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Subject: Rebuilding the Bond Chapter 2 Chapter 2 The next week or so went ahead as normal. I went to school, stayed out of Chet’s way, and eagerly waited for Dad’s response. During this time, I overheard Mom and Chet talking about moving. It sounded like they were getting sick of this place and wanted to start over in California. Fine by me, it didn’t matter to me where I lived. I had always been a bit of a loner, so it’s not like I had a ton of friends I would miss. I still held out hope that this relationship with Chet wouldn’t last long enough for a move, but the more and more time passed, the less likely that seemed. Then, one day, the shit really hit the fan. I had come home from school to find Mom in an absolute rage. I hadn’t even had a chance to take my backpack off before she started screaming at me. “How dare you write to your father! How dare you talk to that fucker without my permission!” She was waving a torn envelope in her hand, she had clearly intercepted Dad’s response. “I don’t need your fucking permission,” I snapped back at her, “and you have no right opening my mail!” “I’m your mother, I have every fucking right!” I will cut this argument short, as you don’t need to hear all the details. Lets just say, after snatching the letter out of her hand, I half expected the neighbors to call the police. Chet, of course, was just sitting on the couch, smiling, no doubt enjoying the show. I finally turned around and stormed out of the house. As I angrily stomped down the street, I could hear her yelling after me, “Fine, you want to go live with your father? Go! See if I care. Just don’t come crawling back, whatever you do!” I must have been absolutely red in the face with rage. My anger had only been directed at Mom a few times, but it seemed like it was occurring more and more the longer we lived with Chet. This time was the last straw, I was done. I couldn’t go back there, not tonight. I had no plan, no idea what I was going to do, but I didn’t care, I needed to stay out of that house tonight. *** I think I was walking to distract myself from my rage. It wasn’t till I reached the other end of town, however, that I realized just how long I had been walking, well over an hour at this point. The sun was already setting. My feet were getting istanbul travesti sore, and so were my hands that I still had clenched into tight fists. Suddenly I realized I was still clenching Dad’s letter in one hand. If this letter made her so mad, I thought, then Dad must want me to come stay with him! Sitting down on the curb, I un-crinkled the envelope, pulled the letter out and began deciphering Dad’s chicken scratch. Ian, I am glad to hear you are keeping busy and out of trouble. I am sorry I have been out of touch too, I need to be better at that. Although I would love nothing more than for you to come stay with me this summer, that is just not possible. You see, up here in the oil fields, I share a trailer with five other men. There simply isn’t room for another body, and you certainly wouldn’t enjoy yourself here. I work very long days, and usually just crash after work. I’m sorry, I know this is a disappointment. I’ll try and get some time off over the summer. I’ll come down and we can spend an entire week together, doing whatever you want. Does that sound like a plan? I love you, Dad PS I wish I could do something about your Mom and Chet. Just try and keep your cool. My heart sank. My only outlet was gone. A week with Dad would be fine, but that means I am still stuck here, with Mom and Chet, all summer. I crumpled up the letter and shoved it in my jacket pocket. I was angry at everyone, Chet, Mom and now Dad. I knew I had no right to be angry with Dad, he was just telling me the truth. But now I was angry with him for being so far away, for working in those stupid oil fields, and for never being around when I needed him. Sixteen years of frustration at Dad not being around was starting to bubble to the surface. I stood up, angrily kicked a nearby trash can and, with nothing else to do, started walking again. It was well after dark before I realized I would need to find a place to crash for the night. I turned down a dark alleyway, lined with garages and saw one of the garage doors was open. That’s Donny’s place, I thought, and headed toward the light spilling into the alley. Like I had said, I didn’t have any close friends, but I had some people I knew. I had known Donny from school for a while now. I walked up to the kadıköy travesti garage to find Donny, in coveralls, under the hood of his Camaro. “Sup Don,” I said, leaning up against