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Anissa Kate

Pool PictureI have always enjoyed taking nude and sexually explicit pictures of my girlfriends and myself and have compiled quite a collection over the years. The relevance of this will come into play later.Several years ago while working at a bank I met a girl named Angela and we became fast friends. It started out with taking our lunch together and progressed to her hanging out at my house whenever she wasn’t with her boyfriend. Over the next several months Angela and I became closer and closer, sharing the most intimate moments of our lives and after breaking up with her boyfriend she moved into my house with me…as a roommate. This was great for both of us and things were going along nicely. Neither one of us wanted to mess up the good friendship we had so we kept everything as friends for a while.Occasionally I would come home and find Angela skinny dipping in the pool or sunbathing nude in the backyard. The first few times I would just watch her through the window while rubbing my hard on through my pants. Eventually I started taking pictures of her as she was laying out or swimming. This was fun and I had a lot of pictures of her with some great close-ups of her body. I should probably describer Angela to you. At the time she was a 24 year old black girl with light mocha skin, light brown eyes, black hair, 34C-23-38 (beautiful ass), 5’5”, 123 lbs. and very athletic (she was a Cheerleader in High School and College). Me, well I was 26, a white male, brown hair, hazel eyes, 6’1”, 185 lbs. with a thin athletic body from running Track during my College days. One night Ang and I were drinking margaritas while sitting in the spa when she asked me to tell her a secret that I haven’t told anyone else. I decided to tell her about my collection of erotic pictures and she told me she didn’t believe I had those kinds of pictures and that I wasn’t that type of guy. I told her I was still a nice guy but I did in fact have “those types of pictures”. She told me to prove it so I brought out my laptop and started showing her some of my tamer stuff. We had so much fun looking at the pictures and she started giving me a hard time about the tent my dick was causing in my swimsuit. She became a bit shy after her comment and we just let things settle down that night. A few weeks later I came home to find Ang very drunk. She asked if I ever thought about taking pictures of her and of course I said I thought about it often. She smiled and said, “what type of pictures would you take of me”? I told I’d love to take some pictures of her skinny dipping in the pool. Angela looked at me out of the corner of her eye and asked if I had ever seen her swimming nude. I told I had come home on occasion and saw her naked ass swimming in the pool. She said no way, you didn’t see me. I told I did and I could prove it. Ang asked how I could prove I had seen her in the pool, at this point I went and got my laptop and fired it up. I opened the file that had her pictures in it and started going through them. I could see that Ang’s breathing was coming faster and deeper as we looked though the pictures. After looking at all of them she said it wasn’t fair that I had seen her nude and she had never seen me nude. I opened a few files with nude pictures of me and let her look through them. While she was looking through them her breathing continued to be rapid and I could see that her nipples were hard. After she finished looking at the pics she said she should be able to take some pictures pinbahis güvenilirmi of me since I took pictures of her. Out came my camera and Ang started telling me to strip for her while she took pictures. I started stripping and by the time I got to my underwear my dick was rock hard and could clearly be seen by Ang. She got really close and told me to slowly pull off my underwear. Ang kept taking pictures rapidly as my dick sprang free of the waistband slapping against my stomach. Once I was nude Ang told me to pose all around the house, taking pictures of me in all types of poses. Ang then told me to go in the backyard so she could get the same pictures of me as I had taken of her. I was so excited my dick was throbbing and leaking pre cum all over. I dove in the pool and swam for a while when Ang told me to swim on my back stick my dick into the air. I did as I was told and was so turned on I thought I would cum without touching myself. As you know I’m an exhibitionist and love showing off so this was great.Ang had me get out of the pool and lay on my back on a lounge chair. She then told me to stoke my dick. I told her didn’t think I could touch myself without cuming but she told me she wanted to take pictures as I came. I grabbed my dick and started stroking as Ang moved closer and started clicking away. About two minutes into my stroking I felt my balls tightening up and told Ang I was going to cum. Ang kept clicking and told me to cum for her. A second later my cum started shooting from my cock. The first two shots landed all across my face and hair. The next few shot across my chest and stomach and by the time I was done I was covered with cum. Ang was staring at me breathing hard with the camera pointing at me. She put the camera down, leaned towards me and wiped some of my cum off my cheek and put her finger in my mouth. I sucked my cum off her finger and she did it again, feeding me my own cum. This wasn’t the first time I ate my own cum so I didn’t freak out, in fact it turned me on. Ang had me jump in the pool to clean off and as I did she went inside.I got out of the pool and went inside to find Ang sleeping in her bed. I went my room and downloaded the pictures Ang had taken of me and I gotta say she took some hot pictures. I pulled up the pictures I took of her and started stroking my dick again. I lasted about ten minutes this time and when I came, I splashed my cum all over my face and chest again. I licked up as much of my cum as I could and thought about what I had done with Ang a few moments ago. What a night this was.The next day Ang surprised me by walking out of her room and sitting down on the couch completely naked. Ang told me she really enjoyed looking at the pictures I had taken and she also said she really liked taking pictures of me and how I did everything she asked me to do. She liked making me stroke my dick and making eat my cum from her fingers. At his point I was hard again. I told her that I had enjoyed everything that happened last night and would love to continue with our fun. Ang stood up, walked over to me and sat on my lap kissing me passionately. Ang told me she had been so turned on last night and every time she thought about it she got excited.We went to breakfast and she shared that she had a fantasy about dominating a guy and making him do all kinds of sexy things. I said it sounded fun and maybe we should try it. Ang smiled saying maybe, maybe. Nothing much happened pinbahis yeni giriş until two weeks later when Ang told me that I was going to be posing for a photo shoot