had entered a building, been escorted up a stairway, along a passage and into a room. They had no idea where they were. Her thoughts, and those of the others, had centred on the mysterious VUX3B club and the enigmatic posters mentioning the club that had appeared around the campus, and why they had been chosen.

Blindfolds removed and with their guides, or guards for want of a better word, departed, Asma looked around. The group was about 50 in total of whom about 20% were male. What was noticeable was that, despite their numbers at Victoria University, there were no Sudanese. All were showing plenty of flesh, dressed as the message had requested, “Dress to impress at the VUX3B Ball.”

Asma was balanced on extreme, high slut shoes, and was draped in a tight, backless, short micro length cocktail dress that was moulded to her body. The fact it was a size too small for her 5 ft 7, 34B 30 36 body and made from a semitransparent, red material clearly showed that was all the Pakistani woman was wearing. She recognised some faces and an Iranian refugee from her lecture group nodded to her. The door opened and a tallish blond woman in her late 40s and wearing a fur coat entered. You could hear a pin drop as she started to speak.

“Some of you here today may recognize me as Marija Popopski, the Chancellor of Victoria University, who welcomed you here at the beginning of the University term. But today I greet you in a role I prefer, President and Prime Alpha of the VUX3B club.”

She looked around the room at the nervous group in front of her and continued, “You are all here to take the first step in an initiation ceremony which gives entrance to the VUX3B club. You may remember doing a rather long Psych test on entry to our university, and then some follow up questionnaires. Although disguised, they included questions prepared by the social behaviourists at Latrobe University to identify potential members. For the past 9 years, these questionnaires have had a 99.87 success rate. Chinese IT experts from Melbourne and Monash Universities have also added some extra features to our university app on your phone which means we have monitored you 24 7 for the past 4 months to confirm our initial appraisal. We guard our anonymity well and no one will pass on our secrets. In fact, we have only had 6 membership terminations in the last 10 years, terminations such as car crashes, drug overdoses that unfortunately occur, after which our members in high places send any inquiries or complaints into dead ends.”

She let that sink in then continued. As she spoke, she discarded the fur coat to stand nude before them, balancing on extreme platform, plasglass, high heels which emphasised her surgically enhanced body. A body that looked years younger than her age of 46. Her full breasts stood proud, and all the initiates could see the gold nipple piercings, just as her shaved slit allowed maximum viewing of her four dangling, cunt lip chains. One hand moved to open her slit wide, and the other played with her clit. She must have started her arousal before she entered the room because in a short time she shuddered, gave a long howl of satisfaction, and came, squirting ejaculate at least two metres to splatter over the closest attendees.

“Now I have your attention, some history,” she continued. “All universities here in Melbourne have a similar club to this one. The beginnings lie with Melbourne University, Victoria’s oldest and most prestigious university, where Lecturers would trade high grades to students for sex. It has been modernised into the present day MUSP club or Melbourne University Sexual Perversion club and expanded its goals. With its very demanding Çeşme Escort entrance score, it now taps into high achieving locals, mostly Vietnamese, and also the overseas Chinese. All are sure to progress rapidly in their chosen fields, especially with club help. It also has a few western, wealthy, ex-private school males and females, part of “The Establishment” where a name like Smyth-Forthingham carries more weight than money and gives the club access into a small, rarefied circle of historical power and influence.”

“Monash,” she continued, “the second University of choice, has the top Government schooled local Westerners and Vietnamese and some overseas Chinese but also had corned the overseas Japanese and Korean students. Less traditional than Melbourne University they provide leaders in new technology and thinking. RMIT and Swinburne are male-dominated by Indians and Indonesians respectively. The first is a waste because the land that wrote the Karma Sutra places little value on women’s opinions. However, they provide the bureaucratic upper levels in Government departments that tidy up the details after decisions are made by club members at higher levels. The Indonesian playboys at least provide the corruption necessary to hide the club’s money overseas and their “escorts” provide some diversion for club members. The gay Latrobe and the low entry score westerners at Deakin universities with their social humanity course emphasis provide many future political connections as, most are first employed by, and then became politicians or high-ranking public servants.”