the garage door frame. Donny turned his head to look at me, “Oh hey Ian, what are you up to?” “Just out for a walk.” I said with a shrug. “Yeah?” Donney said, standing up, taking a rag from his back pocket and wiping his greasy hands clean. “Just out walking, or looking for something?” he said with a sly look on his face. “Maybe,” I shrugged. “Got anything to offer?” Donny smiled and grabbed his crotch, while quietly saying, “You know it fucker.” Then motioned for me to go around the side of the garage, as he closed the garage door. A few minutes later, we were climbing up into an old tree house he and his Dad had built when he was a little kid. It was just a small wooden box, high up in the trees, but he had covered the walls with posters and the floor with old blankets, pillows, and towels that his Mom no longer wanted. Donny settled back in the corner, unzipped his coveralls to reveal his nude body underneath, then stretched his hands behind his head. I knew this was my signal. I tossed my backpack into the other corner, crawled over to him, and got to work. It was just three years ago that we were first in this exact same position. We had just had sex ed, and were looking at the diagrams of men’s and women’s bodies in the pamphlet the school had given us. It started simply enough, with us jacking off. But as the evening wore on, I found myself sucking his dick. Donny’s was the first dick I had ever sucked. He was completely straight, but, just like the guys at the park bathroom, he didn’t have many chances to get his dick wet, so I was his next best option. He quietly moaned as my mouth wrapped around his dick head. I slowly bobbed up and down on his cock, letting a little more of it into my mouth each time. When I got all the way to the base, I started speeding up my movements, keeping my tongue firmly pressed up to the underside of his dick. Once I got a good rhythm down, I let my right hand slowly slide up his exposed belly, to his nice firm pecs. My fingers found his left nipple and began to play with it. With his right hand he grabbed a towel, pulled bakırköy travesti it up to his mouth and bit down. I knew he was trying to prevent his moans of pleasure from being heard around the neighborhood. With one hand playing with his nipple, my other started playing with his balls, while allowing my middle finger to venture a little farther down. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw his left hand make a fist, I knew the moment was near. Simultaneously, I pressed my middle finger hard onto his perineum, twisted his nipple, and pushed my head down, allowing his cock to slip deep into my throat. Even with the towel in his mouth, the audible sound of “FUCK!” escaped him. His jizz blasted down my throat. Ribbon after ribbon of warm cum filled my stomach. I relaxed my hands, but allowed his cock to stay in my throat a few moments longer as his body spasmed with ecstasy. As his cock slowly softened, I let it slip out of my mouth and onto his belly. He was panting as I rolled over onto my back, trying not to sound like I was gasping for air. He just continued to lay back and enjoy the afterglow. “Fuck man.” he finally said, “You need to teach Holly those tricks.” I looked over at him, “Holly? You finally got your girlfriend to suck your dick?” “Yeah, she won’t put out, but I finally convinced her to give me head.” He stretched, “But she doesn’t know what the fuck she is doing. I had to tell her to watch the teeth twice.” “Yikes” I said sitting up. Donny had started to adjust himself and was now zipping up his coveralls. “Yeah, but I can’t complain”. “Shit”, he said, glancing at the old Mickey Mouse clock hanging on the wall. I need to get inside before my folks start wondering where I am. “Yeah, no problem. Hey, this is going to sound crazy, but would you mind if I just crash up here tonight?” “What? You’re not going home?” “Na,” I said, trying to be casual about it, “not tonight, long story.” “Well, yeah, I guess you can.” He said looking around. “Just be quiet, and if anyone asks, I will deny giving you permission.” “Understood” I said, as he slipped down the ladder and out of sight. I laid back down and listened for their back door to close and the light to click off. Normally, I would want to get myself off after sucking a dick like that, but after all I had been through today, I just didn’t have the energy. I grabbed an old sesame street comforter and an old couch cushion, and snuggled up with myself to keep warm. Trying to forget the events of that afternoon, I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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