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Slut, you will be naked while you are at home today, and make sure that all your toys are there by the computer, ready for me.”

Those were the first words I read on checking email. I opened His note first this morning, anxious to hear if He enjoyed my account of the previous night’s sexual encounter. He went on to tell me that he had a serious hard-on, but had to be in meetings all day long, so I had better be ready that night, for him to use for His pleasure, and it would be for His pleasure only. I was to put rope, clothespins, a ruler and a belt next to the computer, in plain view, so every time I sat down at the computer, I could see what would be used on me tonight.. I was to remain naked while I was in the house, only throwing on a summer shift if I needed to go out. The hours ticked by slowly, as I went about my daily household chores. I went to the computer a few times during the day, and with every glance, the toys sitting there seemed to grow a bit more menacing. My mind kept wandering to what He would do tonight; scenarios kept going through my mind, changing, evolving throughout the day.

Finally, all chores done, I sat down in front of the computer, and waited for my Master to come on-line. Shivers ran down my spine; I was having a hard time sitting there, watching the screen for His name to pop up on my list, waiting to hear that little chime, telling me it was time. My pussy was wet, craving the attention I knew He would give to it, soon.

I jumped in my chair at the sound of the chimes. I could feel my heart jump up into my throat, as I clicked on the box, and went to Him, presenting my body to Him, standing in front of the computer, legs apart, hands behind my neck, reaching down with one hand to type when called on.

“Are you ready, my little whore? I shall make you pay tenfold for the position you put me in today. Your description of last night’s escapade played in my mind all day, my cock aching for release.”

I couldn’t help but smile, knowing He was pleased with my email from the night before. “Yes, Sir, please Sir, I am sorry You were in such discomfort today, and I am ready, Sir, to pay for the part I played in that.”

“Very good, slut. Take the ruler in your right hand, and bend at your waist, presenting that round ass to me. Now, pepper that ass as I would, bring that ruler down hard, not missing a spot.”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied, and I proceeded to bring the ruler down hard on my flesh, blistering my cheeks with a force I knew he would use. Passing the ruler from one hand to the other, bringing ümraniye escort it down hard against each cheek, feeling the burn spread over my ass, feeling the sharp needles of pain shoot through me. “Sir, my ass is bright red and stinging. It’s feeling like it is on fire, Sir.”

“I don’t think so slut,” He typed, “ten more on each cheek, Go on, show Me what a good slut you are; show Me NOW!”

“Y-Y-Yes Sir,” I inhaled deeply as I wrote those words, slamming the ruler hard against my ass, ten times on my right cheek, and ten on my left. Small cries escape as I feel the fire erupt over my ass. “Twenty Sir, ten on each side. My ass is scarlet Sir, just as You like it. The sharp arrows of pain, Sir, are shooting through me.”

“You are a very good slut, my little one. I grab your hair, standing you up, as I kiss you long and hard, my hand rubbing over your ass, feeling the heat radiate from it. Now sit down, on the edge of your chair, and take the rope, tying your ankles to each leg.”

“Right away Sir,” I write, as I sit down on the hard chair, scooting my burning ass to the edge. I take the rope, and with my legs spread wide open, I loop the rope around my left ankle and the chair’s leg, securing it to allow little movement, and pass the rope to the right, and secure that ankle in a similar manner. “My ankles are tightly bound to the chair’s legs. My pussy is exposed to You. My juices are flowing, Sir, bringing a glow to it, for You, Sir.”

“Now, pick up that ruler again, whore, and bring it down hard on the insides of your thighs, working from your knee up, blows never more than an inch apart. Do it!”

I take the ruler, and starting at my right knee, I bring it down hard, working up one thigh and down the other. Hard slaps, so close, that there is no break in color, my thighs turn a bright shade of red. “Sir, they are stinging badly. Especially the nearer I get to my cunt, Sir. It is very sensitive there,” I write, the ruler continually beating over my flesh.

“That’s right, my little slave, match the color to that of your ass for me”

“Yes, Sir, they are bright red, Sir … matching the scarlet of my ass,” I whisper, my breaths coming faster and faster as the sting bites deep into me.

“Put the ruler down now, slut, and take the belt, folding it in half, wrapping the excess around your hand. Now whip your tits, don’t miss a single spot. I want to see them bounce with each blow. NOW BITCH!”

“As You wish, Master, my breasts are bouncing with each blow; the belt delivering stinging blows over my flesh,” pendik escort I tell Him. “Sir, each time the belt strikes my nipples, I cry out loud, they are still so very sensitive from last nights clamping”

“Well, my little toy, I think they must be lonely without the clamps, so take a clothespin and fix it to your left nipple, and another to your right. And to make sure you feel exactly what I was feeling today, take two more, affixing them to the underside of each breast,” You chuckle as You command.

