Quiet in the Library

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Big Tits

Sometimes when I’m writing, I try to write with purpose. I try to write a story with a compelling theme or message, with a well-thought-out and interesting plot that will stick with you and make you feel something that makes it transcend normal wank material to become something more.

Other times, I hornily mash my keyboard for a few hours until I’ve got a bunch of stuff that I can edit and rearrange into something sort of coherent later on. Three guesses which type of story this is. I hope you enjoy it, in one way or another.

Features a girl who loves showing off her very big chest, a girl who looks very pregnant but isn’t, lactation, and lots of breast-play, but not much action beneath the belt.


Mari fantasized, sometimes, about walking around in public naked.

She’d never actually do it, of course. Being arrested for public indecency wasn’t exactly her idea of a good time. But she thought about it a lot. She’d even written stories in which thinly-veiled proxies of herself walked around the campuses of thinly-veiled stand-ins for the university she attended wearing nothing but a pair of sandals. In her head, nobody actually approached her. That wasn’t what she wanted in these particular fantasies. But they stared. College students turned their heads, whispered to each other behind their hands, gaped and gawked at her as she bounced her way through the quad.

In these stories, she was always proud. Unashamed. She walked with her head held high, grinning and waving at her peers, regardless of whether they were horrified or aroused. And hell, since it was fantasy, sometimes she played with some of her other kinks as well. By the ends of the stories, these fictional naked promenades around campus, she was always dripping wet between the legs (as she usually was in reality by the time that she finished writing them) but sometimes her breasts leaked as well, little rivulets of milk streaming down their vasty, wobbling curves before dripping down to the ground. Sometimes she was pregnant, her enormous tummy preceding even her boobs as she walked. Sometimes she was collared, being led by… Whoever she’d been fantasizing about that particular day. More often that she would have admitted it was one of her friends, but just as often it was somebody that she had simply made up.

They were a good outlet. A way for her to indulge herself in a little sexual thrill that she would never consider actually attempting to experience in reality. She’d flashed her chest at parties once or twice before, but she had never given actually walking around naked in public any serious consideration, and she never would.

That said, she was willing to test the rules of public decency a little bit. She still really liked showing off, and when you had boobs that were bigger than your own head, showing off was easy to do. Mari owned more plunge and balcony bras than any other type, and it was rare that she went out in an outfit that didn’t show at least a little bit of cleavage. Usually she showed a lot of cleavage, and wore tops that left her tummy bare as well. Really, Mari dressed so that anyone who saw her would know what she was all about from the moment that they looked at her.

Today, for example, she had on her well-worn leather jacket, slightly too small for her and permanently open, because there was no way that she could zip it up over her boobs. Her jeans were tight, black, and torn by design. Her boots were big, leather, and stompy. Her hair was bright, electric pink. (She had dyed it for her Halloween costume last year and liked it so much that she had kept it that way.) She wore eyeliner and black lipstick. She had seven piercings in her ears and one on her eyebrow. And yet, she didn’t expect anyone to notice any of that stuff at first glance, because her top was… Barely there. At one time in its life it had been a T-shirt for a metal band that she was a fan of, but it had been, quite on purpose, cut and torn up so that it was practically a crop top at this point. She was wearing one of her plunge bras under it, so her cleavage was as vast and as deep as she could possibly make it.

All in all, it wasn’t the look of someone you’d expect to be visiting the university’s Literature and Language library in order to do heavy research on the morphosyntax of Proto-Indo-European, but Mari liked to defy expectations. The library security guard, posted at the entrance to make sure that nobody was trying to walk out with un-checked-out books, lazily waved her through, then did a double-take and gaped at her chest. She giggled and winked at him as she passed.

“Hey, um…”

She stopped, turned to look at him. “Yeah?” He was either going to flirt with her or try to tell her to cover up. He was young (the same age as her, roughly), a dude, and addressing her boobs instead of her face, so it was probably…

“You can’t wear that in here. Library dress code says you need to cover up.”

Oh. Huh. Mari hadn’t expected that. He was clearly enamored by them, from the way güngören escort that his eyes kept darting down to her cleavage. “Aw, really?” She approached his little desk and leaned against it. Its surface was high, which meant that her breasts were now resting heavily on top of it. “You sure about that?”

