Race to Eleven Ch. 14

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Raghav and Pooja woke up almost in the afternoon next day. Both were fucked up as their work was delayed by almost half a day. Pooja and Raghav rushed to their respective work, without any talk about yesterday night.

Pooja wore her usual white shirt and tight skirt. Her cleavage was enough to entice all the men as her first two buttons were open. Pooja had 15 missed calls from Kevin. Pooja cursed herself as she was running late with her own work and had called Kevin in the morning as it was already late noon.

Pooja texted Kevin to come to office as she sent an appointment slip.

Raghav was greeted with Dolly, smile back on her face. She was looking stunning. Her black suit was highlighting her curves perfectly. Raghav greeted her, “Good morning angel.”

“Good morning sir. You had a very long weekend, I suppose. It’s past noon.” Dolly said blinking her eyes in mischief.

“Yea, wore out completely. I wished I had one more Sunday.” Raghav said entering his cabin.

Dolly thought, ‘Pooja mam must have been in treat for the weekend. Hope she could make to her work in one piece today.’

Raghav settled on his chair and started his late day. The day’s appointment and other important work were already scheduled and worked out. He looked at Dolly in appreciation. She just mouthed, “Welcome” to her boss. Damn, she loved to make her boss happy.

Raghav opened the drawer to find and was shocked to find black lace panties. He immediately saw at Dolly, who was giggling like an innocent child to her idol.

Raghav inhaled the panties and was intoxicated with Dolly’s scent on it. Raghav’s cock came to attention. Dolly’s pussy was leaking as she saw the lust on her boss’s face.

Raghav just wanted to concentrate on work, though. He signaled Dolly to get back to work and put his head down with the work. Dolly, frowned, but got back to her work.

Pooja reached office and was about to enter her cabin as she was greeted by a voice, “Good Morning, I mean good afternoon Madam.”

“Oh good afternoon Smith. Come in. I kept you waiting. I had a very lonngggg night yesterday.” Pooja stretched her body to give a proper idea of her curves to Smith.

Smith cleared his throat and his mouth went dry.

Pooja liked what her actions were creating impact on her would be assistant. Pooja entered the cabin, followed by Smith. Pooja bent down to pick up the paper lying on floor. Smith was enjoying the ass on display in tight skirt. His cock was never so much excited even with Dolly.

Pooja played her teasing card and was enjoying. Smith got seated across the table as Pooja was providing good view of her cleavage to Smith.

“Dolly talked very high about you.” Smith said trying to be impressive.

“Shut the crap Smith. I hope you are enjoying the show.” Pooja bent further, sitting in her chair.

“Ahh.” Smith couldn’t utter a word as he took a good view and then suddenly looked away.

“Ohh. So cute. But I know about your fantasies. You fantasize your girlfriend being dominated and fucked hard by other men, right?” Pooja said looking into his eyes

Smith just looked stunned. Pooja got up from her seat and went to Smith and sat down in her lap, to completely surprise him. Smith’s cock was already semi hard and Pooja could feel it. She smiled as she liked it rubbing her ass cheeks.

“Honey, I have enquired about you and I have my own sources. And your girlfriend fantasize her boss, when you fuck her. So, no denying. Here is my offer – You get the job and we both fulfill our fantasies.” Pooja said, grinding her ass on Smith’s cock.

Smith couldn’t utter a word as he just nodded yes. Pooja’s boobs were getting pressed hard on him and he was wriggling uncomfortable. Pooja was loving her manipulations on him.

Pooja gave a hard kiss on Smith’s lips to make his eyes wide open in shock. Pooja released Smith and gave a devil smile, “Let’s fix the deal tonight. I am getting myself and your girlfriend’s boss tonight for dinner. Your girlfriend will enjoy the night for sure.”

Smith just nodded, and said sheepishly “Yes madam.”

Pooja opened the door for Smith, which indicated that he has to leave now. He was completely baffled and didn’t expected the events to turn out in such a manner. His cock was not ready to budge, as he tried to cover it as he got up to leave.

Pooja loved her cute and horny assistant. She blocked his away as he was about to get out of the cabin. She hugged him and gave his cock a squeeze, “I am loving what you have packed it inside your trouser. Dolly will have her all fantasies come true, tonight.”

Smith just smile and left the cabin, trying to cover his hard on. Pooja giggled to herself, “I am such a devil.”

Pooja texted her hubby “You have a hell of night Motherfucker. So save you energy.” Raghav read and just smirked.

Raghav and Dolly were busy in work, when Dolly’s cell rang. She was excited as it was Smith and she was eager to hear about his interview. Dolly picked up the phone.

“How was it?” Mersin Escort Dolly asked in anticipation.

