Raven Robinson Ep. 10

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Raven slept in on Thursday. Liz let her rest, carefully crafting plans for any possible circumstance. She played out possible paths to seduction in her head imagining just how she would read and respond to the younger girl’s cues ; and if need be, how she herself might push the issue.

Everyone has their buttons and Liz thought she knew a few that just might work with Raven. So while her step-daughter slept, Liz Robinson stopped at the bank and made a withdrawal.

When she returned Raven was dressed and looking excited. “So” she said ” Yesterday you mentioned you had plans for today?” Liz raised an eyebrow.

“Well, I thought we could go shopping for the afternoon — I’ve got a surprise but it won’t be ready till a little later on. I figure you haven’t had a proper graduation gift yet.” She was certainly right about that.

The streets downtown were nearly deserted on a weekday afternoon. Liz set the shopping agenda – she wanted to show Raven that she knew her, that she cared enough to notice the things she would really appreciate.

So the first stop was the record store. A real old place too, with dust everywhere but more rows and stacks of records than Raven had seen in her life. The clerk appeared to know Liz as well. She was young and hip and pretty damn hot too.

She had short strawberry blonde hair, a tongue ring, and several tattoos. “I’ve got what you called about right her Miss Malone.” She was carrying an old fashioned record player, vintage and in mint condition.

“Fantastic Katie, this is perfect, just what I had in mind. And by the way sweetie, it’s Mrs Robinson now. I got married. “

You, did, no kidding?”

“Yep off the market and settled down”. Raven couldn’t be entirely certain but she thought she saw Katie, whoever she was, wink at this.

Next Liz picked two albums for an extra gift. One was The Smiths self titled LP and the other was Elvis Costello’s ‘My Aim Is True”. Raven loved them both.

Second was the bookstore. The purchase there were Nabakov’s “Lolita” The guy at the check out counter totally perving out when he saw what they were getting. The girls giggled at him and he looked at his feet dejected and embarrassed, which only made them laugh even harder as they left the store.

Raven was making out quite nicely with all the gifts and she was honestly surprised when Liz told her they were going last. The lingerie store.

“Every girl should treat herself to a nice pair of panties from time to time.” Her smile at this was a little suggestive and considering recent events it could mean a number of things all of them with potential to lead somewhere very appealing.

The panties Raven picked out were small, silky and purple. She didn’t want to get plain black. Sure it was classic in a way, but the deep purple went good with both her hair and eyes. When she showed them off to Liz, Raven thought she noticed her bite her lip but again she wasn’t sure if her mind was seeing what it wanted to or not.

When they got home a pool truck was pulling out of the driveway. Raven guessed at this point what the other surprise was. Sure enough when she ran around to the back yard the pool and hot-tub had been filled.

In late May it was a bit chilly but the sun was out and shining. Raven was thrilled, her dad hadn’t gotten around to filling the pool at all last year and she had missed lounging around sunbathing. It would also give her a chance to see Liz in some skimpy clothes.

The thought had her so excited she sex izle forgot to stop and thank her step-mom for all the fantastic gifts — she ran straight to her room and changed into her most revealing suit. It was a light blue two-piece that just barely covered her small round breasts.

Liz didn’t mind being temporarily forgotten. The plan was working perfectly by her estimation. She knew by the way Raven’s face lit up that she had done good. Her next move would surely get things moving along just how she wanted — Liz’s mouth watered as she imagined her scheme coming to fruition.

Raven was doing a back-stroke staring up at the sun and daydreaming when Liz called to her — She hadn’t even noticed the older woman come outside. Now she was just a few feet away sitting on a pink towel poolside. She was wearing a dark red string bikini that showed far more than it hid.

Raven was nearly slack-jawed staring. She saw lips moving but couldn’t make out what was being said with her head still partly submerged. She shot up, splashing water with her long black hair, and managed a soft “What”.

Liz leaned forward and spoke again. “Raven honey, can you come here for a second. I need you to help me with the lotion.”

Raven tried to hide her eagerness but couldn’t help the speed with which she reacted. She was up and out of the pool inside thirty seconds.

