Pollyanna – Part 4

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It has been several months since Michelle left the loan modification department at My Mortgage Inc. and it hasn’t been the same without her. The spark is missing; everyone is just going through the motions and snapping at each other. Naturally, management didn’t replace her. Her work was just redistributed to the remaining team members. Patrick did his best to stay on top of the added workload, and Michelle was adjusting to her new position in the fraud department. Their affair had ended with her move back to her old office. They still exchange e-mails, text messages and an occasional phone call, but the physical aspect of their relationship stopped. The Regional Vice President of My Mortgage Inc., Marley, was a season ticket holder of the Baltimore Orioles. She decided to offer her tickets in her luxury suite for one game to the rep that modified and closed the most loans in May. Considering how poorly the Orioles were playing it wasn’t much of an incentive, but it was a chance to go to Camden Yards, one of the best ballparks in the country, and enjoy a luxury suite. Patrick worked hard and won the tickets by closing two loans on the last day of the month to finish with 16. The suite held 20 people so Patrick invited all of his team members, Michelle, Nina, who worked with Michelle in the fraud department, and a few of his friends from outside work. It was the start of inter-league play so the Phillies were in town for a four game series. The tickets in the luxury suite were for the first game on Friday evening. Everyone arrived at the suite about an hour before first pitch and had a great time. The food, beer, wine, and liquor were all top shelf. Patrick was the only Phillies fan in the group and was talking a lot of trash as the game went on. “Hey Michelle, I keep a broom in my car to brush the snow off in the winter but you can have it when we sweep you this series,” Patrick yelled across the room. “We’ll see,” Michelle yelled back, “wanna put your money where your mouth is?” Patrick made his way across the room to Michelle, “Sure, what do you have in mind?” “Just a little friendly wager since you think your team is so good,” Michelle replied. “OK” Patrick smiled, “let me think about it and I’ll come up with something.” The evening progressed and Patrick thought about Michelle and the times they were together. He knew that they couldn’t have a long-term physical relationship, but his desire for her was still so strong. During their brief affair, he never thought of her as just a piece of ass or booty calls, his feelings for her are much deeper than that. He really hoped Michelle understood how he felt. He tried to tell her as often as he could. But, that aside, he knew they were both fulfilling a primal need to be fucked, exploring sexual desires in ways they just weren’t able to in the past. By the 8 th inning, the Phillies were up 6-2 and most of the people had left. Carol and Tommy were having conversation at the front of the suite and laughing a lot, Nina was trapped talking to Stan by the door. Patrick smiled at the pained look of desperation Nina had on her face. He thought about walking over and rescuing her but Michelle was alone by the bar so he walked over to her. “I tell you what Michelle, if the Phillies sweep the Orioles you have to be my slave for a weekend, but if the Orioles win two games I’ll be your slave for a weekend.” “Let me get this straight, the Phillies have to sweep us, but all we have to do is win two out of the four?” Michelle asked with a big grin. “You’re on Patrick; you’ll be kissing my ass real soon. Are you sure you want to do this Patrick? I’ll be a wicked slave owner.” “Don’t worry Michelle, when I win I’ll only make you get on your knees to suck my cock, every couple of hours” Patrick whispered back. The Phillies went on to win game one 7–3 and Patrick drove home with a smile. He missed Michelle so much, not just the incredible sex they had during their affair, but the day-to-day interactions in the office. Work was so much more fun with Michelle joking and clowning around. She got everyone going. Carol let so much more slip, and even Tommy joined in on the fun. She made the daily grind easier to deal with. Game two went the same as game one, a 6-1 win for the Phillies. They were, after all, the World Series Champs and the Orioles hadn’t been over .500 in years. Patrick began looking at his calendar to see what weekend he could have Michelle, making plans for what she would have to do for him. But, a two out, two run, home run in the bottom of the 9 th on Sunday spoiled everything. The O’s took game three 4-3. Monday morning Patrick got a text from Michelle, “We win tonight and your ass is mine.” It was a 7:05 PM start for game four and Patrick was in front of the TV at 7:00 PM. It was like game seven of the World Series; his palms were sweating as he