“Finally, there are the Sudanese and Iranian refugee contingents and other cultural minorities attending here at Victoria University where simply attempting Year 12 gives entry or easily obtainable Government scholarships provide entry and dilute the unemployment numbers. Our contribution to all the club’s hedonistic and lucrative activities is predominately criminal muscle. Thanks to our Sudanese and Ethiopians from the Horn of Africa and the Nigerians and others from the Ivory coast our university is now renowned for the quality and size of our black meat, which I can personally attest to.

She paused and surveyed the room. “You should all strip as most club activities are performed nude.”

At first hesitantly, then with growing confidence, the group stripped off their already revealing clothing, glancing around to see how their body compared to those of the others. Marija pressed a button and electric motors silently raised venetian blinds. “Observe a club activity,’ she said.

All turned and looked down on the hall below their mezzanine floor. None of the now naked group was prepared for what they saw below. In the mass of moving, naked bodies, the soft light showed couples, threes, fours and even fives engaged in every form and combination of depraved coupling possible. The sounds of “Oooohs” and “Aaaahs”, “Unghs”, moans and shrieks, and even laughter reached their ears from speakers on their room’s walls.

Asma’s eyes took in a twenty-year blonde who was lying on her back on a couch, her still firm tits jiggling about as a well-built man sawed his short, thick cock in and out of her cunt while she grasped tightly on another long, thin cock plunging in and out of her mouth. All three were obviously close to their goal. It only took a few more thrusts by both men, when, because her cries were muffled by the cock in her mouth, her twitching pussy and responsive mouth were too much for both men. They groaned and stiffened, their nuts emptying into her welcoming, wet and warm orifices. The man in her mouth pulled out, as did the guy in her cunt, both resting by sitting up against the couch. Four newcomers replaced the two men, one sliding under the blonde woman who lowered her arse onto his rigid pole before the second knelt astride them and fed his cock into her pussy. She reached up to guide the third man’s pole into her mouth, while the fourth, not to be left out opened the kneeling man’s arse cheeks and rammed his greased cock home.

Her eyes shifted to another part of the hall. A kiss ended and as the women’s faces parted one woman straightened up. The dark-skinned, big arsed Sudanese woman below now had access to the Indian woman’s sagging tits. A jutting hard nipple was greeted by the black woman’s lips and experienced tongue. Their two bodies seemed to melt as they lay together on the mattress. Two watching women, a Turk and a Filipina kneeling beside the matress, begin to masturbate their own wet swollen cunts, opened legged and kissing while they both masturbated themselves. The Turkish Muslim stopped her masturbation and pulled the Sudanese’s arse cheeks upward and began to tease her back entrance with her fingers causing her to moan in pleasure as her finger squeezed into the Indian’s wet slit. The Turk’s body became taut as the Filipina’s fingers entered her and the stretching of her cunt and fingering of her clit made her gasp as her vagina expelled sex Çeşme Escort Bayan juices soaking the hand exploring her sex. Despite this, the Turkish woman had worked all her fingers hard into the Sudanese’s arse, and, as it was not lubricated, the tips of her fingers pushed the hole deep until it finally accepted her invading digits. Each push loosened the entrance until the wetness of the inside of the woman’s arse lubricated her fingers allowing her to fuck her anus with greater ease.

By this time, the Sudanese woman was fisting the Indian’s cunt. The Turkish woman clambered over the Sudanese woman while not letting her fingers leave her arse and she watched as the Filipina began her own assault on the older Indian’s arse. The two newcomers soon became invaded themselves as the Indian and Sudanese women rotated their bodies to ream the two newcomer’s rectums. The Turk’s own pliable backdoor accepted four fingers with reasonable ease while the Filipina screamed in painful ecstasy as hers was explored by four of the Indian’s fingers. The Sudanese woman’s hand was fully inside the Indian’s loose vagina, and she could feel the newcomer’s fingers fucking the Indian’s arse between the tough wall separating the two sexual cavities.

