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Paul’s GrannyThis is a true story told to me by Paul, a swinger friend of ours. Paul is a good guy and I had the honor of fucking his granny recently. Granny Mary confirmed the truth of this story. Please enjoy!Granny Mary is a real pistol of a woman. She had had my mother when she was only fifteen, the result of an encounter with a couple of married stranger men in her neighborhood. Granny had had several husband who died and left her pretty well set up. Every summer I would go visit her and stay for a couple of months to give my mom a break. Granny lived on a good size ranch with horses. She has long blonde hair that has grayed over time. She is a petite woman with a cowgirl ass and very tone body. Granny Mary has a beautiful face and very warm blue eyes. I had been going to granny’s place since I was a little k**. We would do things together and always had alot of fun. I shared everything with granny. WE hid nothing from each other. We even went skinny dipping and took baths together. It was always play time with granny and I never thought anything wrong about it. We walked around naked in front of each other all the time and it was very comfortable. As I neared puberty and my teenage years granny started to not be so open. This hurt my feelings and I expressed them to granny. After we talked about it granny decided and we agreed to not let things and to be as open as we had always been.A few days after that conversation I was going to take a nap and granny was to meet the horse ferrier out at the barn. After several minutes of not falling asleep I went to the barn to watch the ferrier do his work. Daisy the horse was tied to the post and the ferriers tools were all laying around kadıköy escort but noone was around. I crept into the barn where I heard some movement. I peaked into one of the stalls to see granny all splayed out naked, with Bill the ferrier naked and banging away on her. I had never been this close to sex and had been courious about it. My dick got hard as I watched. All I could see of granny were her tits and they were bouncing to Bills thrust. I could see Bills hairy back and ass and could hear him grunting like a large bear. I remember the sound of the slapping of the bodies and the sloshing noise. After watching for a minute Bill grunted loudly and screamed yes as well as did granny. Everything got still but they were both breathing very heavy. Bill moved out of the way giving me full view of granny’s pussy. It was all wet with white cream, her pretty bush was all gooey. There was even cream leaking from her open lips. This made my dick hurt even more and I queitly made my way back to the house and went to the bathroom to relieve my throbbing dick. It only took about three strokes and I exploded. I was not sure how to talk to granny after that and she picked up on it straight away asking me what was wrong. I finally told her what I saw and she told me that she has needs and there is nothing wrong with people having sex. Granny explained that she has several friends and they help each other out often and that some day I will be the same way. Things got back to normal, except that granny seemed to like the idea of me watching and the next time she had a friend over she let me know ahead of time. üsküdar escort Then we would talk about it afterwards.The next summer I went to granny’s I had a pretty good start on my man bush. Granny even made a comment on it. It was more bushy that granny’s and she said she trims hers and then said that she could trim mine too. We went to her bedroom and she got out her clippers, she said it was her bush trimmer. She showed me how to trim and as she touched me my cock got hard. Granny laughed and said that I had the start of really nice cock and that some day all the girls will be chasing me around. I told granny that I did not know how to have sex and was embarrased. Granny then told me the story of her first time. She did not know what she was doing or what to expect either. The rest of the summer was normal. Granny and I had alot of fun. And I got to trim granny as much as she trimmed me. The next summer I arrived at granny’s and we were off doing lots of stuff. Then one night we were sitting watching a movie, granny was sitting next to me in just a tshirt and her legs were up. I could clearly her snatch. I was only wearing boxers and had a huge boner. Granny asked me if I had had sex yet. I told her no, I had not. I told granny that I almost did but I exploded before I could get it in and the girl laughed at me. I told granny I was not ever going to try it again. Granny laughed, then with her warm blue eyes told me that happens. Granny said she has men do that with her. Even now it happens every once in awhile. Granny said that I need pratice. I told granny that I can not practice with out a girl. I laughed at the thought and told granny tuzla escort that I need a pussy that I could fuck all the time for months to get practice. They do not rent those things. I then told granny that she was the only woman I was that comfortable with but we could not do that. Granny looked at me and smiled real big, a smile that made my cock even harder. I told granny that I knew what she was thinking, granny said why not? Granny said that no one would have to know, it would help me and it would help her. We would both be helping each other out. Now I have always found granny to be very hot and enjoyed seeing her naked, even watching her fuck other men. Granny reached over and slowly stroked my cock. Granny said that she had always found me to very attractive and that she was dripping wet right now just thinking about it. I looked at granny, then down to her pussy. Her lips were open and she was wet, I could even smell her. I looked back at her and smilled, she pulled my boxers down and climbed on top of me and lowered herself down onto my cock. Her tight cunt slid easily down my rod and when she was all the way down she asked me how that felt. I told granny that it was the most amazing feeling and then I exploded pumping what felt like a gallon of hot spunk deep into granny. I told granny sorry, granny said that it is practice and not to worry. My cock stayed hard and granny began to work it over with her pussy. I could not beleive I had this beautiful woman on top of me working my cock over. After about a minute I exploded deep inside granny again. Granny smiled and said the it was working as it took longer that time than the first. Granny got up and as she did a gloob of my spunk ran out of her. Her pussy looked ten times worse than when the ferrier got done. I told granny sorry for the mess and she laughed and said that it was part of the fun. Granny said she loved having spunk all over and up inside her.Granny taught me all about fucking the rest of the summer. I could not wait to get back home and fuck girls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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