Rebecca in trouble (part 2)

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Rebecca in trouble (part 2)Rebecca trembled as she lowered her arms from her breasts. She laced her fingers behind her neck and thrust her breasts out for all of them to see.There was a murmur from all as Rebecca’s breasts were bared to them. Although she was very young, her breasts were big, yet firm. They defied gravity by pointing out. Her nipples were large, and because of the fear, had hardened to points.”You have magnificent tits, Rebecca. We are going to enjoy them immensely in the days to come. We have great plans for them, some will be painful, but others will be pleasurable.””Please do not hurt my breasts, they are so sensitive after the abuse they got before,” Rebecca moaned, but knew that her pleas fell on deaf ears. They intended to abuse her breasts, especially her nipples.As Rebecca stood there half-naked, she heard the dreadful words, “Now the skirt, I want to see the great legs,” said the Commander. “Slowly raise it up until you get to your waist, so we may see all of your panties”.Rebecca lowered her arms and slowly grabbed the hem of her skirt and slowly raised it up her legs, revealing her legs and finally her panties. Higher and higher she raised it, until her whole lower waist was covered only in her panties.”Now remove your skirt and throw it on the floor,” the Commander said.Rebecca obeyed, and now stood in her panties, fearing the next words and the final humiliation of the forced stripping.”Slowly lower your panties to your knees, so we may see your pussy. It is much more embarrassing to have your panties half on than to take them all off. We want this to go as slow and embarrassing as possible,” said the Commander.Rebecca blushed in the light as she slowly lowered her panties, revealing her naked hairless schoolgirl pussy for the strangers to gaze at.”Step out of your panties,” the Commander, said.Rebecca closed her legs and let her panties fall to the ground and stepped out of them one leg at a time, trying to keep her legs together as much as possible. She knew that they would soon make here spread her legs, but was trying to prolong the inevitable.”That is the cutest pussy I have ever seen. Your pussy hair has not started growing yet so you did not lie about your age. Before you spread yourself open for us, I would like to see that cute naked ass. Why don’t you turn around for us and show us those cute cheeks?” said the Commander.Hearing that she would be soon spreading her pussy for all to see, she submitted to turning around and showing them her ass. Her ass was plump and had a symmetrical crack down the center, hiding her anus from the view. She did not realize that they would be soon asking her to spread her ass cheeks open to see her virgin anus.”Very nice, now turn around again,” said the Commander. Rebecca faced them again and now knew the time had come. “Spread you legs slowly until they are four feet apart, we want to see your pussy lips spread,” the Commander said.Rebecca closed her eyes in humiliation and slowly spread her legs, her pussy opening up to the bright lights for all to see. “Open your eyes, we want to see your humiliation as you expose your pussy to strangers,” said the Commander.Rebecca opened her eyes and spread her legs further and further, her pussy opening for all of these men to see and stare at. Tears formed in her eyes as she suffered the ultimate humiliation of stripping before strangers and spreading herself open for anyone to see. When they were four feet apart she stopped and stood spread, her legs aching from the wide stance, her pussy lips open, showing her pink pussy unprotected by any hair. Not a sound was heard as all watched the final humiliation of this youngster.It was minutes before a voice was heard, and the Commander said in a staggered voice, “now turn around, spread your legs again, reach back and separate your cheeks, so we can also see what a young girl’s asshole looks like”.Rebecca’s felt a lump in the pit of her stomach as she thought her ultimate humiliation was complete. Now they were expecting her to turn around and show her asshole to them. She could not understand how anyone could be so cruel to her.”Obey, you are doing such a good job for a little girl, show us your asshole?” said the Commander.Rebecca meekly complied, turning around, and began to spread her legs. As they got further open, she could feel the air on her asshole and knew that they could see her most intimate part. As her legs reached four feet apart again, she felt the ache in her legs from the strain of spreading her legs so wide. She hesitantly reached back and grabbed each cheek, pulling them apart, revealing her asshole for them.”Put your fingers closer to your asshole and stretch your cheeks for us,” the Commander said. “Now bend over at the waist, so we may see your asshole and also your stretched pussy”.Rebecca obeyed, slipping her fingers until they touched her asshole; then quickly moved them further away. She bent over at the waist, slowly revealing her asshole and her pussy for all to see.”Hold that pose, while we take some pictures of you in that position, we want to make sure that we can prove that you stayed in good health while you were detained by us,” said the Commander.Rebecca cringed as she felt someone move closer to her and then heard the click and saw the flash of a camera taking a picture of her most intimate parts. More pictures were quickly taken and Rebecca feared where the pictures would end up.”You may stand up and face us again, we are finished with that part of the examination,” the Commander said. “Don’t you want to thank us for allowing you to strip and show us your lovely body?””Thank you, I am glad that is over. May I please go now; I