Path to Our Future part 1

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Cast Descriptions

Guy Donnelly: 6’0” approximately 175 pounds, very good shape due to active and regular work out regimen. Shaved dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, pale skin from Irish decent. Dirty bit: fully erect approximately 8 inches. Trademark clothing: black leather jacket with hood.

Korinna Patrick: 5’8” approximately 125 pounds, Curvy build not active with working out but not lazy. Shoulder length brown hair and Grey eyes, lightly tanned skin but Caucasian. Dirty bit: C cup breasts to D cup, Hips 36”. Trademark look: Think the girl you could take home to your parents.

Katy Monroe: 5’7” approximately 155 pounds, full figured but actively works out. Short black hair down to her ears and Green eyes, tanned with heavy ear piercings, Caucasian. Dirty bit: well endowed D cups and hips almost 40”. Trademark look: Punk girl you met behind a corner store who asked you to buy her smokes.

Mathilda Amdahl: 6’4” approximately 215 pounds, Built like a wall with an active workout regimen and basketball player. Shoulder length blonde hair, a little wavy with pale blue eyes, Caucasian. Dirty bit: B cup breasts and muscular build. Trademark look: The girl you bring home and she talks to your Dad about more sports than you do.

Imelda Ortega: 5’9” approximately 150 pounds, Lean build due to an active job as a mechanic. Long black/brown hair to her shoulder blades and deep brown eyes, Latina. Dirty bit: B cup breasts and 36” hips. Trademark look: She’ll fix your car and fight the girl at the bar but she’ll take your nut if you give her a reason to.

Rachael Bingham: 5’6” approximately 105 pounds, petite build light activity such as yoga. Long strawberry blonde hair to the small of her back with some curls and deep hazel eyes, Caucasian. Dirty bit: barely a B cup and 28” hips. Trademark look: Sweet, Innocent, could make you feel bad just by crying. The one you want to bring home to Mom and Dad.

Natsuko Nakamura: 5’2” approximately 85 pounds, Small build. Short black hair with blue highlights in the bangs down to the bottoms of her ears and brown eyes, Japanese American. Dirty bit: A cup and 26” hips. Trademark look: The little Asian punk girl. Sister to Junichi.

Ben Scranton: 5’11” approximately 165 pounds, muscled but no definition. Black hair is slicked back and combed, near black/brown eyes. Dirty bit: Fully erect approximately 7 inches. Trademark Look: Casual prep of the crew, currently dating Guy’s sister Liz.

Hanna Michaels: 5’6” approximately 135 pounds, curvy frame but a hint of athletic muscle from basketball. Curly ginger hair down to her shoulders with pale green eyes. Dirty bit: Large B cup breasts to C cup and 32” hips. Trademark look: All around good girl, she’s the bi girl you bring around your girlfriend.

Devin Hewitt: 6’5” approximately 310 pounds, built like a barrel and stronger than most people around his age. Shaggy blonde hair and hazel eyes. Dirty bit: Fully erect approximately 8 inches. Trademark look: Camouflage coat that doesn’t work for hiding him, gentle giant of the group.

Masha Golovin: 6’ approximately 170 pounds, muscled from work but not work outs with mild definition. Curly as hell blonde hair that when worn down get to her shoulders and bright blue eyes. Dirty bit: b cup breasts and 38” hips. Trademark look: Denims and athletic wear for durability, Devin’s girlfriend.

First day of school, not really very interesting. A lot of people trying to find their classes, more meeting up over the summer break. For my family however it was a wonderful to have our common stomping grounds under our feet. Where we moved people stepped out of the way and I took note that I had to make a better impression, which came two weeks later at the first assembly. They were announcing the new student body leadership and the whole school being in attendance, I had only one person help me with my plan and told my family that I wouldn’t be able to sit with them. Kori and Matty suspected something but it was Natsuko who just grinned wickedly, she’s gotten better at reading me.

I’m standing in a dark hallway with a microphone in my hand as I hear the assembly carrying on just outside the door. Mrs. Jackson is doing the introductions as I start to ready myself.

“Your student body vice president is Kyle Travis,” I can hear people clapping, Kyle just might have shed the memory of his actions last year,” And now your President of the student council this year, Guy Donnelly.”

People are clapping and cheering but nothing is happening, I smile a little and listen.

“Guy Donnelly? Where is Guy Donnelly,” I hear Mrs. Jackson start asking and I can hear the mumbling of the crowd in confusion.

I wait about thirty seconds and turn on the microphone in my hand.

“Pine Rivers High School,” I state slowly as I hear everyone get quiet,” I’m here.”

I cut the microphone and set it down as the lights in the gym cut out entirely causing a mass of confusion. Mrs. Jackson is telling everyone to remain in the bleachers and to get the lights back on as I step into more darkness and move to my spot in the middle of the gym and take a knee. By my estimation I’m ten feet in front of the speaking podium and I have my hood up and covering my head when the lights kick back on. The reaction isn’t immediate but when people see me there out of nowhere after less than thirty seconds of darkness I get to hear the student body erupt with cheering. I feel a rush of adrenaline as I stand up and look to the student body, my people, I turn around and step to the podium where Mrs. Jackson is standing and shake her hand. She’s shaking her head but at least she’s not pissed at me. She backs up from the podium and I step in to speak.

“Did you miss me,” I ask getting a cheer,” I missed my people. Big year this year, last year was a year of change wasn’t it? A lot of infighting, people getting hurt, students walking around in fear. Now look here, two of the worst enemies one year ago standing on the same stage doing the same thing. You know why?”

I can hear murmuring among the students and I smile when someone yells out my one word to the masses last year, believe.

“YES! I believe in you, every single one of you. We have the chance to be the better class of student, we have the chance to make every other school turn its head in wonder because we believe in ourselves and in each other,” I state getting more cheers, I wait for them to quiet down,” I have always believed in you and you believed in me. Now let’s go shake this school.”

It’s cheesy to have everyone stomping and cheering but it also puts everyone in the same frame of mind, I step away from the podium and start jogging down the bleachers getting everyone on their feet going. I turn to see Kyle heading the opposite direction doing the same and smile. It takes a bit but the new student council is now away from the podium and students are going nuts when I move back up to the podium and raise my hand. It’s chaos to crickets in less than ten seconds; I smile and turn to Mrs. Jackson.

“Ma’am your students are waiting to be dismissed,” And she just nods chuckling as I turn to the students,” Go home.”

I let everyone clear out and after a few minutes my family and the student body are left as Matty and Kori hug me and I get a high five from Devin. I see Ben standing at the back waiting for something but I can’t place my finger on it. After his break up he’s gone from active member to quiet watcher, I never punished him for what happened between him and Liz. I point him out to Isaac, my personal spy and now a sophomore and shrug my shoulders as we head out.

