Rani Wants An American Girl

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I previously wrote a story which featured Rani, a charming young woman from India who was studying here in America. I managed to convince her to allow my to sample her luscious body, which was not only a magnificent example of the female form, but had what I considered the added benefit of having been untouched by a razor for her entire nineteen years.

If the involvement of a fully natural woman holds no appeal for you, I respectfully suggest that you pass on this tale. For the rest of you, please enjoy Rani as much as I did.

Reading the previous story (Rani and Her Hidden Treasures) is NOT necessarily a prerequisite for understanding this one, but if you’ve gotten this far you might appreciate that one as well.


1. Rani’s desires.

I couldn’t sleep, which was a fairly regular event of late. When I had hit my forties it seemed that a full uninterrupted night’s sleep had became more and more rare anyway, but after the conversation I had with Rani earlier that evening at least this time I had a reason.

Rani was going back to India. The scholarship that she had been attending school under had been drastically cut back for some reason, and the cost of going on here would be prohibitive for her. I offered to help her out with things, but she was way too proud to accept what she considered charity.

More importantly, Rani was homesick. While she had enjoyed being here in upstate New York and observing and experiencing our American culture, she still felt like a fish out of water, and while she appreciated the relationship she had been enjoying with me for the last few months, she felt it was time to move back to her homeland.

Rani didn’t love me, and I understood that, although I knew she did like me a great deal. Frankly I felt the same way about Rani, and there was no way we would be getting married in the forseeable future. She was nineteen, and I was more than twice her age. Getting married, as Rani had been frank about from the start, was the only way anybody was going to consummate a relationship with her.

We had done just about everything else that two people could do with each other, and in Rani I had found the perfect woman with which I could fulfill my most private fantasties. A woman who was most content with me having my way with her without me pressuring her for what she considered her most sacred gift, and not only just tolerating my affections, but getting off on them herself.

In the soft illumination of the night light, I reached out and ran my hand over Rani’s shapely brown thigh. The thick coarse hair that scored my palm as it slid up and down Rani’s leg made my cock stir, and my touch caused Rani to change position in bed.

Rani’s naked form was now fully exposed as she lay on her back, arms and legs akimbo. fully vulnerable to my touch. My hand rested on the massive bush between her legs that guarded her womanhood, the breathtakingly dense thicket that started just below her navel and spread out far beyong the usual triangle, and down all the way to her anus. The feel of the crinkly curls was electric, as was the sense that she grew moister the closer I got to her opening.

I leaned over closer to Rani and rested my face in the crook of her arm, inhaling the exotic aroma of her armpit which was an intoxicating blend of spicy perfume and woman. Rani’s armpits were a dream come true for me. I had longed to once again enjoy a woman with unshaven armpits like I had experienced years ago with my now deceased wife, and now I had Rani. A woman whose underarms were so full of thick jet-black hair that I had never seen any others that were even remotely comparable.

Trying not to awaken my sleeping lovely, I gently kissed the rich thicket as my cock started to throb. My eyes went to Rani’s small breasts that had all but disappeared with her on her back. The thick nipples with the large, almost ebony aureolas dominated the tiny breast buds, and I softly stroked the few tiny hairs that grew around their perimeters.

“Are you having fun Adam?” Rani said.

I had awakened my teenaged beauty, and although I insisted that I did it by mistake, we both knew that was only partially correct. Rani leaned over me and took my fully erect cock in her hand and began to milk it.

“I will help you get back to sleep my love,” Rani said just before taking my cock into her mouth.

With strong and deep thrusts, Rani’s lips glided up and down my cock with an expert touch. In the beginning she had been intimidated by what she considered to be my exceptionally large penis, but with practice she had become quite adept at fellatio. Besides, it wasn’t really all THAT big anyway, and I suspected she may have been just massaging my male ego. Hey, it worked, and what guy would complain about that kind of comment?

As Rani’s head bobbed up and down on my cock and her hand rolled my balls around like a female Captain Queeg, I felt myself begin to tingle as an orgasm lurked on the horizon. My hand reached down to Rani, who was laying across keçiören escort my stomach, and I ran my hand down her shoulder and bicep. Rani knew what I was looking for and she obliged me by lifting her arm behind her head and permitting me to run my fingers through her dense underarm hair, the result of which was my orgasm which arrived almost instantly.