watched nervously. It was Ankara bayan escort over early, the Orioles scored three in the first, two in the second and four more in the third. The text from Michelle came with two out in the top of the ninth, “MINE,” it read. Both nervous and excited Patrick sent a text back, “Yes Mistress Michelle.” They planned to get together in two weeks. Dinner after work on Friday then off to Michelle’s house for the weekend. Michelle arranged to have her parents watch Rachel and Patrick’s family was going to his brother-in-law’s house for the weekend. The days passed surprisingly quickly and they talked about ground rules and boundaries throughout the two weeks leading up to the big weekend. They came up with a “safe” word but Patrick trusted Michelle completely. He knew he wouldn’t have to use it, she knew his boundaries. In the end, Patrick was under the complete command of Michelle. Friday came and Patrick packed a small bag for the weekend, a pair of slacks and shirt in case they went out on Saturday and shorts and a couple of t-shirts for the time in the house. The clock ticked slowly throughout the day. They both were looking forward to their time together, each with their own thoughts. Michelle was a white southern belle, and Patrick a black man from the north. The concept of “slavery” and the role-play was intriguing. Patrick’s thoughts were along the lines of a field slave sneaking into the big house while the Master was away. Making love to the forbidden white woman who would sneak peeks from her bedroom window at the slaves in the field. She would daydream of a taboo encounter, being taken forcibly by a Mandingo warrior. However, Michelle’s thoughts were completely different, she thought of a dominatrix forcing her slave to submit to her will. The fact that Patrick was black didn’t cross her mind. She just wanted complete submission from her man, total control of his every action. Patrick was in for a surprise awakening from his daydream. Patrick left work early to meet Michelle at a small Italian restaurant not too far from her house. He waited in the parking lot for her to arrive. When she pulled up Patrick met her at her car and opened the door, he took her hand, and helped her out. He was the consummate gentleman, opening doors, pulling out her chair, choosing the wine and ordering her dinner for her. The conversation was light and full of laughs as they ate. Each of them was hiding their nervous anticipation about what was to come. The drive to Michelle’s house was short; they arrived in about ten minutes. After parking, Patrick hopped out of his car and once again opened Michelle’s door and helped her out. His palms were sweaty and he could feel an erection beginning as they walked into the house. When the door closed behind them, Patrick slid his arms around Michelle, pulled her close, and kissed her. Pushing him away Michelle said, “Oh no, it’s not going to be that easy, your ass is mine, I’m in charge and you’d better not forget it.” “OK Michelle,” Patrick replied with a smile. “Mistress Michelle, and wipe that fucking smile off your face before I wipe it off for you Patrick.” Her seriousness and tone of voice caught Patrick off guard, he stammered, “Yes…yes M-Mistress Michelle.” Handing him a small bag Michelle commanded, “Strip and put these clothes on, now.” Patrick did as he was told, stripping off all his clothes and boxer briefs. He took the bag from Michelle and pulled out a black Under Armour muscle shirt and a black thong. He put them on, as Michelle looked him over. “I look like one of the Village People in this, how long do I have to wear this stuff?” Patrick asked. While he was changing Patrick didn’t see Michelle pick up the riding crop she had left by the door, but he certainly felt it sting his left ass cheek when Michelle hit him with it. “You will wear it as long as I tell you Patrick, now shut up and get on your knees,” Michelle ordered, striking him a second time on the ass. Patrick grabbed his left cheek to try to stop the sting from the second tap with the crop that Michelle gave him as he slowly dropped to his knees. Michelle left him there by the door and went upstairs. Once in her bedroom she took her time changing into a purple corset, black g-string, black stockings and her favorite black heels. After changing, she opened her mail and checked her messages. She then called her parents to check on Rachel. Michelle looked at herself in the mirror before leaving the bedroom. The corset lifted her breast nicely and really shaped her waist. The black garter straps from the corset really stood out against her white thighs. The stockings were very sexy covering her calves and thighs and the heels really brought out how shapely her legs are. She paused a moment to adjust the front of her g-string before leaving the room Escort bayan Ankara and smiled at how wet it already was. Patrick’s knees and back had begun to hurt as he waited by the