Project Down Under

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The Law firm Samantha worked for, Johnson, Bollocks and Hymen, had recently expanded their practice into other cities; moving outside their corporate Los Angeles location, and opening two new office locations in Australia and New Zealand; Sydney and Auckland respectively.

Samantha had caught wind that the managing partners were looking for people within her office to relocate and temporarily live in between Sydney and Auckland for three to five months’; assisting in getting both new offices up and running.

The buzz around the office started to refer to this expansion effort as project Down Under .

Samantha decided to throw her name into the hat; letting her boss know she was interested in the opportunity, and the chance to expand her paralegal career.

Samantha’s motivation to move wasn’t only vocational, she had personal reasons as well. Samantha was recoiling from a relationship that had recently ended badly with her boyfriend, Jake.

It had been a painful break up for Samantha. She was still wounded from the break, and she described the pain as a constant, low and throbbing ache that was eating away at her stomach from the inside out. Moving out of town for awhile would surely give her the space and the time she needed to heal.

Within one month after learning about project Down Under, Samantha was told that she was one of the ten employees chosen to go. She had exactly one month to get her ducks in a row, so-to-speak and ship out.

Samantha was thrilled to learn she was chosen; excited about the opportunity.

She had decided to sublet her downtown Los Angeles apartment out to her best friend, Beth. The timing couldn’t be better, because Beth was also in the midst of a relationship that was unraveling and she was looking for a place to live. Beth also agreed to take care of Licorice; Samantha’s soot-colored, female cat.

Samantha and Beth had known each other for about six years. They met at a campus rally when they were both sophomores in college at UCLA.

Samantha was in between classes the afternoon she met Beth; stretching out her long, sinuous legs on the grass and checking out the scene. Book bag close by, she perused the area for hot looking guys, and girls while only half listening to the speaker talk about student’s rights.

Samantha saw lots of great looking students that day, but her eyes became fixated on what she considered to be one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen; Beth.

Beth had luscious, thick and black, curly hair that framed her delicate face; the ends brushed against her small shoulders. Beth was standing against a metal, railing about 100 feet away. Samantha stared at her for what seemed like an eternity, until she finally looked away, only to find her herself drawn in; staring at her all over again, like a moth to a flame.

Beth was standing next to a short and stocky, pixie-haired, platinum blond. It appeared they were together, like a couple. Beth noticed Samantha was staring at her, and she looked straight at her; flashing a devilish grin. Samantha smiled back, and the apples of her cheeks burned, bright red; blushing.

Beth smiled at her again and this time, the stocky, platinum blond noticed the flirtation, and shot Samantha a cold stare. The blond said something to Beth and then stormed away; leaving Beth standing there alone.

Samantha looked away again, feeling responsible for having caused a riff between them. Samantha looked up again and Beth was no longer standing against the railing.

When Samantha turned to grab her book bag, Beth was sitting right next to it. Beth smiled at her and lifted her hand, offering a “hello.”

“Hi.” Samantha said, surprised and smiling; her large, sapphire-colored eyes greeted Beth.

“Hi. I thought I should come over and introduce myself, considering we kept staring at one another for past 30 minutes.” Beth said, looking at Samantha with her big, dark chocolate-colored eyes that had just a flicker of honey running through them; adding to her mischievous good looks.

“Hey, I’m sorry if I caused any problems with you and your friend. My name’s Samantha, Sam.” She said.

“Please, don’t worry about her. She’s just moody; getting her period, I think. I’m Elizabeth, Beth.” She replied.

They talked for awhile, and quickly realized they had some of the same classes together, and shared similar interests. merter escort

Beth was an avid runner and surfer, like Samantha. They started to spend more and more time together and before too long, they were like two peas in pod; nearly inseparable, unless of course, one or the other started dating someone. Samantha was experimenting with her sexuality; dating both men and women, whereas Beth only dated women.

“I read somewhere that July 14th is National Nude Day in New Zealand, and you know the men and women down there are supposed to be fucking hot, Sam.” Beth said while taking another swig of Mexican beer from the bottle she was holding as she watched Samantha try and get organized and packed for her trip.

Beth sat cross legged on the edge of Samantha’s bed, wearing a white, cotton, polo dress. The white contrasted against her deep, dark tanned and muscular skin. She was bra-less as usual, and her full, C-cup breasts swayed freely inside her dress; erect nipples rubbed up against the cotton grain.

“National what day?” Samantha asked, pursing her pouty lips, while pushing her long; pencil straight, blond hair behind her ears; exposing the freckles that ran over the top of her small, button nose. She grabbed another handful of clothes from one of her open chest of drawers in her bedroom; searching for space in her suitcase.

Samantha was wearing a pair of washed out, green, cargo shorts that buttoned down the front with a drawstring waist band and they sat low on her narrow hips.

Her small, perky breasts pushed up against a tight, racer-back, white tee-shirt; the front and back advertised surfboard wax. Her wide, muscular, shoulders, lean, powerful arms and the tops of her well developed thighs, were sun-kissed golden, brown from jogging the palm tree-lined streets of Santa Monica Boulevard and surfing the break at rock pile, a local surfing spot.

