Reconnecting at the Lake Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

I am happy to report my affair with Erin wasn’t just a short fling. We were back in the city now, with me sitting in my apartment and her head eagerly bobbing up and down on my cock, something that had become at least a weekly occurrence since we returned from our trip.

Erin’s office is close to where I live, so whenever we wanted to meet up, it wasn’t hard to coordinate. Usually it meant me heading home from the office early, but she also tended to work late, so it was easy to hide.

She stuck to the no sex rule though. Sometimes I got pretty desperate, but I couldn’t complain about good, no strings attached, head. Plus, I could still see other girls. Erin even had been encouraging me lately to go after our friend Rachel, though usually it was just teasing after she drank a load of my cum.

I looked down at Erin. She was amazing. There was nothing more beautiful to me than her pretty face looking up at me with my cock in her mouth. Her bright eyes were filled with joy as she pleasured me. No matter what it was in life, Erin took pride in doing it well, and fortunately for me that included sucking my cock.

“Mmmmmmm! Mmm!” She hummed along while I just sat back and enjoyed her talents. Her hands were gently massaging my balls as her mouth handled my shaft.

“Fuck that feels good… Just a little longer, baby.” Erin liked getting updates while she sucked.

She popped me out of her mouth and briefly switched to stroking my slick cock, “Do you want to cum on my face today?” She asked casually before taking a moment to delicately lick up and down my tip. “Or in my mouth again?” She dipped down to suck the head lightly after presenting me Bodrum Escort with my options.

I thought about it with a smile stuck on my face. Erin gently slurped on my tip, slowly taking slightly more of my length as I mulled it over. Her hand returned to my balls, massaging them a little harder than before.

Erin was always down for me cumming in her mouth, so I figured I’d take advantage of the offer. “You’re the best, baby. Let me cover your pretty face with my cum.”

I felt her head nod as she continued sucking. She had her answer and immediately went back to the task at hand. Her mission was to get my cum, and there was no stopping her.

She slowly bobbed further down my length. Her hand slid up from my balls and began stroking my base, eventually working in perfect sync with her talented mouth.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” She hummed happily as she sucked. It was only another minute before I lost all control.

“Ohhh yeah… here it cums… here it cums!”

Right on queue, Erin pulled me from her mouth and started jerking hard and fast, aiming me directly at her face.

“Come on, baby! Give me that cum!” She was smiling wide as she closed her eyes and rubbed my cock back and forth against each of her cheeks. She stuck her tongue out, dragging my cock along it while continuing to stroke my shaft with a firm grip.

Her eyes briefly opened one last time, sneaking a mischievous peek up at me before she licked my frenulum and giving me a sly wink, which immediately caused me to start shooting.

“Ohhhh fuuuuuck!!!” My head shot back as I was overcome with the pleasure. My first rope shot straight up the side of Bodrum Escort Bayan Erin’s face, leaving a thick strand of cum from her nose to the middle of her forehead.

“Oh yeah, baby! There it is!” Erin had already closed her eyes again. She pointed me to the other side before my second spurt, which wasn’t as much, but still gave her a nice marking. She continued to jerk and tried to alternate so shot three would be back on the first side, but it came quickly and ended up mostly in her mouth and on her lips. The forth was then on her right cheek and the fifth on her left. By the sixth one spurted out of me, she was moving me to her mouth, and some got on her chin, but most landed on her tongue before she slurped me into her mouth to suck out the rest.

My heart was pounding. My hips had pushed upward, but Erin had no issue keeping control. My hands had a firm grip on the edge of my seat while I finally relaxed down.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” Erin continued humming as she happily swallowed my cum.

“Good job, baby.” I panted out. My body had finally relaxed, but Erin hadn’t stopped. I brought a hand to gently stroke the side of her head as she coaxed out every drop before she finally spit me out.

“Thank you!” She smiled her cum covered face, proud of herself as always.

I took time to admire the sight. I offered her a towel, but Erin’s work wasn’t done. She kept her beautiful eyes on my as she slowly scooped each strand of my cum into her mouth and dutifully swallowed it down.

My cock was glistening in a mix of spit and jizz as it bounced freely in front of her, staying mostly hard at the thought she might not be Escort Bodrum done.

“I love the taste of your cum.” She told me as she slurped some off her fingers.

“Daily pineapple.” I replied jokingly, but I really did eat a lot of pineapple. “Zach’s doesn’t taste good?” Erin doesn’t usually like to talk about her boyfriend when she’s sucking my cock, but it slipped out.

“I didn’t say that.” She seemed okay with it though. “Zach doesn’t really like blowjobs.”

I shook my head. That didn’t make any sense to me. Especially when you’ve got such a good little cocksucker like Erin at your disposal.

“Are you coming out with us Friday?” Erin asked while continuing to feed herself my jizz.

“Yeah, Rachel’s birthday right?”

She nodded.

“Isn’t Zach going to be out of town?”

“He is, but don’t get too excited, Rachel is going to stay at our place.”

“Damn, Rachel with the cock block.”

“Ha ha.” Erin smiled before feeding herself another scoop of cum.

“No biggie, we’ll always have next week.”

“You could always hook up with Rachel if you need to get your rocks off.” She suggested again with a smile.

I smiled back. Part of me would love a night with Rachel, but Erin was the real object of my desire.

She fed herself one last bit of cum. She was as clean as she could be and was about to get up, but not before looking down to give me one last check. A drop of cum had leaked out and was sitting right on the tip of my softening cock.

Erin flashed me a smile before ducking down to suck it into her mouth and winking up at me again. I smiled back at her and made my cock twitch a little, hoping to poke her lips, but unfortunately I was spent.

Erin planted one last kiss right against my tip before getting herself up to leave.

“You could hang out for a bit.” I suggested.

Erin just shook her head. She stood up and gave me a little kiss on the cheek before heading home to her boyfriend.

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