have done everything ankara escort you said including humiliating myself in front of all of you,” Rebecca softly said. As she was talking she could hear a movement in the corner and then heard a loud dragging of something, moving toward the pedestal. She looked over and she could see two of the guards moving out of the darkness up the ramp onto the pedestal where she was. They were dragging the object covered by the cloth. Rebecca knew that it was not over yet, but did not realize what was to happen to her. The guards moved the object to the center of the pedestal then retreated back to the darkness.”We are not through yet, Rebecca, we have more to go before you go to your cell tonight. You are only going to be with us a short time and since there are six of us, your time will be very busy,” said the Commander.”Remove the cover from the table, Rebecca,” a new voice came from the back. As Rebecca turned around, the Doctor came onto the pedestal. Rebecca pulled the cloth back and gasped when she saw that the table was an examination table.The table was built into three sections; one under where the head would be, that would collapse, dropping the support for the head. Rebecca did not realize that this would facilitate them in forcing their cocks into her mouth and choking her with them as they proceeded to enter her throat. Her arms would be tied to the side allowing them the ability to control her head and the depths of the thrust in her throat.The other end would drop the support under her ass, allowing anyone access to fucking her pussy and also her asshole. Stirrups were along the edge of the table, and were adjustable and had straps to keep her legs attached. The stirrups would spread her legs further than she would want, keeping her pussy and asshole open to whatever they decided to insert into her. It could be a cock, but also would facilitate a speculum, or any other device, and they had many.”We will now proceed with the internal examination of your body. We will be doing a body cavity searches of your mouth, your pussy and of course, your anus. We have to make sure you are still do not have any d**gs on your body,” said the Doctor.”If you thought stripping for us was humiliating, we are just getting started. You will soon be spread open on the table and I will insert various instruments into you and spread you open so all may see inside you,” said the Doctor.”Now, Rebecca, be a good little girl and jump up on the table, lay back, and put your legs into the stirrups. I will bind your arms and legs so you can not jump around and hurt yourself and then we will proceed to open you up. The others will be joining me on the platform, so that we will have a good view of your body. You will not like this very much, but we have ways to make it pleasurable as we continue,” demanded the Doctor.Rebecca almost fainted when she heard what they intended to do to her innocent body, but had long since resigned herself to her fate. As she climbed on the table, and lay on her back, the others came on the stage. It was even more humiliating than before because they were standing right next to her staring at her innocent face as the two guards grabbed her wrists and attached them with leather straps to the top corner of the table.”Put you legs in the stirrups and I will strap them in, and then we will begin to spread your legs open for all to see. This will be much more embarrassing as we will have a close look at your spread pussy and your anus,” said the Doctor, as Rebecca slowly put her legs into the stirrups, preparing for the ravishment of her body by these strangers.The Doctor tightened the straps around her arms and legs as the Commander put a large mirror in front of the table so Rebecca could see what they were doing to her body.”The Doctor will now begin to spread your legs open, watch as your pussy opens for all to see,” as Rebecca felt the stirrups opening, wider and wider, spreading her legs. The Commander pushed Rebecca’s body closer to the end of the table. The stirrups were now moved higher, raising Rebecca’s ass off of the table. “Now we will be able to see your anus opening up and allow us access to it,” said the Commander.The Doctor continued to spread Rebecca’s legs further, and they began to ache. “More,” said the Commander; “I want her spread very wide.” The Doctor continued to spread Rebecca open.”AHHHH, that hurts, it’s too far, you are going to split me in two,” moaned Rebecca.”Come on Rebecca, you can take it, this is nothing compared what we have in store for you,” said the Commander. He began to rub Rebecca’s breasts, and pulling on her nipples to make them hard again. “More Doctor,” said the Commander and all watched as Rebecca was opened for all to see.”AHHHHHH, too far, please, don’t hurt me, I will do anything you say, you are hurting my legs and nipples,” cried Rebecca.”You have such a delicious body, so innocent and ripe, Rebecca. We are going to do many things to you,” said the Commander, continually squeezing Rebecca’s nipples, stretching them into points.The Doctor finally stopped when Rebecca legs were spread over five feet wide. Her ass was raised off of the table because of the height of the stirrups, her pussy and asshole spead open.All eyes were are her body, all with thoughts of how they intended to use and abuse her for their pleasure. Rebecca would be sucking and swallowing many cocks before Saturday. Her pussy would be reamed by all and her anus would be forced to accept the largest cock. Rebecca trembled in fears as six strangers were surrounding the table where her innocent body lay strapped to the table.The Commander looked down at Rebecca, smiling as her body ankara escort bayan was strapped to the table, spread wide and open to whatever they wanted to do to