“You might meet someone down there and maybe he or she will take care of you, down there.” Beth said smiling; revealing the dimples in her cheeks, while she pointed at Samantha’s crotch. Beth had a wide mouth, and naturally plump, red-colored lips. She had a long, pointed nose and high cheek bones.

Men were captivated with both Beth and Samantha’s small, athletic build and natural good looks. Beth was never interested in any of the men that were attracted to her; making her even more attractive to them. Samantha would get a kick out of watching men try time and time again to impress her best friend, but Beth would barely bat an eyelash at any of them. Beth simply wasn’t interested.

“I can’t even think about meeting anyone new right now. I still feel sick to my stomach over this break up with Jake, Beth.” Samantha volleyed back, her brow was furrowed, and her big, blue eyes were welling up with tears.

“Oh, Sam. Don’t start crying over him again. He’s not worth your tears, girl.” Beth said, standing up; walking toward Samantha.

“I’m going to concentrate on work, Beth, not men, at least for awhile.” Samantha said as Beth moved closer and hugged Samantha tightly; their breasts’ and pubic mounds’ were aligned; pressing together.

“I’m really going to miss you, and miss us.” Beth muttered into Samantha’s ear.

“I’m only moving away for a few months; I plan to come back. Besides, with all the hot women living in SoCal, you’ll surely forget all about me in a couple of weeks’.” Samantha responded, pulling back a little to look into Beth’s eyes and to also regain her composure; she felt aroused by Beth’s presence; felt a stirring sensation in between her legs whenever Beth would get a little too close.

Somewhere on a subconscious level, Samantha knew there was a lot more than just friendship between her and Beth, but as you know, sometimes things have a way of staying hidden until we’re ready to see them.

“Yeah, okay, whatever, Sam, but did you know your nipples are hard? Beth responded, swatting the back of Samantha’s hamstring with her hand.

“Oooh, baby; playing rough, eh?” Samantha said jokingly as she moved away and grabbed more clothes; finding room in her suitcase.

Later that night, after Beth had left, Samantha lay on her couch; listening to the sultry voice of Nina Simone on her CD player; Licorice was curled up in her lap, purring. Samantha started reminiscing about her life; her move out of the country, her break escort şişli up with Jake and her long-term friendship with Beth.

As Samantha sunk deeper into her couch, she closed her eyes; her thoughts carried her back; focusing on one specific and extraordinary day she had shared with Beth.

* * * * *

They both loved to find new surfing spots, and Samantha remembered when she and Beth found a secluded beach; a cove hidden by the steep cliffs above, and on that particular day, the waves were breaking perfectly.

Samantha and Beth were the only two on the beach. After they both surfed for two straight hours, they both agreed the next wave they caught would be their ticket back into shore.

They wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous, sunny and warm morning; perhaps indulge in a little topless sunbathing. Once they reached the white, sandy beach, Beth and Samantha peeled off their board shorts and short sleeved rashguards; their standard surfing uniform, underneath both had worn string bikinis.

Beth and Samantha stretched out onto their towels; both surfboards lay horizontally beside them. They were lying on their backs; letting the sun warm their bodies. Beth reached her arm behind her back and untied her string and triangular bikini top; exposing her perfect, round breasts and succulent, erect nipples.

Samantha stared at her breasts; the sunlight reflected upon the light-colored, sand pebbles that had stuck to the soft, tissue of her breasts.

“God. You have the most amazingly perfect boobs, Beth.” Samantha said, opening her eyes for a moment and looking at Beth’s bare breasts.

“I love your small, perky breasts, Sam. I love how your nipples are always hard; poking through your tee-shirts. It’s so erotic.” Beth responded; her eyes were closed.

Beth’s thoughts of Samantha’s breasts were from her memories. Memories of stolen glances when Samantha would change out of her wet, surfing clothes, and into her dry street clothes; often while Beth drove the car; hurriedly racing to get them back home in time for work.

Beth would adjust the rear view mirror, so she could see Samantha’s bare breasts and hard nipples, her flat stomach, or the delicate and soft, light brown hair that she kept trimmed and neat, like an airplane strip in between her legs.

“Oh yeah?” Samantha responded, almost as a dare, and she untied her bikini top and flung it over to Beth; directly hitting her in the face.

Beth raised one of her arms and removed Samantha’s partially damp, string bikini top from her face, opened her eyes and moved her head to one side; looking over at Samantha.

Samantha’s breasts reminded Beth of lemons that were cut in half; her nipples were elongated, like soft, pink rose buds. Like Beth’s breasts, Samantha’s breasts were also covered with tiny, particles of sand that stuck to her skin.

Instinctively, Beth reached over to Samantha and brushed the sand from her breasts; Samantha’s nipples quickly hardened at Beth’s touch.

