Real Sex? or Good Dream?

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Alyssa couldn’t afford much, but she loved her little shit-hole apartment. She kept it clean, got along great with her roommate, and was close to everything. As she sat half-naked on her living room floor painting her toenails, she didn’t notice the furnace dumping toxic levels of carbon monoxide into her apartment. She had intermittent problems with the furnace since she moved in, but the maintenance guy had always got it running again. Little did she know, the maintenance guy knew that the furnace was on it’s last legs, and should’ve been replaced months ago.

When she finally woke up, she was laying flat on her living room floor, and the boxer shorts that had been on before were now gone, and replaced by a pair of red underwear she had never seen before. Things were foggy, and her head was pounding, and it was hard to get the energy to move. She knew something was wrong but couldn’t put her finger on it. She sat down on the couch and put her head in her hands, try to get her bearings back and get on top of the headache.

She felt herself getting weaker and weaker, and the blackness overtook her once again. When she woke up, the headache was gone but was laying flat on the floor again with boxers back on. Things were still quite foggy and couldn’t remember for sure if the red underwear thing was a dream or not, and found herself wondering what was going on. She did what she did before, and got up to get on the couch, with that dejavu feeling coming over her. Once again, when she put her head in her hands again, she felt herself starting to black out. She tried to pull herself out of it, to no avail.

She woke up once again to find herself in a dark hospital room. She had a hospital gown on, an oxygen tube in her nose, and an IV in her right hand. She was only awake long enough to realize that something bad had happened in that apartment, and sleep overtook her.

Some time later, she woke once again when the nurse opened the eryaman escort curtains in her room. She tried to sit up and was to weak. She tried to speak, but her mouth was too dry. The nurse saw her struggling and told her that she was going to send the doctor in to tell her what was going on. She quietly closed the door behind and left Alyssa all alone again.

A minute later, a female doctor came in and explained that she had a pretty severe case of carbon monoxide poisoning. She also explained that had my roommate not come home when she did, even a few minutes later, she likely would have been dead. The doctor said they could release her when her oxygen levels stabilized, but it likely wouldn’t be until the next day. She left the room telling her that an administrator would be in a little later to get some information. Alyssa was alone again.

She wasn’t tired, but sleep overtook her once again, but when she woke up the next time, she was laying in an unfamiliar bed with an unfamiliar body next to her. She was paralyzed with fear and too scared to move a muscle. As she lay there, taking shallow, quiet breaths, the person next to her rolled over and in a gentle, sweet, female voice said “Good morning babes”.

This beautiful brunette didn’t look the slightest bit familiar, but she seemed to know Alyssa. Before she even knew what was going on, the brunette was kissing her neck and whispering something about last night and repeating the fun. It was at this point that Alyssa had no control of herself because although this woman next to her was a total stranger, she heard herself say “Good morning to you to………and yeah, I was counting on a sequel to last night.”

She felt like a puppet for the next two hours while her and Brunette did some of the freakiest shit she had ever seen. Alyssa wasn’t a lesbian, had never even kissed a girl, and had only slept with one guy. Yet her she was, having incredible sex with another woman. eryaman escort bayan She could feel every sensation, enjoyed ever second of it, yet still felt like she was watching a movie. She was literally trying to scream when Brunette started sticking the dildo in her ass, and fought with all her might to keep herself from licking Brunette’s ass. When Brunette got out of bed to use the restroom, Alyssa once again felt sleep overtaking her.

She woke up coughing in an overly bright hospital room where a bunch of nurses and doctors hovered over here, talking in hurried voices and saying things like “we have a pulse” and a bunch of other doctor speak. She immediately had the realization that somehow she had died, and these doctors had brought her back from the brink. She still couldn’t talk,and her head was to fuzzy to put together any consistent thoughts.

Alyssa didn’t fall back asleep this time, and started finally coming around. When she could speak, she asked the nurse what was happening, and everything was explained to her again. She was finally drinking some water now, and was asked for something to eat. Apparently the “Jello is food” idea is still alive and kicking in hospital world.

The first bite of Jello was like heaven, but as she went to take the second bite, she realized she couldn’t breathe and started coughing and choking. She fumbled around for the nurse call button and couldn’t find it, and also realized that without air in your lungs, you can’t scream for help. The blackness overtook her once again.

She awoke to the feeling of being penetrated over and over again, and when she opened her eyes, she was flat on her stomach. The sheets looked and smelled like her own and when she looked to her side, she saw a muscular hand and a tattooed arm. Once again, she was only a spectator in her own body and had to watch as her other self was being fucked in the most humiliating of ways. When the guy had enough escort eryaman of her quivering pussy, he not-so-gently shoved his cock in her ass. She could her herself, and those sounds were not sounds of pain or displeasure. Quite the opposite really, and she just couldn’t believe this was happening. The other her, turned her face the other way to see her TV hooked up to a video camera. They were taping the whole thing. The guy was covered in tattoos and had a great body but didn’t look the slightest bit familiar. The sex session ended in her sucking his cock that was just in her ass, and swallowing a huge load of his cum. Her mind was reeling from the grossness of it all, and although her brain wanted to puke and run screaming, the other her was enjoying every second of it. When he got up, the other her rolled over and snuggled in to the pillow where sleep overtook her.

When she woke, her head was laying flat on her naked chest, back in her apartment. She still felt dizzy, but knew she had to get some fresh air as soon as possible. Still half naked, she ran outside in to the cold winter air. The air felt good and within seconds starting feeling better. Everything was becoming very clear. With the door still left open, she went back in to the apartment and started opening windows and turning on fans. The apartment got cold really quick and she found some clothes to throw on while she called the maintenance guy. As she listened to the phone ring, she checked her carbon monoxide detector and found that the batteries were completely dead. When he finally answered, it was not the old scratchy voice that she was used to. She asked if this was Marvin, and the new guy said no, he was Jason, the new maintenance guy and would be right over.

Now fully dressed and still airing out her house, she poured herself another cup of coffee. She was putting the dishes away from the dishwasher when there was a knock on the door. She turned around to see the same tattooed guy from her “dream” with the pretty brunette from her other dream. He asked if it was okay if his sister came in with him, they were getting ready to go to lunch when I called. I said it was totally fine, and she shut the door behind her.

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