Poly at the Poly Pt. 04

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“We need to stop,” Allison said. And just like that, everything came to an abrupt, awkward halt.

We’d been playing a game, switching partners and removing clothes. Kissing, rubbing, and sucking. Innocent, in a sense. Then it overflowed, spilling the six of us onto the thinly carpeted floors of the bungalow; entangled and entwined.

I was with Allison, my wife’s tall, athletic best friend. Mike, Allison’s husband, was wrapped around Cassie, the beautiful blonde he’d had a crush on since high school. Cassie’s husband, the silver-haired and silver-tongued Jack, was on his back. My own wife, Emily, was on top of him, her fingers around his cock. The petite brunette stared back at us, clearly about to settle herself onto his erection.

All of us were frozen.

“I just think this is too far,” Allison said, “Also, um, the timer is up.” She smirked as she said that last part.

Actually, I’d been the one who’d ended the action. In that moment, the six of us about to engage in full-on intercourse, I couldn’t help myself. Hearing my wife make intimate contact with another man — despite what I’d done, no matter what Emily had already engaged in — was more than I could take.

But Allison had been the brave one to speak up and stop the whole thing. It was yet another reason I was so enamored of her.

“Yes, we should end it here,” Cassie said, firmly. I’ll be honest, I was kind of surprised she took our side.

But for someone who loved sex games, Cassie was also very adult about it all. She respected boundaries, even the ones that weren’t her own. It was smart, creating a safe space like that, and it’s probably the reason we managed to progress so far already.

“We ought to be, um, heading out to EPCOT, anyway,” Mike said. The look on his face said that even he knew that was a silly statement. Still, I appreciated it.

Emily, however, stayed perched on her knees, gripping Jack’s dick tightly. Like my wife couldn’t bear to let go of the older man’s member. Of what she was about to share with him. Her innocent face — eyes wide, cheeks pink — were a direct contrast to the actions of her body.

Jack gently pushed Emily off him. He pulled her into his arms and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Oddly fatherly, despite the fact that they were both naked. “That was lovely,” he said, lightly stroking her brown hair. It had come out of her usual bun at some point, and seeing it hang past her shoulders was almost as surprising as seeing her naked breasts or her thick bush out in the open.

All of us slowly got up and gathered our clothes. Everything we’d done up to that point had felt so natural. Easy. Almost inevitable. Undoing it all now felt even more awkward in comparison.

“This was fun,” Allison said. She kissed me on the cheek. I heard Mike and Cassie sharing similar sentiments.

“We’re going to go change,” Cassie announced loudly.

She grabbed her husband’s arm and pulled him back to their bedroom. I wasn’t sure if she was taking Jack back to give him a stern talking-to or giving us privacy so we could converse amongst ourselves. Either way, I appreciated it.

Mike and Allison put their clothes in a shared pile and went to get dressed over in the open kitchen. It wasn’t far, but it was enough space to clear for conversation. The two of them began quietly debriefing each other. Little whispered agreements and reassurances. But no sharp words. At least none that I could hear.

Emily raced over to me. She’d gathered her clothes and was holding them tight to her stomach. She was panting, like she’d sprinted over.

“I’m sorry,” she said immediately.

“For what?” I asked.

I wasn’t being coy. I didn’t believe she’d done anything wrong. If anything, I thought I was the guilty one. We’d all been ready to go, and I’d gotten in the way. Here were five perfectly well-adjusted adults who could handle that level of intimacy. Yet my jealousy, silly in retrospect, kept all of us from enjoying each other.

Emily, however, wouldn’t hear of it. “That was too far, I let it get too far,” she said, “This was fun but sex? I mean, actual intercourse? It would be a mistake. We agreed we wouldn’t do that and with good reason.”

“It’s fine,” I said, “I’m not mad if you’re not mad.”

“OK,” Emily said. Her grip on her clothes loosened. Her breathing slowed. She took in the room, almost like seeing it for the first time. As if she’d been so far gone, so completely controlled by her sex drive, that she’d lost consciousness.

“Did you have fun, at least?” Emily asked, stepping into her panties.

I tried to look serious, but a smile snuck onto my face.

“My husband pulling down two hotties,” Emily said, she shook her head in wonder. “That’s pretty awesome.”

“I don’t know about pulling down,” I said. Emily rolled her eyes at me. “But yes, it was fun. You?”

“Yeah, it was pretty awesome,” Emily said, the look on her face getting dreamy.