“He’s been like that since you guys got back. I think most everyone has tried talking to him but he’s just shut himself off,” Isaac says as we watch Ben walk to his car and leave.

“I’m guessing that’s my fault too,” Kyle says joining the conversation.

“No man, he did it to himself but he’s not coping with the loss,” Devin adds with a little bit of a sour attitude before turning his attention to an approaching group,” Boss we got company.”

I turn and see a small group of football players walking up; if you don’t know who they are they can be found by the letterman jackets and the sheer size factor they usually bring to any situation. I step forward and see smiles on their faces as a medium sized Samoan steps forward.

“You the shit man, how do you pull that off,” he says excited.

“I simply do, there isn’t a how for it. You think of doing something epic, I just go out and do it,” I state with a smile.

“See that’s the shit man,” he tells me still happier than I see most people,” I’m Lou, I play linebacker for the varsity team. We just wanted you to know if you need anything man, don’t hesitate to ask we will gladly mess shit up for you.”

“Well thank you but what really brings you here,” Kyle asks sensing something more.

“Damn you guys are good, we want you to come to the games,” Lou asks still happy,” Bring some of that spirit and student body with you.”

“That’s it, get people to attend and sit there? Fair enough I’ll do what I can,” I reply getting a happy response.

I let them leave and just chuckle to myself, leading means being out there for people to see and I guess that starts with football. My family starts to head back towards their homes and I hop on Pale Horse when notice Kori is standing there like she’s waiting for something to happen. I pat the bike seat behind me and she hops on, I can tell something is bothering her but she’s not talking about it here as I head off to Johnny’s compound and farm. If it sounds kind of ghetto well then you would be right, the open area with stacked RV’s and support structures for housing line the walls of the main area and as I pull in Johnny actually comes out to greet me with his punk hair now slicked down to look slightly business save for the Hyenas vest he wears since I dubbed his people that two years ago. I get a pointed to my house and lead Kori past the green houses and to my shack. It’s my third home and safe house for when I just want to think or be alone and there are more than a few of Johnny’s people that keep watch and relay messages when I’m here and someone is looking for me, usually it’s the girls but you never know. We get inside the shack and Kori is quiet as I sit on the bed and pull my boots off before putting my jacket on the chair.

“I found out you know,” She says as I start to lounge back on the bed.

“What did you find out this week,” I ask a little annoyed by the cryptic statement.

“About your credits, you are only doing two classes a day now and spend the rest of the time just wandering around school or looking in on activities groups,” Kori says but I cut her off.

“I’m also set to graduate with you and Matty at the end of this year and I’m there all day in case you decide you want to see me. I attend Matty’s practices too,” I tell her as she decides to take a seat on the chair,” What is with the cold attitude?”

“Are you playing us,” Kori asks and I sit up off the bed at the accusation,” You only have two classes, you’re going to be out of school by December with your college courses and all this I saw today was you putting up a false front to fool us.”

“Excuse me but who the fuck are you,” I state almost angry,” I have two classes to last me the year, my college courses online are to go to COLLEGE and get through that faster. You asked me to stay with you and Matty this year and I’m doing that. You wanted me to take the Presidency at school and I’m doing that too. Where do you get the fucking idea that I’m trying to fool you?”

“You are doing all this grand display and exciting entrance stuff without telling us. Not even Natsuko knew and she knows all your plans,” Kori says going on the defense.

“I’m being the leader I was last year only now it’s a bigger stage. Go big and loud, make people notice me and I’ll be damned if I sit here and have you tell me that I’m faking my way through it,” I tell her almost ready to snap when she finally starts to see my point.

“Oh god you did go bigger,” Kori says moving over to me and sitting down.

“Yeah ya think,” I tell her as she leans her head on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry baby,” she tells me quietly,” At least I confronted you about it first instead of walking away angry.”

“Yeah I’m mad at you, you thought I was being an ass and I’m never an ass to you or the other girls,” I tell her trying to calm down,” And thanks for ruining my mood now.”

I feel Kori’s hand on my shoulder as she turns me to lie down on the bed. I feel her pull my boots off and stare at the ceiling. I’m just laying there as she starts to strip me down, I’d like to say that I’m so grumpy that I could say no but history will prove Kori is a better seductress than most will ever know as we’re in our underwear and she’s cuddling up to me. I’m being kissed on my chest as Kori is trying to change my mood back to a positive one.

“Baby your girl loves you and she’s very sorry she was being a bitch,” Kori says looking up at me.

“I love you too honey, I’m really going for the full deal with you though. You wanted me to do this and I’m actually trying even though the whole school cheering thing seemed really stupid to me,” I tell her quietly.

“I say go all cryptic leader, I never got to see that and I thought you being all cult like was hot,” my first girl tells me with well placed kisses on my chest.

“Maybe but something a little more leader like, with less of a messiah complex” I tell her and feel her frown.

“I want everyone to know that you are like an act of god. Something permanent and defining across all boundaries,” Kori says as I feel her assert her authority by straddling me.

She kisses me softly and I am thinking this is her way of apologizing for assuming the wrong thing, fine by me. I feel her start to trail her way down with more kisses when I stop her and pull her back up to face me. I kiss her first this time and grind up against her as we both are still in our underwear. She likes it but she’s getting impatient.

“I want to play,” Kori whines a little as I nibble her neck.

“We have… time… and I want… to savor you,” I mutter in between nibbles.

Kori presses her full body against me and moans as we grind against each other with heated passion. My hands are roaming all down Kori’s back and I slide my fingers under the edge of her panties and grip her ass firmly. I’m getting harder but I’m not at full mast when Kori starts pulling my boxer briefs down. We’re in an interesting position as we’re trying to get undressed but won’t separate our bodies from each other, Kori settles for getting my shorts down and I simply pull her panties to the side. After two years fooling around with each other is not a fumbling situation of randomly poking around to find the mark. I push up, Kori slides backwards and we connect with a pleasurable groan from both of us. We don’t thrust and slam so much as rock our bodies against each other slowly while kissing and pawing at each other’s flesh. I barely get her bra off and attack her breasts with my hands and lips, it’s the most separation we have as Kori leans up so I can get a nipple in my mouth and flick it with my tongue.

“Oh my god I miss you during class,” Kori moans grinding against me.

“I think I’m going to exercise some of my authority and set up a sex break during fourth period,” I joke and I hear her giggle.

“You’d have a riot on your hands and not the good kind when the parents found out,” Kori says grinding against me hard.

“Well I’m thinking beyond presidency, it’s good but I think I can go bigger,” I tell her grunting as I feel Kori clamp down.

“Ohhh bigger is good, hard and strong and fucking hot,” Kori gasps putting on a full body press and kissing me deep.

