Pakistani husband Arab wife and Pakistani friend.

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Pakistani husband Arab wife and Pakistani friend.Hi guy. I’m going to keep it short but feel free to message me if you want to know more. Basically I got married to a beautiful Arab girl and my friend was at our wedding. Me and my friend have done a lot together especially abroad in the past. Although he is respectful usually, it took a turn as he fancies my wife. What he loved about her is she is a classy Arab, talks well, he told me she has everything that is pretty about her, her hands feet etc.. anyway he started to come over to my house after the wedding and I noticed he was quite flirty with my wife but not to offend us but to say she looked pretty, etc.. as time went on I realised it was quite hot.. it turned me on a lot.. when we stated to have sex I joked to her about him and she laughed… Keeping it short again but as time went on and we had a lot of sex, we got so open about sex and she admitted he is hot, simply because he has a good build and isn’t shy, quite of a up front man… I started to make her say his name in bed when we fucked.. and we both used to cum.. anyway again time passed and he came here and there and looked at her a lot and commented dirttly things. He came with his own wife too but never said much in front of her.. there was one particular time we went shisha me and him and he asked me about her.. he admitted she güvenilir bahis is fit and as my reaction was good as in I didn’t react bad at all, he started telling me her figure is amazing.. I then started telling him how often we have sex cos he told me about his wife first.. so then he got interested in her and asked me what positions she liked etc.. I told him too much… One particular day my aunty invited everyone just in January 2020 and I told her to wear her hijab but her tigh salwar kameez I bought her.. when he saw her he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He said bro she looks fit as fuck lol n her lips look tasty.. I used to get shy but turned me on and he knew it at this point. She had lipstick on n light make up.. he started to chat her up in the kitchen when she was washing up and he commented on her body and she told me she blushed but carried on talking to him. She told him about her gym and he told her he is squatting 250kg etc showing off… As everyone was in other big room she asked him what’s the proper way of squatting and he showed her, he then took her and made her do a squat right in front of him as he was rubbing against her both together and she said she was blushing but she knew he was so turned on but then she kind of moved away after he has his hands on her thighs to put the in the correct squatting position. She admitted güvenilir bahis siteleri she felt turned on to me and she knew he wanted to fuck her. This was later that evening. After that we fucked big time we were both so turned on. I made her tell me she wants his cock while we fucked and she repeated it over the two times we fucked. Again we went shisha me and him, and he opened up about his wife and showed me a pic of her in bikini, then her said look your so close to em and showed me an even better one of his wife and he said u know I want to see Salma…. Show me her.. n after about half hour I ended up showing him a few nude pics of her and I said what would u do to her if she was like that.. and he opened up about how he would fuck her brains out… He told me he wanted to bang her hard in the tight salwar kameez and I was soooo turned on.. he then showed me a vid of how he fucked his wife and he was pounding his wife.. I couldn’t believe he showed me it but he did.. he then said do u think Salma will handle me.. I said yes I think so. One evening we went his house and again him and Salma talked about lots of different things in life.. he had an intellectual convo with her. His wife was upstairs looking after her mum and Salma told him about the squats and that her thighs were so tight.. it was at this point I got a call.. iddaa siteleri I went out for 10min and when I came back he was massaging her thighs, and I forgot to mention she was wearing tight clothes and again we all knew he wanted her..after he massaged her thighs and I came I was shocked and they quickly stopped and made it out like it was nothing just loosening her muscles.. but when we all sat down he sat next to her and as he talked about her his hands were on her thighs odd times. I said ok her thighs are loose now and he said no actually it’s good for her and he touched her legs slowly up n down with a bit of tension and she loved it and actually I got so hard and watched quietly .. the three of us then talked whilst he carried on touching her until his wife came.. later that night I asked her if I had let u go all the way with him would u of? And she said that’s such a big thing but I may lose control if we are all in the mood, so I’ll try not to but he is fit. Again we went shisha but this time I took her too and going to keep it short but we started talking about kissing and by after 2 hours at shisha he kissed her on her lips .. after that we was all a bit quiet. Going home he asked her to sit in the back of car while I drive, and so she did.. they ended up kissing all the way home and he felt her up. I had to tell them to stop closer to him like seriously stop now we close to home eventually they did but I was soooo horny n hard. He begged me to let him in house and I didn’t and instead I fucked her that night and it was the best fuck we had… Story contues or message me

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