Rebel Princess Ch. 03

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This story contains more than just lesbian sex, in fact it contains quite blatantly heterosexual sex. It’s somewhat incidental though, and there is also lesbian sex, so I’m just going to leave this in the Lesbian Sex category so as not to confuse the story and whatnot. There’s also a lot of spanking. You were warned 😉 Read parts one and two before you read this part and there’s a chance it will make more sense.


The next few days passed in relative calmness. The kittens, Kai and Lucy all played happily about the place, getting underfoot and threatening to drive Rael up the wall at times. It was in this time that Kai discovered the point of the upper reaches of the house. Rael withdrew up there to sleep and to meditate, and to generally avoid the chaos below.

Kai and Lucy were getting on very well. Though ostensibly very different in personality, they shared a sense of humor and playfulness that saw them screaming about the place cheerfully. This house in the trees had given them both a rare moment of respite from the heavy cares of the world they both carried in their every day lives. Caught up in the playfulness too was an undeniable chemistry, an ongoing flirtation that threatened to bubble over at any moment.

They were playing a rousing game of chase one afternoon, a game that Kai was somewhat hampered in playing due to her injury, when Lucy suddenly stared out the window, screeched and fled up the stairs towards Rael’s room.

Puzzled, Kai turned, and saw the source of Lucy’s squealing. Standing in the doorway was a tall man with eyes of coal and long ebony straight hair which flowed down over his jet black traveling robes. His skin was pale, and his cheekbones high. Altogether he presented a picture of quiet menace.

Kai took a step backwards, cursing herself for being unarmed.

“Lucian!” Rael said, coming down the stairs.

Kai looked between Rael and this new man.

“Hello Lady Rael,” Lucian responded with a deep bow.

“Come in Lucian.” Rael bade him.

“Thank you.” Lucian said, stepping inside with a smile at Rael. “I see my niece made it here unharmed,” he noted as he shed his outer robe and pack, revealing his jerkin clad torso, and large muscled arms ringed with dragon tattoos. He was surprisingly young, Kai had pictured a much older man when Lucy spoke of her Uncle, but Lucian was probably only a few years older than Rael, in the prime of his life.

Rael chuckled. “Indeed she did.”

“I shall discuss that with her later,” he said in a tone laden with significance.

Kai looked at his big muscled arms and frowned, he would destroy Lucy if he hit her. She decided there and then that she had to save her friend.

Neither Rael nor Lucian seemed to notice her presence as she edged quietly around the room to the stairs. They greeted one another like old friends, and were almost immediately engaged in what seemed to be a very deep conversation.

Kai quickly climbed up the stairs and found Lucy huddling behind the bed, looking pale and scared.

“He’s going to whip me so bad,” she confided in Kai, her eyes wide.

Kai grinned. “Not if he can’t find you, he won’t,” she whispered, pointing out the window of Rael’s room, where the trees grew thick and dense.

The relief on Lucy’s face was almost palpable. They quickly clambered out into the shelter of the branches and traveled between the trees until they found a good position where they could both see into the house and were safe from any disciplinary action.

Peeking into the tree house, Kai let out a small squeal of shocked laughter and covered her mouth.

“What? Have they found we’re gone?” Lucy whispered.

Kai shook her head. “I don’t think so, I don’t think they are going to notice for a while.” Kai giggled.

Lucy frowned and looked herself and gasped.

In the house, it was certain that they had not yet been missed. Lucian had shed his top, and was on his knees between Rael’s legs, servicing her, his head buried between her thighs.

Kai and Lucy both watched absolutely transfixed as gradually Rael shed her robes and her body was revealed, slim in the light, her breasts full, swaying with her movements as Lucian kicked off his pants, revealing muscled thighs and a proudly erect cock.

They were a beautiful pair, and it was clear that they were old lovers from the familiar way that they explored one another’s bodies. Both Kai and Lucy squirmed in their hiding spot as Lucian’s mouth locked on to a nipple and suckled it, sending Rael’s head arching back in pleasure. Kissing passionately, they fell back on Kai’s bed, Rael spreading her legs to allow Lucian entrance to her body.

Kai and Lucy were transfixed as they watched Lucian’s muscles rippling as he began to slide into Rael, and her moans floated across to their position in the trees.

Their mouths locked in a kiss, he drove into her body again and again, each thrust firm and hard, growing faster and harder by the moment as he quickly began a pounding motion, his hips güngören escort bayan slamming his cock deep into Rael’s body, her breasts swaying with every thrust, and her moans turning into desperate cries as she came closer and closer to the edge.