“Did you…?”

“No,” Emily said, “I got close with the, um. With the oral. Did you?”

I gestured Ataşehir Escort around, showing that there was no evidence of any ejaculation. Emily acknowledged me, sheepishly.

“I’m glad we’re doing this,” Emily said, “All of it has been amazing, and I know it sounds strange, but I love sharing it with you. But I’m also glad we stopped when we did. I love you, Paul. I don’t want to stop this, but I’m terrified of going too far.”

I gave my wife a questioning look. She’d been the one who seemed the most reluctant to let go. But now Emily was acting like it was her that had actually ended things.

“Something about Jack,” Emily said, “He grabs hold of me. Like I’m caught up in this wave and suddenly I’m ripped out to sea. I can’t see the shore and I’m just… Gone.”

I thought about what she said. Was she asking me to step in; to get in the way? What she was describing seemed to cross the line of what I’d consider consent.

“Nothing like that, no,” Emily said, touching my arm. “It’s scary, but I think that’s part of the attraction. I can’t get enough of it. Do you feel that way with Allison?”

I looked over at the tall, athletic blonde. She was still talking to her husband, both of them smiling and teasing. They seemed to adapt to all this so easily. Part me wished we could be more like them and take it in stride. Another part was very glad that we couldn’t.

But did I feel swept up by Allison? To continue Emily’s metaphor, if Jack was a tsunami, Allison felt more like the hot tub we’d been in on the first day. Warm and welcoming. Comfortable. Yes, she could be commanding, aggressive, in a way that was unlike any I’d ever experienced. But Emily talked about Jack like she was afraid of his power over her. And I never felt anything like that with Allison. But there was something intoxicating about our easy comfort, too. Different, but no less dangerous.

Allison must have sensed my stare because she came over to us. She was pulling on her tank top, the finishing touch in getting fully dressed.

“You two, OK?” Allison asked, looking at both of us warmly.

With my own burgeoning relationship with Allison, and Emily off with Jack, it was easy to forget that it was actually the two women who were best friends. I wouldn’t even know Allison, be on this vacation, if it wasn’t for the fact that her and my wife got along so well.

I imagined it must be hard for Allison, torn between supporting her friend and sexing up her new lover. Especially when you considered that her own husband was off chasing a third person, as well. But then, you could setup that scenario for all of us in some form, right? Everything was inherently awkward if you provided the correct context. Yet I couldn’t help but wonder who Allison was really worried about.

“We’re fine,” Emily answered for both of us, “Though still a little, um, worked up. From before.”

“I know what you mean,” Allison said, smiling wryly. “I thought that game was supposed to help take the edge off, not take it to a whole new level.”

“What’s wrong with my game?” Cassie asked, stepping out of the bedroom. She was wearing a little jade-colored dress that hung to about her knees and bared her shoulders and her back. A wide grin split her face. Man, that woman was never not cheerful. In the few days I’d known her, I’d went from intrigued by her bubbly mood, to being annoyed by it, to being kind of amazed.

“Your game was great,” Allison said, “Except maybe the ending.”

“What do you mean?” Cassie said. She tilted her head. “I think it’s good that we stopped before things went too far.”

“No, definitely,” Emily said, “I think we’re all feeling a little antsy, though.”

“On edge,” Allison said.

“Fucking horny,” Mike yelled from over by the kitchen. “I can’t even put my shorts on I’m so damned… Anyway.”

Cassie nodded, knowingly. She called back to him “With that extra-long dick of yours, I can imagine that being a problem.” It was weird to hear her talk so casually about penises in public. But even weirder was, I was starting to be accustomed to it. Like a lot of the crazy crap we’d gotten up to already. “But a little edge isn’t so bad. It will give us something to look forward to for later tonight.”

“The fireworks after the fireworks,” Allison said, raising her eyebrows alluringly.

“My kind of show,” Mike said, now fully dressed, and walking over and standing next to his wife.

“But keeping some limits in place,” Allison said, looking pointedly my way.

“For sure,” Cassie said, “You’d be surprised, but knowing where the boundaries are actually makes it all hotter. We don’t have to worry about upsetting anyone so you can really let loose.”

Jack came out of the bedroom, back in his standard Hawaiian shirt and jeans. He walked up and put his arm around Cassie, kissing her cheek. Emily had been holding my hand, and I felt her nails dig into my palms. I glanced over at her, and she gave me a smile. But it didn’t go up to her eyes.