“It was hell of an interview. Fuck, Pooja madam is so weirdo. Listen, Pooja Madam and your boss is coming for dinner tonight. We need to prepare good. And I want you to be hot. Get your ass home early.” Smith said in excitement.

“What? Did you get the job, then? Fucking great. Listen, I can’t take leave office right now.” Dolly said, not aware about the deal.

“You are going to love it, my angel. Please come early. Many arrangements to make.” Smith pleaded as he left for home. He has to buy many things for the dinner, on the way.

“Ok, let me convince my boss. He has huge demands for a favour, recently.” Dolly smirked to herself.

“Convince him at any cost. I am waiting for you.” Smith said in excitement. Dolly just smile and thought to herself, Smith doesn’t know what cost his girlfriend has to bear, or rather, her poor pussy.

Dolly gathered her work and entered Raghav’s cabin. She placed her day’s work on the table. Raghav looked at her and was bemused and asked, still looking down in his work, “Already done? Great, need to make few calls.”

“Actually sir, it’s not done yet. Hmm. I need to leave early. Smith has some plans. Please, can I take my panties?” Dolly, said avoiding eye contact. Her cunt was moist.

Raghav looked at her in surprise. His inner monster was raging looking at her innocent and naughty secretary.

“Slut, why you need your panties for?” Raghav said getting up and moving behind Dolly.

Dolly was nervous and was feeling her boss’s breath on her neck.

“Sir, actually, Smith would be home and if he finds out my panties are missing, then he may.” Dolly said nervously. But before she could complete, Raghav grabbed her ass cheeks hard from behind.

“Oucchhhh.” Dolly said in shock.

“Slut, you need to earn your panties.” Raghav said lifting her skirt.

“Yes sir.” Dolly said in fear and excitement.

Raghav smacked her ass cheek hard to make Dolly scream, “Ouuccchhhh. Fuckkk.”

“No noise slut.” Raghav said, smacking on another ass cheek.

“Mmmm.” Dolly muffled her scream by holding her lips tight.

Raghav entered his two fingers in her cunt and found her already wet. Dolly moaned as Raghav started finger fucking her cunt.

“Fuccckkkk. Hmmm.” Dolly held the table tight as Raghav ginger fucked her.

“So, slut, why you need to go early?” Raghav asked as his fingers were doing its work.

‘Hmmm. Fuckkk. Need to make arrangements for the dinner for your wife and you.” Dolly said, hiding her excitement.

“That’s the news. My wife keeps surprising me.” Raghav said finger fucking her hard.

“Ohhh Fuckkkk. Hmmm. I am close sirrrr.” Dolly said clinching table hard and trying her best, not to scream.

Raghav denied her orgasm as he pulled out his fingers. Dolly looked in frustration back to her boss. Raghav had a smile on his face as he licked Dolly’s juices on his fingers.

Raghav turned Dolly around and made her sit on the table. He spread her legs to view her moist pussy. Raghav pulled out his cock from his trouser and patted on her cunt to make her moan in desire.

“Fucckkkkk. Put it in your whore’s cunt, sir.” Dolly begged in ecstasy.

Raghav entered her lubricated cunt in one push to make her mouth wide open.

Dolly moaned, but controlled her voice as her colleagues were just other side of the door.

“Fucckkkkk. Hmmmmm. Yesssss… Yesssss…” Dolly moaned.

Raghav started fucking her secretary slow and steady, not allowing her to reach to her orgasm. Dolly was a bitch in lust. She wanted her orgasm badly. She pushed back hard but Raghav held her through waist and controlled the fucking.

“Fucccckkkkk. Harderrrrr. Pleaseeeeee.” Dolly moaned in heat.

“Pick up the phone angel and dial the bank. Check about out loan proposal status.” Raghav said with wicked smile.

Dolly shocked and frustrated picked up the phone. The slow fucking was making her insane. She dialed the number somehow. Dolly didn’t knew, how she would control her moans, while talking with bank manager.

“Hi, I am calling from Raghav Sir’s office.” Dolly talked on phone as Raghav was slowing fucking Dolly.

“Hmmm. Could you please speed up. Please speed up. Hmmm.” Dolly talked looking back at Raghav. She had wicked smile on her face.

Raghav gave one hard push to make Dolly moan. “Uffff. Hmmmm. Like that. Push it harder. I mean speed up the process.” Dolly talked as Raghav increased his speed.

“Hmmmm. What objections? I have completely submitted. I mean papers. You go with full swing. Don’t hold it back.” Dolly talked as her orgasm was nearing.

Raghav pulled out completely and pushed back with all force.

“Fuccckkkkkkk with your auditssssss. I dontttttt careeeee. Jusssttttt giveeeee ittttt to meeeeeeee quiccckkkllllllyyyyyyyy.” Dolly moaned as she talked to speed up the process.

Raghav sucked her nipples hard as he started Mersin Escort Bayan fucking her hard. It was difficult for Dolly to control herself.