“I need you to get my back babe, ok.” the young girl put out her hands and squirted the lotion into them. She moved behind Liz and knelt, but before she was within reach Liz moved.

“Here silly, let me take this off first, and I’ll lie on my stomach. Then you just rub it in my back and shoulders.”

“Al-alright” Raven stuttered.

Liz removed her top with a single snapping movement. Then she lay down, gingerly, so as not to crush her voluptuous rack. Liz’s body was extremely well toned, and tanned despite the time of year.

Raven felt like the luckiest girl in the world to get to touch that soft perfect skin. When she first made contact with Liz’s shoulder Raven shivered with the kind of nervous energy that comes from tormented lust.

She worked her way downward slowly savoring each second. When she reached the lower back Liz asked her gently to massage her a bit more toughly. She said she was feeling tense. Raven worked her hands in circles feeling the tightness melt away.

Liz emitted a soft moan. “Oh that’s good, that’s really good sweetie. That’s enough on my back hon. Think you can handle my legs and feet too?”

Raven didn’t respond but quickly got more lotion and started rubbing Liz’s feet. They were surprisingly dainty given her considerable height. The younger girl had always been embarrassed of her own feet, thinking they were ugly.

Not these feet though, these feet were perfection. She rubbed the soles and arches with care. When she moved to the toes she took each in turn and spread them apart. Liz giggled “Careful babe, I’m ticklish”.

Raven was tempted to continue with this game but when looking at all the rest of that untouched flesh she moved up. She gave Liz’s calves a nice rubdown and again found a sensitive spot behind her knees. The thighs were even better. Feeling their smoothness Raven was again amazed at her good fortune.

She bit her lip, scared to take a chance, but when she took a closer look at Liz’s beautiful buttocks she couldn’t hold back. Without verbal provocation Raven began to run her hands over those delicate curves. Liz made a slight move at alt yazılı porno this, and Raven was fearful she would stop it.

Instead she just glanced back and smiled to herself. This was going perfect. Raven took this as a cue to begin rubbing Liz’s butt with more fervor. She applied more lotion, this time directly on the skin. Liz shivered but was visibly enjoying herself. Raven rubbed and groped the cheeks of Liz’s ass and even drooled a little.

She watched as her spittle fell and nestled itself in Liz’s ass-crack. Liz was loving it, Raven knew because her toes were curling a little. Raven kept rubbing, she had applied lotion several times now, and it was quite clear to both that this had gone beyond any sense of something done out of practicality — yet neither cared.

There was a knock at the back gate and someone was coming around the back. “Rave, Rave, You back here?”

It was Sam. Liz’s got up quickly, draped a towel over her shimmering body and slipped inside the house without a word. Raven was crestfallen but tried to hide her disappointment when greeting her friend.

Sam was dressed in small workout shorts a small t-shirt that said princess and pink striped knee socks.

“Hey Sam. I was uhh just swimming. Shouldn’t you be at work?” she asked, sounding more accusatory than she had intended.

“Nope, got the day off. I was hoping we could take some pictures. I could take some of you, or you could take some of me, only if you wanna of course. Mina says she’ll pay us for em if we get good ones. Course, I can’t force you and wouldn’t want to. But I figured I’d at least ask”.

“Well” Raven said. “I dunno about me. As a model I mean. But sure, I’d take pictures for you if you want. I don’t really know that much about artistic theory or anything, but if your camera’s decent I’m surly competent enough to snap a few shots right.”

“Oh sure, this thing makes it a cinch all you gotta do is point and click really.”

The girls took a few pictures poolside Sam had her black hair in pig-tails and was looking especially girlish. She posed for a bit making mostly cutesy faces, sometimes getting a bit more seductive. This continued for about fifteen minutes before Liz emerged from the house fully dressed with her purse and keys.

“Hey girls, having fun I see. Well I have to step out for a while, just got a call from Mina. She’s in a bit of a crisis. I just need to head on over and talk her down some. I should be back in an hour or two if you’d like to stay for dinner Samantha” When she was gone the girls decided to go inside and hang out.

