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Subject: At the Pharmacy (Pharmacy Injections (12) This is a fictional story about the hot guys that work at the pharmacy I now work at. After the hot guys I had seen working in one. And how much they got paid, I wanted in. So now I work for one that does infusion injections for patients with all sorts of conditions And it is my luck and joy to have a buttload of hot guys that are there certain days if the week. Its a wild romp if me getting slammed my the pharmacist and male nurses that do the injections. This story does not in any way suggest their sexual preference as all but one I know are married and with kids. So it’s purely fiction Do enjoy it though.. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ At the Pharmacy (Pharmacy Injections (12) … “Awesome, awesome body” I said to Terry as he stood there before me My mouth hung opened at the sight of the gorgeous man before me. Handsome and incredible body. Just the right amount of muscle in just the right places. The tattoo on his arm and shoulder looking sexy on his delicious body. I felt a twitch in my pants that still hadn’t come off as my lust exploded for him. I started shedding clothes faster than I ever had. Tossing everything around the room to get naked for him. “Damn!” I huffed as I stared at him Then I moved in fast and dropped to my knees before this stud. I licked at my lips as I surveyed his spectacular body and nice filled out bulge. “So. You like?” He asked of me “Like?” I questioned his comment. “I love it. Awesome body” I couldn’t believe this sexy god asked me that. Did this super hot man not know how gorgeous he was? He had to know how every woman kocaeli escort in this building fawned over him each time he came into the building. How his arrival had eyes leering and mouths hanging open stupidly. I know I was in total lust with him each time I saw him. But I didn’t figure he was gay. Or had any indication he liked guys at all til just recently. And that he would be interested in my ass. Well that was a surprise too. But here I was now, with him and alone in the office. Me and the smoldering hit Terry. I would grin from ear to ear before all these bitches if they were there. Giving them the ‘i beat you’ look. “I got this hunk and not you bitches” he head would be shouting at them “He is mine bitches. Mine!” And he was, all mine for the moment. And as I looked at the stunning man standing before me I knew I had to worship him. I rubbed at his crotch. Feeling as Terry’s dick throbbed under my fingers. The mans dick was getting ready for what may come. And that was gonna be a good fucking I would take from this stud. Terry and that hard dick. I first buried my face into his crotch. Chewing on his cock through the pants that held it. Feeling as hus cock continued to pulsate against my lips as I did. Then I reached fir the button to unfasten them. Then I pulled at the zipper to open them “Lets free this beauty” I said I then pulled gis pants down his long and lean thighs. Dropping them to the floor at his ankles. Then I quickly followed suite with his underwear. Yanking those down his legs. Then his dick did fall out at me. And there it was. Terry’s cock. Not as big or thick as Jimmy’s had been. But a lovely near 7 inches of male meat food. kocaeli escort bayan I grasped at his dick. Holding his still hardening cock. I stroked his lovely dick once or twice before moving in on it. I opened my mouth and slid my face down over his cock. My tongue dancing along the underside of his beautiful dick. I could hear Terry groaning above me as he loved my mouth in his dick. “Hmm. Fuck years baby” he groaned “Feels good. Soo good” “Suck on my cock man. Suck it down” I slurped down his dick like a whore. Feasting on him like I was desperate to eat up his dick. And I was. I reached around and grabbed his ass as I swallowed him down to the base. I gagged a bit as he pushed that dick into my throat. But pulled back just enough to get air. Gasping as I came back off him. And then I moved back down his dick again. Slobbering along his length as I ate up as much of Terry as I could. “Yeah man. Oh fuck yes!” He moaned again “Soo fucking great” I continued to eat up his hard as stone dick for a bit longer. Again giving Terry more and more pleasure. Again making him groan in delight as he humped at my face. But I wanted more than just this. I wanted Terry to fuck me. So I moved up and off his dick. Then kissing at the tip of his dick as I pulled from it. “I need you to fuck me now” I said to Terry “Gotta have this beauty in my ass.” Then I got up and then climbed up on the table in the room. I then just lay back on it and pulled up my legs. I reached down and pulled at my ass cheeks. Giving Terry a view of the ass I wanted him to take. Just offering up my hole for the hot man. “Here you go Terry” I said to him “This pussy is all yours man” izmit escort “Get up here and suck me man. Fuck me silly” I lay there spread eagle for Terry. Awaiting for the hottest man at my office to them that hard dick of his into me. At first he just stood there looking sexy as all Hell, stroking his hard as stone cock in hand. His awesome body and arms flexing as he moved his hand over his dick. A dick that wasn’t as big as alex or Jimmy. But he didn’t need a huge cock to make me want him. His looks and body were far more interesting than the size of his dick. Which was still a very very nice size. Just ask my happy mouth. “Damn man” I huffed “You are ready for sex, aren’t you?” As ge said that I licked and wet up my finger. Then brought it to my ass hole. Then I pushed it into myself. Moaning softly as I felt it go in. And then I again begged the hot Terry to give me his dick. “Come on you sexy fucker” I again said “Fuck this pussy hole” “I need a good dicking” I started to push at my ass with my finger more. Fucking myself with it as I begged Terry to come over and slam me with dick. Moving faster as I lay there in my horny state. Giving my man hole a nice silly fucking with the one finger. Then as if by cue, Terry stepped in closer as I begged for him to come over. As I punched a second finger into my needs my ass. Ge smiled as he looked down at me laying there in my lust filled desire for him. Then ge spit down in his dick as he moved in between my legs. I looked up at ths tunning man standing there. I pulled my fingers from my hole as I felt his cock move in and graze my hand. Then he pushed his hard dick to my ass hole. First rubbing the head to my hole. “So you want this in you?” He asked I nodded up at him. My face delirious with my lust for him. So Terry then thrust….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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