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This is the background story about Paul, who steals panties from the laundry in his college dormitory.

In “Our New Friend Paula” [posted Feb 25, 2023] author SickPuppette and her roommate Sally catch Paul stealing their panties, and blackmail him with photographs on their cell phones. They dominate him and feminize him, renaming him Paula.

This is the story of how Paul came to be in this unfortunate and vulnerable position.

(All characters in the story are age 18 or older. This is a fictional story and any similarity to actual persons living or dead, or actual places or events, is purely coincidental.)


Paul saw dormitory living as an opportunity: He would have his own studio apartment and lots of privacy, enabling him to masturbate whenever he wanted. No longer would he have to be cautious about someone coming home unexpectedly, or about making too much noise when he climaxed. Also, his collection of porn and sex toys and lingerie was safe in his own college apartment, away from the curious eyes of his family.

The first time he went to the basement laundry room with a load to wash, he discovered the treasure trove of women’s clothing available at his fingertips. A steady stream of coeds was filling the machines and then disappearing for long stretches of time. There were baskets of clothes piled up on the folding tables, including plenty of lingerie and gym attire, waiting for their owners to retrieve them.

But his enthusiasm soon got the best of him. He started to hang out in the laundry area to get a sense of who came down and when, and how he might easily acquire a pretty panty or a sensuous bra. He was spending too much time there and the dorm monitor told Bostancı Escort him to find somewhere else to hang out. Paul promptly adjusted his schedule to only be there when he knew the dorm monitor was in class. He would not linger, selecting an enticing pair of high-cut panties or perhaps a padded bra (38B fit him perfectly!), then head up to his room.

As soon as he was safely in his apartment he would slowly undress in front of a full length mirror, slipping off one article of clothing at a time. This teasing striptease was guaranteed to make him hard, and he would take a moment to look at himself while gently stroking his erection. Paul was very self-conscious about his cock because it was much shorter than average, but he also knew it was remarkably thick and he was proud of that.

Then he would remain in front of the mirror while putting on his newly acquired bra and panties. Depending on the cut of the bra he might place silicon falsies into the cups. He loved the weight of them, gently pulling on the bra’s shoulder straps, just as he imagined natural breasts would feel. The inserts gave his silhouette a much more attractive line.

Then he slid the panties up his legs, triggering a stimulating tingle that shot right up to his balls and made his cock twitch. His aroused clit-stick (a pet name for his inadequate cock when covered by feminine panties) usually fit nicely into the panties with only a modest bulge. Of course, it was too short to stick out above the waist band.

Paul would pose and gyrate in front of the mirror to see how everything fit, making sure the bra straps were set at the correct length, and to smooth the panties over the curve of his buttocks. If the mood Ümraniye Escort struck him, he might also put on a pair of thigh-high hosiery or a camisole, or perhaps a full or half slip. He knew his ensemble was incomplete, and he hoped to soon buy a sexy pair of high heels or fuck-me boots!

Once he was satisfied with his clothes he would simply enjoy walking around his small apartment, celebrating the erotic feel of the clothing on his skin. He was a furry man with lots of hair everywhere, and as the fabric shifted with each step his arousal became more intense. He might spend hours prancing about or reading erotica or doing homework.

At some point his pleasure would become so intense that he would focus on bringing himself to a climax. He had several ways to build his sexual tension; perhaps he would insert a butt plug, or place a sanitary pad in his panties, or put clamps on his exquisitely sensitive nipples. In short order he would produce copious amounts of clear colorless silky precum and use that to lubricate his shaft and the crown of his cock. He loved that sensation! Without fail, he could induce a bone shattering orgasm that caused him to yelp and groan while releasing a generous amount of thick creamy cum!

In this new apartment he was free to enjoy his alternate self. He had found ways to cum in every room of his apartment: the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, and his living area. Paul’s kink exploration led him to release onto a cookie or into a spoon or cup of tea, so he could taste himelf…and he liked it!

Paul made visits to the laundry room once or twice a week, and built up his collection of fetish wear. He enjoyed the anticipation of going downstairs with Anadolu Yakası Escort the anxious hope of finding something that would fit him and arouse him. Lately, he was putting on lingerie under his traditional masculine clothing and going to the laundry room with an erection, even though it was somewhat noticeable.

And then he slipped up. He was standing at the folding tables trying to choose between two cute panties and he was hovering over the laundry baskets when two guys walked in to do their laundry. They knew something was not right about Paul just standing there surrounded by women’s laundry, but they probably didn’t realize what he was doing. They were about to approach him and Paul spooked, hurrying out of the laundry area empty-handed. The two guys told the dormitory monitor about their strange encounter, but because there was no clear misbehavior he just warned Paul that any further complaints could lead to Paul being expelled from the school.

Paul didn’t go downstairs for almost two weeks after that, but eventually he needed to wash his clothes. And that trip to the laundry room was when Sally and SickPuppette caught him with his nose buried in a pair of panties and a visible erection!

He saw the terrible events that lay ahead of him: expulsion from college and who knows what type of embarrassing hearing or media coverage would follow. The women took photos of him with the panties and his hard-on. They showed no mercy.

He went up to his room and cried. To calm himself, he put on his favorite longline bra along with the silicone breast inserts and some control top pantyhose. These clothes gave him a sensation of a tight hug from his nipples to his knees. In a short time he was hard and eager for an orgasm, which rose rapidly and he released explosively into the bathroom sink. Then he took off his fetish clothes and cleaned up the bathroom.

Not long after, the two women knocked on his door with an ultimatum.

He couldn’t refuse their offer.

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