“Cummmming….aaaarrrggghhh!” I moaned as my seed spurted into Rani’s mouth. Rani not only accepted this, but sucked me even harder in an attempt to drain me dry.

She succeeded as my cock eventually stopped twitching inside her mouth and she resumed her place next to me.

“Ready to sleep, my love?” Rani asked me, and that’s all I can remember as I drifted off into dreamland.

2. A desire that had been repressed.

Rani was going to leave in another month and a half, and I was determined to make her as happy as I could in the time we had left. I felt I owed it to her for the way she had revitalized a depressed middle aged man and given me so much pleasure.

“Anything?” Rani asked with those dark brown sultry eyes looking at me in that way of hers that combined shyness with seductiveness.

“Anything you want to do at all, within my means,” I added, since my finances were rather modest. “It’s your decision. Think of it as a last fling of sorts. Something goofy, or something wild. You’ll be gone in less than two months and won’t have to face anybody here ever again.”

“I guess that’s true.”

“Think of something crazy. Want to go to a nudist camp, or a nude beach?” I suggested.

“Why are you always trying to get me to take my clothes off, Adam?”

“Because you’re beautiful, you dummy,” I told her.

“I don’t think most of your countrymen would agree.”

Maybe yes and maybe no, I thought to myself as I pictured Rani walking around naked on a sunny beach or in a nudist camp. Natural would take on a whole new meaning then, I figured. I also knew that a lot of people would get just as turned on by seeing Rani as I did, but they just wouldn’t admit it.

Who could blame them these days for being shy about enjoying looking at a woman like Rani in her unadulterated natural glory? Fashion and customs of this country aren’t the same as they were a few decades ago. Now the look is to be waxed and plucked and silconed into some kind of cookie-cutter mold of a Barbie doll.

“Well, I’m making you an offer Rani. Think about it and let me know.”

“I know what I would like to do Adam, it is just that I am very ashamed to tell you about it.”

“Ashamed? You’re ashamed to tell me something? The way I act around you and the things I do with you and you’re ashamed to tell me something?” I asked in hopes that it would be something nasty. How nasty could a nineteen year old virgin be though?

“I would hate for you to think less of me Adam,” Rani said haltingly. “I care very much about you and I always want you to think highly of me.”

“I promise that I won’t change my opinion of you,” I assured Rani. “Unless what you want to do is something that involves murder or something like that.”

“No, nothing that extreme.”

“Alright then. Out with it,” I said. “What is this thing you want to do that’s so mysterious?”

“I want to make love to a woman.”

Well, I wasn’t expecting that, and I swallowed with difficulty while I tried to keep my eyes from popping out of my skull. Rani and another woman?

“Okay,” I finally said after the uncomfortable silence ended. “What the problem there?”

“That doesn’t offend you Adam?” Rani asked. “It’s not that you don’t give me great pleasure, because you do. No one had ever treated me with so much affection before you.”

“I wasn’t taking it personally Rani.”

“It’s just that… I have been with women before, back home. Just a couple of them. I thought that it was just a passing phase, but all day when I am working or at school I see all these beautiful American girls and it brings back desires within me that I thought were long gone. I’m sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry about Rani, and if you think that I am disgusted or think any less of you then you haven’t learned much about me, or the average American male,” I informed her. “The thought of you with another woman is very exciting to me.”

“It is?”

“Absolutely. I think you should go and do it,” I told Rani. “And if you told me all about afterward that would be even better. Go for it.”

“You go for it Adam.”


“I would like you to find me a girl to be with. A nice girl that you would like to see me make love with.”

“Me? Where would I find a lesbian?” I asked in confusion. “You could go to a gay and lesbian bar and get picked up in a flash!”

“I could never do that Adam. The thought of doing such a thing is humiliating to me. I have tried to be nice to a couple of girls that come into the Quik Mart but I am not very good at such things. That’s why I thought you could arrange it.”

