Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 1

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Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 1Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 1Sunday, Sept. 2, 1985The alarm went off early Sunday morning. None of us wanted to get up, but we had to take Jerry and Rosemary to the airport early to catch their flight to Cancun for their honeymoon. Ginger d**g herself out to the kitchen to start the coffee while we all showered and got dressed. Breakfast was quick and the newlyweds finished their last minute packing, we loaded the van and headed to the airport. Jerry and Rosemary were all smiles and I noticed that Pepper was sporting a forced smile and I knew she wished she had a honeymoon to go on also. Our marriage wasn’t formal and legal and I knew she felt left out because of it. Ginger also sensed it and did her best cheer everyone up like she is so good at doing. After dropping Jerry and Rosemary at the airport and telling them to enjoy, we headed back to the house. Ginger was smiling, knowing the surprise I had in store for Pepper once we got back to the house.After we got inside, Pepper sat down at the table for another cup of coffee and asked what our plans were for the day. I asked Pepper what was wrong and why she was feeling down. She tried to blow it off as being just tired, but I asked her if it had anything to do with her not getting a honeymoon because we weren’t officially married. Looking away so I wouldn’t see her tears she tried to say no, but I knew better. I sat down next to her, took her hand slid an engagement ring on her finger. She looked up surprised and didn’t know what to say. Ginger pulled up a chair and put her hand next to Pepper’s to show her it was the identical ring. Then I placed the wedding band on her finger and she saw that it was identical to Ginger’s as well. Tears flowed like a waterfall as she hugged me and thanked me over and over. Once I was able to break loose from her embrace, I handed her an envelope. She asked what was inside and Ginger told her to open it and look. Pepper quickly opened the envelope and her eyes got huge as she pulled out the plane and hotel reservations for the three to Tulum, Mexico. She looked up and asked where in the heck was Tulum. I told her it’s about 80 miles south of Cancun and that there was a guy I know that tuzla escort was in the process of opening a new private resort along the beach there. She then noticed the dates on the reservations and said that’s today and she has to work tomorrow. I told her that I already talked to her boss and he approved a 2 week vacation starting Monday. Then she got frantic and said she needed to start packing and Ginger told her that she was all packed except for her personal items. I looked her and told her she was my wife and that she was going on a honeymoon. Ginger added that she hoped she didn’t mind her sister tagging along and Pepper said we’re in this marriage together, the three of us and that it’s only right that she come along. Pepper hugged me so tight and for so long I thought I would pass out. She thanked me over and over and then the two of them rushed to the bedroom to finish packing the last of their stuff. I followed and packed my personal needs as well. We had lunch before arriving at the airport. The flight to Mexico was uneventful except that I was able to fondle both Pepper and Ginger’s breasts while in our seats. The couple across the aisle caught me several times with my hand in Ginger’s top as she was sitting next to the aisle. When we arrived at the airport and collected our luggage, there was a driver waiting for us and he drove us to the resort which was right on the beach in a large cove. It was getting dark but we could still see the palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze and it truly looked like paradise. The owner of the resort met us out front and welcomed us. He explained that the resort has three dozen separate bungalows along the beach and that in a couple of years, he’ll expand to even more with possibly a high rise with rooms as well, depending on how business goes. Pepper asked how many other guests he had at the moment and he said that there were 28 other couples staying here at the moment, but several will be leaving during the week and several others will be arriving. He led us into the lobby of the main building and gave us a tour of the restaurant, bar, Jacuzzi and massage room. Handing us a set of keys, he led us to our bungalow, which appeared to pendik escort be the most secluded bungalow. As we arrived at the bungalow, the manager told us that public nudity is i*****l in Mexico, but the authorities overlook it here at the resort because tourism is too important to the local economy. One of the local officers works part time at the resort as a bartender and waiter and helps protect the resort and its visitors from theft. Inside the bungalow, there was a nice livingroom, small kitchen and bedroom. The window in the bedroom looked straight out to the ocean. We opened it up and felt the gentle breeze fill the room with the smell of the salty surf. It was pitch black looking out to the ocean, but we could hear the waves softly caressing the sands. We were hungry from our long flight so I convinced Pepper that we needed to get something to eat and then we would take a midnight walk on the beach.After a delicious meal at the resort restaurant, we went back to the bungalow, changed into swimsuits and I was wowed when the girls put their new bikinis on. They looked so hot and sexy I wanted to take them both to bed right then and there, but I knew Pepper was eager to walk on the beach even if it was very dark. I put my suit on as fast as I cold and asked if we needed towels and Pepper hollered out no as she was already heading out the door. We couldn’t see the ocean, but we could hear the waves on the beach, so we headed in that direction. As got close to the water’s edge, the distant lights allowed us to see the gentle waves lapping on the shore. Pepper and Ginger both ran out into the water to just over knee deep. The commented about how warm the water was and how good it felt. I sat down at the water’s edge and let the waves tickle my feet as the two sisters played in the surf. They acted like k**s seeing the ocean for the first time. I didn’t realize it, but they slowly worked their way down the beach just fare enough that I could no longer see them. I was watching the lights of a boat out on the water passing by when suddenly the girls jumped me from behind. Not only did they surprised me, which they know is hard to do, but I was surprised to find out that they were naked. kartal escort They had stripped off their bikinis and were running up and down the beach. The whole thing was so sexy that I had couldn’t help but join them and soon the three of us were naked on the beach in the dark in Mexico. Watching the two naked women appear and disappear in the dark was quite erotic and I watched them as best I could with full erection. Finally, I managed to grab Pepper as she ran by me and I spun her into my arms and kissed her with all the passion I had. She responded by reaching down and placing my cock between her legs so that it rested against her pussy. Then she started to move back forth so that I was rubbing against her pussy lips and clit. After a minute, both of us knew what we wanted and I slid my cock deep inside her and began making love to her standing there on the dark beach. Pepper came within seconds of penetrating her and by then, Ginger had found us in the dark and was standing behind Pepper, holding her breasts and playing with her nipples. I was also very turned on and a couple minutes later I began shooting my white hot seed as deep up inside Pepper as I could. When she felt me cumming inside her, she came again and ended up squirting my cum back out all over both of us. After another long passionate kiss, I carried out into the water so that we could both wash off. We picked up our swimsuits and casually walked back to the bungalow, still naked. By the time we got there, we were fairly dry. We went inside, showered off the salt water and sand and then headed to bed. Ginger told me to take her one more time before we went to sleep since this was her real honeymoon. Pepper said she wanted this time to be all three of us, so I laid down on the bed, Pepper climbed onto my cock and Ginger sat on my face. Once again I knew that I was the luckiest man on earth to have two extremely beautiful and sexy wives who loved me and loved sharing me. One was riding my cock like there was no tomorrow and the other was letting me taste her delicious pussy, all at the same time. Thinking about the two of them, I quickly build up to another orgasm and once again filled Pepper’s pussy with my love. Both girls had also cum and we collapsed into each other exhausted from our long day and consummating the honeymoon. A quick clean up and we were ready to crash. We cuddled up into our threesome and drifted off to sleep. To be continued…

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