door. He could hear Michelle come downstairs and walk into the kitchen, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor. He continued to wait patiently, was that a cork from a bottle of wine opening, he thought he heard? Finally, Michelle yelled, “Come here slave.” When Patrick got to the living room Michelle was walking toward the sofa, a glass of wine in one hand and the riding crop tucked under her arm in the other. Patrick stared at her ass as she walked the black string from her g disappeared between her cheeks, each one rising and falling with each step. Her stockings came up a little past her mid-thigh making her already sexy legs even more so. When she sat down Michelle told Patrick, “There are twelve candles in the room, you have one match to light them all, do not use one candle to light another. When you are done, come over here and sit at my feet.” Patrick struck the matchstick and worked his way around the room. On the ninth candle, the flame from the match burnt the tip of his thumb. “Shit! Oww that hurts,” Patrick said putting his thumb in his mouth. “How many candles did you light Patrick?” “Only nine candles Mistress Michelle.” “You know what Patrick you are worthless, your first assignment and you can’t even complete it, this is going to be a long weekend for you. Come over here and grab your ankles.” Patrick walked slowly over to Michelle, turned his back to her and grabbed his ankles. His ass was right in front of her. The crop struck his ass once, twice, three times for the three unlit candles. Patrick winced with each stroke biting his lip. After the third stroke, Michelle told him to finish lighting the candles and sit at her feet. She held the wine glass to his lips to give him a sip, as a sly smile crossed her lips. Patrick took a big gulp rather than a small sip. His mind was racing trying to process what was happening. This was not what he had envisioned; this was a side of Michelle that he didn’t know existed. She seemed really to enjoy the role of dominatrix and the weekend was just getting started. How much of this was he going to put up with? “Uh, Michelle…don’t you think you’re taking this a bit too…” Before he could finish his sentence, Michelle placed the end of the crop on his lips silencing Patrick. Replacing the end of the crop with the bottom of her shoe on his lips, she stated, “It’s Mistress Michelle, if you get it wrong again you will be punished and no, I’m not taking this too far, you lost the bet, deal with it. Now my feet are tired from a long day, take off my heels and massage them.” “Yes Mistress Michelle.” Patrick removed her heels and began massaging her feet, starting with her toes he worked his way down to her heel and slowly back to her toes again. After massaging one for about ten minutes, he switched to the other foot and did the same. Chris Botti played in the background as Michelle sipped her wine and melted into the sofa. When he finished the second one Patrick lifted her foot up to his mouth and began kissing and sucking on her toes through her stocking. “Does this please you Mistress?” he asked. The smile on her face and look in her eyes was all the approval that Patrick needed. He began working his way to her ankle and up her leg, kissing and massaging as he went. When he got to the top of her stocking where her soft white thigh was exposed he switched to the other foot, kissing it and worked his way back up her other leg. This time when he got to the top of her stocking, Patrick used his tongue along her inner thigh up to the front of Michelle’s g-string. He licked her through the thin material, pushing the fabric between her lips as he worked his tongue up and down along her slit. Michelle’s aroma filled his nostrils and Patrick could taste her wetness through her g-string. Patrick slid his hands under Michelle’s thighs and back to her ass; he yanked her forward to the edge of the sofa and pulled her g-string off. Smiling, he buried his face into her wet cunt. Her inner lips were already swollen and protruding, Patrick licked and sucked on them holding one between his lips and pulling his head back then taking the other and doing the same. He knew if he touched Michelle’s clit, it would send her over the edge so he purposefully avoided it, focusing on working his tongue just inside her opening, that first half inch of sensitive flesh. Several times Michelle grabbed the back of his head and tried to guide him to her clit. Each time Patrick pulled away, looked up at her as smiled. The words, “LICK IT,” from Michelle’s mouth and the sting of the crop on Patrick’s ass occurred simultaneously. In shock, Patrick uttered, “Yes Mistress,” then slid the Bayan escort Ankara tip of his tongue up to Michelle’s clit, lifted it and sucked it into his mouth. Michelle grabbed the back of his head pulling him into her and bucked her hips, grinding her clit against his tongue. He licked and sucked her clit, using the