her.”We are going to start with your mouth, so open it very wide, so we may inspect inside,” the Commander ordered Rebecca.”Please, you can see I do not have anything in my mouth,” replied Rebecca, fearing what they intended to do to her.”Now be a good girl and obey our wishes or you will suffer the consequences, open very wide so that I can feel inside your mouth,” the Commander demanded.Reluctantly, Rebecca opened her mouth. “Wider,” said the Commander and she opened it as wide as she could.She could see the Commander’s hand move to her open mouth and he slipped one finger in and began to move it around the inside, under her tongue, between her gums and her teeth and over the roof of her mouth. It felt strange to have someone violate her mouth but she could nothing but endure it.The Commander’s one finger moved out, but now returned as two, again violating her mouth. “Relax, and keep your mouth wide open”.The two fingers moved out and now were replaced by three, with Rebecca beginning to feel very uncomfortable. The fingers would move in and out and all around the inside. All of a sudden they were gone, and Rebecca started to close her mouth.”Not so fast, open very wide, I have to check your throat to make sure that you do not have any d**gs hidden in your stomach attached to a string in your throat,” the Commander said. “Try to relax your throat muscles and not gag on my fingers”. “I know it will be hard but you have to do it, or I will force your mouth open with a clamp”.”Please, don’t do that, I am not hiding anything,” she pleaded, but opened her mouth wide, awaiting his fingers.The Commander’s three fingers slowly pushed into the open mouth, sliding along her tongue. Rebecca could feel that getting closer to her throat, fearing the gagging pain she knew she would have to endure. As his fingers reached the end, Rebecca began to gag and the Commander could feel her throat spasm around his fingers.”Aggggg, gulp, Aggggg,” cried Rebecca, the noise muffled by the fingers in her mouth. Tears ran from her eyes and she was having a hard time breathing. The fingers were removed from her throat, but stayed in her mouth, keeping her mouth stretched open. It began to hurt from the strain.”Relax, I am going to put them back in again,” the Commander ordered, “you must learn to accept anything we decide to put in your throat. By Saturday, you will not even be gagging on anything put into your mouth.”Rebecca’s eyes pleaded, to no avail as she felt the fingers return to the return of her mouth and began their descent into her throat. “AGGGG, AGGGGG,” she moaned, her throat again spasming, and now her stomach began to lurch, attempting to dislodge the fingers sealing her throat. Her body shook on the table, with all eyes watching her training.The fingers moved out of her throat again and Rebecca sucked in as much air as possible before she felt them again returning to ravish her throat again. “AGGGG, AGGGGG,” she moaned, as the Commander began to speed up the thrust of his fingers in and out. She barely had time to get any air before they began they relentless passage, back into her throat.”We are almost finished, you are doing very well, I can see your throat bulge as I enter it, and the spasm of your throat on my fingers are exquisite. We are going to be very pleased when we test your new talent later, but let us begin again,” and the Commander again pushed his fingers into her throat, but this time there were four, completely filling her throat.Rebecca’s lungs hurt from the lack of air and her throat was raw as the Commander was now thrusting his fingers in and out rapidly, expanding as they entered, making Rebecca gag and her stomach heave. As soon as they left, she could feel them begin again the trip down her throat and she knew she would again begin choking. She could see the others gathered around her, watching her suffer. I wish it would stop, she thought, I cannot stand it much longer before I will begin to throw up.”Once more and we will be finished with your mouth for now. Get ready because I am going to try to put my whole hand in your mouth and down your throat. Accept it by relaxing your throat and the pain will be less,” the Commander demanded.Suddenly her mouth was stretched wider than she thought possible as the Commander put his whole fist in and began the awful journey back down her throat. Her jaw ached and the Commander had to put a lot of pressure on his fist to make her throat accept it. “AGGGGGGGG, WRETCH, AGGGGGGGGG,” Rebecca gasped, her throat burning from the punishment. His fist stretched her throat wide, forcing it to accept the unnatural punishment. “AGGGGGG, AGGGGG,” her muffled cries ignored by the men gathered around her. They only saw her naked, sexy body, strapped down and spread, forced to swallow a fist. Their only thoughts were on when they would be able to do the same to her, but with a big cock shoved into her mouth and the feeling of her throat spasming around it until they fed her a throatful of cum.The Commander pull his hand from Rebecca’s mouth with a pop and Rebecca gasped for air and began to choke, her stomach heaving up and down. “Please no more,” Rebecca said, her throat hoarse from the beating that was inflicted on her by the evil Commander.”That is all for now, but we will again be using your throat later, so relax while we continue with your internal examination,” said the Commander. “Your pussy will be next, but we must prepare your ass. The Doctor is preparing a very large enema and will force it into your ass with a pump, instead escort ankara of the usual enema bag. We find that the liquid moves higher into your colon with the pressure, but it does give you more cramps, especially since you will have to hold it in you until we finish with your pussy”.”To