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I’ve been toying with doing this for a while and find the buzz from ‘exposing’ some of my experiences to be incredibly exciting in itself.  All the more so as I’m not a ‘flaunt it’ type of girl in normal life.  More than once a new boyfriend as been taken by surprise once things get personal.  The following details a few events, but focuses on one of my most ‘illicit’ sides – playing with another girl.  I am to all intents and purposes completely straight, except to the very few who know.  Hope you enjoy this as much I have putting it all down…  (all names changed etc)Briefly about me, 26, in a professional position, UK and looking for the right man.  I’m 5′ 9″, usually keeping to just under 9 stone through running.  I’m not your ‘god’s gift’ but I do like my bum and legs.  Me and Sarah, a friend of mine were chatting in my room at Uni late on a Saturday night after having been out and we were just chilling out with a cup of tea talking about everything and nothing.  At about the same time, we realised there were moans coming from Andy and his girlfriend Bex next door.  This wasn’t the first time I’d heard them at it.  To be honest, first time I was left thinking aaaarrrhh! please, I really don’t want to know.  It was only afterwards, and the second and subsequent times that I was left hot and bothered.  I couldn’t help thinking about it being me that Andy was giving a good seeing too, and me begging for more as I held his naked body tight and he repeatedly thrusted (what I imagined to be) his beautiful cock into me.So when the two of us heard them my first reaction was to pretend mock horror.  But Sarah had no such inhibitions and went ‘wow – is that Andy at it with Bex?’  There was a big smile on her face and I knew she liked him as well.  I explained how it wasn’t a first and if Bex went to form, she would probably be taking a while to get there.  Sarah wanted to know all the details which I filled her in on and together we listened to them.  At one point she reckoned he’s was going down one her and that she was soooo jealous…  I’d never quite had a conversation like this before and the thought of us discussing Andy going down, that we’d both love that and frankly would love to be taken by him had both of us flush.  Eventually Andy’s magic clearly took Bex to orgasm with her trying badly to muffle her gasps and ‘fuck me baby’.With it all over, I said something like ‘yup – welcome to the porn channel!’ and she said something like if she was alone she would have taken care of things personally.  We both knew exactly that she was talking about masturbating and for some inexplicable and unlike me thing to say, I told her I had done just that on a previous occasion.She said no way! and basically dared me to do it right there and then.  Of course I said no way – you’re here and anyway I can’t belief I just told you I did that…Sarah then said ‘well it’s not as if it’s not natural’ and she had better make a move to her room so that we could both sort ourselves out.  Of course I had to dare her back, not thinking she would, but she said she would if I did.  Well of course I wouldn’t but she said go on – you chicken, and put her own hand down her jeans.  This was getting a bit out of hand for me, but she kept saying, I dare you – I am…  I’m finger fucking myself…  Bet you wont…So that was it, I undid my bottoms and started diddling.  We both looked at each other until it got too much and got into the orgasm.  She made it first which only encouraged me to finish İstanbul Escort off with a flourish.  Whereupon we both fell about with laughter.  Well that was as far as that went and I think it was just an unwritten thing that it was fun, private but nothing to repeat or go further.But it did influence an event a couple of years ago.  Out of Uni and at my boyfriends house which he shared with 2 other guys.  Again it was late and we were getting ready for bed when his housemate and his girlfriend started having sex.  I said, hello! are they normally this loud?  The bf was a bit embarrassed.  But I thought, hey, been here before and the idea of the two of them fucking one another was turning me on.  So I asked him if he wanted to have some fun?  Before he good find out how far I meant, I pulled the duvet off.  He was naked and a hard on gave away his true thoughts on the creaking springs.  Playing the dominant role, I told him he wasn’t allowed to say anything, just do as he was told.  I stripped and straddled his head, telling him to get to work.  He didn’t need telling twice and his tongue (one of his very worthwhile skills) got to work on my puss.With the springs rhythm speeding up, I thought time wasn’t on our side so I cut the foreplay, sat back and told him he was going to get a fuck.  