tip of his tongue to slide her hood up and down along the shaft, and then sucked it back between his lips. With her eyes closed and head back, Michelle guided Patrick, controlling his head so he would put his tongue just where she wanted it. Michelle clamped her thighs around Patrick’s head then thrust her cunt hard against his lips and tongue when her orgasm hit her. Sitting up on the sofa, arching her back she came all over his nose and mouth. It had been months since she and Patrick had been together, Michelle had been waiting for him to make her cum again, day dreaming about how good he made her feel and it was better than any of her dreams. When Patrick felt her orgasm begin he thrust his tongue inside her as far as he could, he could feel her contractions, her body trembling as it washed over her. He held his tongue in her until Michelle’s body went limp, and her thighs released his head. Michelle fell back on the sofa with her eyes closed and a look of pure pleasure on her face. Patrick stood up in front of Michelle, his cock hard and at full attention. He waited for her to open her eyes, for her to finish basking in the glow of her orgasm. Michelle opened her eyes with a smile; Patrick’s body looked good in the flickering candle light. He waited for Michelle to reach out and stroke his cock, for her to take it into her mouth and make him cum. Michelle loosened her corset and lifted her breast out, pushing them together she ordered Patrick to cum on them. “What? How…how am I going to cum on your tits Mistress Michelle?” “How do you think, Patrick; use your hand and cum on my tits.” After eating Michelle, Patrick need relief, he needed to cum and cum now. Grabbing his shaft, he began stroking his cock. Starting at the base, he moved along the shaft up to the head, covering it with his palm before sliding his hand back down to his balls. He was so excited it didn’t take long. His balls pulled up tight, his body tensed and he shot his first load hitting Michelle on her chin and tits. Patrick kept stroking his cock until his second load squirted out on her tits. Leaning forward, holding his cock over her tits, he squeezed the head milking out more of his cum letting it drip on one of her nipples. Disappointed that he had to jerk off, Patrick stood in front of Michelle. The orgasm felt good but not as good as if he came in her mouth or pussy. A thought raced through Patrick’s head and his eyes widened, no; she’s not going to make me… “Clean them off, you got them all messy now lick them clean like a good boy,” Michelle tapped the crop on the sofa as she spoke in a stern voice. Kneeling on the sofa, Patrick licked Michelle’s tits clean. Paying close attention to her nipples, sucking on them as he cleaned up his cum, Patrick did as he was told. When he was done, Michelle told him, “Go in the kitchen and bring the bottle of wine and a glass, fill my glass then you may pour yourself and glass and sit on the floor at my feet.” “Yes Mistress Michelle.” Patrick went to the kitchen and brought back the bottle of wine. He filled Michelle’s glass, then his and sat at her feet. They talked quietly. While they sipped their wine, smooth jazz played softly in the background. Time flew by and they opened a second bottle while they chatted. Around midnight Michelle slipped her heels back on, stood up and “model walked” around the living room. “How do I look Patrick?” she asked. Patrick eyes followed her as she strutted, the candle light created a sensuous glow around her. She carried the riding crop in one hand and cradled the wine glass in the other. She looked like a true dominatrix. “You look beautiful Mistress Michelle, simply beautiful,” he replied. “Come,” Michelle beckoned, “follow me.” Patrick stood up and followed Michelle up the stairs. Her ass swayed right in front of his face as they climbed the steps. About halfway up, he reached out, sliding two fingers between her legs, and touched her lips. Michelle paused and allowed him to finger her. Her g-string was on the floor by the sofa so Patrick had full access to her. She was still wet and his fingers slid into her easily. He turned his hand so his palm was facing down and used the pads of his two fingers to find and stroke her g-spot. After a minute or two, Michelle forced herself to continue up the steps and to her bedroom. Once inside Michelle turned to Patrick and said, “Please your Mistress, make me cum again.” Patrick sat Michelle down on the edge of the bed. “Lay back,” he told her. He removed his thong and stood between her legs. Grabbing the backs of Michelle’s thighs, he lifted her legs and put them around his waist. Holding his shaft he guided his hard cock to her pussy and slid the head along her slit covering it with her juices. Sliding his strong hands under her ass, Patrick thrust his hips and pulled Michelle to him ramming his cock deep inside her.

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