Rahab Bk. 05 Ch. 03: The Plan

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Mel was perturbed.

‘Are you sure that your Great Council will, literally, buy into your plans, darling?’

She looked concerned.

‘Why? What have you heard?’ I asked.

‘Simply that some of the other Counsellors are saying that you have given that scoundrel Dogu too much.’

‘I gather so. I have spread the word that he will be bearing the lion’s share of the costs, and that should, I hope, at our discussions weigh in against the complaints; if the others want to pay more they can do so, of course.”

I knew Mel had a point. She listened a lot, and people tended to speak in her presence without quite realising how close she was to me. Ana was known to be my lover, and the religious bigots did not like it, but as I never flaunted it, they seemed to have come to terms with it; but the idea that I had another lover was so foreign to them that they missed the obvious fact that Mel was just that.

I asked Mel whether she had anyone in mind other than the Bashir clan, from whom there was nothing to expect except bad faith and conspiracy. She shook her pretty head. She was so beautiful I thought; how I wished we could live a private life away from this public gaze. But it was not possible. It was Ana who was able to nail what Mel had intuited.

She came to me, as usual, on Friday afternoon. We slipped into our usual habit, which was for me to bathe her.

There was something restful for us both in my assuming the role of her bath-girl. So I would help her off with her soiled garments and, having prepared a bath for her, I would strip and we would enter it, with me attending to her needs. The sensation of the water around my own nakedness as I took care of her cunt and breasts was delightful, and I loved the way in which the water both hid and exaggerated her nakedness, depending on what position we adopted.

She loved me to get behind her and play with her nipples with one hand, and her cunt with the other. I loved the slippery feel of it in the waters, and so, from her reactions, did she. As I nibbled her neck, my fingers would trace their path around her bud, strumming it, feeling her wetness, warm and thick, in contrast with that of the water that surrounded us. Then I would tweak her nipples, and, inserting two fingers into that warm, cloying wetness, use my thumb to massage her bud while finger-fucking her. Her gasps, and the feel of her bottom against me turned me on, and soon I was feeling as wet as she was.

Ana floated by pushing back against me, until, gripping her to me, we both floated. Together, in the warmth of the bath, it felt so good. I just wanted to stay there with her — always. With her head against my small breasts, I stroked her hair softly, whispering into her ear, telling her how loved she was and how precious she was to me. We floated mobil porno for what seemed ages, until the water began to cool. In the silence, only the gentle lapping of the waters and our breathing could be heard. If there is a Heaven, that is my vision of it; that perfect moment in time, frozen forever in my memory.

It was only the cooling of the water that made us stir from that place.

Towelling each other down caused a fresh erotic frisson, and this time, fired up as we were by our earlier dalliances, we made love. Her lips on mine, my body pressed into her as she lay on top of me, my legs apart as she pressed her knee against me. I wanted to slide down and lick her, but she was having none of it.

“No, Rahab, your needs matter to me, you are mine and I am taking you.”

With that thought making me tingle, I abandoned myself to her. Enveloped by her lust and love, I felt myself slipping away into that borderland where pleasure overwhelms one. As if by magic, my thighs tightened, my tummy rippled and I felt as though the world was slipping away. A voice screamed Ana’s name. It was mine. I was far above us, looking down on us. My world exploded. I struggled for breath, I felt so wet between my thighs that I could have been back in the bath. It did not stop. The ripples ran through me, and I felt as though I was lighter than air. I felt her hold me, anchoring me to herself, stopping me from floating far away.

As I recovered, still shaking, I looked at her.

“I love you Rahab,” she said, “and I want you to know that, in every way possible.”

Her smile energised me.

“Well, my Ana, the same is true for me with you.”

And so saying I found myself between her strong thighs, tasting her familiar juices, my tongue lapping, sucking, wanting and needing her. My hand gripped her backside, which was firm and lean; I wanted that too. My tongue licked her everywhere it could, and it was not just as though I could not get enough of her, I really could not get enough. I wanted her like the desert wants rain. And, taking her to our couch, we came together that night, and did not part.

The early dawn light brought me back to consciousness, and I noticed with a smile, that next to Ana, Mel was lying. That pleased me.

I grabbed my robe and a flask of pomegranate juice and went to the window. It looked out across to the sea. I thought of Istanbul and my Master the Sultan, and I wondered what he was doing. Going out onto the balcony in the morning chill, I shivered, and looked the other way towards the mountains where the early mist was being burnt off quickly. The day was rising. The time was coming. And then suddenly it was as though the sun was falling towards the earth. My heart skipped a beat.

Ana came onto the balcony.

“Rahab, what is that?”

She alman porno pointed upwards. The sun was spinning out of control, shimmering as it plunged to the earth.

She held me, and I held her.

“It is time to act, Rahab, before the fall of the sun.”