We’re lying almost flat against each other with me inside Kori and writhing in pleasure. I can feel Kori getting close and I know she can feel me as she stops moving her hips and I feel her contracting on me and it only lasts a moment before I make my member jump inside her. Kori breaks our kiss moaning and I feel her get warmer inside. I can’t take it anymore and press myself as deep and hard into her as I can and release myself into her warm folds. We both groan through our orgasms before collapsing into a sweaty pile of happy limbs. We are content and smiling as we idly chat about meaningless shit at Escort Eryaman school. I figure we had about thirty minutes of soft cuddle time when there is a knock at my door and I have to tell my visitor to hold so we can get clothing on. I only have time to get my pants and boots on before the knocking continues and I answer it to find Johnny in all his black punk rock glory.

“I got a problem and I am a little limited in the imagination department on what to do,” Johnny tells me and I nod before closing the door.

Kori dresses but stops me from putting on my shirt and just hands me my leather jacket and I exit with it on and open but my hood up. Kori is right there with me as we follow Johnny to the courtyard/central area of the compound and I have a mood for sinister actions when I see two guys being ‘allowed’ to sit on the ground in front of everyone on their knees while a few of Johnny’s heavies keep them under wraps. They look at me with confusion; they don’t know me and maybe a year or two older.

“And what do we have here,” I ask Johnny while looking at the two.

“Thieves, they tried to make off with Union goods. I called the Old Man and he said he had nobody in the area and to let you take care of it,” Johnny tells me.

I move in front of the two and sit down cross legged in front of them and size them up, one Latino male and the other a white guy. Both look a little scraggly in the hair department and while the white guy needs a shave the Latino is groomed. Both have some dirty clothes and are layered for the cold but something is off. I look between the two and smile in my hood.

“Why steal,” I ask plainly.

“To get high,” the Latino answers.

“Lie, you why steal,” I ask again turning my hood towards the white guy.

“To score,” He mumbles nervously.

“Again the lies. Brother Johnny, lockdown. I want people walking the fence, I want people roaming the grounds and I want them searched,” I start with the orders and people start moving.

“I searched them for goods already,” Johnny tells me.

“I want phones, wallets, identification and if they are police I want wires,” I tell him still not separating myself from the two intruders.

I sit and listen as it takes a bit but sure enough I am looking at my whole crew minus Jun, Lilly and Katy as they come flying into the grounds. It’s also a tragedy for me that I don’t see Ben anywhere. Johnny gives me the all clear after they are searched and we find they only have wallets and a burner cell phone with a single number on it. I hand it to Kori who tucks it away for later and stand up. Johnny pulls all available people and I turn start to address the crowd.

“Do you starve here? Are you cold and afraid? Are you unloved here in this place,” I ask getting no from Johnny’s workers,” My brother Johnny has built this business and small empire on loyalty and trust. He follows my example and leads you with a fair and honest hand but now someone has come to take food from your mouths and leave you cold.”

Johnny’s people are angry and expressing it in all the standard ways as I am circling the two. I am know how I feel about people stealing from my friends and family, it’s not my money on the line mind you but I helped set this up for Johnny and he makes outcasts feel safe and gives them a home and purpose. It’s like Loretta’s halfway houses for girls only with marijuana and more freedom.

“Why steal,” I ask again and the Latino clams up with an odd confidence.

“We were told we could get in through a couple spots and that there was nobody around to stop us so we grabbed a couple packages,” the white guy says as his friend nudges him to shut up.

“Who told you,” I ask the scared one.

“We don’t know, we were given the phone by some school kid and it rang a few minutes later that’s all I know,” the white guy tells me and sadly I believe him.

“Johnny take this one aside, have him fed and help him relax,” I tell my friendly neighborhood business owner as he helps the guy up.

I don’t watch them leave as I’m focused on the Latino gentleman, he’s mad his partner talked but he’s confident in what he thinks will happen next.

“You know more don’t you,” I ask him and he smirks.

“Fuck you man, I ain’t telling you shit,” he replies spitting on the ground.

“Well that’s good because I didn’t ask you shit,” I tell him smiling,” You want to play?”

“You won’t do anything to me, I don’t threaten you,” He tells me with a bit of knowledge as to how I react, that is different.

“You threaten my people with starvation and the cold of winter,” I tell him holding out my arms as the crowd starts to jeer again,” Tell me what else you know and I will let you leave, never to return.”

I hear more jeering from the crowd but raise my hand for silence and they grant it begrudgingly. I watch as his friend is brought back and I gesture to the Latino with ‘give me a moment’ before stepping aside with Johnny.

“Do you have any syrup? Oh and I need some duct tape,” I tell him and Johnny just looks at me confused.

“What the fuck are you thinking,” He asks.

I turn back to my captive audience and the Latino who is looking at his ‘friend’ like something is wrong with him as he dines on a sandwich. I almost chuckle at Johnny’s hospitality before readdressing the issue at hand, information.

“I don’t want to have to make you tell me everything, I would like you to tell me so that you can be rewarded with some food and possibly a job finding all the holes in the security here,” I offer him but he spits on my boot and that just changes my mood.

“Stef, just tell him about the voice on the phone,” the scared one says but I’m not interested anymore.

I give specific instructions to some of Johnny’s people and then get a couple of things brought to me by runners and Kori seeing what I have in hands starts to laugh manically. That makes the Latino worried and I can just smile as I watch a few of Johnny’s people load him up in a car and I turn to the most difficult part of my night.

“Honey call Imelda and have her pick you up,” I tell Kori who gives me an upset look.

“I want to come, baby this is hot,” Kori says but I’m standing my ground.

“This isn’t some grand display for the school or someone crossing us and you supporting me. It’s just business and I want you home and comfortable,” I tell her being very honest.

She makes the call and I give her a kiss before hopping in the car with Johnny and we head away from the compound grounds. We’re only on the road for half an hour but finding a wooded area and dirt road is easy if you drive long enough. It’s only Johnny, our new friend and two of Johnny’s trusted hands, one guy and one girl, as we wander through the woods. I’m singing out loud and being my happily creepy self as we keep going and only stop when my song ends. I take out my first items, two rolls of duct tape and hand them to the Johnny’s people.

“Tape him to the tree but don’t cover his chest or groin,” I tell them as they start to work.

He’s resisting a little but he’s outnumbered as Johnny helps them tape him to the tree by his wrists, then ankles and continuing with his knees and elbows. All major joints are held down when I take out a rag.

“I am offering you one last chance, for a ride back to civilization now tell me everything else you know,” I offer again before this becomes an untenable situation.

“I am gonna fuck you u….,” is as far as I let him get before stuffing the cloth in his mouth.

It takes a second to wrap his mouth with tape so he can’t scream which makes me smile. He wants to scream and talk but it’s all muffled. I start to open up his clothing till I have him bare chested then comes the interesting part as I undo his pants and pull them down exposing his manhood to the elements. I hold out my hand since Johnny had to get me the last piece to this hilarious situation, a squeeze bottle of syrup. I open the bottle and now my friend is looking at me confused and scared.