“I, uh…” Now that they were up close, just inches from where he’d been resting his hands, he seemed to have a much more difficult time keeping his eyes off of them.

Everyone had a gift nowadays. Or rather, a Gift. ‘Like X-men, but lamer,’ Mari had heard them described as once, but she didn’t entirely agree. Some of them were a little boring, sure, like Mr. Guardsman here. His eyes were purple, and that was it. Sometimes they were minor things like that. She thought that hers was pretty neat, though: It took the form of a marking that looked almost like a tattoo- a pattern of thin, organically curving lines that resembled vines, or the branches of a tree, which covered her right right side from shoulder to waist, including most of her breast.

Which meant that he could see it quite well. After all, a significant portion of Mari’s right breast was exposed, directly in front of him. The really cool part about Mari’s marking, however, was that it changed color. When she had walked in it was a light, pastel blue, which was the color it took on when she was feeling relaxed and happy, or just indifferent. But as he stared at her, she tried to spark a certain type of mood in herself. She imagined herself walking into the library without any clothes on at all, her big, fat breasts bouncing with every step, watching jaws drop and people stare as-

Ah, there it was. It faded from blue to a bright pink, and it actually started to glow a little bit.

He swallowed, loudly. “Um. Yeah. I’m pretty sure,” he said to her chest.

“You might want to check again, man. Library dress code only applies to employees.”

“What? I don’t…”

“You seem to be having trouble focusing.” Mari bumped into them with her arm as she said it, making them jiggle a little bit. “You feeling alright?”

“I… Yeah. Just.” He shook his head, tearing his eyes from her chest in order to type in ‘dress code’ on the laptop he had in front of him, already open to the library’s website. Sure enough, there was a page labeled ‘Dress Code for Library Employees’, but nothing at all for students.

“It really is a sign of the moral decay of our time,” said Mari. “I mean, really, girls can just walk around in here with their boobs out and everything. Shameful.”

“Just… If any other staff confront you about it, I didn’t let you in, alright?”

Mari winked at him. “It’ll be our little secret.” She gave her chest a little shimmy as she walked away, and laughed as she heard him groan softly.

P574, P589, P590…

“Holy shit, look at that girl.”

Mari smirked to herself as she searched through the massive shelves of the Linguistics section. The voice came from off to her right, where there was a cluster of study desks beside the bookshelves. The speaker was whispering, clearly unaware that Mari could hear her.

“Oh my god. They’re bigger than her head.”

The sheer amazement in the voice delighted her so much that her marking, which had faded back to blue a few minutes ago, immediately switched once again to pink.

“Whoa, and that tattoo changes color, too. Think that’s magic?”

“It’s gotta be. Wait, if the tattoo thing is her Gift, then that means…”

“Those are natural, holy shit. I didn’t know that boobs could get that big.”

“They can’t be. Look at what she’s wearing. She’s showing them off. They’re not magic, but they must be implants.”

That irked her a little bit. Mari wasn’t looking for any of the books on the top row of the shelf, but she reached up there anyway, grabbing one at random, and in doing so she squished her breasts up against one of the rows below it.

“They look really soft for implants. If those are plastic then she’s got a hell of a surgeon.”

Hah. As if she could afford a breast augmentation even if she wanted one. She could barely make rent.

“Can you make boobs bigger with magic, but like, without it being your Gift? That must be possible, right?”

“Probably, but nobody down here knows how to do it, and the Moonsingers won’t- whoa!”


“Look at that girl.”


That piqued Mari’s curiosity. She walked towards the voices, which turned out to belong to two girls sitting at one of the study desks. She followed their eyes down the rows of shelves and saw…


It was one of the library employees, pushing a cart full of books between the shelves while she danced silently to the music in her headphones. Mari was immediately struck by two things. The first was the same reason that the two studying girls were gaping at her, and that was fact that she looked like she was smuggling an overinflated beach ball under her fuzzy blue sweater. eskort şişli Mari didn’t think that she had ever seen anyone that pregnant before. She had nice boobs, too. They weren’t nearly as big as Mari’s, but she was still very busty by anyone’s measure. The second was that… She looked familiar. Mari had seen her before, she was certain. Where, though? It must have been before she had gotten pregnant, or at least before she had gotten big, because there was no way that Mari would have forgotten that belly. She disappeared down a row of shelves, and Mari hurried after her.