With that, I guided his cock straight in as I rode him hard.  Normally I’m not the overly confident type, but just then it seemed easy.  I was in control, he felt so good inside me and next door were now fucking hard.  I talked dirty to my man as I rode him harder and harder.  I wasn’t going to orgasm but for me the sense of power and dominance was everything.  Meanwhile he was half wondering what had happened to his gf and half who cares!  Next door climaxed and I told him to come for me.  That I wanted him cum inside me, to fill my wet pussy up.  To watch his face as he held my boobs and I fucked his lovely cock was fantastic.  To give really is better sometimes than getting, and right at his orgasm, I felt like a complete woman.The next day I jokingly mentioned to the other girl that their bed springs need oiling.  She didn’t know what to say so I just told her not to worry, it got us going and I was doing exactly what she was telling her man to do to her.  I joked that I never realised I was into foursomes…  (without thinking about the connotation).Anyway a couple of weeks or so later after it was all forgotten, I happened to be at the bathroom sink when she shouted if the shower was free.  I shouted back to ‘be my guest’.  Next thing I know, she walks in stark naked with a couple of towels in her hand.  She is something of the archetypal slim babe with delectable small boobs.  She made out that she didn’t have a care in the world but it still left me half embarrassed and half – mind if I have a look, especially as that’s about as trimmed a brazilian as one can get.  I knew instantly (it wasn’t just the nudeness – I just knew) that she was making a pass.  Only trouble was that I had been taken by surprise, I had a bf and on top of that, I really didn’t fancy her bf.  I couldn’t get that excited about her when I knew he’d been there too.  I was lost for the right thing to say and something like, babe you are hot – I wish I had that figure, came out.  In return, she flattered me, but I just knew it wasn’t going anywhere and made my exit.  There’s been a few nights where the whole thing has been worked into a hot fantasy of mine and we end up having İstanbul Escort Bayan wild sex in the shower, but in truth, it wasn’t on the cards.Then there is Alex.  She was an ex work mate.  About 38, divorced with 2 of the cutest boys.  She gets on OK with their father and if there is such a thing as a ‘good’ split, it seems that they’ve got one.We worked at the same firm and would occasionally nip into town together for coffee or shopping.  It was a strange one as she worked in an unconnected department and was considerably senior to me, but somehow we managed to avoid the politics which was the life and soul of the place.Keeping fit was the initial bond.  As I’ve said, my thing is running.  I used to be pretty good at Uni, and reckon to be able to hold my own against most and that includes guys.  Alex was a gym rat and would invariably work off the lunch hour in the body combat or whatever class.  We each thought our fitness regime was better than the others for whatever reason.  It didn’t take much for her to persuade me to try out her classes.  Nothing to do with the fact that I did think she was attractive, nor was there any indication that something might be on the cards, more a case of – OK, I reckon I can show you.The gym is walking distance and the class was good fun.  I was surprised – I like it.  The classes were different to my normal thing of being able to zone out and get pumped, and the was no lack of being knackered by the end.  Of course, one of the perks was having to shower afterwards.  There I got to see her great physique.  She had clearly looked after herself during and after pregnancy and whilst her boobs showed some sag, the fact was that she was a very definite yummy mummy.  The classes became a regular thing and then one weekend we agreed to go shopping together.  Outside work I saw a different side to her.  She was more chilled out and wanted to make use of the time when the boys were with their father.  So it was shop after shop, glass of wine and non-stop chatter between the two of us.  Friends, most definitely, confidants to some extent.  She would tell me about the few guys she had tried to strike up a relationship and I would give her the latest gossip on my life and (at the time) all the failed and weird internet dates.  We talked sex, she loved hearing all the dirty details of my passion like and I loved telling her.  We even went to Ann Summers to get her a vibrator as she had never actually got round to trying one out.  