Saturday afternoon and I should be ready by noon. That’s all she would tell me and I could barely sleep Friday night thinking about was going to happen Saturday.It was about 11:45 when the doorbell rang and Ang asked me to get it. I answered the door to find Lisa, one of Ang’s friends, with a big smile and her own camera. I let Lisa in as she asked if I was ready for my photo shoot. I couldn’t believe Ang was expecting me to pose nude for both her and Lisa. I turned to see Ang walking into the room with my camera. Lisa and Ang hugged and asked if I was ready. I said I was ready and asked them what they wanted me to do.Ang told me we were going to start in the backyard so we all walked out back and they began moving the patio furniture around and set up their cameras. When they were ready I was told to stand near the pool and slowly strip my close off. As I did this Ang and Lisa would have me turn different directions so they could get the shot they wanted. Once again I found myself beyond excited and I could see my pre cum had made a wet spot on the front of my jeans. Once I was naked the girls had be posing in all kinds of positions including some with me on my knees spreading my ass cheeks apart while they clicked away with their cameras. I was told to get in the pool and again posed in many different ways usually with my dick or ass thrust up out of the water.I was told to get out of the pool and lay down on a lounge chair and start stroking my dick like I did last time. I started stroking and had to stop and few time and squeeze my dick to stop from cuming. The girls had me go inside and sit on the couch. As I did Ang took charge and told me to lean back, spread my legs, lick a finger and fuck my ass. I hesitated for a moment wondering if she knew I enjoyed anal stimulation or was this just something she enjoyed. I licked my finger and started fucking my ass as Ang and Lisa took all kinds of pictures of me stroking my dick and fucking my own ass with my fingers. Every few strokes of my dick I had to stop so I wouldn’t cum. Ang told me not to touch my dick but keep fucking my ass and then she left the room. I kept fucking myself as Lisa snapped more pictures then Ang returned with a bag, a towel and jar of Vaseline. I asked Ang what she was up to and she told me to just relax and go with it and she would make sure I enjoyed everything. Ang had me stand up as she placed the towel on the couch and had me sit again. She opened her bag and I could then see several dildo’s of different sizes and colors. I knew exactly where she was going with this and my ass started tingling. To my surprise Ang asked Lisa to take over and Lisa just got right to it. They had obviously discussed their plan with each other. Lisa gave my dick a couple of strokes, making it throb with excitement then released my dick and grabbed the Vaseline. She opened the jar dipped her finger in and started spreading the cold jell around the opening of my asshole. This felt good but when she pushed one of her fingers in ass it felt great! Lisa kept fucking my ass occasionally going back for more Vaseline and adding fingers. Within a short time Lisa had four fingers working in and out of my ass and I was panting with pleasure. Lisa then removed her fingers and I felt the tip of one of Ang’s dildo’s pinbahis giriş being pushed against my asshole and in my ass. I jumped a bit as the head and about three inches of the shaft was shoved up my ass. I heard Ang gasp and tell Lisa to move the dildo to one side so she could get a better shot. I had forgotten that Ang was still taking pictures.After being fucked by Lisa with the first dildo for several minutes she had the entire eight inches easily sliding in and out of my pulsing ass. I was moaning and leaking pre cum all over my stomach when Ang and Lisa changed places. Ang pulled the dildo from my ass and began working four of her fingers up my ass and began fucking me while telling me not to touch my dick. Lisa was standing over us taking pictures from all kinds of angles. I felt Ang push her thumb in and she was now fucking me with all five fingers but she couldn’t get her entire hand up my ass. After a while Ang pulled her hand from my ass and began pushing a really big dildo up my ass. It took about 15 minutes to get about nine inches of this monster up my ass I was going crazy with pleasure as Ang began a slow fucking of my ass. I was breathing hard and both my ass and my dick were throbbing with excitement as Ang pulled the monster dildo from my ass and replaced it with her hand. To my surprise, and Lisa’s by the sound she made, Ang’s entire hand slid up my ass past her wrist on the first push. I had never felt anything like this before. While the dildo had been thicker, I had never felt anything like having a hand shoved up my ass with the fingers moving around inside me. It was awesome and I didn’t want it to stop. I was shaking and moving my ass back onto Ang’s hand completely caught up in the sensations of be fisted for the first time in my life. Ang kept pushing and pulling her hand in my ass making me squirm around the entire time. Ang reached up and started stroking my dick and even pulled it towards her and sucked me for a moment. Ang kept fisting my ass harder and faster and stroking my dick while Lisa took pictures of the entire event.I felt both my balls and my ass start pulsing as my cum came shooting from my dick. Ang aimed my dick directly at my face and told me to lift my face towards my dick and open my mouth. The first shot of cum landed on my forehead and I caught the second and third shots across my nose lips and a lot of it shot in my mouth. Just what Ang wanted. I continued to shoot my cum all over myself as Ang stroked my dick and fisted my ass.After I stopped shooting cum I felt Ang pulling her hand from deep in my ass and gasped as the widest portion of her hand stretched my ass open as it left my ass. I was just sitting there breathing deeply as Ang wiped up my cum and fed it to me while Lisa took pictures every step of the way. It was fucking great. Definitely not what I was expecting to happen but it was a great time.Later that day I downloaded the pictures into my computer and we all looked at them. I couldn’t believe how far Ang had got her hand, or should I say arm, up my ass. In one of the pictures we could clearly see Ang had her arm up my ass just a few inches below her elbow. We measured her arm and we discovered she had about 13 inches up my ass! She later told me that I did most of the thrusting and all she did was to keep her arm stiff and every once in a while she would move forward so I wouldn’t move too far off the couch. Lisa thanked us for the fun day and decided to call it a night. That night Angela and I slept together and had a wonderful ending to and absolutely unforgettable day. I even got to fuck Ang in her ass that night. Ang and I have had some other great adventures since then. Depending on the feedback I get I might write about them as well.Spikedflb

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