“Holy crap, look at them bounce.”

That girl really needed to learn to whisper more quietly. Mari ignored her, straightening herself out as she rounded the corner, quickly and subtly adjusting her breasts in her bra. She approached the super-pregnant library worker and waved to get her attention.

“Oh, hi!” She smiled as she took off her headphones. “How can I…” Her eyes darted to Mari’s chest. To her credit, she remained very composed, only stammering once, just a little bit. “How can I help you?”

“Yeah, um, I’m looking for this book. The library database says it’s not checked out, but it’s not on the shelf.” It wasn’t just an excuse to start talking to her. She also really was just trying to find a specific title, which was why she unlocked her phone and showed it to her. She’d had her browser open to the online entry for it, with the title and call number.

Hannah (she was wearing a nametag on a lanyard) squinted at it. “How to induce… Uh. This isn’t the library’s website.”

“Huh?” Mari looked at the screen and immediately felt herself go red, and at the same time her marking began to glow a deep pink. (Embarrassment, as it happened, was darker and redder than arousal.) “Whoops! Uh, wrong tab. Er…” She fiddled with the screen for a moment. “This! This is the book I’m looking for.”

“The Syntax of Proto-Indo-European,” the girl read. “Ah…” She picked that exact book off of her cart and presented it to Mari. “Right here! Somebody who had it checked out turned it in today, and I just hadn’t gotten it back to the shelf yet.”

“Perfect.” Mari took it. “Thank you!”

“Your tattoo thing is really cool,” said Hannah, nodding her head towards Mari’s still-glowing marking. “That’s a Gift, right? It’s magic?”

“Er, yeah.” A tacit acknowledgment that she had been looking at Mari’s chest. Nice. She looked at the nametag again, then into her eyes. They were a brilliant, bright green. She had seen those eyes before. She had a name and a face, so why couldn’t she…


It all came back to her. High school, senior year. She’d just been starting to break out of the shackles of religion that her father had spent her entire childhood binding her with, beginning to explore the first of her many long-repressed kinks, and starting to realize that she was into girls just as much as she was into guys. That last revelation had come to her one afternoon in a particularly boring math class, when she’d caught herself fantasizing about kissing one of her classmates, a girl named…

“Um… Sorry, but is your last name Reise?”

“Yeeeah?” said Hannah with the cautious tentativeness that came when someone you didn’t know seemed to know you. “Have we met?”

“Oh my god.” Mari laughed. It was her. What were the chances? “Uh. Yeah. We’ve met. High school, senior year. I recall a nervous confession, a little bit of making out, and a lackluster attempt at a kinda-sorta relationship that lasted about a month before we both graduated.”

Hannah’s eyes got wide. “Holy crap… Marisol?”

“That’s me,” said Mari. She awkwardly fidgeted with her jacket’s zipper. “Uh, I’m a bit different from the way I was back then.”

“Yeah, no kidding!” She looked her up and down, as if seeing her for the first time. “You’re so… punk now! And, uh… Wow. You’re… Bigger.”

Mari smirked. She was exactly the same height as she’d been the last time that they’d seen each other. “Yeeeah. I had a huge growth spurt right around my freshman year of college. Honestly, 2015 and 2016 were really explosive years for me. The Quake happened, obviously, so that’s when I got all glowy and color-changey, but I also sorta got away from my dad at that point, reconnected with my mom, started getting into metal, finally admitted to myself that I’m an atheist, and really started to think about my sexuality. I had only just realized that I was even interested in girls right around when we kissed that one time, but I still hadn’t really figured myself out yet, you know? Anyway, while all of that was happening my boobs just kind of… Boom.” She mimicked them exploding outwards with her hands.

Hannah laughed. “You know, I think that the last time I saw you, aside from graduation, you were literally wearing a ‘Jesus Loves Me’ shirt.”

“Yeah, well. People change.” Mari shrugged. “This is who I really am. I just didn’t know it yet.”

“Well, I think that’s awesome! I’m glad that you found esenler escort yourself.”

“But hey, look at you! You’re going to be a mom, holy crap!”

She laughed. “Well, um… Not quite. My brother and his husband wanted a kid, but, you know. They don’t have the parts for it.” She patted her tummy. “I volunteered. It’s lucky they both have good jobs, because it turns out they’re getting three kids instead of one.”