“There are no major predators out here, just deer and raccoons mostly if you want to get technical. Now a little known fact is that deer teeth are very hard and like most herbivores they tend to grind all that they chew on,” I tell my new friend as he starts looking to the other’s and back to me,” Now a deer won’t have anything to do with you but if you are covered in syrup they will lick what they can off and chew on anything that tastes like syrup.”

I start to unload the bottle on him and he’s panicking a lot for someone who was so strong in the situation just a half hour ago. I could undo the tape and hear more but I have a plan. I crouch down and start to coat his genitals in the remainder of the syrup and almost laugh as he tries to keep more from getting on them but to no avail. I have the girl with us rub the syrup around his nuts and tackle before she turns and gives me thumbs up. I take out the phone he had and dial up the number and put it on speaker. It rings a bit then I hear the line pick up but no voice as I hold the phone to the friend, it’s all muffled screams into the hand set and I watch as the phone hangs up. His contact hung up on him and he’s crying as I turn and walk back to the car leading Johnny and his people. As soon as we’re in the car I stop Johnny from starting up the car.

“Anyone know what the best game in the world is,” I ask and everyone looks at me,” It’s the one where you have someone opposing you with every fiber of their being and the whole time you’re just trying to be nice to them.”

“So we’re not leaving him here,” Johnny asks.

“Well I am, drive me back then come back and pick him up. Remember everything he tells you and if its important have one of your people issue it to me in writing on Monday,” I tell him as we head back.

Total time before I’m home is long enough that I literally walk in as dinner is being set down. I explained that I was spending time with Kori and helping out when Katy rolls in tired from some studies group. I help clear the table for Mom and go see Katy who is studying at the little desk in her room and I crawl onto her bed and just watch her quietly as she works.

“Jun got me into a study group, I spent a week trying to find one and he found one in a few minutes,” Katy informs moving to the bed and sitting down.

“Someone tried to rob Johnny,” I tell her getting a really odd look,” No shit, someone gave them a burner phone and a different someone told them where to break into Johnny’s place and steal product.”

“What happened,” Katy asks concerned.

“Well one decided to tell me pretty much everything, the other is taped to a tree covered in syrup,” I tell her and Katy starts laughing.

“Why did they tape him to a tree and cover him with syrup,” She asks still chuckling.

“I did it, he didn’t want to talk and I didn’t think an ass kicking would help so they left him out there for an hour and Johnny went back to get him. They’ll talk some more and hopefully Johnny will get something important out of him and if there is anything I can do he’ll ask,” I tell Katy pulling at her clothes.

“You realize I’m very tired and we can’t have the sex I want because we’ll wake the parents,” She tells me as we cuddle up.

“Kori thought I was faking my way through the presidency this year and we had make up sex earlier,” I tell her as she gives me a put off look.

“You already get some and you come in here looking to get my hopes up,” Katy asks or states, not sure which.

“No I come in here because I miss you when you are away being a sexy college student and I love you,” I tell her sweetly.

I get a couple nice kisses and then a deep long one before she pulls me out of my clothing and I strip her down and we decide sleep is a good thing. I’m up Saturday morning bright and early and I pull Katy with me as we head to the Gym in the garage to work out and wake up. Dad doesn’t join us this morning, he’s been letting us work alone but we still see him in the gym working out himself for a change. We finish shower and eat a quick breakfast as I figure out what I’m doing today, and once I’m all geared up I head out to Ben’s house on Black Sunshine. I like to alternate the bikes regularly and while Pale Horse is a good ride sometimes I want speed and that means my first bike. I get over to Ben’s house and find him outside working on a wood pile with an axe. I know he knows I’m there but I decide to let him approach me as I sit on a few of the big rounds that he has to split.

“Am I out yet,” Ben finally asks me without breaking from his work.

“Never wanted to put you out, still don’t and nobody else wants you out either. Now would you kindly come down off the hangman’s rope and talk a bit,” I ask him as he splits another piece.

“Nobody helped me on the trip, you and everyone else just sat there feeding Elizabeth pictures and times when I was screwing around. I thought at least one person would have my back,” Ben tells me before setting up another piece of wood,” I get that she’s your sister but after she broke up with me you didn’t even try to get her to consider getting back together with me.”

“Maybe I could have if she didn’t have this all planned for a few months. She gave you an out; I gave you an out man. You just couldn’t be honest with her, that’s what killed it. YOU couldn’t be honest with her,” I tell him emphasizing the points of failure on his part,” Yeah Liz was harsh when she broke up with you but how do you think she felt with you for two months when you couldn’t even bother to tell her the truth.”

“So you just let her break up with me and date Kyle, the same guy you fucking kicked the shit out of last year like nothing,” Ben states continuing his work.

“I don’t tell her who to date and who not to date. I tried to get you to save your relationship but you didn’t want to listen to me. Now instead of getting over it and moving on you are moping around like someone just cut your dick off,” I inform him and he finally stops with the wood cutting.

“You think I’m some fucking eunuch that you can just order around cause I fucked up,” Ben says dropping the axe.

“No I think you’re being a whiney little bitch and not manning up to your own fuck up. I know it’s my sister but get over her and move the fuck on. She was fucking harsh
in the break up but guess who talked about it at school, not a fucking person. WHY?! Because I told them not to you dumb son of a bitch,” I go from calm to yelling in a matter of seconds and while Ben is still pissed he’s not bowing up on me.

“You told everyone to keep it quiet,” He asks skeptical.

“Like it or not you are my friend and you are just as much a part of my crew as Liz is. She didn’t like that I made her keep quiet about it but I drove that fucking point home by telling her if she spoke up she was out. Yeah what you did was wrong but either this crew sticks together and keeps each other’s backs or you’re out,” I tell him explaining the gag clause on Ben’s escapades.

“Why fucking bother, no woman is interested in me anyway,” Ben says sitting down on his chopping block.

“Probably because you’re walking around like the world ended, no girl wants to be with a guy who is more of a whiney bitch than she is on her worst day,” I tell him plainly,” Dude suck it up, start coming around and this will pass. I promise you by Christmas if you don’t have a woman I will go recruiting to get you laid.”

“I might need that but thanks Guy, I didn’t know about you making this a secret,” Ben says hanging his head.

“You need to get back involved with the group man; you’re my eyes and ears guy. Nobody spots problems and faster than you man, also Kori feels bad since you have been so depressed,” I tell him so he can get a lay of the land as it were.

We actually get to talking for the first time since Liz destroyed him, I will still admit he had it coming but she really nailed him. It kind of made me proud of her. I head out and spend time with my girls at random, some talking with Rachael and her Dads. A little riding with Imelda, she wins even though we weren’t racing. Spend an hour holding Matty who texted me feeling lonely. I was very productive till I got home and discovered that there were now three people in the house and one of them didn’t live there. I can hear Liz and what I’m hoping is Kyle giggling then moaning from her room. I keep quiet and Eryaman Escort let them have their fun and when he steps out to go to the bathroom and sees me staring at him.