The Filipina bit and sucked hard on the double-fisted Indian’s large nipples who screamed her pleasure as an overwhelming orgasm surged through her body. The Sudanese removed her fist from the Indian’s slit and swallowed its oozing juices. Asma was totally turned on by what she was watching, but her voyeurism was interrupted by the Chancellor’s voice.

“Now, confident in our selection process and safeguards that you are what we need in the club, what does the club do for you and what is your initiation? Our club is the VUX3B club. VU is obviously Victoria University and X3B stands for the Cross you are attached to as you are serviced by and service, firstly Males particularly black cock, secondly Females, and third by our Sybian robotic animals. The B stands for Bondage and BDSM. All of this is to be delivered by myself, our Prime Alphas or the next level down, Elites. The initiation determines whether you will pass and become a Trainee female Slut or male Stud or fail and be a Slave Slut or Slave Stud to be used as needed by members for the term of your degree with the chance to retry again annually.”

She paused, then continued, “If you pass the initiation and become a Trainee slut or stud then, for the rest of your life, apart from the benefits you are observing below us, and the chance to represent the VUX3B club at interuniversity sex contests, your career prospects, obtaining loans, business or political dealings will be aided by members from any of the Universities. Think about it. For example, you will never face a criminal charge; it would be covered up and obliterated from the records. How does this occur? After you pass the initiation process you will receive a small tattoo identifying you as a VUX3B member recognisable by any club member from any University here in Melbourne.”

She held up her hand. “For example, I have 3 dots running horizontally on the back of my left hand which show she I am from Victoria University. Melbourne University has a triangle with its apex pointing to the fingers, Monash, an inverted triangle. Latrobe, a triangle pointing to the left, RMIT the reverse, Swinburne a vertical array of here dots whilst Deakin’s is diagonal. Membership is for life and, just like the Freemasons have done worldwide for years, as I said, it provides the contacts that give promotion, insider business knowledge, police protection and political clout in your life after university. Now enjoy what you are watching before you witness a major event.”

Asma willingly turned her attention to the scene paying out below. This time she was not overwhelmed and instead focused. Immediately she recognized faces she had seen on the TV or in the newspapers or on the internet. She focussed on one face. It was one that she had seen often on TV discussion programs. Though she couldn’t remember the name she remembered his far-right wing, bigoted, anti-gay views. Now he knelt swallowing the cock of a hulking Sudanese male while a petite middle-aged Vietnamese woman hammered a strap on into his arse.

Next, she recognised a male face. It was Ken, her tutor for Accounting 101, and he was naked on his back on a davenport. A fat woman with pendulous breasts squatted over his rock-hard rod absorbing it into her widespread, welcoming cunt. Another slender woman was standing beside them waiting for her turn. Her tutor rolled his head back and forth in ecstasy.

And then she saw other naked bodies with attached faces that she recognized. Pretty, little Sandra Jarvis, the Admissions Officer. sitting in a chair with Legal studies lecturer Ron Bounder on his knees between her widespread thighs, seriously licking her pussy… and Christina Fernandez from the library with a younger student cradled between her open thighs, Escort Çeşme pumping his heavy loins into her wildly, the expression on both of their faces told her that they were enjoying what she was receiving.

Her eyes roamed around the hall taking it all in, and she became more and more aroused. Suddenly Ai grabbed her arm and pointed. “Isn’t that your daughter,” she asked? There, where Ai indicated, in the centre of the dimly lit room a more brilliant glow of light illuminated a naked, young, subcontinent woman on her hands and knees. Her perspiration covered body knelt slavishly before a huge mechanical man-made apparition that resembled a dog. It was fucking her from behind, fake fur-covered metal front paws on her daughter’s back, while she sucked a black man’s immense cock as he knelt in front of her face.

