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It was late at night and I was traveling for several hours to meet up with an old friend. I had to take a piss so I exited to the nearest rest stop. I always had a fantasy of an encounter at a rest stop, but I wasn’t a big risk taker, so I generally did not expect anything to happen.

Time for a happy surprise.

I stood alone at a urinal in what was a genuinely nice, clean and larger sized restroom. While there, another man entered and strangely parked in the urinal right next to mine, though men know that there is an etiquette of where one positions himself, in particular because there were 7 other urinals available.

So, we were both doing our business, and I glance over, and a 40 something man glances back with a bit of a sly, smirkish smile. He’s attractive, fit, and looks like a cool character. I give a nod back, and he nonchalantly raises his body up and looks down as if to see what is going on over there. I was taken aback for a second and he stops and resumes his business. I take the queue and do the same, looking over the separating wall and take a gander at what he has. He’s not pissing anymore, and when he sees my response, he starts a little stroke that turns what already looks like a decent cut member a little larger.

“Like what you see?” he whispers.

I nod yes, and ever so slightly lick my lips.

He looks back down as he strokes it even bigger.

I take my chance and zip up, walk past him toward the back of the restroom, and give him a quick but gentle swat on the back of his pants. An invitation, doktor porno if you get my drift. He did get it, and as I entered the farthest stall in the room, he followed me in.

OMG was this going to be awesome. Late night, all alone, restroom head, and I was giving it.

Once we were both inside, the door was closed and locked. Since it was the last stall against the wall of the building, I guided him to that wall, and prepared to do my part. He had zipped up too, so I turned my head toward him and calmly undid the button of his pants and slowly and quietly unzipped them. Then I pulled them down far enough, and pulled his underwear down just below his balls, letting a nice and hard 7 inch cock spring free. It was a perfect sight. Nice girth, a perfectly sized missile head to match, and a pair of handful sized hangers for me to hold onto.

“Do you like to suck?” He whispered.

I nodded my head yes, in anticipation. I wrapped my hand around his heartbeating cock and opened my mouth as far as I could, guiding it to the back of my throat with an outward warm breath, before closing my mouth around as much as I could take and creating a nice warm vacuum. He moaned outwardly and I slowly, like extremely slow, moved my head back to the tip, and then forward again until I felt the tip entering the back of my throat.

Sucking slow is awesome and an art. I’ve always compared eating pussy to cock sucking. You have to make love to it. Kiss it, lick it, and slowly suck it. I never appreciated a blow job ensest porno from an eager mouth, though I’ve never turned one down. But a slow start to a slow suck makes the sped-up ending awesome. This time would be different, though.

We were probably a minute or so into it when someone else came into the restroom. We both kind of froze for a second but I was determined and I kept up a quiet and slow suck. All the way down, all the way to the tip. As bad luck would have it, our new neighbor decided to do the moron thing and took residence in the stall right next to us. Now I don’t know about you, but who does that, when there are 4 other stalls available? Idiot.

So I take my mouth off of my new friend’s cock, and put my finger to my lips to signal quiet. I look up at him and he grins and nods yes. He has his hand against the stall wall across from me, helping him lean low enough to be concealed from any onlookers.

Time to start again. I take him all the way in as quietly as I can, and I can feel him wanting to moan in ecstasy. My goal now is to provide as much pleasure as quietly as I can, literally no noise at all if I can do it.

In the next stall, the man clears his throat and it sounds like a magazine is being read, pages being turned.

We are so quiet. It is an amazing feat of two people having sex. Back and forth I go, placing my hand on his orbs and gently but silently massaging them. In my mind, there is no question about where he is going to cum, as if there was anyways, but with erotik porno the no sound effort we have going, asking the question was out of the question.

As I continue to work his hard, thick shaft, I can feel him getting closer. His breathing becomes a little more labored and I put my hand on his chest with a waving finger to signal quiet. He takes the queue and does his best as his balls tighten up, and thick ropes of cum enter my mouth, and I attempt to control my gag mechanism to the best of my ability. I swallow once, go back down on it, and swallow again. It’s one of the biggest loads I’ve ever taken, and since we are on the silent treatment program, one of the most difficult.

His orgasm subsides, and I have no idea how much noise we made in that moment. In a quiet restroom with a person right next to us, I have to imagine something was heard. I keep his hard cock in my mouth, and go full length to milk the remaining seed out, being careful to leave the head exposed in my mouth as my lips climb his shaft, taking in the last vestiges of his sperm into my mouth gently. He shudders from the aftershocks of the orgasm, and finally I release his now softening cock.

He pulls up his pants and hastily zips up, and mouths “thank you” before opening the door. He leaves quickly and I am at wits end about what to do with myself, now that he has left and there are obviously 2 feet still planted on the floor in front of the toilet.

Well, fuck it, I think to myself, and stand up to leave. Just as I reopen the door to the stall, our stall mate opens his too. As I walk by, I see him, a big man with a trucker’s beard and flannel shirt, stroking an 8 inch monster.

“My turn?” he grumbles.

That’s when I entered his stall and got down on my knees. I wasn’t sure what would happen if another man walked in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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