“Triplets. Phew. When you say your brother, do you mean Daniel?” Mari had met him once, when she was hanging out with Hannah at her house. He was much older than the two of them, well into his twenties when they were eighteen. “He’s gay? I thought he was engaged. Like, to a woman.”

“Uh… Yeah. He kinda realized later on.” Hannah, for some reason, seemed to flush a little bit.

“Jeez, that’s rough. My parents kind of went through a similar thing. My mom didn’t realize that she was gay until way after I was born. That’s why my parents ended up divorcing, you know. Makes me glad that I was able to explore my sexuality and figure all that stuff out now, while I’m still young and not tied down to anyone. How’d his ex-fiancée take it? What was her name? Allison? Addison?”

“Alexandria. And, uh… I don’t know, I haven’t really heard from her since they broke up.”

“Well, hopefully it wasn’t too rough on her. I guess it’s better that he realized before they actually got married, so they could cut things off before they got too woven into each other’s lives.”

“Uh huh. For sure.” Hannah nodded.

“So I guess your brother and his husband just didn’t want to adopt?”

“Um…” She seemed almost nervous all of a sudden. “They, er… Wanted to have kids that were related to them by blood. So my brother’s husband was the sperm donor, and I’m the carrier.”

“Oooh. So, did you two…”

“Er, no. Artificial insemination. Hey, um, not to be rude, but…” She gestured at her book cart. “I need to get back to work.”

“Oh! Yeah, of course. Sorry about that.” Mari kicked herself internally. She had probably gotten a little too personal a little too fast. “It was cool seeing you again, though! Do you wanna maybe hang out sometime later and catch up?”

“Yes!” Hannah nearly shouted it, as soon as she did, she looked terribly embarrassed. She cleared her throat and, much more quietly, said, “Er. Yes. Yes, that would be cool. I’m working all night tonight but if you text me tomorrow we can figure something out.”

“Cool.” Mari waited, expecting Hannah to offer her phone number, but she just stood there, smiling nervously. “Oookay. I guess I’ll give you my number then? Do you have your phone with you?”

Hannah was already red, but she got even redder. “Uh, yeah. Right. Sorry.” They exchanged phone numbers, and when they were done Hannah said, “Well, it was good to see you again. I’d offer you a hug, but, um…” she looked down at herself.

Mari grinned. “Oh, I don’t mind! C’mere.”

She did, eagerly. They embraced, which was an interesting experience. Mari could feel Hannah’s big, round, firm belly pressing up against her own much flatter stomach, and at the same time her chest ended up resting atop it, squishing up against Hannah’s boobs, which were by no means small themselves.

And then it was over. They pulled apart, and Hannah fidgeted awkwardly. “That was nice. I’m gonna, uh…” She gestured vaguely at the stacks, which was a bit futile, since they were in the middle of them.

“Get back to work, yeah. It was nice seeing you again!”

“Yeah, you too. I, um… Bye!”

Mari blinked as she retreated around the corner, pushing her book cart along. She did not remember Hannah ever being that blushy or nervous before. In any case… She had gotten her number, and that was pretty cool. She smiled as she set off to find a desk to study at.

As soon as Hannah rounded the corner, out of Mari’s sight, she backed up against the shelves and clutched her chest, blushing and breathing heavily. Goodness. The last time that she had seen Mari was at their high school graduation, and after that, Hannah had fully expected to never see her again. She remembered the kiss that they had shared in their senior year, and she remembered how it had failed to make their friendship blossom into anything more, despite her hopes. They had both too timid, too hesitant, and, to be honest, not quite out of the closet yet. Running into Mari now, out of nowhere, was definitely not something that she had expected, and she never would have guessed that that was what she would look like now, based on the Mari that she knew four years ago. Was this really the same girl who had, every Sunday, asked Hannah if she wanted to come to church with her and looked so disappointed when she said no?

And those boobs. Jesus. In her mind, Hannah could still feel them pressed up against her chest and tummy. She’d implied that they were natural and at first Hannah hadn’t believed that- how could a chest that big not be the result of magic or surgery? But that glowing marking she had was clearly a Gift, and Hannah had never heard of anyone having more than one Gift before, so they couldn’t have been magic. And if those were plastic, then had to be the softest, most natural-feeling implants ever devised.

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