prepare your anus for the enema, why don’t you ask the Judge to spread some Vaseline around your anus, and then to insert his fingers into your rectum to make it easier for the insertion of the enema tube,” said the Doctor. “The enema tube is rather long, so the Judge will be inserting his fingers very deep in your rectum, while this will be uncomfortable for you, I am sure that the Judge will be thrilled with the tightness of you rectum”.”Oh, no, not in my bottom, please don’t, I am cooperating, you tortured my throat, can’t you leave my bottom alone,” Rebecca pleaded.”That will be just the beginning, after we clean you out, we will be stretching your anus wide, so we can see inside. It will a gradual pain that will increase as your anus is forced wider and wider, but you must submit to us or you will be placed into prison immediately,” the Doctor said.Rebecca complied with the request, “Judge, please put Vaseline into my bottom”.”Are you sure little girl, that you want my fat fingers in your asshole,” the Judge said.”No, I mean yes,” said Rebecca, slumping into the table, willingly submitting to the fingering of her asshole by a dirty old man.Rebecca could see the Judge move to the back of the table between her spread legs. The other grouped around him, looking at her exposed anus, all pink and shiny, waiting for the **** of it by the Judge’s fingers.The Judge’s head blocked Rebecca’s view of what was going to happen to her body. He had crouched down and his face was only inches from her vagina and her bottom, but she could feel his breath, sending a chill through her body. The expectation of further pain, or pleasure confused her.”Relax, Rebecca, the Judge will take good care of you,” whispered the Commander into her ear.Rebecca jumped, as well as she could in the restraints holding her body tight to the table, when the Judge placed his hands on her abdomen and began to caress her, moving closer to her pussy. Rebecca trembled in expectation as his fingers moved over her bald pubic mound and brushed lightly along the edge of her hairless pussy lips. They moved over her thighs and gently grasped them.”Please don’t,” cried Rebecca.”SHHHH, Rebecca, give your body to the Judge to do as he pleases. He is going to have his way with your body in any manner he chooses and you must allow him if you want to get out of here,” the Commander whispered.The Judge ran his hands over her buttocks and gently moved his fingers in the crack toward her anus, Rebecca’s body taut with expectations. His fingers lightly touched her anus, sending goose bumps over her body and her nipples hardened in expectation.”No, not there,” she cried, knowing that they would not listen but anticipating the continuation of his caresses.The Judge’s hands moved back to her pussy and brushed lightly over her pussy lips. He could feel the wetness of this young virgin, not knowing what was to happen, but her body was preparing for it. He grabbed each pussy lip with his hand and began to spread them open for all to see and she could feel his hot breath.”All can now see your pink pussy spread open, your pussy is getting wet, expecting the Judge’s hand to further stimulate you,” said the Commander.”I don’t want him to touch me, I am just a little girl and he is so old,” Rebecca cried. “Please don’t do this to me”.The Judge slipped the tip of his finger into her vagina. Her vagina was tight and grabbed at his finger. What will she do when a big, hard cock enters her roughly and shoves deeply into her?”OHHHH, that feels funny, I am a virgin, do not put your finger in me,” Rebecca moaned, feeling the Judge run his finger around the outside of her vagina, spreading it open more and more, becoming wetter.Suddenly, the Judge put his mouth to her pussy and began to run his tongue along her pussy lips, sending shudders through Rebecca’s untrained body.”OHHHHH, what are you doing, that feels so strange,” she moaned.”He is going to eat your pussy, Rebecca, his tongue will move all over your pussy and then he will push into your body. Relax and accept it, you will enjoy it,” said the Commander into her ear.His tongue was becoming more persistent and her hips tried to rise higher to meet it. Rebecca could feelhis fingers pulling her pussy lips open more and more and his tongue gently bathing the inside of her pussy, pushing further in. He moved his fingers to the top of her pussy and found and uncovered her clit and his tongue flicked over it.Rebecca’s legs began to shudder, “AHH HHH HHHH, please, please”.The Judge ran his tongue gently up and down between the layers of her pussy. Rebecca’s body was trying to push her pussy closer to the tongue, but the strict bondage she was in prevented all but minor movement.The Judge sucked Rebecca’s clit into his mouth, bathing it with his tongue, while capturing it with his lips.”AHHHHHHHHH, what are you doing to me, AHHHHHH,” moaned Rebecca, unable to understand what was happening to her body.”Open your eyes, and see the faces watching you as you are strapped down naked and spread open, with the Judge eating your pussy, while your young body is being ravished against your will,” said the Commander. “Everyone’s cock is hard seeing you like this”.”You forced me to do this, I cannot help it, please stop,” cried Rebecca, ashamed at the way her body was betraying her.”I think you need so more stimulation. I am going to let two of the guards come over to each side and fondle your breasts and suck your nipples until they become hard. You have very big nipples for someone your age and they will be able to stare into your face and watch your humiliation as they suck your nipples into their mouths,” said the Commander.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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