He cried out as he came, thrusting hard into her body, his large hands cupping her breasts as his thickness began pumping inside her body, triggering her own orgasm. It had been over quickly, clearly the two lovers had missed one another, and Kai and Lucy tittered nervously in the tree as Lucian and Rael embraced one another tightly.

“Wow.” Lucy said with a blush.

Kai simply nodded. “Yeah,” she agreed.

“I don’t know how I will ever look at him again,” Lucy whispered, then quickly fell silent as the pair unwound from one another, and Rael took herself off to wash up whilst Lucian slid on his pants and walked out onto the balcony, apparently enjoying the fresh air. It wasn’t until he looked directly in Lucy and Kai’s direction that their hearts both stopped.

“Both of you. Inside. Now.” He ordered in no uncertain terms.

With wide eyes, Lucy and Kai looked at one another. Had he known they were there the whole time?

“Now.” He repeated, his gaze seeming to pierce the trees.

Shamefacedly they obeyed, crawling back around through the branches of the trees to Rael’s window, then crossing the room with trepidation and climbing down into the main room, where Lucian and Rael were waiting for them.

“Two voyeurs, hmm?”Lucian said crisply, making them both blush. “One of whom desired to escape her very well deserved punishment.” He shook his head and gave them both a disappointed look. Even though he was a stranger to Kai, having spied upon him in an intimate moment had broken the ice a great deal.

“Both of you bend over the bed,” he ordered.

They complied, perhaps out of fear, perhaps out of confusion, perhaps because the man they had just seen so impressively naked was telling them to.

First Lucy, then Kai felt his strong hands at their hips, tugging down their loose pants and exposing their bare bottoms to his gaze. “You should know better” he scolded again, sounding stern and authoritarian.

Kai had never felt smaller, here she was with her most intimate parts on display, being lectured like a child by the man she had just seen making love to her Mistress.

“Please Uncle…” Lucy tried to plead, but was cut short. “Hush girl, you should have known better.”

Lucian said, giving her a quick smack on her behind, she yelped and fell silent.

“You are both to be spanked soundly. This will teach you not to spy on others.” He announced, making Kai whimper and blush a deep red from embarrassment. As he began to spank them both, slapping one bottom firmly, and then the next, and both girls yelped and sniffled, it occurred to Kai that the worst part of the punishment was not the spanking, but being treated like a little girl by this handsome man. He could see her sweet intimate parts, and he didn’t care at all, he just kept spanking her bottom, and Lucy’s, until they were a bright red color, and both women were wriggling and sniffling on the bed.

His hand was hard and hot, every slap pressed Kai against the wooden edge of the bed and stoked the fire which grew low in her belly. He was oblivious to her arousal though, entirely focused on punishing her, making her writhe and cry out as he laid smack after smack across her round cheeks.

Then it was over.

“Now get into bed, both of you,” he ordered after placing the last hard swats on each of their bottoms. Both Kai and Lucy scrambled into bed obediently, sniffling and rubbing their red behinds.

“Stay there until you are told otherwise,” he said sternly, taking Rael by the elbow and leading her up to her room.

Left alone, crying softly, Lucy crawled over into Kai’s bed. “He is so mean,” she sniffled.

Kai nodded. “He is so mean,” she agreed, both sets of cheeks burning bright red. Anger was beginning to rise in her as she thought about what had just happened. She had been distracted by seeing Rael and Lucian make love, if she hadn’t been there was no way that she would have allowed him to do that to her.

Her thoughts were broken by Lucy’s hand timidly rubbing her bottom, easing the sting a little. She smiled and returned the favor, running her own fingers over Lucy’s red cheeks. “He’s always whipping me,” Lucy confided.

Kai nodded. “I can believe that,” she said thoughtfully, her fingers dipping between Lucy’s cheeks and making her wriggle. It had been an accident, but the reaction was so delightful that she repeated the action, allowing her fingers to gently brush across Lucy’s silky nether lips.

The reaction was immediate, Lucy mewled like a kitten and squirmed closer to Kai, spreading her legs and pressing her mound against Kai’s as she too, slid her fingers down to lay across Kai’s slit.

Lucy let her fingers roam teasingly across Kai’s pussy, winding her up as she delicately şişli escort bayan allowed a soft finger to circle around Kai’s clit.

