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Subject: Paul’s Hawt Rendevous This is a fanfiction story with the characters Paul Narrtito (Christopher Sean) and Dr Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes). This story says nothing about the actors being gay or something it’s just pure fiction. Copyrights © NBC DAYS OF OUR LIVES ABC GENERAL HOSPITAL ********************************* Paul Narrito is at a resort, taking a little break from his hectic life, he goes into a sauna to relax and notices a handsome man sitting there as well, they look at each other and smile. Paul can’t help but feel himself getting horny and hard looking at the man with his trimmed hairy body and slightly long hair. They are alone together and the man stands up, walks to the door and puts an under construction sign on the door and closes the door again. “No one will disturb us now” the man says and drops his towel from his waist, revealing his big long cock. Paul is amazed by the cock the man has. The man walks over to him, placing his hands at each side and having his face close to Paul’s “Hi I’m Lucas Jones” the man says. “Paul Narrito” he replies, looking at Lucas smiling at him. Lucas reaches his hands to Paul’s towel and pulls it open, revealing Paul’s thick cock. “Nice cock man” Lucas says. Paul smiles at Lucas “Thanks” Lucas kisses Paul on his mouth and then stands up. Paul looks excited at Lucas, his cock twitching, excited by the sexy man. Lucas pushes etlik escort Paul with his back to the wall of the sauna and squats himself on Paul’s cock, taking Paul’s entire cock inside him. Paul is amazed and holds eye contact with Lucas while Lucas starts to ride his dick. Lucas starts to fuck himself wildly on Paul’s cock, making Paul moan, he wraps his arms around Lucas, holding him. “A nice thick cock man” Lucas says, moaning and riding Paul’s cock. Both men start to sweat from this hot action in the warm sauna. Paul moaning deeply, feeling his cock ridden by Lucas. “You’re about to make me cum” Paul admits. “Do it stud, fill me up” Lucas says, kissing Paul and holding on to Paul’s broad shoulders. “Oh fuck, here it cums” Paul says and shoots his load inside Lucas. “Mmmm yeah big guy” Lucas says and moans. Paul catches his breath, being ridden like that. Lucas kisses Paul passionately “Now it’s your turn” Paul gets excited and lets himself be pushed down to lay on the bench. Lucas puts his finger at Paul’s cock that’s still leaking some sperm and reaches it to Paul’s ass, lubing him up with his own sperm. Paul moans, feeling Lucas’s finger at his hole. “Gonna love fucking that ass” Lucas says excited. Paul looks excitedly at Lucas, seeing Lucas reach his fingers at his own ass, taking some of Paul’s sperm that’s leaking out of his ass ankara escort bayan and uses it as lube on his cock “Ready for it?” Paul nods yes and sees Lucas walk over to the end of him. Lucas lifts Paul’s legs and an excited Paul looks up at the sexy hairy masculine man about to fuck him. Lucas places his cock at Paul’s ass and starts pushing it in. Paul tries to relax and takes Lucas’s entire long cock entering him. “Fuck what a nice ass” Lucas says, pushing his entire cock all the way inside Paul. Paul looks up, seeing Lucas hang over him. “I’m gonna make love to you sexy” Lucas says and starts to fuck Paul. Paul moans, feeling Lucas’s cock going almost out and back in. Lucas looks at Paul and pulls him into a kiss. Both men moan, having a rough sweaty fuck session. “That ass feels so good” Lucas says while laying his hands on Paul’s chest, fucking him hard and rough. Paul’s legs pressed against Lucas’s chest, taking the hard pounding, holding himself to the bench that squeaks loudly. “Fuck me… fuck me” Paul repeats, taking Lucas’s pounding. Like a wild animal Lucas fucks Paul, his hair wet, his whole body flexing, showing his muscles and veins, pumping Paul’s ass. Paul looks up at Lucas, never has he ever been fucked this wild. He feels like he’s being fucked by a bull, he remembers he has ridden a mechanical bull before going wild but the pounding Lucas sincan escort is giving him is not comparable to that. Lucas goes wild and Paul sees lust written on Lucas’ face. Paul feels his legs getting limp, it’s like Lucas is some muscular Pagan God brought to life to give him the ride of his life. Lucas keeps on ramming his cock inside Paul, in and out. Paul holds on for dear life but doesn’t want it to end, feeling Lucas’s cock hitting his prostate over and over again. “Oh gawd… I’m… I’m… CUMMING” Paul suddenly shouts and cums without touching. “Yeah, that is hot” Lucas cheers. Paul is surprised that this just happened. “Fuck boy, I’m about to cum” Lucas announces. Lucas takes his cock out of Paul’s ass and strokes it above the big hunk. Paul looks at Lucas, seeing the ripped hairy hunk stroking his cock. Lucas shoots his load all over Paul’s chest “Fuck yeah” “Gawd that was hot” Paul says getting up. “Yeah it was” Lucas says smiling and scoops up the load on Paul’s chest with his finger and gets it in his mouth, he leans forward and kisses Paul, sharing their mixed sperm. “Thanks for this” Lucas says, h picks up his towel and leaves the sauna. Paul sits tired in the sauna and stands up, pulling the towel on. Not believing what has happened he walks into the locker room after his shower, when he pulls his locker open he sees a paper falling out with Lucas’s phone number on it. Leaving a big smile on Paul’s face. ********************************* If you enjoyed the story or have a request please send me a message Don’t forget to donate to Nifty for support to let this great site exist and keep the stories going.

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