But there was nothing more personal between us.That changed when we were having a coffee one day and she confirmed her first set of batteries had been worn out embarrassingly quickly.  Sometime life does just ‘happen at the right time’ and at that moment two drop dead gorgeous guys walked past us, turning us both into giggling and lustful school girls.  I said ‘who needs a rabbit…’  and Alex then said ‘imagine being the sandwich between those two…!  ‘You mean… erm… at the same time?”Yes babe – both, front and back’.  She had the devils own smirk on her face.  I had to know more…She revealed that with her ex, they weren’t averse to trying out new extracurricular activities.  This had included fulfilling her biggest fantasy of two guys at once.  By this time my jaw had hit the table and seeing the interest/shock in my face, said immediately that she hadn’t told anyone about this before.  ‘Well you can’t stop now Alex..’  It seemed that sex was one thing that had worked Escort İstanbul really well for them, so much so that even following the split, and with some of the day to day stuff out the way, it had sparked up again.  This included a few occasions when she would leave the kids with her parents on the pretext of having a girls night out.  Unknown to them, she was actually meeting up with the ex for a night of fun and on some occasions even visiting a swingers party.My blushes were probably showing that I was way over my depth and she started backtracking, but then she also had my interest and I wasn’t going to let go.Over the course of 6 months, they had some of the best sex ever and done things which she said literally took her into orgasmland as she put it.  Slowly she started to give.  It was at one of the swinger parties that she found the right guy to try out double penetration.  Over the next few minutes, I got to hear of the good bits and bad bits, safety, what really goes on and whether it was any good (her smile answered that one).Finally I put a question forward on one thing she hadn’t talked about.’But what about… Well… Ermm… Don’t girls…  ….  ….”You mean do girls play with other girls?”Errr…  yeah…”Well you do whatever you feel like or don’t feel like and it’s all very comfortable.  There’s no pressure at all’.  ‘Oh… OK’.She laughed at me.  ‘Zadi, you are funny.  You want to know if I’m a raving lesbo…”No… of course not…”Yes you do!!! and don’t worry I’m not embarrassed.  Let’s just say I don’t reserve myself exclusively to men.  It’s quite nice on the other side too…  But don’t worry I’m not going to jump you – even though you are gorgeous’.  She just smiled.  I was probably a deep crimson by now.  My panties were soaked through and she just sat there all serene and beautiful.  I was a nervous and sex filled wreck.The spell was broken by a passerby and Alex said, ‘Well now I’ve told you everything about my sordid past, we really need to get back – we are mega late’.  I tried to be cool but my smile and shock told her that I was fascinated and horny as hell to know more.We walked back to the office, she checked I wasn’t freaked out and I let her know I was just intrigued and a bit jealous of her ‘wider experience’ over me.  She told me something like ‘all good things come in time…’  And that was it, back to work.As it happened, we didn’t get to the gym together for 2 weeks after that.  She was away, I couldn’t make it and stuff.  So when we did eventually go, I was pretty nervous.  Nothing else had been said between us and we both made out that all was normal.  In the shower I was wondering if she was going to say something but before I knew it, we were out the door.  I didn’t even get to see her in the flesh.  I started thinking – just as it was getting interesting, I’ve blown it.The next day it was back for a work out and boy the leader killed us.  We got back to the changing rooms with the rest of the class dead too.  The shower seemed to ease the fatigue though and I could make out Alex’s form through the frosted glass.  She too was standing still, running her hand through her hair.  At that moment, I knew I wanted her.  I wanted to feel her skin on my hands, kiss every inch of her beautiful body, hold her tight and taste her sex.We emerged refreshed and endorfin filled from the work out, saying how that felt good and she flashed her sexy smile at me.  Back at the lockers we were in a quiet corner and I dropped the towel before reaching for my bag.  Alex simply went ‘Mm mmm…!  Jack’s a lucky guy’ (the bf I’d been dating for awhile).’Only he’s not on the agenda anymore and anyway hadn’t got to find out what he would be missing.’  I explained that things hadn’t worked out on the previous weekend.’Sorry’ said Alex.

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