“Yeessssssss. Jusssttttt givveeee ittttt to meeeeeee. I wannnnntttt itttttt nowwwwww.” Dolly shouted on phone as her orgasm hit.

Dolly was shaking uncontrollably as Raghav shut her mouth from screaming. Phone fell from her hand as she quivered with her orgasm.

Raghav stood stand still, his cock still rock hard in her cunt as her orgasm subsided.

Raghav pulled out from her cunt and placed the phone back. He pulled out her panties from drawer and cleaned his cock by wiping Dolly’s juices from his cock. He threw it to her secretary, who was recovering from her shaking orgasm.

“It was awesome angel. See you at evening.” Raghav said kissing her hard.

Dolly was glowing with the fucking she got. She made herself presentable as she wore her soiled panties. Raghav hugged her tight and mauled her ass as he whispered, “Be horny for me.”

Dolly replied, “I am always” and left the office, swaging her round ass.

Raghav’s cock was still rock hard, but he controlled himself and got back to work.

Raghav reached home at evening as he carried the wine bottle for the dinner. As usual Pooja was looking ravishing hot with deep neckline gown. Raghav wanted to fuck his wife then and there. But Pooja just pushed Raghav away, “Get ready, my love. Your slut secretary might be waiting for your cock.”

Raghav got ready and were about to leave. Pooja whistled looking at Raghav.

Raghav pushed Pooja to wall and lift her skirt. Pooja, shocked was looking at Raghav. Raghav was not at all surprised to find panties missing. He brought out vibrator from his pocked and shoved in her moist cunt. Pooja moaned with the feeling of vibrator in her cunt, “You motherfucker.”

Raghav just smiled and both left for the dinner. Smith had himself choose Dolly’s dress for the night. It was a body hugging gown, with a slit up to high thigh and deep neckline. Dolly was looking a whore to fuck with the red lipstick.

“Be your best angel today. Just don’t say anything no to the guests. Your fantasy man is coming home today.” Smith was saying in excitement.

Dolly was dreaming about all the fucking her boss has given till date, which Smith is unaware about.

“Yes baby, anything for your job. Fantasy is one thing, but would you be really happy seeing another man’s cock in your girlfriend’s cunt.” Dolly asked rubbing Smith’s cock.

“Fuck. I don’t know. But I have fantasize it so many times.” Smith said as his cock was becoming hard with the talk.

“Bastard, you are already hard about dreaming your girlfriend getting fucked by other man.” Dolly said kissing Smith hard on lips.

Raghav and Pooja reached, as the vibrator was still in Pooja’s cunt. Pooja rang the doorbell and as soon as Smith opened the door, Raghav dialed the button of the vibrator’s remote to make Pooja jump.

“Ohhh. Fuuccccckkkkk. I mean good eveninggg Smith.” Pooja said giving an angry stare to Raghav as she bent her knees a bit due to sensation in her cunt.

Raghav was just smiling as Smith looked confused. Smith greeted them both as all entered the house. Raghav ceased the vibration which came as a relief to Pooja.

Raghav’s mouth went wide open as he saw how ravishing Dolly was looking. He just wished to take her then and there. Pooja smirked at Raghav’s expression. Smith didn’t understand why he like Dolly’s boss staring at her girlfriend with lust.

“You are looking so… beautiful” Pooja said as she meant to say ravishing and slut.

Pooja hugged Dolly tightly as their boobs pressed hard against each other. Pooja’s nipples were hard and Raghav sensed the timing to again press the vibrator on to make Pooja hug her even tighter. Dolly didn’t understand as Pooja’s cunt was buzzing and making her horny as hell.

Raghav let it stop. Pooja hit Raghav on shoulders, relatively hard, “My husband is a lucky bastard to have you as his secretary. Beauty with brains.”

Raghav then hugged Dolly as Raghav felt her erect nipples. Dolly’s cunt was becoming moist with the touch of Raghav. Pooja hugged Smith and pinched his ass to make him jump in surprise. Smith looked shockingly at Pooja as she winked at him.

“Honey, could you direct me to washroom.” Pooja held Dolly’s hand as Dolly took her to washroom. Pooja pulled Dolly into the bathroom before shocked Dolly could say anything. Pooja kissed dolly hard as she mauled her bubbly ass. It was too much for Dolly as she moaned and her cunt was totally wet. It was a completely new experience for her.

Pooja let her go as she took some air. “You look so ravishing. If I would have been Raghav, I would have fucked you day and night.” Pooja said winking at her.

Dolly stunned, just smiled. Pooja jumped as the vibration in her pussy ignited. Pooja cursed, “Your motherfucker boss.” Dolly didn’t understand why Pooja was wriggling.