“Guy she said it was okay and that you wouldn’t tell your father,” Kyle says making sure things are cool.

“We’ve been alright man unless you pull a Greg and start making her cry after sex,” I tell him getting a chuckle as Liz comes out of her room hastily.

“What are you doing home,” Liz asks a little annoyed.

“I live here and you need to relax,” I tell her going on the defense.

“You won’t tell Dad,” Liz asks and I chuckle.

“If you think he doesn’t know you’re an idiot,” I reply as Kyle starts to relax a little.

“Whatever, where did you go,” Liz asks as I head into my room.

“A bunch of places, including seeing Ben,” I tell her and I watch her face go from slightly friendly to bitch.

“Why the fuck do you need to see him,” Liz asks following me into my room.

“Because he’s my friend and he’s part of our crew. Just like you and just like Kyle, if you don’t like it I never told anyone they couldn’t date outside the group,” I tell her laying down the law.

“He fucked almost everything he could in the state of Texas and you still defend him. He’s a piece of shit boyfriend, Kori knows it and now so do I,” Liz states turning on her bitchometer,” I’m just waiting to find out he’s got some kid down there or an STD.”

I calmly turn towards my doorway and while Liz is in my room Kyle is standing just outside it. Liz is pissed and doesn’t care but Kyle is fully aware of the mood she just flipped me into.

“Kyle please sit down in Liz’s room and wait for her. This is a sibling conversation,” I tell him and watch as he nods and heads down the hall to Liz’s room.

I stand up and close the door before moving to my bed and sitting down. I will remain calm; I will not give my parents a reason to ground me. It’s my new mantra.

“Well you said we needed a sibling conversation,” Liz asks and I exhale loudly.

“Yes, I know he hurt you. I know you cried about him cheating for a while because I spoke with Mom. I knew if he didn’t come clean it was over between you and I did everything you asked when it came to keeping everything secret. As a brother did I not do everything you asked,” I explain to her keeping control of my anger.

“Yes but he still proved he’s a piece of shit,” Liz starts but a look from me cuts her off.

“You know when we got back you weren’t there for us, your friends and family? That hurt but you had a plan and I didn’t say shit about it when you dropped Ben so hard he tried to kill himself,” I tell her getting a shocked look,” Yeah, drove him to nearly hanging himself. I found out from his parents and have been talking to him ever since.”

“Well it’s not my fault he did it,” Liz states with confidence born of ignorance.

“You stupid little bitch it is exactly your fault,” I growl jumping up from my bed and backing her against a wall,” When you seek revenge on someone there is always collateral damage and the chance that you do more damage than you thought, you wanted him hurt for what he did and you got it. Some people break, some people break so badly that they can’t see a way to fix what they did and they want to die. Did you want him to die?”

“No,” Liz whimpers starting to cry.

“You are my sister and I love you,” I tell her calming down and taking her face in my hands,” I was so proud of you when you got your revenge on Ben so viciously that even Katy and I started to feel for the guy. But you have to acknowledge and accept responsibility for what your actions have caused, if it is a broken man then you live knowing you broke him. I remember every hurt, every scar I cause, every time I’ve done something so horrifying that my name is burned onto their brains till the end of time.”

“I’m a bad person,” Liz sobs lightly.

“No more than I am and people think I’m a fucking hero. You need to accept that you drove him to suicide, be a friend and move on with the rest of us,” I tell Liz when I hear a light knocking.

“Hey I’m just asking if everyone is alive in there after the shouting,” I hear Kyle asks from the other side of my door.

I pop it open and let Liz step out of my room and into Kyle’s arms. She’s not scared of me and I know that but when you hurt someone you need to accept it. I will still have to get Ben to accept that he fucked up but try to get him and Liz back together romantically, fuck no. That’s up to her and as I watch Kyle lead her to her room and help her calm down I figure she is doing just fine where she is. Saturday rides out quietly and calmly for me and Sunday is a prime example of how the weekend should be by people coming by to hang out, namely my fiancés, and it spills over into a big group gathering with everyone but Jun and Lilly there.

Monday morning and I get all my stuff ready early and head over to pick up Kori before we get into school earlier than normal, as in no busses for quite a while. We meet up with my crew and hide out as we wait for a very special event that Kori and Natsuko got wind of at the start of the school year. Everyone is geared up in the proper attire of my regime, our hooded jackets. I can hear movement and adults talking as we start moving to cut them off. It doesn’t take long for the ten of us to let the four people walking know they are not alone as I see Mrs. Jackson leading the parents around with their daughter.

“Mr. Donnelly what are you doing here,” my principal asks as she sees me leading my people.

“Welcoming committee,” I reply smiling as I look to the teenage girl,” Come on Heather; better get this done sooner than later.”

I get pulled back by Kori who takes center and Heather stares at us very nervous. She’s lost some weight but she’s keeping herself covered by loose yet comfortable and quite honestly ugly clothing. Korinna being in the front just holds her hands nonthreatening. Heather steps forward in her old woman sweater and long skirt slowly and I watch her parents want to say something but are concerned as to what could happen. Heather rushes forward and Kori grabs her softly wrapping her up in a hug. I watch my first fiancé and my ex girlfriend hug and I hear some light sobbing from Heather before Kori starts to calm her down.

“It’s okay, I told you we’d be here,” Kori tells Heather softly.

It takes a couple minutes before Heather let’s her parents know that everything is all right and I let Mrs. Campbell take care of the parents while my people take care of Heather. There are a few hugs and a bit of an apology between Kyle, Masha and Heather when it comes down to me. I get some space for us as the busses start arriving and we’re alone for the first time since last year when she was stalking me.

“You didn’t have to be here,” Heather says as we walk,” I mean I would understand if you wanted to keep me at arm’s length.”

“No need to, you aren’t who you were and we believe that, even me Heather. I mean you would have been calling all my girls sluts and telling me how I’d rue the day I left you,” I joke and she laughs.

“I remember all of it, I was nuts,” Heather says with a sad chuckle,” I think the term is manic-depressive. I didn’t pay attention when they told Mom and Dad what was wrong with me.”

“Well now that you’re back with reality I gotta tell you I don’t like the old bag lady look,” I tell her getting a sad laugh,” Kori and the girls want to help you, I want to help you.”

“Help me how, you can’t be everywhere,” Heather tells me plainly.

“Well I spoke with the Student body President, cool guy but a bit of an ass, and he’s taken it upon himself to make sure you have someone assigned to you for every class of the day plus your advisor is his and we have you set up for make up credits through the school online system which has been paid so that you can make up your missed classes from last year,” I tell Heather who stares at me amazed.

“Who would do all that,” Heather asks stumbling over her words a little as my people come find us.

