Pleasing Mom

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Pleasing MomMother’s Day( . Y . )”Hey Captain!” I said into my phone.”Hey Sailor!” my dad said.”How are they hanging?” I queried.”One in front of the other, for speed!” He’s a fighter pilot, that’s the standard reply. “And yourself?””I’m high speed, low-drag sir!” We both chuckled. I’m not in the Navy, just going to college, but I know the lingo pretty good.”You’re going home for Mother’s Day, right?” he asked.”Oh yeah, dad. I’m going home, uh, Friday afternoon. After class gets out. Please tell me you sent something?”We both laughed again. Dad once had the impression that since his wife wasn’t his mother, he didn’t need to get her anything for Mother’s day. That is the wrong impression, believe me! He’d been over-doing it every year since, but I still teased him about it.He had to send something because he was TDY (temporary duty) in Italy. Dad was a Captain, bucking for Admiral, so he was very busy. The house is in Alexandria, Virginia, so he can be near his job at the Pentagon. I’m down the road a bit at the University of Virginia.I’m not ashamed to say it; Dad’s my hero. He shot down a MiG-27 in the first Gulf War. He was a Blue Angel for 3 years, including serving as Flight Leader. He was the CAG on the Ronald Reagan, he’s cool under fire, great under pressure, and a fucking funny guy and a great dad.The only problem is that he’s not around much. He’s probably missed more than half my life.My brother and me were pretty tough customers as k**s growing up, but we were no match for Mom. I’m not saying she ruled with an iron fist, but you learned early on when ‘enough was enough’. Or rather, I learned early on. My older brother never quite picked up on that and always pushed way passed the boundaries. He’s now living in New York with his new wife. She and Mom are cordial but a little strained.Anyway, I was finishing up my last class of the day on Thursday, Psych, when I got an e-mail blast from my History professor that the Friday class was cancelled.Cool. I went to the frat, packed up my shit and laundry and sped for home. My girlfriend and I broke up last week so I had no reason not to go home early. Speaking of fucking retards, god she was needy. Texting me all fucking day, getting angry when I didn’t return the “I love yous” within seconds. Hey babe, I was taking a test, calm down. No! You don’t love me blah blah blah, christ what a chore.We’d lived in Alexandria only a couple years, and with Dad being gone so much, Mom really looked forward to my time at home with her. She’ll be happy to see me home early, I thought. I’ll surprise her.The two-hour drive went by pretty quick, and I pulled into our little mansion. It’s a Navy-owned house that they have for use by certain Pentagon-ers. We pay rent, but not what it’s really worth. Just a perk that we don’t tell the taxpayers about. Anyway, the house is 5 bedrooms, colonial style, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri big in-ground pool in the huge backyard. I stepped out into the heat. It’s weird, being so hot in early May.I unlocked the door and stepped into the cool house. I heard some funny noises upstairs; is that the TV, or does Mom have some people up there?I walked up the stairs to investigate. I didn’t call out. Why not? I wish I would’ve. The noise was people, women’s voices, sounded like they were having a party or something. Couldn’t make it out exactly.I made my way down the hall, stepped into my parent’s bedroom, and got the shock of my life.There, on the bed, was my mother.Naked.On her back, her head propped up on some pillows. Her large breasts cradled between her arms. Her arms were together because she had two hands on a big purple vibrator and she was driving it into her bare pussy.But that wasn’t all.Laying next to my mom was another woman, also naked, also plowing herself with a big dildo. Pink, I think it was. They were laying right next to each other, their arms and legs touching each other. One of their legs was overlapping the other gal, I’m not exactly sure whose.I turned my head to the flat screen on the wall, the source of all the noise. A porno played, a bunch of girls doing one of those lesbian squirt orgies. Actually, I had seen this one. It had Flower Tucci, a black chick named Jada something, Britney Stevens, and a bunch of others, too. The porno is where one girl gets “girl cum” sprayed all over her face by all the other chicks. But, it looks pretty much like pee. But it’s not yellow, it’s all clear like they’ve been drinking beer. Anyway, that’s not the point of the story.The point is, my Mom is masturbating while laying down with another naked woman.All this takes longer to describe than it actually took place, I think I was only there a couple seconds when I blurted out:”Hi Mom.”Both woman jerked their heads towards me, screamed, and tried to find the covers. However, that took a few more seconds as they had been kicked off the bed completely. Looking back, it was kind of funny, or even damn funny. But at the moment, I was pissed.What the fuck was Mom doing? How could she do this to Dad? He’s out serving our country and she’s… doing whatever the fuck this is? Goddammit!I turned and walked back down the stairs, and out the door, with Mom calling my name the whole way.As I drove away, my phone rang. Mom. I’m not answering that.I begin to head to the freeway to join the traffic jam out of DC to go back to school. I didn’t know what else to do. The phone rang again, I looked at it on the passenger seat when there was a bigWhump!What the fuck did I hit? The car is still moving… nobody’s around me… I check the rear-view mirror and I notice a major fucking pothole receding in the distance. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Just about then, the steering gets weird, and the front wheels go all wobbly and shit. I managed to pull over to the side of the road. Looking under the front end, I could see a metal bar hanging down. I don’t think that’s supposed to do that. Fuck.Triple-A came in about 30 minutes and towed me to the nearest auto repair dude. Fortunately, it was one we’ve dealt with before and he took a quick look.”Tie Rod,” he said. “Can probably get one tomorrow, have it done by the end of the day.”Great. None of my buddies are home yet. Guess I have to face Mom. I dialed her up.”I’m so sorry Travis I can explain–“”Mom!” I tried to interrupt, she just talked faster.”Itwasn’tanythingreallyitjust happened–“”MOM!” I hollered into the phone.”…What!””Can you come get me? the car broke down.” I gave her the address.”Sure, um, I’m leaving right now.””Make sure you’re dressed, ok?” I had to give her a dig.Click.So now I had some time to think about this. And I came to the conclusion that I didn’t know what to think. Was she cheating on Dad? Kind of. Maybe. Yes. But not quite. Was she lying to us? Absolutely. “And we always tell the truth in this house!” That line was drilled into me, by her, for years. Oh gawd…Mom picked me up, we had an uncomfortably quiet ride back home.I went up to my room and shut the door. I just felt so weird, seeing Mom naked was so confusing. I mean, she’s always been ‘the hot mom’. When my folks had squadron parties, all the junior officers would just kind of hover around her; let me get that, I’ll pick up the dishes, no let me get the trash, I’ll get more ice… all that kind of stuff. Dad would get a kick out of it. She was a serious looker, for sure. But she’s also, Mom. Mom, who would yell at me for not feeding the dog, having dirty shoes, getting a ‘B’ in science. Mom, who knew all my buttons and just how to play me to get what needed to be done. Photos was getting on towards 6:30 when she called me down for dinner. I’d rather not eat, but I was fucking starving. Oh well, here goes.”Do you know how your dad and I met?” she asked me as she set the table.”Um… at some banquet or something, I guess.””It was at an Air Force base in Texas, Lackland. Your dad was doing some kind of liasion crap with the boys in blue. We met in the ‘O’ club, and I know it sounds dumb, but I knew he was the one for me in about 5 minutes. And sure, he liked me straight away, but not in a serious way. He was older than me, 8 years, and kind of saw me as a plaything.”So, as you k**s say, we hooked up. For two weeks straight.”I kind of blushed and turned my head. I don’t want to hear about this!”You probably don’t want to hear this, but I need to explain some things to you. Things that parents don’t güvenilir bahis şirketleri normally share with their k**s but, in light of certain… circumstances… I think you deserve to know.”She started dishing out Aunt Betty’s famous chicken recipe. My favorite. What a coincidence.”After the two weeks were up, he had to go back to California. On a whim he said I should go with him. So I did. We were married a month later.””Now, in the Navy, it isn’t just about how well you perform. Like any group, politics play a big part of your advancement. And let me tell you. I was a big asset to your father’s career!” She posed for a moment, sticking out her chest and ass before she sat down.”He knew it, I knew it, and we played the game. Yes, your dad is very sharp and all that, but I played a big part. It never helps to shmooze your commanding officer, or have your wife do it.”I was incredulous. “You mean, you slept with his–“”Oh! Heavens no! But a little flirting goes a long way. But it never went beyond that. I was always true to your dad.””Except for today.””Yes, well… I still am technically true to him. I’ve never fooled around or hooked up completely. The same, however, cannot be said for him.”I sat very still. No. Say it ain’t so. My dad would never do that.”The Blue Angels, that was the first I heard of it. Just little whispers at first, perhaps some sympathetic looks from other wives. They knew. Finally, someone told me. I confronted him, and he admitted it. He said he loved me more than anything, but his urges outweighed his vows. It wasn’t his fault, he said.”So I had a choice. Continue to be the ‘good Navy wife’ and raise you two boys and make a life for us, or bail out and struggle on my own.”She paused for a while so she could eat, I was trying to process all this. Mostly I was wishing she wasn’t telling me all this.”It wasn’t easy, and we had a lot of fights. Some very big ones.” I remember some of those. Not good times. “But in the end, I wanted the life. I wanted a husband who loved me to death and would do anything for me, while he was around, and I wanted a stable home for my k**s.”He toned down his activities, and it was just something that happened ‘on the road’ and he never brought it home. I turned the other cheek, looked the other way, what ever you want to call it, and we have a pretty good life for all of us.”Now, he’s what, 52? No, 53. And he hasn’t done anything for years. I know, he wants his admiralship too much so he won’t even scratch his ass in public, let alone fool around.””I… I didn’t know, Mom.””Of course you didn’t! It’s not something that needed to be discussed with you guys. Like I said, he was discreet, and then it tailed off and it’s all gone now.”I love your father very much. Always have. And I love our life together. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” She was serious, not just bull-shitting me.”However…” I said. Trying to get some answers on her activities of today.”Yes. However. Well it ain’t always a bed of roses, k**. I shit you not. You know this, Dad could be gone on deployments 6 months, 8 months, one time he was gone 11 months. 11! And…” she dropped her fork on her plate.

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