“Did you …?” I started to say, but Ana nodded.

The sun had stabilised.

“It was the sign,” Ana said.

This time it was me who nodded.

The Council, which took place the following day was, as Mel had predicted, tense.

The Amirs had all been in favour of the operation, but had all supposed that “the Government,” would pay for it. When I pointed out that the money I had came from them, and that in order to do something on this scale, I would need more of that money, they bridled. That allowed me to say that I was sure they would appreciate Dogu’s offer to bear the brunt of the new costs — and understand he would need to be compensated from any revenues from the new territory. Their greed and whining had, as I had predicted, trapped them. If they wanted more, they would have to join Dogu. What they could not ask for was what they really wanted, more revenue for no contribution.

Dogu, primed by Mel, laid it on thick with how the costs would be heavy for his Emirate, and offered to share the revenues in return for a greater contribution; of course no such offer came. So it was agreed that after the celebration of the Paschal Mysteries, we would launch our operation against the old kingdom of Armenia.

Princess Damila and Mel were full of praise when we adjourned to my Chamber.

“You are, indeed, a fox my darling,” said the Princess, embracing me. “You play those greedy, vain and ambitious men like an oud, and what is more you do it without resorting to your feminine wiles.”

Mel laughed, as I did, and said:

“To be fair, Princess, our beloved little Vizier has had to learn to do it, lacking as the does, the obvious feminine wiles.”

I giggled, and they both laughed. It was good, I reflected to have lovers who were not in awe of my status. I was a fortunate woman. I had the love of my Ana, my very special one who made the stars shine for me, and also of my Mel, who stopped my getting gloomy, and was a light in the dark places. Our mutual love bound us together and made me better able to bear the tasks set on me.

Ana joined Mel and I that evening to plot out our campaign. I shocked them both by suggesting that I wanted to travel into the Armenian kingdom incognito, but Ana, after some badgering from me came up with a plan. The Armenian Emir had an uneasy relationship with the Bodyguard, but would be willing to receive a deputation from them, not least in the light of the rumours that I was about to invade the country. We agreed that I should alexis texas porno accompany her as her secretary. Mel promised to show me what to do.

That lightened our mood, and Ana suggested that I should reward my new mentor, which was how I found myself between Mel’s welcoming thighs, tasting her delicious juices. As I licked her, I felt Ana’s hands on my backside, and a cool waft of air, as my drawers were taken down. Ana’s hands caressed my bottom as I began to tug on Mel’s outer lips, causing little moans to erupt from her. Her juices began to trickled down my chin. My tongue pressed her bud upwards as a prelude to taking it between my teeth and sucking firmly. She gripped my hair, pulling me into her, grinding her cunt into my face.

I felt myself pushed into Mel still further by pressure from Ana. Then it was my turn to moan. I felt my cunt lips part as she pushed something into me. I gasped almost as loud as Mel was as the insertion moved back and forth.

Concentrating on Mel, I licked faster as she made humping motions against my face, spreading her girl juices all over me, her hairs making my cheeks red as Ana thrust me more deeply into her. Then she came, suddenly, magnificently, flooding my face. I felt her juices dripping down onto my titlets, and licked her through her orgasm, cleaning her, as I thought. But the sensation of my being thrust into her by Ana, made her orgasm again.

“She does that so well, Mel,” I heard Ana say rejoicing.

“She is a good girl for us, Ana,” Mel replied.

With that, Ana withdrew and I felt two pairs of hands turn me over and carry me to the couch.

I looked up, and saw that Ana was wearing some sort of belt with a model of a cock attached. She was smiling.

“Who says a knowledge of Classical antiquity is all academic,” she smiled, “this we have from one of our new ladies who has come to us from Lesbos. I take it you liked it?”

Hanging, as I was, between them, my cunt on fire, I nodded greedily.

“Me next,” Mel volunteered.

“Our Rahab first,” Ana laughed. “We have to make sure she gets her share of the fun.”

Mel laughed.

Throwing me on the couch, Ana got between my thighs and fucked me lovingly. As she penetrated me, our breasts touched, and jolts of pleasure shot through me. I could see Mel attending to Ana’s backside. She Ana kissed and took me, Mel took care of her needs.

Her weight on me, the feel of her body, the sensation of her love, of her wanting to please me, and of Mel pleasing her all coursed through my frame like a tidal wave. My orgasm was so powerful that I lost consciousness for a brief moment. As I came round, Ana was having her orgasm, and I felt our juices join.

Mel laughed happily.

“Well it seems as though both my wives have joined me on pleasure’s island, so, ladies, let us explore the used of the lesbian tool.”

So it was that our new toy was named — and exercised. It was long into the night before we three, sated, sought the arms of Morpheus — and each other. It was the prelude to the drama to come.

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