“I’d like to present to you Class President Guy Donnelly who won last year on a write in vote,” Kori tells Heather who stupefied by the news.

We explain the new ruling situation to Heather as we walk her to her first class with Matty and Natsuko. I head off to my own and once done with my two classes, Jun set it up to where I’d be done early; I set off to take care of things at my school. Sure enough I catch a glimpse of Heather on her own and a pair of girls from what looks like the Punk set harassing her.

“Queen bitch is back, not so high and mighty now are you,” an Asian girl asks as a white one I recognize steps up, Vicki from last year.

“I think we need to give her a makeover,” Vicki says grabbing Heather by the shirt.

“Please, I was wrong and I’m sorry. I was mean but please don’t do this,” Heather begs too scared to defend herself.

I start to whistle a low tune, it’s subtle but it takes the Asian girl a second before she sees me slowly walking and get’s Vicki’s attention. One look from me and Vicki lets go as I walk up and my presence alone has them back up.

“Ladies why? Why are you doing this? Didn’t we get past all this last year, the persecution, the discrimination and crude intimidation,” I ask them quietly.

“She led them, she made sure everyone who wasn’t with her suffered,” Vicki says trying to plead her case.

“She did yes, but she has suffered. She has lived with her shame and pain, she came back here as a penance for her crimes against everyone including herself. She lost her way and you decide to debase yourselves by intimidating her,” I ask turning my voice to one of sincere question.

“Guy we’re sorry, we’re not strong,” Vicki tells me as her friend nods in agreement.

“You are strong, you stood up to my stupid cult or regime or whatever you want to call it. I did wrong by you and I expect everyone to hate me but I am sorry,” Heather says trying to step in.

“Ladies there are classes that need to be attended, Vicki I will see you at study group yes,” I ask her and get a nod.

Minor crisis averted, I keep an extra eye on Heather as she heads back to her class after a visit to the restroom. My day goes off without major incident and it’s as my family and I are all assembled. I’m about to hold court when I see Heather approaching us nervous. I point her out to Kori who moves to her and brings her close.

“We all have our issues; we all have done some things that have hurt each other here. I’m letting all that go, so are my girls. Going forward from here all debts are settled, I understand pain but we are either all together or anyone can walk away from me and my girls right now. I won’t think any less of you if you do,” I state for my assembled masses.

Nobody moves and I note that Ben is up on the back of Devin’s truck keeping look out and I smile, no prompting just on duty. I move up so that my people, a very extended group of followers that surround my family, can see me.

“Bring me Hideo,” I state loudly.

The crowd parts as Hideo, a younger and less scared version of Jun. Isaac, my crews personal spy, steps up with Hideo. I take note and hold my hand to the side for Isaac to step forward.

“I asked for Hideo, you stand with him brother,” I ask Isaac.

“Yes, he has helped for nothing. He has done work for us when there was no reward other than the freedom that other’s would enjoy,” Isaac tells me with a very well prepared speech.

I move Isaac aside and stand in front of Hideo. He’s not as scared as he was last year, I note that he doesn’t wear glasses like Jun did and he’s changed his wardrobe from prep to casual.

“I need technical support, not a geek or a nerd. I need an expert who can meet demands when they arise. You stand in the shadow of my first brother Jun,” I tell him expectantly.

“I won’t fail you; Jun was my friend and looked out for me before he joined up. I just want to prove that I can do what is needed,” Hideo tells me with a little waver in his voice.

“Good now would you please crack Kori’s phone for free data usage or something because she’s downloading way to much shit,” I ask him getting a laugh from everyone as he steps past me.

I would have brought Vicki in today and by the expression on her face she is looking at the rejection pretty hard considering Hideo and her started dating over the summer. Group blending, got to love it. Vicki starts to leave and I turn on my angry voice.

“Vicki get your ass over here now,” I bark and the assembled masses freeze and part the space between her and me.

I watch her walk up full of fire and ready for an ass kicking of some sort. I’m not really pissed but I have no room for bullshit antics as she drops her bag unceremoniously and folds her arms.

“I have stood in your defense; I have had you spared when you failed others. Today I saw you become vengeful towards Heather who is protected by me,” I start but she interrupts.

“I made a mistake but if you want to call me out on it in front of everyone because it will…,” I cut her off loudly.

“Shut up when I’m talking to you,” I growl and everyone gets quiet,” I need someone who can stop nonsense like you showed me today before it starts. You just like anyone here last year knows how horrible it is to be stranded and alone. I expect you as one of us to be the one standing up to stop what you did today.”

“Yes sir,” Vicki says losing a bit of her nerve.

I let her join up with Hideo and the happy couple is welcomed in, I point Vicki out to Ben and she knows that’s who she’ll report to in lieu of me. I need to delegate some of this authority and Ben is my watchman. I get everyone settled before addressing my extended family.

“For those of you underclassmen and women who decided to come out here and see what the big deal was I tell you now that I’m not as real as you have been told. I eat breath, sleep and shit just like everyone else. I will show you how to be respected, we will show you what it’s like to live without the petty fears that others schools have, and everyone here will tell you that you are welcome,” I am in speech mode as my family listens,” Spread the word but know this. You betray one of us, you betray all of us. You stand with us and come to harm, we will find them and we will make them beg you to accept the apology.”

I can hear the murmurs but my will needs to be known, a unified group moving forward and protecting each other. Same principal as my family but it needs to be spread out over a larger area. I let the students leave and see a lot the faces from last year giving new freshmen rides home, it’s a start. I take Kori home and get a warm kiss from her before heading home. Katy is in her room studying hard. I don’t get to spend much time with her as she is scrambling to get more done now as opposed to pacing herself. I can’t really fault her considering I spend two class periods a day doing online tests and courses. I contact Jun on video chat and he welcomes me to the modern age.

“Wow, you can actually use your computer,” he jokes.

“How’s UW,” I ask and get a smirk.

“Dude I live in an apartment paid for by Lilly’s scholarship and barely have to go to classes thanks to modern technology. Lilly is fine by the way and I’ll tell her you checked up on us,” Jun informs me chuckling.

“Well I brought Hideo in today and his girlfriend Vicki,” I brief Jun on current events and he listens but interrupts me at one point to clarify something.

“You do realize that I’m not there anymore and technically that puts me and Lilly out of the family,” Jun says trying to clarify.

“No it just means that you are working on the next step man,” I tell him with a smile.

“Is there a planned next step, a real one not just you making shit up as you go,” he asks me skeptical.

“Been one since the beginning of summer, just focus on your shit man. When I start to bring it all together you’ll see it for what it really is,” I tell my first friend.