“Does anyone want a snack Ataşehir Escort Bayan before we go?” Cassie asked, as we headed towards the hallway.

“No, I want to save room for more EPCOT food,” Mike said.

“Ooh, I am in love with all the self-control in this room,” Cassie said, clapping her hands lightly. “It bodes well for later.” She turned around and gave us an over-the-top wink, like we didn’t already get what she was getting at.

We stumbled out of the bungalow, no doubt looking like we’d done the very thing we’d stopped ourselves from. All of us were dressed, but our clothes were all wrinkled and askew. Even Jack’s hair looked slightly mussed. Man, I thought, if Mickey ever finds out about any of this, he’s going to dump our bodies in the Okeechobee.

We started making our way back to the monorail, hiking up the now-familiar paths. As we went, we naturally split into little couplings. Unlike usual, or even our usual unusual, we found ourselves in a totally new set of pairs.

Cassie grabbed Emily’s arm and started talking to her, animatedly, about something I couldn’t catch. Meanwhile Jack asked Allison about her job. Apparently, his daughter also wanted to get into pharmaceutical sales. To be honest, with everything going on, I’d forgotten all about Jack’s family. I wondered what his kids were up to. It was another unusual thing amongst all the other oddities we’d encountered.

With everyone else matched, that left me to walk with Mike. The tall, blond man gave me a serious look and squeezed my shoulder, warmly.

“Hey, we’re OK, right?” he asked.

I tilted my head up at him, confused.

“With everything that’s happening, I just want to make sure we’re cool,” he continued, “This is fun and all but not if it messes up our friendship.”

I was taken aback. With how Mike had pursued Cassie this whole time, I couldn’t imagine he was worried about something so trivial as my feelings. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure Mike and I had a friendship in the first place. It had always been more of an ‘our wives are friends’ man-date thing. But here he was, checking in on me. It was sweet, and it made me see Mike in a different light.

“Like, what’s happening with you and Allie?” Mike said, “I want you to know, I’m good with it. Not good with it. But you know. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable about what’s happening. It’s fine. And Emily? Your wife is awesome. I mean, not in a… Look, I’m not trying to…”

“It’s OK,” I said, “Allison is also awesome.”

“I know, right?” Mike said with a leer. But then he turned serious. “Look, I know you’re not much of a ‘words’ guy and I respect that. But it makes you hard to read. I feel like stuff kind of got out of hand back there and I don’t want hard feelings. If you’re upset, I hope you’d tell me. I’d stop it in a second, I swear I would.”

I believed him. Maybe we weren’t friends before this trip, but I could see the way forward now. Who knew that fondling each other’s wives was the way to find a real connection.

“No hard feelings,” I said.

“OK, good,” Mike said, “Really good.” He slapped my shoulder again. I almost didn’t mind it.

As we walked past the longhouse where our actual hotel room was (rather than the place where’d been working each other over) I noticed Mike was limping a little. I looked at him, questioningly.

“My nuts are fucking killing me,” he said, then laughed. Like he couldn’t believe he’d said it, either. “All this build up with no release. My balls are so blue, they could appear in the fireworks show tonight.”

I wasn’t going to talk about it that way, but I wasn’t exactly comfortable either. Despite all the time that had passed, my dick wasn’t going down, and my balls were aching along with it. Much as I was glad that I’d stopped things before, I was kind of hating myself for it at the same time.

“I know the girls are feeling the same,” Mike said. “I swear, Cassie fucking Summers. That woman is going to be the death of us all.”


That morning, when we’d gone to EPCOT, Allison had predicted that the front of the park would be empty by the evening. Sure enough, as we went through the gates once again, the area was almost empty. There were plenty of people in the park, but the majority had migrated towards the back. We raced around like gleeful children, pinballing from ride to ride, the only waits being the time it took to walk from one experience to the next.

On the monorail ride over, Cassie, clearly trying to be diplomatic, had declared that ‘date day’ was now over and we were free to return to our regularly scheduled relationships. Now that we were at EPCOT however, that didn’t exactly happen. And so, we ended up recombining in all sorts of unexpected ways.

We rushed up the ramp to Spaceship: Earth (I couldn’t stop thinking of it as the giant golf ball). The cars were set up in fours, with two groups of two, and somehow Cassie and I ended up designing our future together while Emily worked with Allison. The beautiful blonde Escort Ataşehir and I ended up going on vacation in space, for what it’s worth.