Pooja pulled out vibrator Escort Mersin from her cunt, which was vibrating. Dolly was shocked to see that.

“Have you wore any panties angel?” Pooja asked Dolly.

Dolly stunned, just nodded yes.

“Good, then remove it slut.” Pooja ordered.

Dolly didn’t understand what to respond. Pooja looked at her and signed again to remove it. Dolly, didn’t know why she wanted to comply every command. Her cunt was just dripping. She pushed her hands inside the gown and pulled out the moist panties and handed over to Pooja.

Pooja sniffed her panties, “Fuck, I just like your scent.”

Dolly got shy as she was getting attracted to a woman for the first time. Before Dolly could think further, Pooja picked up her gown and pushed the vibrating rubber in her cunt. Dolly jumped in excitement as she could feel the buzzing in her horny cunt.

“It’s a special gift from your boss. Don’t remove it angel.” Pooja said, kissing her on lips and left the bathroom.

Dolly was holding the basin top tight as she thought she would cum then and there due to vibrating in her horny cunt. Luckily, or unluckily, the vibration stopped as Raghav might have pressed it down.

Pooja gave an evil look to Raghav as she joined the men in the hall. Raghav knew that Pooja was up to something. Dolly, came out after getting her act together. She was walking funny as the vibrator rubbed her sensitive slit as she walked.

Dolly asked all to join on the dining table as he will be back from the kitchen. As all three sat down, Raghav put the vibrator on. But Pooja looked normal as she talked with Smith. But then there was a noise of some crockery breaking from the kitchen.

Pooja knew what happened. Smith, concerned got up to check on his wife. Pooja asked him to sit. “Darling, could you check on Dolly as I have some important job talk with Smith.” Pooja said to Raghav as he was sitting adjacent to her.

Raghav knew something is fishy. Before Raghav, got up, Pooja put her hand in Raghav’s pocket and removed the remote and whispered in his ears, “Have fun and take your time.”

Dolly was shaking in kitchen as her orgasm was building. She was annoyed as her desert dish was spilled in kitchen. But, she was holding the kitchen top as her dam was about to burst.

Raghav was surprised to see Dolly wriggling and got super horny. He grabbed her from behind as his hands held her boobs tight. That was enough for Dolly to trigger her first orgasm for the night. She tried her best to not scream and Raghav helped her by shutting her mouth.

As Raghav left, Pooja got up and put her leg around Smith and sat in his lap to completely shock him. Smith’s cock was now getting rubbed on Pooja’s ass as he boobs were dangling in front of him.

“What are you doing?” Smith asked innocently.

“Your Madam is horny, young man. So it’s your duty to pacify her lust.” Pooja said as she started rubbing her cunt on his growing hard on as she kissed him as there is no tomorrow.

Smith was in heaven, though he was scared that Raghav was just in adjacent kitchen.

As Dolly’s orgasm was to subside, as the buzzing continued, Raghav turned her around and made her sit on kitchen top. He raised her gown and was delighted to see that there were no innerwear and her cunt was clinching the vibrator tight as juices were flowing from her cunt.

Raghav dived in and started sucking her cunt. That sent Dolly over the moon as the vibration and sucking of her clit by Raghav made her moan in ecstasy. She literally started to dance on kitchen top as she could not control herself anymore.

She tried her best to keep her moans to minimum.

Smith could hear the noise from kitchen, but Pooja was not letting his mind work properly as she rubbed her cunt vigorously on her hard on and pressed her face in her deep valley and asked to suck her boobs. Smith obliged like an innocent baby.

It was difficult to Pooja also to control her moans. She raised Smith’s face out of her cleavage, “Baby, pick me and let us go to your bedroom. Fuccckkkkk, I need to cum.”

Smith picked her up and took her to bedroom. Smith closed the door as he dropped Pooja on the bed. Pooja immediately lifted her gown to revealed her naked wet cunt and spread her legs, “Dive in bastard and make your whore madam cum hard.”

Smith dived in and started sucking her cunt as it was most sacred thing to do.

Pooja moaned and started rubbing his face hard on her cunt.

Dolly was shaking violently as double assault was building something very big in her body. She just wanted to explode as she couldn’t keep her moans down.

“Fucccckkkkkkkkkkkkk. Itsssss toooo mucccchhhhhhh. Cummmminnngggggggg.” Dolly erupted as she was shaking violently. Raghav slowed down her onslaught as Dolly’s eyes were closed as she was taking in all the bliss. She was cumming hard and could feel it was coming deep from her stomach. As she could not take it anymore, she pushed away Raghav forcefully and removed the vibrator from her cunt. She just laid on the top breathing hard.

Smith was gulping all the juices as Pooja came hard within a minute as her orgasm was building from all the action of the evening. She held Smith’s face tight one her cunt and Smith obediently kept licking all the nectar.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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