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PatternsJamie had never been one to show off and let others watch her as she enjoyed her sexuality. In fact, she was very different than many very sexual women I had been aware of over the years in as much as she seemed to manage just one lover at a time seldom seeming to play with a new one until she had stopped the relationship with the previous one. I doubted that she realized the pattern and hesitated to even mention itI was one of the few exceptions to her “pattern”. We maintained a relationship of very intense emotional communication that turned as sexual as a relationship could be while she was suckled and enjoyed other intimacies with men she had suckle her to encourage her milk supply to increase. She gave me daily updates as the time for my leave grew closer. Not only did her milk supply increase, so did the volume of her breasts. She said they became too large for her bras and caused her tops to strain while containing them. When she described the things she had done sexually, she said she usually blushed while telling me.She blushed a lot regarding sex, something we talked about and were discussing then in the car driving to run an errand.She blushed to herself as she thought back to last weekend when we were driving up to Santa Barbara to play at the beach. I had her sitting with her skirt up over her panties and her bare feet up on the dash as she leaned over in my lap and sucked on my hard cock. She remembered my hand in her panties rubbing her clit and then pushing them off to the side so her lovely lickable mound showed. Then she had glanced up from my cock in time kaynarca escort to see that we were passing a big truck and the trucker was grinning as he watched her bobbing her head up and down and as she had her legs open wide enough for him to see every drop of wetness on her hot pussy.”You should have told me,” she had stammered as she pulled my cock from her lips just for a moment and tried to close her legs so the trucker would not see her hidden wetness, but my strong fingers stayed inside her opening and held her legs open at the same time. The ‘toot toot’ of the air horn made her blush red down her neck and over her nearly exposed breasts and she bit down on my cock just enough to make me wince.As she leaned over against my shoulder and felt my arm d**** over her scoop necked blouse, she waited only a second or so before my fingers had exposed her right breast and my touch was toying her nipple to hardness. She closed her eyes and reached over to my lap and gripped my cock in her hands and began rolling her palm over the end of it. She loved how it felt when I reacted to her touch and soon the hardness was just how she liked too. That’s when she slipped her lips over the end of it. She reached with her other hand and unzipped me and reached into the tight jeans and pulled out cock then looked down at the glistening end of the head that looked like a tan-pink plum.”You are turning me in to a cocksucker,” she complained playfully as she scooted just a bit to gain access to mouth me.I laughed at that comment playfully reminding her of the blowjobs she had described as orhanlı escort giving to the men she had chosen to suckle her through the months. I loved knowing that she enjoyed the act, especially in swallowing their cum as it exploded in her accommodating mouth.In the distance we heard the sound of a Harley motor coming up behind us. She sat and glanced in the rear mirror; she could see a couple of riders were coming up to pass us. She cupped her hand over my cock for a moment and tried to push her blouse back over her breast, but my hand was in the way on purpose so she just relaxed and pulled my cock back up in full view so the riders would see it as well as her bare breast.The man looked over and then looked away and then his head snapped back as Jamie smiled and licked her lips…she pumped my cock up and down just a couple of times as she watched the biker’s mouth drop open and then she jiggled her shoulders too so her heavy tits swayed just enough to drive him nuts. The other rider slipped up beside him and glanced over also; this rider was a woman and it seemed and her mouth dropped open also and then turned to a wicked grin when she saw my hard cock sticking up in Jamie’s hand.I sped up just a bit and moved beyond the bikers, she looked over the back seat at them behind us and could see them motioning back and forth about sucking cock and about tits. Jamie grinned and looked at me with velvet wet eyes and whispered.”You are such a tease,” then leaned down and began running her tongue around the head of my cock. She loved how it pressed to her lips and how when we tepeören escort were fucking, it pried it’s way into her soft damp slot like it was a fist going into a glove that was too small. She fingered my balls gently and lifted them to her lips as she mouthed the wrinkly skin bag that contained them. She let her legs fall prey to my hand as I pushed her skirt up over her tummy and forced her panties off of her ankles resting on the dashboard. She splayed her legs on the seat for me and fed my eyes with the vision of her soft fur mound as she sucked my thickening cock. “Oh yes,” she moaned as I pushed my index finger into her soft wetness and began pressing her clit with my thumb just how she liked it. Soon she felt her wetness flowing as she hunched her hips up and down to my fingering and as the wetness trickled between her cheeks she felt the edge of her orgasm ready to shoot its wetness onto my hand.”Now baby…now,” she moaned wickedly as she hunched hard and slammed her legs wide open as she flailed the air with her quivering knees.”Ohhhh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moaned as she jerked my cock out of her mouth and just enjoyed the shattering residue of gently contracting waves of her own pleasure.As she opened her eyes and flashed the love looks up at me, she glanced over at the passenger window and caught the glazed expression of the biker couple again. “You slowed down so they could see me cum,” she growled as she closed her legs around my fingers and tried to regain her composure.”Moi?” I teased as I flexed my fingers inside her snug slot and pulled her over even closer to my side.”I love you baby,” I whispered as she kissed my sweaty forehead gently.”I love you too, but you are still a tease,” she replied as she pulled my hand from her cunt and reached it up to my lips so I could taste the tangy fruits of her orgasm.

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