“You little tease.” Kai growled low in her throat, pushing two fingers deep into Lucy’s cunt without warning. Lucy almost screamed, but Kai used her other hand to cover her mouth.

“Be a good girl and take your fucking,” she ordered gently, slowly sliding her fingers out to the tips and then pressing them roughly back in again. Lucy moaned against the restraining hand as Kai began to fuck her pussy roughly.

The aggressive warrior in Kai was rising fast, after so many days of oppression and being treated like a little girl, the raw side of her persona was breaking free, and sweet Lucy was about to bear the brunt of it.

“You like this don’t you, you like your little cunt being fucked nice and hard.” Kai growled into her ear, pushing a third finger in with the other two and filling Lucy’s cunt once more. Lucy moaned softly and slid a gentle finger into Kai’s pussy as Kai jammed her fingers into Lucy’s pussy.

‘Your cunt is mine to fuck, you hear that?” Kai said as she felt Lucy’s pussy virtually gush with juices. “Whenever I want you, I’ll fuck your little pussy, so you better be ready,” she continued, thrusting her fingers firmly inside the squirming girl, harder, faster, a thumb grazing over her clit sending her suddenly over the edge, crying out her pleasure into Kai’s neck as she came on her fingers.

Kai smiled slowly and pulled her fingers out with a light slap to Lucy’s pussy. “Now get your little mouth to work,” she said with a smile.

Obediently Lucy slid down Kai’s body, her little pink tongue tracing the outline of Kai’s pussy lips. She lapped gently at Kai’s slit, sending her moaning as Kai squirmed her pussy. “I’m going to fuck your mouth.” She announced, grabbing Lucy’s hair and grinding her pussy against her lips and tongue. Lucy soon got the idea and began suckling on Kai’s clit as Kai thrust against her mouth, strumming the tip of her tongue over the very tip of Kai’s clit until Kai exploded in her mouth, her pussy juices flowing over Lucy’s lips and tongue as she lapped them all up like a satisfied pussy cat.

Their passions sated, Kai pulled Lucy up and kissed her deeply. Something had changed between them, it was in both their eyes, and in the way their tongues played in one another’s mouths. Curled up with Lucy, Kai sighed contentedly. She liked the way this felt, liked the soft curves of Lucy against her, loved the way she squealed when her cunt was penetrated. A satisfied smile spread across her face and she slid a finger into Lucy’s pussy possessively. Lucy squeaked and looked at her, to be met with a smile and one word. “Mine.”

They fell asleep like that, and did not awaken until evening, when they were wakened by Rael shaking them awake gently.

“Dinner time, you two.”

Dinner was a strange affair, with all present basking in a pleasant sexual afterglow, yet there was some tension. Kai kept her eye on Lucian, quietly planning her next move. He might be handsome and strong, but he must not be allowed to think that he ruled over her.

Her looks did not go unnoticed by Rael, or indeed Lucian, who seemed quietly amused, a fact that riled Kai even more.

“Do you have a problem?” Kai finally came out with the aggressive question.

Lucian quirked an eyebrow and smiled, though his smile was not entirely pleasant. “No, girl. I do not have a problem,” he replied, with a slight lilt on the word ‘girl’.

“Lucian.” Rael looked at him warningly, and Lucy gave a long suffering sigh. Whilst a gentleman in many respects, her Uncle frequently had brushes with misogyny, which explained why the Lady Rael only tolerated him for relatively short periods of time and then sent him on his way once more. He had proposed marriage on one occasion, but she had declined, citing the reason that she would prefer not to be the one to wring his neck.

Lucian smiled arrogantly, after all he was the leader of troops and a decorated hero, and this woman who gave him such dirty looks was merely some wretch from the streets.

“I don’t know. I think you might have a problem.” Kai said nonchalantly.

“Girl, do not make threats you can not make good on,” Lucian replied.

Sitting back with a wry smile, Rael let the little scene unfold.

“Oh I make good on all my threats.” Kai replied, popping a piece of dried meat into her mouth casually. “I hope you enjoyed earlier, for you will not lay a hand on me again,” she continued.

Lucian threw back his head and laughed. “I will decide that, not you.”

Kai smiled at him, a smile completely devoid of humor, the expression in her eyes darkening.

“No. You won’t,” she replied.

“Do not test me. You will not like the results.” Lucian warned.

“Oh for gods sakes, can you two please stop waving your cocks around, it’s hard to eat and dodge them at the same time.” Lucy quipped, sending Kai and Rael into gales of laughter, and esenler escort bayan earning her a sharp look from her Uncle.