Inhaling deeply, I attach the clothespins per Your instructions. “Thank You Sir, thank You for allowing me the understanding of Your discomfort today.” I bite my bottom lip, stifling the scream that wants to burst out as the clothespins bite into my nipples hard.

“Did I tell You to stop whipping your breasts, Bitch? You better not have stopped; I want those breasts redder than the other parts of you.”

“Y-y-yes Sir, I mean, No Sir, I haven’t stopped. The belt is coming down hard, reddening my flesh, slapping at the clamps, tugging at them. My breasts are red Sir, like bright red orbs shining in the night; the clothespins are dancing as the belt strikes them.”

“That’s a good little slut. Very nice. Now lean back into the chair, and bring that belt down on that hot cunt of yours. You may start slowly at first, my dear, but they must become harder with each blow.”

I whimper and moan as the belt strikes against my glistening pussy lips, the sting from it shooting deep inside me. “Eight, Master …. The last four have been hard blows, Sir”

“And how does that pussy feel, my little fuck-toy?”

“It is burning Sir, but not just from the blows of the belt Sir. It is so very wet Sir, it feels like it is on fire, needing, aching to be fucked by You, Master.” I cry out as my words appear on the screen.

“Ten more hard blows Bitch, NOW. I want your cunt to ache like my cock did all day today.”

“Yes Sir,” I cry out with each blow, counting them for You, “Ten, Sir, thank You Sir. The fire within me, Sir, is ready to explode, needing to be filled with Your cock, Sir. Please, I beg You Master, fuck me, take my pussy, use me for Your pleasure Sir, I beg You”

“Are you getting that “urgent” feeling, fuck toy?”

“I nod yes”


“Please Sir, I need something to fill my pussy Sir, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee”

“I will consider it, if you get to the point where you can’t tolerate it…………… but that will take CONSIDERABLE begging and screaming ….make that clit bounce, you hot bostancı escort little fuck………….Put down the belt, and slap that cunt hard and fast”

“Nods yes Sir …..small cries escaping from my lips as my pussy quivers and shakes”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ~eyes lighting up~ harder, slut, faster”

“I am squirming, Master, please sir let me fill my pussy, let me feel Your cock fill me like no other can. Oh please Sir, I can’t take it much longer.”

“Faster bitch, I want to hear you scream all the way over here. I want your neighbors banging at your door.”

“Please, Sir, please let me fill my pussy, let me feel You inside me, pleassssseeeeeeeeeee Master, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee”

“Cum, you bitch! Cum like the whoring piece of ass you are!!”

“cummmmmmmmsssssss …………. Yeeeeeeeessssssssssss” On hearing your words, the fire erupts within me, I am sure my screams of passion and pleasure reach Your ears, as my body convulses, my pussy pulsates with each spasm; my legs pull against the ropes that bind them; my juices pouring out; no volcano has erupted with as my force as my body is ….. closing my eyes, my head falls back, and I can feel Your cock rip through me, taking me over the edge. Shudders continue to wrack through my body, one after another, washing over me like waves on the beach. Powerful, unrelenting in it’s control over me, Your control over me. “I am Your whore, Master, Yours, to use for Your pleasure Sir”

“Presses against you and jerks my hips wildly, shaking you by your steaming cunt. I will take ownership of You, and hear you say that you are my bitch”

,”Oh, yes Sir i am Your bitch sir…your slut and fuck toy, Sir.” My finger slides through my lips, opening them for You ….it’s your cock sliding through my lips, thrusting into my sex. “oh yesssssssssss, my Sir, thank You.” I can feel You jerk Your hips, drilling Your cock into my quivering cunt. “I am Your fuck toy, Master, please, use me, pound me, fuck me, Sir. My pussy is Yours, to use for Your pleasure, to use as You please.”

“Thank You Master, my voice whispers in Your ear…..i cannot find the words that can describe my gratitude to You, You truly are a Master of Masters, the Master of me”

“Grabbing your hair, my hand reaches and pulls the clamps off Your nipples, and then reaches down to untie your ankles. I pull you to me, my lips devouring yours, kissing you with such passion. “And now, my little one, it is that time. You have pleased me greatly tonight, you are one hell of a fuck, my little toy.”

“I slide to the floor, knowing Your departure is imminent, going on my elbows and knees, my bare pussy and ass, exposed, and I thank You again, my Sir, for all that You have given me tonight, for the deserved punishment and the humiliation, and for fucking me like the slut I am deserves.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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