Samantha opened her eyes and looked at Beth; her full breasts ascended up, like her nipples were kissing the sun. Samantha would often tell Beth that her natural breasts were probably the envy of every plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

Beth’s beautiful levitated breasts weren’t filled with silicone implants from a surgeon’s agile scalpel, but instead, it was rigorous exercise that lifted and shaped her breasts.

Over the years, Beth spent hours paddling out on her surfboard; out against the pounding surf and then hoisting herself up and out of the water, catching a wave on her board as she made her way into shore, attributing to toning and shaping her breasts.

Samantha reached for Beth’s breast, and gently rubbed her palm across her nipple; Samantha felt Beth’s nipples harden in her hand.

Both women moved from laying on their backs, to their sides now; facing the other; each fondling the other’s breasts, saying nothing, while the sounds of the waves gently crashed onto beach, and the wind rustled through their dampened hair, and seagulls cried out around them; searching for morsels of food.

“You know that I love you, Sam.” Beth said; hearing Samantha’s breath quicken; somehow knowing Samantha’s pussy was wet, and feeling her own pussy become juicy while Samantha stroked and massaged her breasts.

“Yes. I do know. I love you too.” Samantha esenler escort responded as she moved her hands down and across Beth’s flat and tight, six-pack abdominals; finger tips felt the smoothness of Beth’s soft, skin and the light dust of hair that ran down just past her belly button; leading to the very top of her string bathing suit bottoms.

As Beth’s one hand grasped Samantha’s breast, her other hand reached down and untied the strings to her bathing suit bottoms; pushing the bottoms down, until her pussy was exposed. Samantha didn’t object; she lay on her side; completely naked.

Her slick, well-manicured pubic hair, round, tight ass and washboard stomach greeted Beth’s eyes and hands.

Samantha glided her hands down along Beth’s soft, olive skin; meeting the outside swell of Beth’s breast, her ribs and the indentation of her small, waist; stopping once she reached the curve of her shapely hips.

Samantha took a deep breath in and pushed her fingers down further, until she touched the inside of Beth’s suit bottoms; feeling the wetness of her pussy and the luxuriously, soft and thick, full bush that covered her pubic mound.

Beth shuddered with excitement; felt her heart beating faster at Samantha’s touch. Samantha fingers began to explore her best friend’s slick pussy. Beth ran her hands over Samantha’s body; massaging her shoulders, breasts, and the cheeks of her ass, while Samantha pushed her fingers deeper inside Beth’s bathing suit bottoms.

Samantha moved her fingers pass the silky hair covering her pussy; touching her outer lips, her vulva, and then pushing her index finger into the slippery, wet cleft; lightly circling Beth’s throbbing clit. Beth hissed with pleasure.

Beth pushed herself up and off her towel; moving forward and toward Samantha; kissing her on the lips; her tongue probed deeply into Samantha’s mouth.

She pulled back smiling at Samantha, as Samantha lifted her arms around Beth’s neck pulling her down and on top of her body. Samantha rolled from her side and onto her back; Beth hovered above her; kissing her lips, her neck, her nipples; moving her mouth over Samantha’s salty, sandy body.

Beth alternated between circling her tongue and sucking and nibbling each of Samantha’s hard nipples. Samantha moaned in pleasure and Beth would suck harder. Samantha pulled Beth back up to her lips and kissed her again, this time their lips press harder.

Samantha lifted her hips up and began circling them; pushing her pussy and pulsating clit into the Beth’s crotch. Beth reached down with one hand and pushed her suit bottoms down and off.

They were both naked, and they ravaged the other. Their sopping wet pussies embraced; thrumming pussy lips kissed; clits rubbed back and forth, and back and forth against the other.

Both women gyrated their hips up and down and around and around; grinding into the other’s hot, thrumming clit until Samantha screamed out into the deserted beach that she was cumming; cumming hard.

Her body spasmed and shook as she felt the waves of her orgasm take over her. She opened her eyes and looked at Beth, who hadn’t climaxed yet, but she was close, and Samantha watched as Beth slide her fingers in between her own legs and rubbed her fingers back and forth across her clit moaning “Ooooooh. Ooooooh.” Beth closed her eyes as her body spasmed toward release of orgasm.

* * * * *

Samantha’s body jerked as she awoke from her groggy daydream state. She could hear Nina Simone singing, Here Comes The Sun in the background.

Maybe it was the memory of having sex on the beach with Beth, or maybe it had something to do with her recent break up, but as I mentioned before, the universe has a way of presenting things to us when we’re ready to see them, even if something has been standing right in front of us the whole time.

Whatever the reason, Samantha found herself lying there that night on her couch, acknowledging to herself for the first time that her feelings for her best friend were far greater than just a long-term friendship, and she wanted to do something about it. It was as if a light bulb had been turned on above her head.

“God, I don’t want to lose her. I love her.” Samantha said to herself, reaching down and feeling for Licorice curled up at her side.

Samantha reached for her cellular phone, and hit the speed dial button for Beth, “Beth. Hi. Remember that time you and I found that secluded beach; where the waves were kicking and you and I…well, do you remember? You do? Well, what would you think about you, me and Licorice celebrating National Nude Day in Auckland together…?”

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