“Hey Sam, I’m gunna hop in the shower, just for a sec ok, just need to wash the chlorine out of my hair. It’s especially bad when the pool’s freshly filled I think.”

“Kay Rave, I’ll just chill in your room and wait I guess.”

But when Raven came back not five minutes later Sam wasn’t in her room. Raven found her standing in the doorway to the master bedroom shifting her weight back and forth thinking .

“I was just remembering what I said before, you know, about next time?”

“Oh I didn’t forget.” As Raven said this she let her towel fall to the floor and revealed her naked body, still wet.

She grabbed Sam by the hand and pulled her into her own bedroom. Inside she backed Sam up against her bed. Raven raised Sam’s hand to her mouth and began to kiss it softly. She slowly and seductively kissed her way up Sam’s thin brown arms. Sam moved in closer breathing altyazılı sex izle hard now.

Raven kissed her friend full on the mouth. When their lips met it sent a wave excitement through their young bodies and electrified the air in the room. Sam’s shirt came off, and with her breasts free Raven’s passions reached new heights.

Raven backed Sam all the way onto the bed and put her face in Sam’s chest. The girls were giggling happily but this was very serious business now as Raven sucked on breasts for the first time. The way they felt in her mouth was so unlike anything she had experienced. At time or two she had attempted to lick at her own breasts while masturbating but this was different this was real, and this was actually with a willing partner. Raven could feel Sam’s heart beating hard with excitement, as her own was racing in her chest.

Raven then slid down the bed so she was on her knees and Sam was seated on the bed. She raised Sam’s girlish foot. Sam, like her twin was small of frame, standing just 5ft 5 and weighing barely 100 lbs. Raven began to kiss and lick at Sam’s foot.

It was however still in the long sock, until Sam laughed and began to remove it. When the socks were all the way off Raven really got to work on Sam’s feet. She was thinking of Liz’s feet as she playfully licked at the bottoms and then started to suck on the tiny toes. Eventually Raven kissed her way up Sam’s knees and thighs. Sam pulled her shorts off to reveal canary yellow panties.

They were soft and silky and when she pulled them aside Raven’s heart nearly stopped with lustful joy. Sam was entirely clean shaven down there, possibly waxed.

Raven’s first taste was tentative and reserved. She licked at the pussy so lightly she barely touched it. Sam put her hand on Raven’s head and gave a playful push “Eat up baby” she said in a sultry tone.

Raven then plunged her tongue deep in the crevasse. She parted the lips savoring the flavor and the sight of their pink perfection. Sam was all the way on her back now in the throes of pleasure. Raven licked and sucked hungrily. She was so turned on by all that had happened she had even begun to rub at her own stimulated sex as she continued to work Sam over.

From side to side she moved her tongue. Up and down, in diagonal patterns and then experimentally in circles. Sam was saying her name softly “oh Rave, baby oh Rave, you doin’ so good”

At this Raven had a stroke of sinful inspiration. She was beginning to taste faint traces of cum and knew that her friend was close to breaking. So, taking her hand from her own soaking pussy she moved it strategically under Sam’s sweet ass. She stuck it in her mouth a second, tasting her own juices and then inserted one finger into Sam’s waiting asshole.

During this time she was still working Sam’s pussy with her mouth and it didn’t take long for Sam to be pushed to a mind numbing orgasm.

When she came she came hard, and much of it went right into Raven’s mouth. She didn’t shy away from it however, she relished in it. The warmness running down her chin was like a victory tasted by a champion. She had fought so hard in her life to find peace, to feel good about who she really was. This was without a doubt the best she ever felt.

Meanwhile Mrs Robinson stood outside Raven’s bedroom door listening to the sweet tiny moaning from within. She thought to herself silently how she may have been stopped short today, but tomorrow was a whole new chance at her goal.

Friday was always better for seduction anyway she reasoned. And if things went well she would be left with a full weekend of fun as Bob wasn’t due back from the road until Monday. Liz was wet with thoughts Raven, all warmed up and ready to truly become a woman in her practiced hands.

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