It was her daughter Samreen and she reeled back. Still, she couldn’t take her eyes from the obscene scene she was watching. She gaped in shock as the middle-aged black Sudanese whose cock Samreen was sucking began to shudder violently, and Asma knew he was shooting his full load of sperm into her daughter’s mouth and throat. Finally, he stepped away, sticky strings of his white, viscid jism stretching from her sperm-coated lips to his thick, slowly deflating cock. Abruptly, another body of black-skinned nakedness moved in to take his place. Holding 10 inches of black snake in his hand he fed it into her daughter’s mouth, no mean feat as the machine’s violent fucking of her daughter was shaking Samreen’s body and head.

Samreen moaned out. Asma was convinced she could hear her daughter whimpering and wailingly in a thick, frustrated voice of need and lust as she grabbed at her new assailant, eagerly grasping his long, thick rod of swollen cock-flesh. She pulled back its foreskin and hungrily plunged it into her mouth, taking all its black length right down into her throat until only a narrow circle near his balls remained visible.

Meanwhile, the realistic, robotic dog’s artificial tongue hung and danced rhythmically from its mouth as it fucked into her daughter’s bent-over wet, cum dripping cunt; her arse grinding back in wanton degeneracy. Pretend saliva dripped from the long, lingual member of the machine onto the coated film of perspiration covering the hollow of her smooth, slender waist. She groaned around the length of huge hardness sucked into her throat, at the same time ramming backwards onto the long, thick plas-flesh pretend animal-cock. Asma realised her daughter was straining desperately for her orgasm.

As if on cue the chancellor spoke. “If you concentrate on the three spotlights you will see our university’s most recent addition. Robotic mechanical electronic animals. At the last All University Annual Dinner hosted by us in this hall, Monash University provided a massive prototype robotic donkey that was taken fully by one of our Pakistani members (see Chp 2). You can see her in action under the middle spotlight. Monash Uni is the leader in technology and has connections with overseas universities. The donkey and controlling technology were created by Fukada Ito and Ai Kawana, 2 transferees from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

After seeing the result of their effort in action I convinced them to transfer their program to Victoria University, and then defeated the Monash Uni Alpha prime to secure the deal. As a side benefit, Fukada was a prolific JAV performer back home in Tokyo while Ai was easily Monash University’s number one man-pleaser. Although not in the 2004 world record holder Lisa Sparks 919 men in 12 hours, or the previous record of 759, she has taken 420 in 12 hours and claimed it would have been higher if there had been more men ready. You can see them controlling their creations at the far left of the Hall.”

Asma looked that way and saw the 2 nude Japanese females working feverishly at their laptops controlling the mechanical dogs. They were on a raised platform to give them an unobstructed view and were multitasking. Each controlled 2 robotic animals, their fingers working on their keyboards with the speed of a country music fiddler. But Ai knelt at her laptop hips raised as she was fucked, aptly doggystyle, by a line of males. Fukada sat legs spread wide while a succession of women ate her to her cums.

The lanky black whose cock Samreen was sucking blurted out an oath, his heavy frame convulsing as he began to empty his balls into her daughter’s mouth. Maybe the mike was near Samreen because Asma distinctly heard her daughter begin to utter whimpers, and as the man slithered back away from her, she raised her head and screamed, “Oooohhhh… oooohhhh God… I-I’m cuuuummmmmmiinnnggggg.”

Her voice died into a strangled chant of sob and sigh, her head twisting from side to side, her long black hair flailing wildly as she began the first obvious spasms of orgasm, screwing her smoothly rounded buttocks back hard onto the mechanical animal-cock in a frenzy. Asma gaped open-mouthed at the performance being enacted below her, watching the machine’s tongue hanging loosely from the mouth of its great head, panting and dripping its saliva onto the smooth, creamy flesh of her back while it fucked into the hungrily undulating arse with bestial frenzy.

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