After that, we hurried over to The Land and got on Soarin’. This ride was one long row, so I sat with Emily and Allison on either side of me, each of us squeezing each other’s hands as we slowly lifted off the floor. Emily squealed as we rushed over Mount Everest. I didn’t want to say it, but I recognized that sound, intimately. And now the rest of our row did, too.

Allison then insisted we get on Living with the Land, a slow boat ride through a green house. We split into two groups of three this time, and for some reason we agreed it should break boys and girls. So, I learned about growing squash while squished between Mike and Jack. That was less exciting.

When we got off the boat, Allison marched us right across the park towards Test Track. When we were about halfway there, Cassie reached out and grabbed Allison’s arm.

“Can we slow down for a second?” the beautiful blonde asked. She was panting hard. This was a woman who was in pretty darn good shape and even she couldn’t keep up with amazing, athletic Allison. “I need a breather.”

“Listen, when it comes to sex stuff, you’re in charge,” Allison said, “But Disney is my domain. Got it?”

Cassie gulped and nodded her agreement.

When we got to the ride, however, for the first time that evening, we saw there was a line. But it was only thirty minutes, and after all that racing around, I think we were all glad for the break. Even if we kept that a secret from our tireless leader.

Emily, however, opted out entirely. “I’m not doing coasters today,” she said, “On top of everything else.”

I was about to tell her I’d wait with her, but she stopped me before I could start.

“I’m going to feel guilty if I keep you from having fun all the time,” Emily said, “Seriously, all of you go or I’m telling housekeeping where the stains on the bungalow floor really came from.”

That was enough to shut us up, and so we found a bench for Emily to sit on and wait.

“You sure you don’t want company?” Jack asked, but to my astonishment, my wife even turned him down.

“I’ll be fine,” Emily said, “I’m a big girl. Maybe I’ll do one of the other rides in the meantime.”

“Fine, but don’t do Mission to Mars,” Allison said, “They spin you superfast to simulate G-forces and if you can’t handle Slinky, that ride will rip your head right off. Even I can’t do it.”

Emily nodded at her friend, seriously. Again, I felt a warmth of emotion flood me about our friend. The athletic blonde woman cared about my wife, and it meant the world to me.

So, Allison and I ended up building a car while Jack, Mike and Cassie went in on theirs. Allison tried to make it a competition, of course. But Cassie was so bubbly and chill, she was impossible to rile up.

“I hate her,” Allison said in a private moment, the other three over at another kiosk and away from us. “I truly do.”

I looked over at Allison, shocked. To this point, she had managed to be mostly diplomatic about everything. Her anger seemed to come out of nowhere.

“And you know what’s the worst thing? The absolute worst?” Allison asked me. I shook my head. “I think that I’m starting to like her.”

She grinned at me, tightly, then burst into a spluttering laugh. I reached down to the screen where we were building our car and squeezed Allison’s hand, warmly. She roughly pushed me away.

“Don’t screw up my build,” she said, snarling.

After we did the ride and Allison ‘won’ (she declared us the winner, I have no idea what actual metrics she used and no one was going to argue with her), we walked back out into EPCOT proper. The sky was quickly darkening, and a bright orange/purple hue glowed hot out of the west. The park lit up for early evening, lovely.

We found Emily right where we’d left her on the bench. I noticed an empty cup of alcohol next to her.

“I met Baymax,” she said, “The big, white robot guy. He was nice. Then I found more food booths down the way.”

“I can see that,” Cassie said, grinning.

“How many drinky-drinks are we up to now?” Allison asked.

“Just the one,” Emily said, but her response was so defensive I started to wonder.

We gathered up my wife and walked back to the center of the park. We passed a few high, dark walls on the way, clearly marked as a place where they were building a new attraction.

“It feels like there’s construction going on everywhere,” Emily commented, as we walked past.

“Disney,” Allison said, as if that one word explained it all. “It’d take a real disaster to slow this place down.”


We’d done all the rides we wanted to do, and our stomachs were all complaining about the lack of attention. So, we headed back to World Showcase and the Food and Wine Festival. Since we’d gone toward Canada in the morning, this time, we turned to the left and walked up to Mexico. Again, however, we made a fatal mistake.

Allison pulled us inside the Aztec pyramid saying it was one of her favorite places in all the parks. Inside, the building was set up like a small Mexican town in the early evening, with a slowly smoking volcano at the back. The atmosphere was quite nice, and I could see why Allison enjoyed it.

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