We chat idly about the good shit in life; Lilly wants to be married before she hits her third year. I laugh at that and warn him about her getting pregnant on him and he honestly doesn’t look worried. I’m glad he’s doing well as we end the call and I get about being a good son and brother for the rest of my evening.
Last Eryaman Escort Bayan week in October

I’ve spent a month doing what all my girls expected of me, leading. I have rallied students to sell out of tickets for school sporting events, I have been briefed by every non sport activity club for a budget and while nobody got everything everyone got something. First big dance is the winter formal and I’m looking at two dances then but for now I’m preparing for Halloween. Everyone in the group is setting up for a party at Kyle’s house, yes I said it, Kyle is hosting a party while his parents are away. It’s invite only and as it came to the last couple of days before the party I find myself without a date. I don’t know what to make of it so I go down my list; Kori is sick and missed school due to vomiting but doesn’t want me to wait on her hand and foot. Katy is too tired from college and Mom is helping her stick to her guns on not coming with me. Imelda hates the holiday, nothing I can do about that. Mathilda is spending time at home with her father and they are doing something together which means no party and no company. Finally Rachael doesn’t want to spend time over at Kyle’s because it’s too weird and her Dad’s are busy with her at their house. To make matters worse when I say I’m not going to the party all my women tell me I ‘have’ to go and that I ‘need’ to enjoy myself. I find it to be kind of impossible to go to a party and enjoy myself when I’m not with at least one of the five women I love.

I get decked out in my costume and while all my women have messaged me to have a good time I send responses that I will try and leave it at that. I’m on Pale Horse; it fits my Mr. Grimm costume idea. Black trench coat, metallic looking gauntlets and some piece mail armor over my body. The best piece is the mask, a worn looking skull mask but it’s hardened and firmly secured to my head like a face plate. I arrive a little later than some but still earlier than others. I approach the house and not one person seems to know it’s me. I’m mingling, I never liked parties and I’m completely alone when I see two people who make me feel better. Devin is bigger than most and seeing him in a giant military uniform I have to chuckle a little, Masha is decked out in military garb as well but it’s not American military. I know they seem me but I’m pretty sure they don’t recognize me as I continue through the crowd. To say that Kyle’s family has money is to say that Loretta has done well for herself. The house is big and while not supersized like Mr. Delauter’s it’s still pretty good. I decide to wander and keep up appearances that nobody knows me as I pass Liz who is some angel/fairy thing in white and blue. When I see her with Kyle who looks like he dressed up intentionally as royalty complete with the tipped crown for arrogance, I remember why I kicked the shit out of him last year. I move up and can hear them talking, about me which is odd.

“Are you sure he’s coming,” Kyle asks Liz looking around.

“All his girls said he’d be here, why are you so hard up for my brother to be here,” Liz asks concerned.

“He’s been really cool with me especially after we started dating so he’s kind of my guest of honor, even have a room set up for him and the girls,” Kyle informs my sister.

“The girls aren’t going to be here, so we gave him a room that he can sleep alone in,” Liz says a little upset,” I hope we can find him and cheer him up, he loves Halloween and was hoping for some sort of fun tonight.”

Liz actually cares about me, I forget sometimes since she is very self centered a lot but it’s nice to hear. I watch as Kyle get’s Devin’s attention and has him check for my bike, when he reports back that I’m here Kyle heads up stairs to be above everyone when he addresses the crowd. In total I think he has maybe fifty students from two schools at his house.

“I’d like to thank all the invited people here for coming, to the guy in the clown outfit that snuck in I’d like to direct your attention to the two linebackers who will be escorting you out,” Kyle says as two big guys in togas walk him out the front,” Now let’s get some music going and have some fun.”

Everyone seems upbeat and happy, they’re talking and mingling about and more than a few have started dancing in the cleared out living room. I’m wandering the house and a few people see the mask and get out of my way, I can honestly say that I haven’t said a single word since I got here and it’s kind of nice. I miss my girls, not one of them on one of my top three favorite holidays was able to be with me. I get stopped by the two enforcers that Kyle has and sure enough there is my sister’s boyfriend with a bit of a disapproving look on his face.

“I thought I got rid of any uninvited guests but apparently you just come out of the woodwork,” Kyle says as one of the bruisers steps forward.

I let him reach out with his hand before slapping it away quickly, the bruiser recoils and actually checks his hand as I stare at the other and cock my head sideways like I’m waiting to see what he’ll do. Sure enough he steps forward and grabs my trench coat; I shoot one hand forward at groin height before taking hold of the nearest ‘appendage’ and squeeze. The second bruiser lets go of my coat and I stare at Kyle before cocking my head to the side again and stare at him.

“Guy? Holy shit man you look awesome, I didn’t know it was you. Please let him go,” Kyle asks figuring out it’s me.

I let him go and pat the guy on the shoulder for a ‘no hard feelings’ moment. Kyle leads me to Liz, Devin and Masha who all stare at me before he whispers into Liz’s ear and she lights up.

“Guy you look awesome,” Liz lets the cat out for the others.

I shrug and we share compliments on costumes and I get a knuckle knock on my face plate by Devin who chuckles at the hardened plastic facemask. I get led away by Kyle who introduces me around to a couple people he knows from his old school. They are a little impressed by my costume but it’s when we separate and I move off by myself and sit down alone that I realize I just want my girls here to keep me company. Devin and Masha are doing the happy couple thing and Liz is socializing with a few girls in nice hot outfits but me I’m the loner tonight and it sucks.

I must have spent an hour and a half just mingling and talking to random people when finally Liz pulls me aside. We’re away from the crowd when she sits me down on an ottoman and plants herself next to me.

“Okay big brother are you alright,” She asks trying to be helpful.

“One of my favorite holidays and I’m alone, I guess being engaged means that you don’t get to drag your happiness everywhere or something,” I tell Liz from behind my mask.

“Well you still have your roaming privileges just find a girl,” Liz says trying to be hopeful,” I mean we have a room set aside for you to hang out here tonight.”

“I heard earlier, thanks but I’m gonna head home in a little while,” I tell Liz who pulls my mask off.

“No, I can’t stay the night here without you and I want to stay the night at Kyle’s place,” Liz informs me very matter of factly.

“Fine, I’ll stay so you can have fun,” I tell her disheartened by my new level of boredom.

“Thank you big brother,” Liz says making sure she’s taken care of before heading back to the party.

And that is Liz’s self-centeredness coming forward and letting me know that the niceties have a motive. I head back into the fray and get the location of my room from Kyle before heading off on my own to relax and probably turn in early. I pull my phone out and text my girls asking if they are doing alright, I don’t get a single response and I just dump my phone back in my pocket before leaving the room to get a drink. Devin and Masha have left to go have fun according to Liz and I feel good for them as finish my drink and put my mask back in place. Kyle comes back to me and leads me off to the main room, once there he cuts the music for a minute to speak with me next to him.

“As people know I’m not always the noble and charitable hero that I liked to think I was. I’m getting better mind you but I have a problem,” Kyle says putting his arm around my shoulder,” My friend here is alone tonight, not a single woman that cares for him was able to be here. He is doing me and my girlfriend a favor by staying over tonight. Now before you ask I’m not looking for a bed partner or anything for my friend that would make you feel uncomfortable but he needs someone to talk with at the very least. Can I have some single ladies who are interested in helping me out?”