“You want me etlik escort to find you a woman that you can make love with?”


“Anything else?” I asked sarcastically.

“They would have to allow you to be there in the same room with us.”


“I would never do such a thing alone with a stranger Adam. I would be too scared. Besides, I thought you said that would be something you would enjoy seeing.”

“Gee, that makes it even easier. Anything else? Got someone in mind, like Ellen DeGeneres or someone that I can go ask?”

“I would like it very much if the woman has large breasts.”

I was laughing at this point, because this was getting really crazy. Then when I saw the hurt look on Rani’s face, and I remembered that I HAD told her that she should think exactly that way, I felt bad.

“I’m sorry Rani, that wasn’t nice of me,” I said kissing her on the forehead. “It’s just that I don’t know how I would go about finding this kind of woman. It’s got to be a challenge for a man to just find any woman for what you want to do, let alone one with big boobs, and the deal breaker is the part about me watching.”

“You would prefer not to watch me with another woman?”

“No Rani, I mean that most women probably don’t want some leering guy drooling in the corner if they were to do this with you.”

“You asked me a question Adam, and I answered,” Rani said sadly. “If it can’t be done then it can’t be done.”

3. Seeking all busty exhibitionist American lesbians.

Clearly this was not going to be something that was easily done, and I had no idea how to go about it. Frankly I was tempted to just tell Rani that I tried and failed, but two things stopped me from doing that.

One was that I wanted to make Rani happy, and if this was all it took I was glad to do it. The second reason was that I wanted to see Rani and another woman together. I got an instant erection everytime I pictured such a thing in my mind. Both good reasons, and I can’t really say which was more powerful.

When I decided that I would try, I considered the possibilities. Time was definitely a factor, since I had to get this done in less than six weeks. The only logical ways were personal ads or dating services. There was a free weekly paper around town that had risque personal ads, but how could I get an ad in and get responses in such a short period of time? It had to be an online personals site.

I picked one at random and looked through it. A few of the women in our area seemed like possibilities, so when Rani got out of work I had her look over the snapshots. I offered her the opportunity to put an ad in of her own, and she agreed but wouldn’t let me put a picture with it.

“Waste of time without the picture,” I told Rani. “Without a photo people think it’s really a guy saying he’s a girl, or at least I do when I see these things. Heck, I’ll bet most of the time guys just put pictures of their ex’s in there without their knowledge just to embarrass them.”

She noted a couple that appealed to her and I helped her with doing the responses. Three days later and we had no answers, so we went through another site. Rani found three girls that appealed to her so again I crafted a reply to them. This time we got an answer, and we went to a local mall to meet her.

She turned out to be a guy who claimed that his wife was waiting for him to bring us to her. He also expected to be in the room with the rest of us and was going take pictures. Rani is tough to catch when she gets a head of steam up, and it took me half the length of the mall to finally reach her.

“Sorry Rani,” I said while trying to catch my breath. “I told you it would be tough.”

“I know Adam, it’s just that he was so creepy.”

I agreed completely, and Rani now seemed to accept the fact that this wasn’t going to happen. Strangely, that gave me the inspiration to continue trying. I went to another site, and searched by myself. An ad caught my eye, and the more I read it the more interesting it became. The picture was of a rather attractive woman with long blonde hair. The picture stopped at her neck but her face somehow gave me the impression that she might fill the bill.


Crazy chick looking for fun

BBW, 39. I’m Monica. Looking for fun but apparently in the wrong places so far. I’m wild and uninhibited but only party with nice people. No single men, scumbags or dopers. Drop me a line and tell me what you’re in the mood for.


The woman was almost my age, but Rani hadn’t said anything about that. Besides, I was older than this woman. I decided to try and get in contact with this Monica. Instead of the cautious responses I had crafted with Rani that tended to gloss over the facts, I decided to be blunt when I sent Monica a response.


Hello Monica. My name is Adam and I read your ad on the Albany Metrosingles website. My lady friend has asked me to arrange an encounter with an American woman before she returns rus escort to India next month. She has had experience with women in the past.

