Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 12

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Brody debated what they might do now that the gig was over. It was fall, so a lot of places closed early. On the other hand, the weather was still decent, so he suggested they go to Old Town Alexandria. Ryan agreed, and he waited while she changed, musing over what Mark, Hilary and even Bax had been saying for the last few days. True, he wouldn’t mind being more than friends with Ryan. However, she’d been up front about not wanting more, and he wasn’t one to push once a line was drawn. Then there was the question of just what “more” would be. On the other hand, that had been a few weeks ago, and they’d remained friends. Hell, they spent enough free time together and on the phone that anyone who didn’t know them probably would think they were going out anyway. There was the matter of the kiss; it had been a bit of a joke, but she hadn’t stopped him and he had to admit he wouldn’t mind trying it again. Maybe he should try once more, he thought. It wasn’t like he was asking her to marry him. “Hey, sorry. Didn’t mean to take so long.” Ryan came out of her bedroom, dragging a brush through her hair. “I’m ready when you are.” She dropped the brush and picked up a coat. “No problem.” Brody followed her out the door, and gave himself permission to admire how she looked in her jeans and sweater. He’d always thought she was attractive, but hadn’t pursued those thoughts too far. On the other hand, he hadn’t seen her with that guitar until today. It might be a good time to follow those thoughts and see where they led. “I haven’t been to Old Town in ages,” Ryan said as Brody found a parking space. “This is Ataşehir escort a good time of year to come; parking’s never that easy in the summer.” Brody grinned. “I called ahead.” “Of course you did.” Ryan smiled. “Where shall we go?” Brody matched his pace to hers as they started down the sidewalk. “Oh, I don’t know. I’m still too wired to think about it. I could just walk for a while.” “Sounds good.” They talked about this and that as they walked over the brick sidewalks. Brody commented on the houses sitting so close to the street, and when Ryan noted it cut down on lawn work, he had to agree. “Aren’t you cold?” Ryan zipped up her coat and jammed her hands in her pockets. “It’s got to be in the forties tonight, or at least it feels like it.” “Nope. In Michigan, this would be downright balmy.” He wore a Capitals’ sweatshirt over a t-shirt and the weather felt fine to him. She laughed. “I knew a guy in college who wore shorts and went barefoot all year. In snow he’d wear sneakers, but no socks. Not sure if he was from Michigan, though.” “Oh, I never minded the snow. If there was snow, there was likely ice, so I was good.” He paused. “I have to tell you, I was shocked my first winter here and how people panicked. I mean, three inches and they’re delaying school openings? God, I can’t tell how much snow I would have needed for a snow day.” Ryan laughed. “I know. My mom’s from upstate New York and she complains every winter. She’s always out with the SUV checking on the neighbors. And Dad.” She shook her head. “He doesn’t like it but doesn’t let it stop him Ümraniye escort bayan from much. Once they all but drove through a blizzard to get to one of JT’s away games.” He gave a low whistle. “Wow. Dedicated.” “Oh yeah.” Ryan laughed again, but it was short. “When it comes to my brothers and their games, Dad would probably drive through a monsoon.” “Did you ever play anything?” “Yeah. I played softball when I was younger, ran track in high school.” She shrugged. “I didn’t mind at first but after a while I did, because it took up time I wanted to spend on music. And it didn’t measure up to my brothers anyway.” Not sure what to say to that, Brody remained quiet as they continued down King Street. As they passed in front of City Hall and Market Square, he tried again. “When did you first get into music? I mean, first play an instrument or something?” Ryan’s eyes lit up. “I was at my grandmother’s, I guess I was eight years old or so, visiting for a weekend. She had this old, boxy piano in her living room and taught me to read music, then taught me the keys and notes. I loved it. Just loved it. It all made sense, or something. It was easy for me to see the connections, like it’s easy for my brother, JT, to read football plays.” “A real prodigy, hmm?” She shook her head. “No, not really. I mean, I caught on quick, and could even repeat a few things by ear, but I had lessons. My grandmother paid for them. They were my birthday and Christmas presents for a while.” She looked up, her lips quirked in a half-smile. “Would you believe that I actually offered Escort Bostancı to play a sport in exchange for lessons, to get my parents to pay for them? How backwards is that?” “Sounds like creative negotiation.” He smiled and decided she’d had enough of that line of conversation for now. He gestured across the street. “Hey, let’s check this place out. They always have neat stuff.” He took her hand and led her over to a store full of odd pieces of art. There were sculptures of all sorts: fanciful creatures, caricatured people and a few things he didn’t try to guess at. Ryan laughed at a clock that ran backwards, and Brody was glad to see her relax a bit. They wandered a bit more, down to the water front and into the Torpedo Factory, which had once been such a place but was now an artists’ center. They watched some artists work, though few remained at this hour on a Saturday, then went back outside. “Okay, I admit it’s getting almost to the point of me saying it’s cold,” Brody said. Ryan laughed. “It’s always cooler by the water.” She leaned on a post and watched a few planes come in, bound for National Airport. Brody leaned against another one and watched her. She seemed a bit preoccupied, but he wasn’t sure by what, and hoped he hadn’t killed the evening with his earlier questions. “All right, I’m hungry now.” Ryan turned to him with a smile. “And I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to bring down the mood. I’m really glad you came to the show, and I am having a nice time.” “Well, good, and it’s about damn time you’re hungry.” He put his arm around her shoulder as he had when she’d come to his apartment. “Come on, we’ll hit the Union Street Pub. It’s warm and close.” x-x-x-x At the restaurant, Ryan made herself relax. She asked Brody about growing up in Michigan, and he was happy to answer. They both laughed as he told her about his early efforts at skating, and hockey, and being part of such a large family.

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