A small line appears and I have a black girl dressed as a witch with pointed hat, a pair of slutty nurses, a belly dancer girl with dark skin and a veil, rounded out by a girl in cat patterned clothes like a jungle woman. I’m looking at them and they can’t see my face which makes me the possible ugly man in an ugly costume. The nurses look a bit apprehensive, the black witch is not amused, the girl in the cat cloths is curious and the belly dancer I don’t even know because like me I can’t see her face. I watch as finally the belly dancer steps forward, she is curvy and her breasts are huge as she approaches me with an intent look in her eyes.

“I will take him,” She says with a thick yet familiar accent.

Kyle seems happy and the other girls are almost dismissed when she stops them and stares at me, god her eyes are pretty, and I’m damn lonely right now.

“Remove the coat,” She asks and I slowly pull of my trench coat before she takes it,” Now the gloves.”

I don’t know what she’s doing but I comply and there is a bit of a murmur going around as the ‘fearsome monster’ is being disrobed in front of everyone without a word of protest. I get everything off save for my boots pants and the loose t shirt I had on under the armor bits.

“Leave the mask, remove the shirt,” She commands.

I pull the shirt off over my head without removing the mask, it takes a minute but considering my work out leaves me looking like I was cut from stone. I have a few appreciative looks from the ladies who weren’t interested before one stepped forward and decided I was worth her time. The belly dancer has all my clothes and gains my attention with a gesture.

“Lead me to a private place so I can appreciate you,” the belly dancer tells me in a sultry tone.

I lead and she follows carrying my clothing as I head to the room that Kyle prepared for me. I let us in and once inside I close the door as she unceremoniously dumps my clothing on the floor. I let her lead me to the bed and she sits me down before extending a hand and touching my chest. She is very quiet and I’m not saying a damn thing as I let her separate my legs before kneeling down and undoing my pants. It takes a minute before she stands up and has me do it myself, once I’m done I am to sit right back where I was and with both of us wearing a mask the anonymity is a bit of a turn on.

“Don’t speak to answer my questions,” She says kneeling in between my legs and stroking my cock with her hand,” Does this female’s body please you?”

I nod and watch as she leans forward before slowly lifting her silk veil, not so I can see but so that the head of my cock can slip into her mouth. Slowly she takes her time letting me slide till she’s half way down my shaft. I can’t figure out what is so hot about her right now but as she works me over, the belly dancer isn’t taking all of me but it’s enough. I look down and see her staring up at my eyes it’s mesmerizing to have her watch me as I watch her work. I’m hard as I’ll get now as I feel her tighten up her mouth around me and while I’m usually more composed right now I’m about to cum hard and I haven’t even seen her breasts yet.

“I can feel you getting ready to release,” She tells me and I nod a little in agreement,” Do your women love you?”

“Yes, what,” I answer and ask confused.

“Your women are on your body,” She says pointing out my tattoo as she stokes me,” Are they the only women who love you?”

“I don’t know, I think so,” I state as I feel my orgasm building.

“This female betrayed your affection,” she says stopping right where she is and I’m confused as all fuck,” You were in pain and I was not there for you. When I hurt you were there for me, when I was scared you made me safe.”

I watch the belly dancer stand up and start removing different parts of her costume till nothing is left but her face veil. We’re both naked save for the masks and I stand up now to touch her but she starts to back away and I’m confused as she circles around to the bed and crawls up it to the head and turns to face me while sitting on her knees. I move to mirror her but I’m confused as all fuck, beautiful double D breasts hanging with large brown nipples and a trimmed pussy. For the life of me I can’t think of how a woman like this could have betrayed me last year.

“No more masks, I want to see your face,” She says gently reaching up and pulling my mask off,” Such a handsome face for a monster, and a sweet loving monster you are.”

I watch as she takes her mask off and it’s a few seconds till my brain recognizes Lajita in the low light of the bedroom, I must be shocked because she smiles lightly before turning away from me and grabbing the head board on the bed. I move behind her and when I start to line up with her asshole she turns and smiles.

“You remembered,” Is all she says before turning her head to face forward.

My entry into her isn’t easy but it doesn’t take long before I feel my head enter and we both gasp at my invasion I want to take it slow but Lajita reaches back and pulls my hands off her hips so that I’m pressed against her and have to push more of me inside. It doesn’t take long before I’m resting my hips against her soft and ample ass before my need to thrust takes over and I start to move in and out with long strokes. Lajita moves my hand to her warm muff and I instinctively start to rub till I find her clit and strum in time with my thrusting into her ass. I can hear her squeaking in pleasure when I stop and she starts to look at me.

“I want to hear you, I want to hear my favorite little Indian girl cum,” I whisper in to her ear.

“You are…. So good with me….,” Lajita praises as I continue to fuck her ass.

I won’t last long thanks to her stopping earlier so I speed up my fingers on her clit and use my other hand to squeeze her D cup breast. We’re both moaning and grunting as I can’t help but speed up my thrusting. Lajita whimpers and I feel her clamp up a little which sends me over the top and I flood her with my seed. We grind our hips together hard while grunting and whimpering through our orgasms till we’re both happily spent. Lajita pulls me out of her and quietly moves off the bed to the small guest toilet and cleans herself up before coming back to me with a wet rag. Slowly she takes her time cleaning every inch of my now spent cock before putting the rag aside and laying me down onto the bed. I feel her curl up next to me and now my brain is processing questions.

“How did you come to the idea that you betrayed me,” I ask recalling her admission.

“I knew what was happening but didn’t say anything to you in person or the phone, I should have. I felt guilty not being there to tend to your spirit. I have spoken with Kori and the others and while she forgives me I have trouble forgiving myself,” Lajita tells me with a quiet sadness.

“Let me ask you something right now,” I state getting her attention,” Were I not marrying five of the best women I’ve ever met would you have made me your own two years ago?”

I see her smile and feel her curl up next to me quietly. I am waiting for the answer when she pinches my side a little causing me to jump.

“You would be a good husband to any woman, and you will always own a part of me regardless of who wins my heart,” my Indian goddess tells me as we curl up together.

We get situated under the blankets and I can feel her start to relax when I pull her tightly against me and whisper in her ear.

“Tomorrow when we wake up you must be ready because I’m taking your womanhood and I’m going to accept your not needed apology by giving you the sex you deserve,” I quietly whisper.

I can feel her tense up for a moment before she pulls her braid out of my face and tucks my arm under her breast. She is a good woman to have around and she does help me feel like some sort of a good man. I’m not looking to add a sixth fiancé mind you but with Lajita there is a peace of mind that allows me to sleep well on Halloween night that I haven’t had in a long time.

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