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RELATIONSHIP (PART 2 OF 12)PART 2After Kevin fed me dinner, he gagged me. He had earlier locked a metal collar around my neck to which he attached a chain to pull me by. He had also locked ankle cuffs with a foot long chain between. Those were the chains I had heard. He got me up from the dinner table and led me into his living room.Once in the living room he started lightly running his fingers over my nipples. My cock quickly got hard again after it had softened while at dinner. It started leaking pre-cum. Soon he started slowly stroking it. I was starting to get turned on. He continued rubbing my nipples with one hand and stroking my cock with the other. It didn’t take me long to erupt. What kind of a mess I made I don’t know, not being able to see. I didn’t feel any of my cum on me.After my cock softened down, I felt something being put on it. He said that he was putting my cock in chastity for the time being. He said that it would heighten the desire if I wanted to get hard and couldn’t, and it would prevent me from ejaculating at the wrong time, such as when I was sleeping. I’d never experienced anything like a chastity device before.He led me into the bedroom and lay me down. I was laying on my back and my cuffed hands. I felt him attach a chain türbanlı mardin escort from the back of my collar to the bed frame, and felt a tug on the chains connecting my ankles, bringing them together. After I heard locks click at both ends, I tried moving, and found that I couldn’t move much. I tried to get hard when I realized this, but the chastity prevented it.Next I felt him put his hands under my back and unlock the handcuffs. He pulled my arms out and I felt him lock a band around each wrist. The material felt like leather. Then he pulled my left arm up to my left, and I heard locks being applied. I tried moving my left arm, and found I couldn’t. Next he did the same to my right arm. Apparently they were locked to the top bed frame corners.I felt my feet being released and the ankle cuffs removed. I next felt the same treatment being done to my legs as was done to my arms. When this was done I was in an X shape on the bed. Again, I tried to move and found that I couldn’t. And again, I tried to get hard and I couldn’t.Kevin started lightly running his fingers over the tips of my nipples. That felt so nice, but it was also frustrating that I couldn’t get hard. Kevin started lightly running türbanlı mardin escort bayan his fingers over my naked body. That was an interesting sensation that I had not experienced before. Being blindfold, I couldn’t tell where he was going to next touch me. I started getting goose bumps in places, and found that I was ticklish in others.Kevin finally asked “are you able to breathe at night through your nose? Can you sleep with a gag in your mouth?”I tried nodding my head ‘yes’, but couldn’t due to the metal collar being chained to the bed frame. Kevin realized that I couldn’t respond, so removed the gag.I said “you can leave the gag in. I’ve slept before at home with one in. And by the way, I’m enjoying the experience so far.”“Good. I thought you had told me that you had slept with a gag in while alone, but I wasn’t sure.” He re-buckled the gag, covered me with a blanket, and told me to get some sleep. I heard him leave the room and close the door.Before dropping off to sleep, I started recounting the evening. With the bondage that had been done, I thought that I had gotten off to a good start for my first time. I trusted Kevin, and so far, he had justified that trust. But there was still türbanlı escort mardin two days ahead yet. I wondered what else he had planned.I awoke the next morning to sounds in the kitchen. I figured Kevin was preparing breakfast. Soon he came into the room I was in and started reversing the process of the previous evening. But this time, instead of removing the leather bands around my wrists and ankles, he kept them there, locking a chain to both ankle bands, and locking my wrist bands together behind my back.He helped me to get up and pulled me by the attached chain to my collar into the bathroom. The chain between my ankles felt like it was the same length as I’d had on last night, about one foot long. He took off the chastity and helped me piss into the toilet. He sat me down and gave me a few minutes to relax so I could take a shit. Afterwards he wiped off my butt. Then he led me into the dining room. He took out the gag and started feeding me.After I was finished eating and drinking, he pulled me into the bathroom where he shaved my face and brushed my teeth. Then he strapped the ball gag back on. He pulled me into the living room and removed my blindfold. He went over to the VCR and started it up. It was a gay bondage porno movie. He sat down beside me and we started watching.About an hour into the movie his doorbell rang. He looked at me quizzically and stopped the VCR. Obviously he wasn’t expecting any visitors. When he answered the door I heard him greet a friend, who came into the house. I was a little concerned about being naked and bound in front of another person, and started getting nervous.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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