“Lucy, do not use that sort of language,” he said warningly before turning to Rael “Rael, what on earth have you been doing with my niece? She left my household a lady, and now I find her here clambering through the trees and spouting foul language,” he said, a twist of a smile on his lips.

It was Rael’s turn to laugh. “Lucian, nobody in your blood line has ever been well behaved,” she said, patting his hand condescendingly.

He smiled and chuckled. “This is true.”

The tension broken for the moment, they went back to eating and chatting, the score between Lucian and Kai left unsettled for the time being.

As dinner broke up, Lucian stood up hugged Lucy close. “Don’t you go running off like that again. I was worried about you,” he said, kissing her cheek.

Lucy giggled and cuddled up with him. “Well you should stop hitting me,” she said playfully.

“Unlikely,” Lucian laughed, placing her back down on the ground and patting her bottom.

“Not with the way you behave, dear girl.”

Kai smiled as she watched Lucy and her Uncle together. There was obviously great fondness and affection there on both sides. Rael and Kai cleared up as Lucy snuggled up with her Uncle on the cushions and told him all about her journey there.

As they cleared away the dishes, Rael pulled Kai aside for a moment. “Do not let him rile you dear, he means well, and takes his protective responsibilities seriously, he just has trouble turning them off.”

“Well as long as he leaves me alone there will be no trouble.” Kai said stubbornly.

Rael nodded with a resigned look. Those two were going to come to blows eventually.

Part IV

Trouble came the next morning, during the regular patrol. Ordered back to the house by Lucian, Kai refused to go.

“Go. You will be safe back at the house,” he said, his eyebrows drawing together in serious displeasure.

Kai snorted. “I am probably safer than you out here, old man,” she said derisively.

Lucian turned on her, his eyes full of thunder. “Enough. I do not have time for this, go back at once, or I will take you back myself,” he said.

Kai smiled tauntingly. “Try,” she said simply.

Lucian shook his head and reached for her arm to pull her over his knee, but even as he reached for her, she was gone, seeming to dissipate under his fingers. He whirled around searching for her, and she laughed at his confusion as she dropped down behind him and dealt him a hearty smack on his backside before dancing away again, using the surrounding trees to flip and vault, landing a few feet away from his face, sword drawn.

“Come on then, boy,” she taunted again. “Let’s see you punish me.”

If Lucian was surprised, he didn’t show it. He was about to decline to draw his sword when she rushed him and he was forced to draw, too late to deflect the blow that cut cleanly through his pants leg, leaving the skin unscathed. That shook him, and the look he gave her was one of curious respect as he bade her come on once more.

This time their blades engaged, dancing, flashing almost faster than the eyes. Kai found herself on the back foot, struggling to block all his blows, neither one of them giving any advantage, any opening. A split second mistake, and Kai felt her robe sliced, the lower part of it falling away, leaving her bare legged as Lucian spun around her with a wicked grin.

Eyes narrowed, she moved back, vaulting through the air to set some distance between them. Her leg ached a little, but she ignored it, so intent was she to prove herself to this man. Their next engagement was no less fierce than the first, this time Kai managed to slice the other leg of his pants, leaving him with the appearance of wearing shorts like a small boy.

Lucian laughed and redoubled his efforts, but Kai held strong, blocking and parrying, vaulting through trees, she seemed to operate in another dimension, not earth bound as others were. The battle drew on and on, and Kai felt her leg begin to give her more and more pain, but still she pushed through it, one cheeky stroke of a blade clipping off a lock of his long hair.

For his part, Lucian seemed to be enjoying the challenge, but he saw the way she was becoming weak on her leg. “Enough, your point is made,” he called out, but Kai was having none of it, she attacked again, and Lucian shook his head, reaching out with almost supernatural quickness and grabbing the hand which held her sword, triggering a pressure point that locked her arm. Kai yowled in disappointment and tried to fight on, but the sword fell uselessly from her hand, and he caught her other arm in his strong hand.

“Enough little tiger, you are injuring yourself necessarily,” he said, his tone serious.

At his words, Kai stopped struggling so much, and Lucian unlocked the pressure points he had exploited. “You are an exceptional fighter,” he said, with a bow to her. Kai smiled a little and bowed back, from one who fought as he did, that was high praise indeed.

“If I could teach my men to fight half as well, I am sure I would have the strongest force in all the lands,” he continued quite seriously, as he scooped her up in his arms. She squealed in affront.

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