Her name is Rani, and she is a very attractive dark skinned 19 year old college student. She is about 5’1 and petite with black hair, and is very shy. She would not let me show her picture but I assure you she is very real.

She wants to experience making love to a woman with me watching. She prefers that the woman have large breasts, but had not said anything about any other qualities she is looking for except her being a nice woman. I would only watch, and no pictures or anything can be taken.

We have had no good luck at this so far, as the people we have actually been able to contact have turned out to be losers. This is likely my last shot, so if you are really a woman, and really would like to meet Rani, I can arrange for you to see her beforehand. If you don’t like what you see, you can just walk on by and forget it.

I should tell you that Rani is a completely natural woman with all of the accompanying traits you would expect, so if this offends you….


I sent it off and forgot about it. I threw in the last disclaimer because I thought that if that was something that turned somebody off, I didn’t want Rani to be hurt by things someone would say when they first saw her sans clothes.

Four days later I happened to check my e-mail and came across a message from someone I didn’t recognize.


Hi Adam. Your response interested me but the last part threw me. Natural? You mean like she eats tofu and bark? Explain please. Monica.


At least she had a sense of humor, I thought to myself as I wrote back to her and explained that what I meant was that she was rather generously endowed in the body hair department and she choose not to remove it. The next day I got a reply.


Oh, a hairy chick? Why didn’t you say so in the first place? I’d love to meet your furry female friend.


Monica set up a plan where we would go to a local mall and we would stand near the carousel. I would be holding a baseball cap in my hand. If Monica liked what she saw and felt comfortable about the whole thing she would come over to me and ask what time it was. If we, or more importantly Rani was interested, Rani would tell her the time. If not, no harm done and we all walk away unhurt.

Sounds like a spy story, but I understood what Monica’s point was. Some of the people that troll for relationships are sleazy or have bad intentions. This seemed like a plan, and when I explained it to Rani she was eager to do it. So on Thursday evening at 6:30 Rani and I found ourselves standing next to a merry-go-round looking for what I hoped would be a busty American exhibitionist lesbian.

4. Meeting Monica.

We stood nervously by the carousel at the scheduled time, my cap in hand, looking around for likely suspects. Even so, the voice from behind us made me jump when she spoke.

“Either of you party animals got the time?”

We spun around and found ourselves face to face with Monica. She looked a lot like her pictures, with a cute cherbic face and shoulder length blonde hair. Although she was wearing a jacket over her dress, it appeared to be covering something substantial. The dress she wore showed off legs that were plump but very shapely.

“Uh… 6:30,” Rani finally blurted out nervously after I nudged her several times.

“Should have made it an easier question, huh?” Monica cracked, breaking the tension that we were feeling. The nerves were only Rani and mine, as Monica seemed as relaxed as could be.

“Wanna run in here and get a drink and talk for a bit?” Monica suggested while pointing to a Ruby Tuesdays across the way. “I have to be at work at 8 so I can’t stay long.”

Monica was a bartender who had to work the late night shift that night for a friend, we learned after we eased into a booth and ordered drinks. When Rani ordered a soda, Monica laughed.

“Geez, you really are 19 I guess,” Monica said as Rani nodded shyly. “Most times with these meetings you end up looking at the person and try to figure how who it was that they had described on-line. Rani seems to be every bit as cute as you said she was Adam.”

Rani kept her head down and sipped her soda with a look that could only be described as deer-in-the-headlights. The first time that Rani took her eyes off of the ice in her glass was when Monica pulled her jacket off. That got Rani’s attention fast enough, and while she continued sipping the soda through the straw her eyes were pointed directly at Monica’s chest, as were mine.

“You seem to be just like you described yourself too. Maybe even more so,” I mused as I stared.

“Your girl Rani is the one that needs to approve though,” Monica noted. “She doesn’t seem to be the talkative type. I guess this must be something that you’re putting Rani up too, isn’t it Adam?”

“No!” I protested urgently. “This was all her idea, and I offered to help set it up. I’m not saying that the thought of it doesn’t turn me on, but frankly it had never crossed my mind until Rani mentioned it.”

“That is true,” Rani said in a choking voice. “This was something I desired. It’s just that I am very nervous.”

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